Jul 22 08:27

What's happening on British bases in Cyprus?

When it comes to Cyprus, many people think of it as one of the most popular tourist areas of the Mediterranean due to its famous vacation spots. However, the truly unique characteristic of Cyprus is its strategic location in the Middle East. That is the reason why Britain kept the island under its rule from 1878 to 1960 and has maintained its presence on the island by way of its military bases since then. The fact that these bases are of indispensable importance for Britain is a reason that goes beyond simply enabling air operations in the Middle Eastern countries: Intelligence activities.

Jul 22 08:26

School in crisis as all the teachers quit over ‘impossible’ workload

Sixteen teachers, including an acting head, cover staff and a number of staff with more than 20 years’ service, have left Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Bristol, since the start of the academic year last September.

The final seven walked out yesterday on the last day of term.

A union representative blamed the “impossible” workload imposed by executive head Louisa Wilson.

Jul 21 22:15

Government approved arms sales to 20 countries on its own list of human rights abusers, say campaigners

The Government has approved licences for arms deals to two-thirds of the countries on its own list of human rights abusers, a campaign group has said.

Boris Johnson's Foreign Office released its annual human rights report on Friday including a list of 30 countries, like Bahrain, China, Saudi Arabia and Israel, it had given “priority” status in 2016.

But in the same year, the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) said, the UK licensed £820m of arms to 20 countries on the list.

Jul 21 16:56

UK court blocks £14bn class action case against MasterCard

A £14bn class-action lawsuit against MasterCard for allegedly overcharging more than 45 million people in Britain over a 16-year period was blocked by a British court on Friday.

The competition appeal tribunal (CAT), a newly empowered court that oversees Britain’s fledgling class action regime, ruled that it would not grant the necessary collective proceedings order for the case to continue to trial.

Jul 21 15:33

Corbyn More Popular Than May For 1st Time, Polls Show

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is more popular than Prime Minister Theresa May with the wider public for the first time, new opinion polls suggest.

New polls compiled by Ipsos MORI for the London Evening Standard newspaper reveal that May’s popularity has fallen to a record low, whilst her main opponent, Labour leader Corbyn, is viewed more favorably than ever before.

Jul 21 14:11

Britain Threatens To Return Tons Of Nuclear Waste To EU After Brexit

Britain is threatening to return boatloads of radioactive waste to Europe if an agreement on post-Brexit nuclear regulation is not reached.

Jul 21 13:07

‘Japanese-Paid’ Neoconservative Think Tank Hypes Chinese Threat To Britain

A British neoconservative think tank, recently accused of being paid by the Japanese embassy to churn out propaganda against Beijing, has claimed in a new report that Chinese investment in the UK presents a serious risk to data security.

Jul 21 10:36

Number of children attending gender identity clinics has quadrupled in the past five years

The number of children attending gender identity clinics has quadrupled in the past five years, statistics have revealed.

Figures have shown that 84 children aged between three and seven were referred to gender identity clinics last year, compared to just 20 in the year of 2012 to 2013.

Experts said the rise could be explained by the promotion of transgender issues in schools, which may have encouraged more children to think about their identity.

Some warned that teaching children about transgender issues could be 'sowing seeds of confusion' in the minds of young people, leading to more seeking gender identity therapies.

Jul 21 10:35

Govt ‘Powerless’ To Stop Revolving Door Between Civil Service & Big Business – Report

Whitehall bosses failed to stop any of their employees from joining the private sector for three years in a row due to lack of formal powers and poor enforcement of existing rules.

Jul 20 17:37

Hospital parking: Nurse quits NHS after getting £80 fine while treating patient in cardiac arrest

A former nurse quit the NHS after she got an £80 parking ticket, having stayed late to treat a critically-ill patient.

Sally Plummer said she stayed after the end of her shift when a patient suffered a cardiac arrest, and was fined because she could not leave their side to change her ticket.

She told Good Morning Britain she had also been fined while her mother was being rushed to accident and emergency on a separate occasion, and that she had left the health service because of the amount of money she was losing to parking fines.

Jul 20 17:35

Government minister denies timing of state pension increase was attempt to 'bury bad news'

A senior government minister has denied that announcing the state pension age increase on the same day BBC salaries were revealed was an attempt to “bury bad news”.

Wednesday’s news agenda was dominated by the much anticipated publication of the highest earning stars at the BBC.

But in the afternoon, Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke announced the state pension age will rise from 67 to 68 in 2037 – seven years earlier than planned.

Jul 20 15:32

Use Cannabis In Parliament, Labour MP Urges

People should use cannabis on the parliamentary estate to force the government to change the law and help sufferers of serious illness, according to Welsh Labour MP Paul Flynn.

Speaking during a Commons debate on drug policy, Flynn said he had once committed a “terrible crime” by helping the late multiple sclerosis sufferer and medicinal cannabis campaigner Elizabeth Brice – also known as Clare Hodges – to use the drug on the House of Commons terrace.

Jul 20 13:02

British ‘Justice’ Likely To Punish Grenfell Tower Families Further – 7/7 Families Got “No Answers”

Angry Grenfell Tower residents demand arrests and resignations at meeting Kensington and Chelsea council meeting sees people express rage and contempt for officialdom at investigation’s slow progress.

Jul 20 12:53

Labour Shadow Chancellor Says Grenfell Tower Fire Is “Social Murder”: What Is He Going To Do About It?

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show Sunday, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said that those responsible for “social murder” at Grenfell Tower should be held accountable for their actions.

McDonnell was asked by Marr whether he stood by earlier remarks made at the Glastonbury Festival’s Left Field tent debate, when he said that the victims of the June 14 Grenfell Tower inferno had been “murdered by political decisions that were taken over recent decades.”

Jul 20 09:29

Churchill's bid to cover up Duke's link to the Nazis: Newly-declassified files show how wartime PM tried to prevent release of documents because he feared they could bring down the House of Windsor

Winston Churchill tried to conceal documents which revealed that the 'disloyal' Duke of Windsor supported the Nazis, newly-declassified files reveal.

Hitler had planned to install the former monarch as the puppet king in Britain if the Germans had won the war.

And files released by The National Archives at Kew, West London, now show Churchill feared these revelations could have brought down the House of Windsor.

Jul 20 09:23

FALSEHOOD IN WAR-TIME: Propaganda Lies of the First World War by Arthur Ponsonby MP, 1928

"The use of the weapon of falsehood is more necessary in a country where military conscription is not the law of the land than in countries where the manhood of the nation is automatically drafted into the Army, Navy, or Air Service. The public can be worked up emotionally by sham ideals. A sort of collective hysteria spreads and rises until finally it gets the better of sober people and reputable newspapers".
(excerpt, pp2, PDF version)

PDF direct download link:

Jul 20 08:33

‘UK's main growth industry: Brutalizing world’s poorest with hi-tech military equipment’

The UK is investing in F-35 fighter jets, part of a massive £160 billion program to re-equip the British military. It comes in the midst of painful austerity when there is no money for anything else, says political analyst Dan Glazebrook.
The UK's plan to purchase F-35 fighter jets has MPs debating the increasing costs. They say the controversial £150 billion warplane program is falling on the taxpayers.

UK Defence Select Committee chair Julian Lewis said he would be pushing for a special investigation into the acquisition and demanded full disclosure of the hidden costs associated with the deal.

Jul 20 08:32

Londoners demand resignation of local council officials

Hundreds of Grenfell Tower residents and protesters in London have demanded that the entire cabinet of the local council step aside. The protesters called the officials murderers, saying they have blood on their hands after the deadly fire inside the building last month.

Jul 20 08:05

Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Wet Works... Eugenics... Or Both?

Jul 19 17:55

HS2 has already cost us £2.3bn (without any tracks being laid!) Spiralling cost of the project revealed as accounts are slipped out

The annual report showed that the company established by the government to build the railway spent £500million in the year to March 31 - up almost 30 per cent from £352.9million the year before. It takes the total amount spent by HS2 so far to more than £1.9billion since 2009.

Separate accounts published by the Department for Transport yesterday also showed it has spent another £366million on HS2. The bulk of this was on compensating individuals and businesses who own property and land near the planned line.

This takes the total spent on the project to just under £2.3billion. It comes amid fresh warnings that the project could end up costing more than £100billion.

Jul 19 15:48

Govt ‘Powerless’ To Stop Revolving Door Between Civil Service & Big Business – Report

Whitehall bosses failed to stop any of their employees from joining the private sector for three years in a row due to lack of formal powers and poor enforcement of existing rules.

A new report by the National Audit Office (NAO), the UK’s leading expenditure watchdog, reveals that government departments have consistently failed to enforce rules on business appointments.

Jul 19 15:45

UK Warship Tails Chinese Flotilla Headed For Russia

The UK has scrambled one of its warships to shadow a Chinese flotilla passing through the English Channel to join Russian naval forces for a joint military drill in the Baltic Sea.

Jul 19 15:40

British ‘Justice’ Likely To Punish Grenfell Tower Families Further – 7/7 Families Got “No Answers”

Angry Grenfell Tower residents demand arrests and resignations at meeting Kensington and Chelsea council meeting sees people express rage and contempt for officialdom at investigation’s slow progress.

Jul 19 15:33

UK gets first publicly available dedicated cannabis research facility

Cannabinoid biotechnology company MediPen is launching its own dedicated 1,800ft sq marijuana research facility this summer, which will also provide a platform for anyone looking to utilise its facilities for the purposes of driving innovation around the use of medicinal cannabis.

The company, which has had big success selling non-psychoactive CBD vaporisers that users claim to have a long list of medicinal benefits, is currently in the process of securing a license from the Home Office to import and work with controlled compounds found in cannabis so it can study the plant in greater detail.

These include ?9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which will be studied in the laboratory with regard to cancer patients and with the aim of minimising the negative impact of existing chemotherapy-based treatments such as nausea and vomiting through its antiemetic properties, along with attempting to suppress metastasis through inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells.

Jul 19 15:11

BBC pay list: the hidden names the corporation does not want you to see

The published table of BBC star salaries contains 96 names, but the real number is likely to be higher as a technicality allows the true figures to be masked.

The government required the disclosure of “people paid more than £150,000 of licence fee revenue” in the last financial year.

But that means direct payment only. Anyone who is paid via an independent production company is exempt from the list, as is anyone paid by the corporation’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide.

Some stars also earn far more than the published figures suggest.

Jul 19 13:35

Did British Students Commit Election Fraud? Watchdog Launches ‘Double-Voting’ Probe

An investigation has been launched into “troubling” reports of thousands of people illegally voting twice in Britain’s June 8 general election.

The Electoral Commission says it has received 1,000 emails from members of the public complaining about people “double-voting.” The watchdog has also received letters of complaint from 38 MPs.

Jul 19 12:09

Royal Privilege? Princess Eugenie Given University Place Despite Low Grades, Claims Lecturer

The Queen’s granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, was offered a place at Newcastle University thanks to her royal status rather than her academic abilities, it has been claimed.

The princess applied for a BA in English literature at Newcastle in 2009, but was rejected as her application was deemed “not good enough.”

Jul 19 10:41

MPs Demand Truth On Hidden Costs Of £150bn F-35 Warplane Deal

MPs from the Defence Select Committee have demanded full disclosure of the hidden costs associated with the UK’s controversial £150 billion F-35 warplane program.

Committee chair Julian Lewis said he would be pushing for a special investigation into the acquisition only a day after it was reported that the jets, which are set to be given to the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, were heavily criticized by an aviation expert.

Jul 19 10:09

Millions In Taxpayer Cash Handed Out ‘Last Minute’ To Meet Foreign Aid Targets

The government is “struggling” to spend its allocated overseas aid budget and dispenses cash overseas in a last-minute frenzy to meet its targets, the spending watchdog has said.

A National Audit Office (NAO) report has raised concerns that money is being wasted because of the “rush” by civil servants to hit the legal requirement of 0.7 percent of the nation’s income going to overseas aid, according to the Telegraph.

Jul 19 09:33

Forced to work until you are 68! State pension age rise brought forward SEVEN years

MILLIONS of Britons face a longer wait to retire, as the state pension age will rises sooner than previously outlined, under plans today unveiled by the Government.

The official retirement age is now due to rise to 68 by 2039, impacting around 7million people in their thirties and fourties, the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions David Gauke revealed.

The changes are to affect everyone born between 6 April 1970 and 5 April 1978, and brings forward the state pension age rise by seven years.

Mr Gauke blamed increasing life expectancy for the sooner than expected rise, as he accepted a review by John Cridland that proposed pushing back retirement for millions.

The pension age for women is already being pushed back in line with men to reach 65 by November 2018 and 66 by 2020.

Jul 19 08:22

Syrian refugee attackers from viral video arrested

The men who filmed their assault of a Syrian national in a video that went viral Tuesday were arrested Wednesday, the Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk announced on Twitter.

Jul 19 08:06

Ex US ambassador destroys EU case that shock Brexit divorce bill must come first

Sir Christopher Meyer highlighted Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty as he said the UK was “entitled” to negotiate other sticking points to its withdrawal from the Brussels bloc at the same time.

Jul 19 07:56

Migrants make 'first ever' attempt to cross from France to UK by light aircraft

Four Albanian migrants tried to fly from France to Britain in a light aircraft, in what is believed to be a first, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

The four, including two women and a child, were arrested along with the British pilot and two suspected British people smugglers as the plane prepared to take off from an airfield in Marck, near the northern port of Calais.

Calais is a springboard for migrants attempting to cross the Channel to Britain, normally by stowing away on trucks that board ferries.

Jul 19 07:37

Female paramedic is doused in 'chemicals' by masked thugs who flagged her down pretending to need help as she rushed to a 999 call

Three thugs squirted a noxious liquid at a paramedic after flagging her over as she drove to help a patient.

The female ambulance worker saw three men apparently in need of help in Tottenham, north London this week and pulled over to see what was the matter.

But the trio pulled bandanas over their faces before one of them, who was wearing latex gloves, threw liquid at the woman from a plastic bottle through her window.

Jul 19 07:32

Did Brits Kill New York City Cops to Get U.S. into WWII?

On June 4, 1940, Nazi Germany shoved the last British troop off the Continent at Dunkirk. Adolf Hitler moved his forces into position for a final cross-Channel invasion and occupation of England. That same month the new British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, dispatched a shadowy figure, Sir William Stephenson—later most famous as the original of Ian Fleming’s James Bond, Agent 007—to set up a spy shop for Britain’s MI6 in Midtown Manhattan. A hero of World War One and self-made multi-millionaire, Stephenson was on neutral ground in America, but he and Churchill shared the conviction that nothing was more important to their nation’s chances for survival than winning American support for the war against Hitler. Then, on July 4, 1940, with throngs of holiday visitors at the New York World’s Fair, a time bomb planted in the British Pavilion exploded, instantly killing two New York City policemen and badly mauling five others.

Jul 18 15:57

Millions In Taxpayer Cash Handed Out ‘Last Minute’ To Meet Foreign Aid Targets

The government is “struggling” to spend its allocated overseas aid budget and dispenses cash overseas in a last-minute frenzy to meet its targets, the spending watchdog has said.

Jul 18 15:47

London Won’t ‘Roll Out Red Carpet’ For Donald Trump, Says Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says the British capital will not “roll out the red carpet” for US President Donald Trump during his planned state visit.

Khan, who publicly clashed with Trump in a furious social media exchange following the London Bridge terrorist attack, said the president should not be afforded an elaborate visit.

Jul 18 15:40

US Brexit Minister Sparks Debate By Leaving EU Talks Early

UK Brexit minister David Davis has come under fire for heading back to his country only hours after beginning the second round of negotiations with the European Union (EU) in Brussels, Belgium.

Jul 18 15:16

UK Government ‘Denying Abused Children Compensation’

The British government has been accused of denying hundreds of sexually abused children the right to receive compensation.

Jul 18 14:34

Tony Blair Admits Jeremy Corbyn Could Be Britain’s Next PM

Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has now conceded it is possible Jeremy Corbyn could lead the party to victory and become Britain’s next leader.

Blair fell short of endorsing Corbyn ahead of the June 8 general election, making known his hostility to the party’s leftward turn.

Jul 18 14:27

Hammond Is Wrong, Public Sector Workers Are Not ‘Overpaid’ – TUC

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been widely criticized amid reports he told cabinet colleagues that public sector pay is too high.

His alleged comments have been further undermined by data from the Trade Union Congress (TUC), which shows the real impact of Tory austerity.

Jul 18 13:15

Theresa May To Reprimand Warring Tory MPs As Brexit Splits Cabinet

Prime Minister Theresa May will reprimand feuding Tory MPs for leaking and briefing against one another, Downing Street has said. A civil war is alleged to have broken out in the party over Brexit.

May’s spokesperson said she would use a meeting on Tuesday to remind her deputies that they should be “having discussions of government policy in private,” according to the Independent.

Jul 18 13:14

Can Theresa May continue to lead the country

Senior Tories are concerned that a ‘shrivelled’ Theresa May is struggling to come to terms with her bungled Election campaign and the growing threat to her leadership.

Jul 18 12:18

UK Government Alarmed By Massive Rise In Acid Attacks

A dramatic rise in acid attacks across the UK has prompted the government of British Prime Minister Theresa May to review lax laws that let assailants get away with the hideous crime.

Jul 18 09:48

Students could have voted twice in the general election, warns Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has warned of a “troubling” rise in alleged voter fraud amid suggestions that Labour in particular could have been boosted at the general election by students voting for them twice.

Students are legally allowed to register at both their university address and their home address, but must only vote in one location.

However, some have reportedly admitted that they voted twice for Labour in order to boost the party’s chances at the election.

Jul 18 08:53

Britain could end up paying another £22billion for Brexit as EDF could claim COMPENSATION

BRITAIN could end up paying £22billion to French energy company EDF for leaving the European nuclear power treaty.

The Government admitted an agreement made in September last year over the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station means operators EDF can claim compensation if there is a change in British, EU or international law, policy or guidance, which forces the £24bn project to close early.

Richard Harrington, the energy and industry minister, confirmed the payments could be “up to around £22bn” in a written answer to Labour’s Dr Alan Whitehead at the beginning of July.

Jul 18 08:27

Tony Blair, Brexit, and the Unending Crisis at the Heart of British Politics

The timing of Tony Blair's latest foray into British mainstream politics, on the question of Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party, could not have been any more significant or offensive.

Jul 18 08:03

'Brexit changed my view of Europe' Angela Merkel reveals shock as EU divorce talks begin

ANGELA Merkel has admitted last year's stunning Brexit vote rocked her view of the European Union (EU).

Jul 18 07:54

'People are FED UP' Labour MP SQUIRMS over U-turn on Corbyn's pledge to CLEAR student debt

A LABOUR MP was left floundering after he was roasted over his party backtracking on Jeremy Corbyn’s pre-election promise to scrap student debt.

Jul 17 15:50

London Acid Attacks: 16-Year-Old Charged With 15 Offences

London’s Metropolitan Police have now arrested two young men following a spate of acid attacks in London Thursday, which left victims with life changing injuries.

Jul 17 15:49

Hammond Is Wrong, Public Sector Workers Are Not ‘Overpaid’ – TUC

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been widely criticized amid reports he told cabinet colleagues that public sector pay is too high.

His alleged comments have been further undermined by data from the Trade Union Congress (TUC), which shows the real impact of Tory austerity.

Jul 17 15:49

Corbyn Should Be Part Of May’s Brexit Negotiation Team: EP’s Coordinator

British Prime Minister Theresa May should make Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, a member of her team negotiating the country’s divorce from the European Union, a top EU official says.

Jul 17 15:24

'PC GONE MAD' University adds wall of diversity as founding fathers gallery 'intimidating'

KING’S College London has revealed plans to install a “wall of diversity” after calls to make the institute less “alienating”.

Academics voiced their concern the current pictures in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience are too “intimidating” for ethnic minorities.

They want the pictures to be replaced with more Black and Minority Ethic scholars in a move described as "political correctness gone mad" by the president of the King’s Conservative Association, Sam Barrett.

Jul 17 15:23

UK, EU Negotiators Sit Down For Second Round Of Brexit Talks

British and European negotiators have reconvened in the Belgian capital Brussels to kick off the second round of marathon talks on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

Jul 17 14:49

UK Losing Billions On Flawed F-35 Fighter Jets: Report

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) is spending millions of pounds on flawed F-35 Lightning II jets that it might never be able to fly properly, a new report has revealed.

Jul 17 13:31

UK Government Alarmed By Massive Rise In Acid Attacks

A dramatic rise in acid attacks across the UK has prompted the government of British Prime Minister Theresa May to review lax laws that let assailants get away with the hideous crime.

Jul 17 11:28

Congressman Steve King: UK Courts Shouldn’t Subject Charlie Gard To A Death Sentence

U.S. Congressman Steve King introduced a resolution on Thursday, calling on UK courts to allow Charlie Gard to seek medical care “in any country where such care may be available”.

Jul 17 10:48

Man Reportedly Tries To Pull Off Woman's Hijab In UK Subway

A man tried to pull off a Muslim woman’s hijab as she was waiting for the train and spat at her friend’s face at the subway in the British capital London, says the victim.

Aniso Abdulkadir reported the suspected hate crime on Twitter on Sunday, triggering an investigation into the matter.

Jul 17 10:12

UK opens up on Animal Experiments, whilst US Closes Doors

Last month, a London-based group that supports the use of animals in biomedical science began inviting the public to take an unusual digital tour of laboratories at four U.K. research institutions.

Jul 17 08:52

Britain's new 'state-of-the-art' fighter jets have a catalogue of flaws that are set to cost hundreds of millions of pounds to fix

Manufacturer Lockheed Martin has said the jets will cost the UK between £77 million and £100 million each.

But The Times said the true cost of the planes delivered this year will be more than £150 million each to cover 'extras' such as software upgrades and spare parts.

The newspaper has uncovered a series of shocking failures with the new generation of warplane which raises serious questions about the project.

It found that the 'stealth' F-35 are unable to transmit data to British ships and older aircraft without revealing its position.

The plane's software system is vulnerable to cyber attack and cannot be tested independently by the UK.

While the weak broadband on the Royal Navy's principal aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is also hampering the jet's abilities.

And some of the planes are expected to be too heavy to safely conduct a vertical landing - a key function which the jet had been designed to carry out.

Jul 17 08:22

Media mogul Murdoch's 'Sky dataset' swallow poses 'grave threat'

The proposed £11.7bn takeover of Sky by Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox is a "grave threat" to the democratic process, members of the UK's House of Lords have claimed.

In a letter to The Observer newspaper, six peers have said that Fox – which currently owns 39 per cent of Sky – could gain too much access to one of the "largest and sophisticated datasets in the country".

The media giant has the TV viewing, internet and phone records of 13 million households, which the peers argue could be misused for political ends.

Jul 17 08:17

Royal Mint executive earning £123,000 salary 'claimed £45,000 on expenses including 45p pack of tissues'

An executive at the government-owned Royal Mint reportedly billed the taxpayer for a 45p packet of tissues as he clocked up £45,000 in expenses in a year.

Director of bullion Chris Howard also claimed for a 50p packet of chewing gum and a £1.50 bottle of water despite earning £123,000 a year, according to the Sunday Times.

Jul 17 08:06

NO ESCAPE: EU makes shock bid for power to fine UK for YEARS after Brexit

BRUSSELS bureaucrats are pushing for powers to slap Britain with huge fines for EU law infringements even after we finally leave the bloc.

Jul 17 08:02

Tony Blair insists Britons don't want Brexit but his OWN opinion poll reveals we DO

TONY Blair has been left red–faced after he insisted voters would choose a different outcome if the Brexit referendum was held again, only to be contradicted by an opinion poll that he commissioned.

The survey for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change found that 56 per cent of those questioned believe “Brexit must mean Brexit”, and 75 per cent stated the UK’s immigration policy is too open.

The 1,000 people surveyed were given three options, a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit or a second referendum, with almost 80 per cent choosing one of the two Brexit options.

More than 40 per cent favoured a clean break, with just under 40 per cent choosing a soft Brexit and around 20 per cent plugging for another vote.

Jul 17 07:44

Union Demands Teachers Undergo Compulsory ‘Gender Diversity’ Training

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) has called for compulsory ‘gender diversity’ training for sixth form college and further education (FE) teachers, warning staff who refer to ‘non-binary’ persons using ‘incorrect’ pronouns could face legal action.

Jul 17 06:40

Nurses devastated as court orders them to pay up to £150K EACH for parking at NHS hospital

NURSES and doctors could lose their homes after they were ordered to pay £12.8million in fines for parking after racking up a huge 100,000 tickets.

NHS staff at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) are said to be “distressed beyond belief” after losing a legal fight against private enforcement firm Indigo when they did not pay for their parking tickets, leaving them with huge bills.

The hospital has 6,000 staff, but the car park has only 1,800 spaces so many have had to park in spots reserved for visitors.

One nurse must pay back £150,000 in fines after a court ruled that it would be £128 for every unpaid ticket, in addition to £26,000 in court fees.

Jul 16 17:40

Farage RAILS AGAINST 'loathsome' Tony Blair's attempt to 'REVERSE' Brexit

A furious Mr Farage later appeared on Sky News, criticising a “loathsome” Mr Blair’s anti-Brexit comments.

The former Ukip leader blast: “I think it’s a pretty loathsome performance, frankly.

“He is showing people why he is now one of the most disliked living figures in British politics – he wants to reverse the result of a democratic referendum.

“He’s making it clear that anything must be done to stop us leaving the EU, he suggests public opinion has shifted when actually there are more people in favour of Brexit now than there were at the time of the referendum.”

Jul 16 17:37

113 asylum seekers win the right to stay in the UK despite prior deportation

Figures show that 113 asylum seekers who were once kicked out and deported back to their homelands were later able to gain permanent residence in the UK on their second attempt.

The migrants, dubbed the “boomerang migrants”, cost the taxpayer a huge bill, according to The Sun on Sunday.

The British taxpayer has to fork out money for the deportation and foot the bill for the refugees to be housed once their second application for residence in Britain is successful.

Jul 16 17:36

Navy's new £3.5b aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth needs protecting by FRENCH warships

BRITAIN’S new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will be forced to rely on French frigates to protect it from attack, the Ministry of Defence confirmed yesterday.

Jul 16 17:32

Nick Clegg 'begs for second Brexit referendum and says young people should have TWO votes'

CHIEF Remoaner Nick Clegg has called for a second Brexit referendum and has bizarrely suggested young people’s votes should count TWICE.

The former Lib Dem leader claimed the public wants “to have another look” at Britain’s divorce from the European Union, even though he admitted his “time is up” in politics.

In a bid to lure younger voters to back his plea for another vote, the ex-MP said votes made by under-30s should count twice “because it's their future”.

Jul 16 17:29

If we don’t cut all ties with the EU... 1.2m migrants will head to the Britain

BRITAIN will need to build a city the size of Birmingham every two years unless it cuts all ties with Europe.

If the UK remains subject to freemovement rules, net migration from the EU will continue at around 125,000 a year over the next decade, adding to those from other countries, a report said last night. A soft Brexit will leave the door open to 1.25 million EU immigrants over this time.

The disturbing scenario comes as the first full week of Brexit negotiations are poised to start today in Brussels with urgent new powers to control migration the priority.

Taking into account nonEU migrants, pressure group Migration Watch UK claims failure to control EU movement will result in the population rocketing by around 500,000 each year.

This is close to figures from the Office for National Statistics under a high migration scenario.

Jul 16 08:42

Disastrous Capitalism – But Is a U.K. Labour Government the Solution?

Consider the Grenfell Tower inferno as an expression of a new kind of class war, but not a class war as we have known it–between organised workers, political parties and capital–but between ordinary citizens and the local fiefdoms of the capitalist state as increasingly, big business has taken over the running of what’s left of our public and collective life, through ‘outsourcing’, public-private-partnerships and what have you, where making a profit is the bottom line, not serving the public.[1]

Worse still, in order to justify this thievery on a national/international scale that runs to trillions, the state and its partner the corporate/state media, has had to resort to the ‘trusted’ Victorian method of blaming the victim for their own poverty, their own shortcomings, their own misery. Ergo, Grenfell.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Brits seem to be in as much of a quandary over these kinds of issues as are their American cousins.

But the first thing that needs to happen to the people who managed Grenfell Tower is a forensic audit, showing where every bit of money they collected, from every resource, actually went.

The money was obviously never put into the building to make it more safe; the original building engineering was totally lousy, in order to "value engineer" it to be constructed as cheaply as possible, and to hold as many people as humanly possible, in small, cramped spaces.

Jul 16 07:22

Tony Blair says Brexit must be stopped to halt harm to UK

There's a chance Britain won't leave the European Union, former Prime Minister Tony Blair said Saturday, arguing that stopping Brexit is "necessary" to avoid severe economic damage.

In an article published by Blair's Institute for Global Change, he wrote that EU leaders might be willing to "reform and meet us half way" to keep the U.K. in the bloc. He said that might include compromise on freedom of movement - a key EU principle that conflicts with Britain's goal of placing limits on immigration.

Blair said conditions in Britain and Europe had changed since the U.K.s EU membership referendum in June 2016. Europe has some new leaders, including France's centrist President Emmanuel Macron. And in Britain, the Conservative government suffered a setback in last month's election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tony Blair, a word, please; whatever the EU is paying you to spew this codswallop, it cannot possibly be enough.

In a world where you live with armed guards and drivers, it is impossible for you to see at all in what kind of a world of hurt, and physical danger, unchecked immigration has left your brother and sister Brits.

And until you have your "Buddha on the road" moment on this issue, you will continue to be totally irrelevant to the current discussions on the directions Brexit should take.

Jul 14 19:33

Royal Marine Annual Arctic Warfare Exercises Scrapped Due To Lack Of Cash

Royal Marine Commandos will be denied the opportunity to run an annual exercise in Norway to practice their Arctic warfare specialism due to a lack of cash.

Jul 14 18:53

Flashback: Prozac 'found in drinking water'

The Observer says the revelations raise new fears over how many prescriptions for the drug are given out by doctors.

In the decade leading up to 2001, the number of prescriptions for antidepressants went up from nine million per year to 24 million per year, says the paper.

The Environment Agency report concluded that the Prozac in the water table could be potentially toxic and said the drug was a "potential concern".

The exact amount of Prozac in the nation's drinking water is not known.

Jul 14 15:55

London MP Demands Carrying Acid Be Made Illegal After 90-Minute Attack Spree

Carrying corrosive fluids should be made a crime, an MP has said, after two men on mopeds went on an acid attack spree across London on Thursday night, inflicting “life changing” injuries.

Jul 14 15:44

Don’t Use Kids As Brexit Bargaining Chips, EU Bosses Told

The Children’s Commissioner has called on EU leaders to ensure children are not held hostage during the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

In an open letter to Europe’s Chief Negotiator for Brexit, Michel Barnier, Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield argued that the EU must take “a more constructive approach” to the residency status of children born to European citizens residing in the UK and British-born youngsters living in Europe.

Jul 14 15:22

Labour Ready To Govern & Negotiate Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn Tells EU’s Barnier

Jeremy Corbyn will tell the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier that Labour is a “government in waiting” and ready to take up responsibility for negotiating Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

Corbyn, joined by Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, will meet Barnier in Brussels on Thursday. Corbyn is expected to tell Barnier that Labour’s approach to Brexit negotiations would be “very different” from Prime Minister Theresa May’s and say his party would not use the “megaphone diplomacy” employed by the Tories.

Jul 14 14:50

Teenagers Cause Malicious Agonising Acid Attacks in Central London

Teenage boys held on suspicion of GBH and robbery after string of attacks on Thursday night that left one of the victims with ‘life-changing’ injuries.

Two teenagers, a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old, have been arrested as police launch a major investigation into a series of acid attacks that took place in less than 90 minutes in east London on Thursday night.

Jul 14 14:15

Theresa May Says She ‘Shed A Tear’ After Election Night Disaster

Prime Minister Theresa May says she shed “a little tear” when she learned the results of the exit poll on general election night.

Jul 14 13:51

Battle Of Brexit Begins: Labour Threatens To Sink Historic Repeal Bill

Theresa May faces a humiliating defeat over Brexit as Labour warns it will block the so-called Repeal Bill if the prime minister fails to implement dramatic changes.

The government has on Thursday published the bill – deemed “one of the largest legislative projects ever undertaken in the UK” – saying the legislation will “maximize continuity” on the day the UK effectively withdraws from the EU wherever it is “practical and sensible”.

Jul 14 12:03

Senior Negotiators Say UK Blown Chances with Any BREXIT DEAL

The run-up to the Brexit negotiations has been disastrous for the UK, writes former negotiator Steve Bullock. It has hectored and insulted the EU27’s intelligence and undermined its own credibility.

Jul 14 11:38

Teenagers Cause Malicious Agonising Acid Attacks in Central London

Teenage boys held on suspicion of GBH and robbery after string of attacks on Thursday night that left one of the victims with ‘life-changing’ injuries.

Two teenagers, a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old, have been arrested as police launch a major investigation into a series of acid attacks that took place in less than 90 minutes in east London on Thursday night.

Jul 14 09:12

May Now Wants Corbyn’s Labour To Help Her Govern Britain

Prime Minister Theresa May will make an unprecedented appeal to the Labour Party to help create post-Brexit policies, leading some to suggest she has “completely run out of ideas.”

Jul 13 21:28

PC gone mad? 'Ladies and gentlemen’ announcements DROPPED as TfL goes 'gender neutral'

TRANSPORT for London (TfL) is changing its London Tube greetings from “ladies and gentlemen” to “hello everyone” in a move that has been met with a mixed response – with some critics claiming it shows efforts to achieve political correctness have gone too far.

Jul 13 20:28

Labour Ready To Negotiate Brexit With EU: Corbyn

UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn says his party is ready to take on the job of negotiating the terms for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, ahead of a rare meeting with EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Jul 13 18:45

FOREIGN AID FURY: Civil servants get £800k in bonuses 'as cash spent on GYMS in Africa'

WHITEHALL mandarins were handed almost £800,000 in bonuses for dolling out £13 billion of taxpayers’ money in “overseas aid”.

According to new figures 21 of the top civil servants in the Department for International Development (Dfid) were given up to £10,000 totalling £175,000.

Meanwhile another £616,000 was divided between 514 more junior members of staff.

The shocking pay awards come despite a series of damaging revelations rocking the controversial government department whose sole purpose is to hand out British money abroad.

Jul 13 18:09

May Now Wants Corbyn's Labour To Help Her Govern Britain

Prime Minister Theresa May will make an unprecedented appeal to the Labour Party to help create post-Brexit policies, leading some to suggest she has “completely run out of ideas.”

Jul 13 16:07

RAF to allow women to fight in close combat roles

CLOSE combat roles in the RAF's ground fighting force will be open to women from September in "a defining moment", Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has announced.

Jul 13 15:48

Bupa data breach affects 500,000 insurance customers

A Bupa employee inappropriately copied and removed information relating to 547,000 international health insurance plan customers, the company has said.

The data included names, dates of birth, nationalities, some contact and administrative information but not financial or medical data.

The private healthcare firm said concerns were first raised about a breach in June.

It is now contacting affected customers.

Jul 13 15:28

Australian Building Experts Discuss The Grenfell Tower Fire

World Socialist Web Site reporters spoke last week with a fire safety engineer and a building maintenance inspector about the June 14 Grenfell Tower disaster in London and their own experiences in Australia.

Both commented on declining building, product-testing and inspection standards, which over the past 15 years have generated massive profits for developers and construction corporations, as well as windfall tax receipts for governments.

Jul 13 15:13

Britain’s EU Ambassador Still Not Living In Brussels 6 Months Into Job

Britain’s ambassador to the EU is still based in London despite the fact he took the job six months ago and Brexit negotiations are looming.

Sir Tim Barrow is still living in the UK with his family amid a reported turf war between the Foreign Office, for whom he works, and the Department for Exiting the EU (DEXEU), who are rumored to have sidelined him.

Jul 13 14:39

EU Court Should Be Guarantor Of Expats’ Rights After Brexit – Chief EU Negotiator

The EU’s many differences with Britain on citizens’ rights, including the role of the EU court, need to be sorted out before talks on a trade deal can start, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said on Wednesday.

“We want EU citizens in Britain to have the same rights as British citizens who live in the EU,” Michel Barnier told a news conference in Brussels, adding that the current British position did not guarantee equal rights.

Jul 13 13:54

New Kensington Council Leader Had ‘Never Visited’ A Tower Block Before Grenfell Fire

New Kensington council leader Elizabeth Campbell has admitted that she had never been inside a tower block like Grenfell before the June tragedy in which up to 80 people died in a huge fire.

Warning that it could take a generation for trust in the council to be restored, Campbell told BBC radio: “I haven’t been into the high-rise council blocks before, but I am certainly doing that now.”

Jul 13 13:10

David Icke Describes 'The Hunger Games World Order'

a divided Global Society is on the way much like what he describes as a “Hunger Games Society” and with reference to the Grenfell Disaster, Mr Icke makes some important points.

Jul 13 12:03

Message from UK High Court: Carry on arming the Saudis (and never mind the slaughter in Yemen)

Stuart Littlewood examines Britain’s complicity in the war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and the role of notorious Israeli stooge Liam Fox, the UK’s secretary of state for international trade, in this.>>

Jul 13 07:45

Chickenpox jab offered on the High Street

Vaccinations against chickenpox are to be offered on the High Street for the first time.

Superdrug will be offering it at 58 of its specialist pharmacist stores at the cost of £130 for a two-dose course.

Jul 13 07:42

UK army recruitment bid targeting working-class youth: Report

The British army’s new flashy recruitment campaign is specifically aimed at luring in young people from working class families despite claiming to target people from all socio-economic backgrounds, a report has revealed.

Dubbed “This Is Belonging,” the campaign is seeking to appeal to a key audience of 16- to 24-year-old “C2DEs” – the marketing term used to describe the lowest three social and economic groups within the British society, The Guardian reported Sunday, citing one of the campaign’s briefing papers.

Under “target audience,” officials pinpoint in the brief that they are looking for people within the ages of “16-24, primarily C2DE. Mean household income 10K. High index for social, mobile, cinema. Not heavy TV viewers. Interested in sports and spending time with friends.”

Jul 12 21:56

Stop WWIII! They Shot Their Wad; We Now are in Negative Nothing Burger Time to Counterattack July 12, 2017

The latest hot dummy bombshell directed at the U.S. population about President Trump concerns— hold your breath—the fact that Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner met for 20 minutes soon after Trump won the Republican nomination with a Russian lawyer who, it was claimed, would offer damning information on Hillary Clinton's illicit Russian contacts.

Jul 12 20:39

Grenfell survivor was diagnosed with cyanide poisoning

At least one survivor of the Grenfell Tower fire was diagnosed with cyanide poisoning, BBC Newsnight has learned.

Medical discharge papers show 12-year-old Luana Gomes was treated for the effects of the highly toxic gas, which may have been released by burning of insulation or plastics during the fire.

Jul 12 19:48

HMS Queen Elizabeth could go 'straight to the bottom of the ocean' warn ex-RAF leaders

The new British aircraft carrier needs more patrol planes say experts.

Jul 12 16:32

UK’s £3bn Aircraft Carrier Could Be Sunk By Cheap Missiles – Security Think-Tank

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s new aircraft carrier, could be sunk by a volley of missiles that cost a tiny fraction of what she is worth, according to a report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) security think-tank.

The report argues that international rivals like Russia and China have focused their energy on finding ways to counter the West’s obsession with large, marquee projects like the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Jul 12 14:26

UK Great Repeal Bill is Coming into Force – 16th Century Powers

The Prime Minister Theresa May announced the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ in her party conference speech last October, and it was included in the 2017 Queen’s Speech, under the title the ‘Repeal Bill’.

Jul 12 13:56

UK Profiting From Yemeni Civilians Suffering: HRW

Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the United Kingdom is profiting from the suffering of Yemeni civilians by selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

The prominent rights group made the remarks in a press release on Tuesday, after a UK High Court ruling earlier in the week declared that London’s arms sales to Riyadh were not illegal.

Jul 12 12:05

UK National Health Service Destruction Continues With Mass Land Sell-Off

The Conservative government of Theresa May is proposing to sell off billions of pounds in National Health Service (NHS) property.

The move was prepared by a review by Sir Robert Naylor. The former boss of the NHS trust that runs University College Hospital published his report in March after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt commissioned him to look at what could be done with “surplus” NHS property and old buildings and to “develop a new NHS estate strategy.”

Jul 12 09:12

Government refuses to release report into Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremism in UK

Home Secretary accused of ‘putting our so-called friendship with Saudi Arabia above our values’ as she cites national security for keeping investigation secret

Jul 12 06:46

Refugees to get seven-bed home while 1,132 wait on council list

SYRIAN refugees will be given a seven-bedroom home in one of the most desirable parts of Britain, it was revealed last night.

The spacious property – worth an estimated £400,000 – is in Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s constituency of historic Rye, East Sussex.

The furnished end-of-terrace home has been empty for two years but is now reserved for “imminent arrivals” by Rother Council, which has 1,132 people waiting for social housing.

It is part of the Government’s plans to speed up the resettlement of people fleeing the war-torn country.

Jul 11 18:13

Loud 'explosions' heard as huge fire engulfs Weybridge medical centre, Surrey

A DEVASTATING fire has swept through Weybridge health centre as beleaguered fire services battle the blaze.

Eight fire engines are battling the blaze with reports suggesting the third floor and roof are “well alight”.

Locals reported hearing a “huge bang” from at least two miles away.

Jul 11 16:36

Cancer now more common than getting married or having a first baby

Analysis by Macmillan Cancer Support shows there were 361,216 cancers diagnosed in 2014 in the UK, the most recent figures available, compared to 289,841 marriages.

New cancer cases are also as common as graduating from university, and more common than a woman having her first baby.

There were 271,050 babies born to first-time mothers in England and Wales in 2015, compared to 319,011 new cases of cancer.

The data also showed that, over the last decade, more than 1.2 million people have been diagnosed with cancer under the age of 65.

This includes 343,000 people in the UK who were diagnosed with cancer in their 20s, 30s or 40s between 2006 and 2015.

Jul 11 16:14

UK’s £3bn aircraft carrier could be sunk by cheap missiles – security think-tank

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s new aircraft carrier, could be sunk by a volley of missiles that cost a tiny fraction of what she is worth, according to a report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) security think-tank.

The report argues that international rivals like Russia and China have focused their energy on finding ways to counter the West’s obsession with large, marquee projects like the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

“Missiles costing (much) less than half a million pounds a unit could at least disable a British aircraft carrier that costs more than £3 billion,” the report suggests.

“Indeed, a salvo of ten such missiles would cost less than £3.9 million.”

Jul 11 15:48

Boris Johnson Tells EU To ‘Go Whistle’ Over €100bn Brexit Divorce Demand

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had some choice words for EU diplomats suggesting the UK will have to fork out a hundred billion euro in order to achieve Brexit, telling them to “go whistle.”

Jul 11 15:47

Net Migration Puts UK’s Soaring Population On Course To Overtake France In 2nd Place In EU

The UK is to set to overtake France as the EU’s second most populous country amid a stream of migrants arriving in the country.

According to new figures released by the EU’s statistical agency Eurostat, the UK’s population saw an increase of 400,000 residents to 65.8 million in 2016.

Jul 11 15:47

UK Court Ruling Deadly Blow To Yemeni Civilians: Amnesty

Amnesty International says a recent UK court ruling that the British government is entitled to continue authorizing arms supplies to Saudi Arabia is a deadly blow to Yemeni civilians.

Jul 11 15:29

Online ‘Pedophile Hunters’ Told To Join Police Force

Members of vigilante ‘pedophile hunter’ groups could be made special constables to help officers in their online search for child sex groomers, a police and crime commissioner has suggested.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent Jeff Cuthbert told BBC Wales that the groups, which track down and confront groomers then post the video on social media, were “intent on playing what they see as their part,” and saying they had secured many convictions.

Jul 11 15:15

UK Editor Charged With Murdering Wife With Hammer In Dubai

British newspaper editor Francis Matthew has been charged with murdering his wife with a hammer in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Jul 11 14:53

Donald Trump To Visit UK Next Year: Report

US President Donald Trump has postponed his much-anticipated trip to the UK until next year, after refusing to visit the country due to overwhelming protests, a new report claims.

Jul 11 14:22

Fumes At FAA Control Center Ground DC-Area Flights For Hours

Passengers are still coping with flight cancellations and delays at three major airports around Washington, DC after a construction accident forced employees at an air traffic control tower in Virginia to evacuate.

The air traffic control center in Leesburg, Virginia, which handles high-altitude flights for the region, halted all flights in the region for several hours Monday and transferred the remaining airborne flights to other air traffic control facilities.

Jul 11 13:39

Robots Set To Divide British Society, Report Warns

The rise of robots taking over jobs threatens to further undermine social mobility in Britain by hitting poorer workers the hardest, according to new research.

The report, commissioned by the Sutton Trust, a charity focused on social mobility, warns that 15 million jobs in the UK could disappear due to automation in the next two decades.

Jul 11 12:57

255 People Survived Grenfell Tower Inferno, 80 Died, Say Police

Up to 255 residents survived the inferno which engulfed west London’s Grenfell Tower in June, the Metropolitan Police has said.

The fire killed around 80 people according to current estimates, but the majority of those living in the Kensington tower block did reportedly escape.

The force claimed on Monday that its investigations had shown that 350 people should have been in the tower in June with 14 residents out on the night the blaze took hold.

Jul 11 11:59

‘Hidden Crisis’: Extent Of Homelessness In UK Countryside ‘Underestimated’

People are sleeping rough in parked cars and barns in the countryside because the stigma attached to homelessness in rural areas is “much stronger” than in cities, a new report says.

According to a study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank, the “hidden crisis” of homeless people in England’s countryside is being “underestimated” as people bed down away from the public eye in places like parked cars, barns, outhouses and tents.

Jul 11 11:30

UK High Court Refuses to Block Saudi Arms Sales

The British High Court today handed down a pair of judgement on the lawsuit by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), which was seeking to stop continued British arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The open judgement was that the sales can continue without restrictions.

The lawsuit was based on UK and EU law both forbidding arms exports when there is a “clear risk” the arms would be used to break international humanitarian law, and the widespread war crimes the Saudis are committing in the course of the Yemen War.

The judge in the ruling claimed the UK government necessarily has better information on the Saudi war crimes than CAAT would, though specifics are only in a secret “closed judgement” offered for “national security reasons.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of the most morally horrific, yet perfectly predictable, rulings to come from the British High Court in decades; I am quite certain that executives in Britain's defence industry are heaving a collective sigh of relief that the ruling went this way, and that these merchants of death can continue selling their wares to Saudi Arabia with no legal constraints.

The US and UK are now deep partners in Saudi war crimes in Yemen; and forgive me, but being a citizen of a country deliberately involved in the commission of war crimes makes me grieve over the complete and utter absence of any kind of moral compass by the US government.

The images I am about to share with you are very graphic, but this is precisely what Saudi Arabia is doing with those bombs which have been sold to them by the US and the UK.

The Saudi bombing is killing and maiming Yemeni children for life:

Images: Yemeni children, murdered and maimed for life courtesy of US-enabled Saudi bombing runs.

Because of US-enabled port closures in Yemen, Yemeni children are dying of complications of malnutrition:

Images: Yemeni children dying from complications of malnutrition

And when you have malnutrition, you are almost certain to see disease take hold, as it has been with epidemic of cholera in Yemen:

1,310 Yemeni dead from cholera: UN's World Health Organization also warns that as many as 300,000 people could be infected by the end of August.

The Saudi military is using depleted uranium weapons in Yemen, which have caused a massive spike in cancers; still births; and massive birth defects in Yemeni children. Courtesy of Ruptly, we have the following horrific image:

Massive deformations in a Yemeni infant exposed to depleted uranium

There may worse forms of child abuse than poisoning a child in the womb, but I am having a very hard time thinking what they are right now.

All of these horrific outcomes in Yemen are totally predictable; and yet, the Royal House of Saud, the Saudi Government, and the US government and its military are perfectly morally comfortable with what they are doing here.

I, for one, as an American citizens, am absolutely not at all morally comfortable with the tragedy which Yemen has become, and will continue to be a Christian witness to this behaviour for as long as I have breath.

Jul 11 11:07

‘Damp Squib’: May’s Plan For EU Migrants Shot Down By Key Negotiator

Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for the future of 3 million EU migrants living in the UK has been dismissed as a “damp squib” by the EU Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator.

During a dinner in Brussels with EU leaders last month, the prime minister outlined her “fair and serious” plans for the rights of millions of migrants in the UK following the country’s withdrawal from the bloc.

Jul 11 09:15

Terror advice: Police video urges tourists to 'run, HIDE, tell' if they hear gunshots

Like we need the police to tell us THAT?!?

Jul 11 07:47

Iraq: Will Tony Blair Finally Stand Trial for his part in the "Supreme International Crime"?

On 15th September 2004, the then UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, in an interview with the BBC World Service, asked if the invasion was illegal, stated: "Yes, if you wish." He continued without caveat: "I have indicated it was not in conformity with the UN Charter. From our point of view and from the Charter point of view it was illegal."

Jul 10 18:06

Jeremy Corbyn Says UK Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia 'Unethical'

Britain’s opposition Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticized a UK High Court ruling that allows London to continue arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Jul 10 18:03

Census Challenges Jeopardize Efforts Towards Greater Equity In The South

The 2020 Census — a once-a-decade effort by the federal government to count every person in the US — is still three years away, but recent developments at the Census Bureau have raised concerns about the accuracy of the upcoming count.

Jul 10 16:23

UK Military Should Adopt ‘American-Style Approach’ – Top General

Casting aside centuries of rigid, martial tradition in favor of a US-style approach to rank and structure would benefit the British military, according to the UK’s most senior army officer.

General Nick Carter told the Telegraph that a serious shakeup of rank structure along US lines was due, with other changes to allow late career experts in a range of subjects to join as civilians.

Jul 10 16:16

Theresa May to Ask J Corbyn for Help with BREXIT

Theresa May will ask Jeremy Corbyn for his support in delivering Brexit and pushing through legislation as she faces up to the “reality I now face as Prime Minister”.

Jul 10 15:41

UK Army Recruitment Bid Targeting Working-Class Youth: Report

The British army’s new flashy recruitment campaign is specifically aimed at luring in young people from working class families despite claiming to target people from all socio-economic backgrounds, a report has revealed.

Jul 10 12:55

London Firefighters Battle Blaze At Camden Lock Market

Dozens of firefighters and at least eight trucks have been deployed to battle a fire that erupted in the Camden Lock area of London.

According to the latest information, ten fire engines and 70 firefighters have been sent to tackle the flames at the Camden Lock Market, London Fire Brigade said in a Tweet.

Jul 10 11:41

Thatcher Monument Rejected By Govt After Residents, Family Complain

Plans for a statue of Margaret Thatcher near London’s Parliament square have been rejected after a string of objections by the government, Royal Parks, local residents and even the Iron Lady’s family.

Jul 10 11:23

Theresa May to Ask J Corbyn for Help with BREXIT

Theresa May will ask Jeremy Corbyn for his support in delivering Brexit and pushing through legislation as she faces up to the “reality I now face as Prime Minister”.

Jul 10 11:16

14 Year Long Extradition Case, Longest in UK, Ends

A British man wanted for murder in the US has lost his long-running legal battle against extradition.

Phillip Harkins, 38, has been fighting against his transfer to the US to face the charge since 2003 in what has been described as Britain’s longest-running extradition case.

Jul 09 17:29

Solar panel fire fears after panels ignite in new block with thousands possibly at risk

FEARS are growing that solar panels fitted to British homes could be flammable after a spate of fires in flats and schools.

Tests are currently being carried out by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a government safety contractor currently carrying out the tests on cladding after the Grenfell Tower blaze, who are also testing solar panels after a number of them have caught fire and is due to report later this week.

A block of flats in Bethnal Green, east London, caught fire last Sunday with around 80 firefighters attending the scene and initial suggestions are that the solar panels appear to have caught fire.

The official cause of the fire is not yet known.

Jul 09 08:53

'F**k the rich!' What Jeremy Corbyn REALLY thinks of high-rate taxpayers

The explosive quote was attributed to the then-backbencher MP in 1997, as he addressed a crowd of young demonstrators, just months after Tony Blair swept to a huge majority in the election with his centre-left policies.

Speaking in London’s Hyde Park on November 26 1997 during a rally against the cutting of university grants introduction of fees, Jeremy Corbyn said: "We have to address the problems of society by redistributing wealth. F**k the rich!"

Jul 08 18:12

ALL newborns will be given a hepatitis B jab after health watchdog says 96% of cases are among immigrants

All babies are to be vaccinated against a deadly cancer-causing virus which experts fear is becoming increasingly common due to immigration.

They will be inoculated against hepatitis B, which can trigger liver cancer, in a new jab that will also protect against five other diseases.

Every baby born from August 1 will receive doses of the ‘Hexa’ jab at four, eight and 16 weeks.

Historically, infection rates of the blood-borne virus have been so low in Britain that it has not been a major issue. But there is now serious concern that the number of cases is rising, due largely to immigration from developing countries.

Jul 08 18:03

The truth about SAS shoot-to-kill night raids, by the hero of 200 secret ops: Soldier breaks ranks to defend elite unit from witch-hunt but says illegal killings were ‘unwritten rule of our job’

An SAS soldier has sensationally lifted the lid on the elite regiment’s controversial shoot-to-kill policy in Afghanistan – the subject of a multi-million pound investigation by military police.

In the first media interview with any SAS member to take part in operations included in the war crimes probe, the former trooper admitted to The Mail on Sunday that illegal killings were ‘an unwritten rule of our job’ but strongly defended the regiment’s actions.

His gripping account of top-secret night operations in Afghanistan comes after claims emerged that SAS members had killed unarmed civilians in cold blood and falsified mission reports.