Apr 12 08:23

Netanyahu uses Holocaust event to urge action against Syria, Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a speech at Israel’s annual Holocaust commemorations on Wednesday to call for action against Syria following a suspected poison gas attack.

Apr 12 08:22

In Call to Netanyahu, Putin Urges Israel Not to Take Action in Syria

Netanyahu told Putin: Israel will not permit Iran to set up military presence in Syria ? Israel is on high alert for any Iranian retaliation after direct threat from Iran ? Trump warns Syria of possible attack ? Russia to Trump: We don't do Twitter diplomacy

Apr 12 08:20

The Saudi-Israeli Liaison

In a 2 April 2018 interview in the Atlantic, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman publicly declared that the Israelis “have a right to live in their own land just like the Palestinians.” It is a problematic assumption, given that the Israelis’ “own land” is the land they took away from the Palestinians. This, and much else, has been either forgotten or ignored by the Saudi crown prince.

Apr 12 08:18

Israel has misjudged Russia in Syria. The consequences could be grave

Netanyahu built his career on promising to be a bulwark against Iran, but instead his failures are contributing to the escalation across the Middle East

Apr 12 08:17

What Palestinians can teach us about popular resistance

The ongoing popular mobilisation on the Gaza border is a reminder of previous historical events where the Palestinian people rose in unison to challenge oppression and demand freedom.

Palestinian popular resistance is neither a new phenomenon nor is it an alien one. General mass strikes and civil disobedience, challenging British imperialism and Zionist settlements in Palestine, started nearly a century ago, culminating in the six-month-long general strike of 1936.

Since then, popular resistance has been a staple in Palestinian history, and it was a prominent feature of the First Intifada, the popular uprising of 1987.

Apr 12 08:03

“Apartheid, Rogue, Terrorist State”: Glenn Greenwald on Israel’s Murder of Gaza Protesters, Reporter

On Saturday, hundreds of mourners gathered in Gaza for the funeral of Palestinian journalist Yaser Murtaja, who was fatally shot by the Israeli army while covering a fresh round of deadly protests along the Israel-Gaza border. Photos show the 30-year-old journalist was wearing a flak jacket clearly marked ”PRESS” at the time of the shooting. He’s one of at least nine Palestinians who were killed by the Israeli army during its brutal crackdown against Friday’s protests. The Palestinian Health Ministry says Israeli forces have killed 31 people in total since Palestinians kicked off a 6-week-long nonviolent protest late last month, dubbed “The Great March of Return.” Both the International Criminal Court and the United Nations have rebuked Israel in recent days and warned its actions on the border could violate international human rights conventions.

Apr 12 07:53

Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians

Apr 12 07:50

Sirens wail as Israel stands still for Holocaust remembrance

JERUSALEM — Israelis are standing still for a nationwide moment of silence in remembrance of the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. A two-minute siren wailed across the country on Thursday for Israel’s annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, when Israelis pay respects to those systematically killed by Nazi Germany and its collaborators in World War Two.
Note: Jewish math. Auschwitz in 1981 admitted and changed the plagues there from 4 million dead to 1 million. An error of 3 million. Normal math 6 minus 3 equals 3. 3 Millions dead.....and that nor proof.

Apr 12 07:48

Eastern Ghouta: Terrorists Hand over Modern Arms Made in Israeli, Europe to Syrian Army

Jeish al-Islam militants delivered their advanced Israel and European-made weapons to the Syrian Army within the framework of an evacuation agreement in the town of Douma, a media outlet reported on Wednesday.
The Arabic-language website of Sputnik reported that a sum of 1,384 militants and their family members with a total number of 3,792 left Douma for the town of Jarabulus in Northeastern Aleppo on 85 buses.

It went on to say that the evacuation process will continue for the next two days due to logistical reasons, adding that Jeish al-Islam has handed over its light and semi-heavy arms to the army.

The Arabic Sputnik further said that Israeli sniper rifles and Belgian-made RPG rockets and PKC machineguns were among the arms.

People in the town of Douma on Tuesday took control of a number of warehouses used by Jeish al-Islam for hoarding food stuff after the terrorist group started retreating from the town under an evacuation plan agreed with the Syrian Army.

Apr 12 07:46

Israeli Control

Apr 12 07:35

The Jewish State Has a Special Duty to Defend Syrians

On Wednesday, Israel observed Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is one of the most important days on the country’s calendar, observed with innumerable ceremonies and gatherings. At many of these, a motto will be recited: “To remember, not to forget.”

Of course, in Israel no one forgets. One reason is that in this country, the Holocaust is not merely a matter of historical remembrance. It is part of our present. Many of Israel’s founders believed the Jewish state was necessary because the Jewish people would always be under the threat of destruction, others could not be relied upon to protect the Jews, and the preservation of the Jewish people required a country of their own. Or, to put it with typical Israeli directness, “to rely only on ourselves.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Says the nation that sucks vast amounts of wealth from all other nations.

Apr 12 07:30

50 NYU student groups endorse BDS, call on university to divest from companies complicit in Israeli occupation

We, the undersigned student groups, pledge to participate in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian human rights by

Boycotting Israeli goods and goods manufactured in the Occupied Territories, except for those manufactured by Palestinians. For a list of what to boycott, visit
Boycotting Israeli academic institutions and conferences sponsored by the State of Israel
Boycotting NYU’s pro-Israel clubs, Realize Israel and TorchPAC, by not co-sponsoring events with them, as well as boycotting off-campus pro-Israel groups such as Birthright-Taglit, StandWithUs, Christians United for Israel, the Maccabee Task Force, Mosaic United, Zionist Organization of America, American Israeli Political Action Committee, and the Anti-Defamation League
Endorsing the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement

Apr 12 07:26

The Forward’s “Most Powerful Man in New York” is a fervent Israel partisan who calls BDS today’s “Kristallnacht”

The Forward calls New York State Senator Simcha Felder “the most powerful man In New York.” Felder has co-sponsored New York legislation against boycotting Israel and has written: “Today’s Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel is nothing less than a political Kristallnacht.”

Apr 12 07:24

Musta’ribeen, Israel’s agents who pose as Palestinians

hey are dressed like Palestinian protesters, speak with the same accents and expressions, and show the same mannerisms. Their faces covered with checkered keffiyehs or balaclavas, they chant against the Israeli army and sometimes throw stones in the direction of the soldiers, all while drawing in other protesters as they get closer and closer to the army.

Then, quick as a bang, the scene erupts, and this group suddenly turns on the rest of the Palestinian protesters, brandishing guns that were concealed under their shirts, firing in the air, grabbing those nearest to them and wrestling them to the ground.

Apr 12 07:22

Netanyahu says Israeli snipers are doing ‘holy work’

Days after an Israeli human rights group urged soldiers to refuse orders to shoot at Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip along the fence that divides the occupied territory from Israel, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday accused the group of “outrageous absurdity” and defended the military for their “holy work.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By "holy" he means shooting holes in innocent Palestinians.

Apr 12 07:21


There is a statue in lower Manhattan called Fearless Girl, she stands facing the Wall Street Bull with a stance and facial expression of total defiance. A small group organized by Samidoun, which represents Palestinian political prisoners, decided go there with signs calling for the freedom of Ahed Tamimi, a teenager in prison in Palestine/Israel. When they arrived there they put a keffeyeh on the little statue. That act seemed to have sent an electric shock through the crowd. Suddenly everyone wanted to pose with Fearless Girl, some held Free Ahed Free Palestine posters. Most of the people there were tourists who were much more familiar with what was going on in Palestine/Israel than most Americans are. Parents were heard explaining to their children who Ahed was. During the 2 hours there only 2 people objected to the Keffeyeh on the statue.

Apr 12 07:19

Watch: Israeli soldiers cheer as they shoot Palestinian

Partial Transcript.
Wow, what a movie! Yay! Son of a whore.
Oh, mama, did you film it?
What a movie! There, go running to evacuate him. Of course I filmed it.
Wow. They hit someone in the head.
Now do I [indistinct]?
What did you say?
[whispered:] go ahead, film it, film it.
What a film, it’s a legend.
What? I didn’t see it.
[laughing] He flew up in the air with his leg, like that.
He scratched his leg and we hit the other [indistinct].
[indistinct] sons of whores.

Apr 12 07:02

Builder of apartheid wall gets EU funding

I have been following Europe’s policy on Palestine for almost 20 years. Throughout that time, I cannot recall an official EU statement more obscene than the one issued after Israel killed nine people in Gaza last Friday.

Rather than condemn the killings, the EU merely claimed that they raise “serious questions about the proportionate use of force.”

Zoom in on those words: proportionate use of force.

The underlying message is that Israel may resort to violence against Palestinians living under siege and occupation. EU representatives would just prefer it if Israel doesn’t go too far.

The same kind of thinking can be discerned within Israel’s elite.

Apr 12 07:02

Israel forces Umm al-Hiran villagers to “agree” to expulsion

The Israeli government has forced residents of the Palestinian Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran to agree to be expelled from their homes and resettled to the Bedouin town of Hura in the southern Naqab region under threats of violence.

A community leader, Raed Abu al-Qiyan, said that the Israeli government’s Bedouin resettlement authority forced residents to sign the agreement in the early dawn hours of Tuesday as the Israelis brought police and demolition teams into the village.

He said that the families of about 170 residents signed on to the agreement, fearing a repeat of the “blood and murder” of January 2017 when Israeli police demolished homes in the village and killed a 50-year-old Palestinian math teacher.

Apr 12 06:59

The Zionist Tango: Step Left, Step Right

The only place on earth that Donald Trump is beloved, admired, adored, and appreciated is Israel. The only place that Benjamin Netanyahu is admired, adored, beloved is the United States. If this is not shared values, what is shared values? ... The first very deep-rooted value [among Israeli Jews], let's face it, is the value that we are the chosen people. Secularists and religious will claim so. Even if they don't admit it, they feel so. The implementation is very simple ... International law, wonderful thing, it doesn't apply on us. It applies on any other place on earth, but not on Israel because we are the chosen people ... The second very deep-rooted value is obviously the value of "we the victims," not only the biggest victims, but the only victims around.

Apr 12 06:54

Israel braces to face possible attack if US hits Syria

Israel held top-level security consultations on Wednesday amid concern it could be targeted by Syria or Iran if the United States strikes Syrian government forces over an alleged poison gas assault.

A member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet and Israeli strategic affairs experts voiced doubt that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, embroiled in a protracted civil war, would risk direct conflict with Israel.

But they said Israel—which has the region's most powerful military—was taking seriously an Iranian threat to respond to a strike on Monday on an airbase on Syria which Damascus, Tehran and Moscow have blamed on Israel.

Apr 12 06:54

Israel latest to back MILITARY ACTION in Syria as Netanyahu signals he is ready for WW3

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Wednesday for action to be taken against Syria, as the UK, the US and numerous allies signalled they are gearing up for a military strike against the Assad regime following a chemical attack in Douma.

Apr 12 06:53

7 Things You Need To Know About Israel’s Latest Attack On Gaza

The things everyone must know about the latest Gaza massacre - and its rapidly ensuing cover-up - are as simple and uncontroversial as they are abhorrent. One: Israel's killings were premeditated. Before the first demonstrators set foot anywhere in the vicinity of Gaza's border with Israel, the "most moral army in the world" had openly declared its violent intentions toward any Palestinian reckless enough to challenge Israel's crippling siege ... Five: Israel commits its crimes because the U.S. lets it ... Six: Mainstream media, and Jewish organizations, assist in the cover-up. The proliferation of apologetics in mainstream media for Israel's deadly violence has been so instantaneous, and so nauseating, that I will only sample the field briefly ... Major Jewish organizations have been just as sycophantic, most of them looking the other way
Note: The number of dead is now over 30 and of course the injured have increases.

Apr 11 14:58

Russian President Vladimir Putin talked with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Putin asked Netanyahu not to take action in Syria and not to threaten the security of that country, the Israeli media reported.

Israel is in high alert due to possible revenge of Iran after a direct threat to Tehran on Tuesday over an attack on the Syrian military base in the night between Sunday and Monday that Russia, Syria and Iran attributed to the Jewish state.

Loyalty has also increased as a result of the possible US hit by Syrian President Bashar Assad in retaliation for alleged chemical attack in Duma.
Nobody has evidence against Damascus - the WHO refuses to confirm the chemical attack in Syria

Apr 11 12:56

Antisemitsm and Jewish Guilt

Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center’s 2017 Annual Report on Anti-Semitism Worldwide was released today and there is good news: The number of recorded violent antisemitic incidents in 2017 fell by about 9% as compared to 2016 – and by almost 50% compared to the 2006-14 average.

Apr 11 12:06

Israeli Forces Detain 14 Palestinians, Including Woman, Elderly Man, Minors

Israeli forces Wednesday detained 14 Palestinians from several cities in the occupied West Bank and from East Jerusalem and included a woman, an elderly man and minors, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS). It said in a statement that Israeli forces detained five people from the Hebron area, including a 38-year-old woman and a 75-year-old man from the same Zeidat family, WAFA reported. Forces also detained four from the town of Azzoun, East of Qalqilya in the Northern West Bank, including three minors aged between 13 and 16 years, and two more from Nablus area. Another two minors aged 16 and 17 years were detained in occupied East Jerusalem, the PPS stated.

Apr 11 11:57

Israel Vows To "Wipe Assad Off The Map" If Iran Launches An Attack From Syrian Territory

After they launched a lethal strike (from Lebanese airspace, no less) against the T-4 airforce base in Syria in retaliation for the a chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held Syrian village - killing several Iranians in the process - senior Israeli officials have finally confirmed what many have long assumed since the country started escalating its military operations within the borders of its crumbling Levantine neighbor.

That is, if Israel even so much as suspects that Iranian agents are planning an attack against Israel from Syrian territory, it will be Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who ends up on the receiving end of a preemptive strike from the IDF, per the Jerusalem Post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is that line attributed to the now-mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, never let a good crisis go to waste?!?

But I am very curious as to whether Russia's Vlad Putin has received this message, and just what they indend to do, should Israel haul off on Damascus?!?

Apr 11 11:26

Iran, Russia Mulling Response to Israeli Strikes against Syria's T4 Airbase

Senior Iranian and Russian officials in a secret meeting in Tehran conferred on ways to give a response to the Sunday night Israeli missile strikes against the T4 airbase in Syria which killed a number of military advisors of Iran, an Arabic-language media outlet reported. The Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channel reported on Wednesday that the meeting was held between Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani and Russian President Vladimir Putin's Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev. During the unscheduled meeting, both sides reviewed the recent attack by Israel on Syria and the US President Donald Trump’s threat of military intervention in Syria. According to al-Mayadeen, due to its confidentiality, the meeting was not covered by the media. No official source has yet commented on the report.

Apr 11 11:21

On the Brink of a Full Blown War? Reports of Nuclear Submarines on the Way to Syria

Star and Stripes reports an additional Navy battlegroup are departing the US this morning (11th April) to join the other US destroyers:

“The aircraft carrier will be accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and the guided-missile destroyers USS Arleigh Burke, USS Bulkeley, USS Forrest Sherman and USS Farragut. The destroyers USS Jason Dunham and USS The Sullivans will join the strike group later, a Navy statement said. The strike group, carrying 6,500 sailors and Carrier Air Wing One, will cruise alongside the German frigate FGS Hessen. It remains unclear what the upcoming strike group deployment might entail.”

The Russian naval facility in Tartus is a leased military installation of the Russian Navy located on the northern edge of the seaport of the Syrian city of Tartus. According to CNN Turk, US destroyers were at a distance of 100 km from the port of Tartus, as of Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I a betting woman, I would almost be willing to bet that US/UK military action against Syria will begin close to this weekend, when citizens of both countries are distracted with sports and other activities.

If the attack is delayed, until all the US assets are in place, we well be looking at a decap strike against Damascus itself.

At almost 69 years old, I have never, this lifetime, felt myself so completely distressed at being so thoroughly ignored by a government which, allegedly, is supposed to represent my interests and needs, and those of my brother and sister Americans; not those of Israel, and not those of the country's military/industrial complex.

The costs of such a war will have horrific repercussions internationally and ecomomically, and make the United States even more of a target for those international leaders who would like to see this country balkanize and collapse.

It appears to me that there are only two things left to do right now, because Oahu is definitely a first-strike target for either Russia or China, to take out, because of all the military communications flowing east from this rock; pray, and prepare, the best we can.

Apr 11 11:11

U.S. Senator Actually Admits That The War In Syria Is For Israel

Tucker Carlson repeatedly demands to know what is the American interest in war with Syria. This is very good.

Apr 11 11:00

As Trump considers military action on Syria, Pentagon worries it could put Russian soldiers in the crosshairs

As Pentagon planners ready a possible military response to a suspected poison gas attack in Syria, one danger has sparked special concern — whether U.S. airstrikes may inadvertently kill Russian soldiers in Syria and escalate the regional war into a confrontation between Washington and Moscow.

The chances of a potential clash would increase if President Trump opts for a heavy bombardment, employing not only Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from Navy ships offshore — as he did last year after a previous chemical attack — but also manned bombers and other warplanes to strike multiple targets in Syria, current and former officials say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those international chemical inspectors better get on the ground in Syria, and double time quickly, as in, yesterday!!!! We need a time machine here, or at least Dr. Who's tardis.

And if Pentagon officials are worried that the US may inadvertently kill or maim members of the Russian military, they need to talk President Trump out of this madness, and right the hell now, because there will almost be no way to avoid this, as embedded as the Russians are with their Syrian military counterparts.

Of course, we have Israel's military leadership cheerleading for a US war against SyriaIsraeli commanders push for an offensive against Syria. but President Trump needs to understand, fully, and consequentially, that these Israeli military officials fully expect that the costs of such a war will only be borne in American blood, and with American money.

We also have Saudi Arabia's B.O.Y. (the Butcher of Yemen),Crown Prince bin Salman, suggesting that Saudi Arabia could conceivably join the fray Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman mentions that Saudis could take part on a US-led attack on Syria. Considering just how non-brilliantly their military campaign is going in Yemen, even with US military assistance, which can only be characterized as a wanton genocide against the Yemeni people, President Trump should refuse their help; the US should NOT be colluding with the Saudis in any more war crimes, this time against the Syrian people, thank you very much!!

That Congress is, colletively, sitting idly by, and allowing such insantity to move forward, when only Congress has the power to declare war, derrived from the American Constitution, suggests that they are all completely worse than useless, and should be completely sacked sacked at the next round of elections to which they are subject.

Apr 11 10:56

Russia Outs Israel, Says Two Israeli Fighter Jets Struck Iranian Base in Syria

The Russian military said on Monday that two Israeli F-15 war planes carried out airstrikes on a Syrian air base near Homs on Sunday, the Interfax news agency reported. 14 people were reportedly killed in the strike, at least four of them Iranians.

Interfax cited the Russian Defense Ministry as saying the Israeli war planes had carried out the strikes from Lebanese air space. The Russian ministry said that Syrian air defense systems had shot down five of eight missiles fired, while the other three landed in the western part of the base. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that the strike was "a dangerous development."

Apr 11 10:55

If the UK is so critical of the killing of unarmed protesters in Gaza, maybe it should stop selling arms to Israel

In the past two years alone, the government has approved export of over £230m worth of arms and military technology, including jets and naval gunboats used in regular attacks on Palestinian fisher-folk

Apr 11 10:54

Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Review of U.K. Arms Sales to Israel Over Gaza Border Deaths

'The killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza is an outrage'

Apr 11 10:54

Israeli Labour party breaks off relations with Britain's Corbyn

Israel’s Labour Party said on Tuesday it had suspended relations with Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain’s Labour party, accusing him of sanctioning anti-Semitism and showing hostility towards Israeli policies.

Apr 11 10:53

Israel Wanted to Bar Entry to Dublin's Mayor Over BDS Ties – but Got His Name Wrong

Israel announced on Tuesday it had barred Dublin Lord Mayor Mícheál Mac Donncha from entering the country – while he was already in the West Bank city of Ramallah after having flown in through Tel Aviv.

Apr 11 10:40

'We categorically want to avoid confrontation with Russia' – NATO deputy chief

Deputy Secretary General of NATO Rose Gottemoeller says that the Alliance does not wish to face military conflict with Russia, but still blames it for a "troubling pattern of behavior," from Ukraine to Salisbury.

"We would categorically want to avoid a situation where confrontation with Russia is inevitable. And that's exactly what our decision-making is governed by," Gottemoeller told Russian daily Kommersant in an interview published in Russian on Tuesday. However, her message was far from reconciliatory as she went on: "But we can't leave without reply Russia's illegal acts: from the annexation of Crimea, to destabilization in Donbass, to election meddling, or the latest events in the UK."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nato Deputy Secretary Gottemoeller, you are lying about the Skribal poisoning; alleged election tampering in the US; destabilization in Donbass; and the alleged annexation of Crimea.

And what is worse, the world knows you are lying with a straight face.

But I can promise you one thing; should President Trump move forward with this insane rush to war in Syria, there will most likely no way for NATO to escape a military confrontation with Russia, and you know it.

So what will NATO and the EU do in that case, institute a European draft?!?

Oh, I would so like to see you try that!! :-)

Apr 11 10:32

Trump Builds Coalition for War Against Syrian Government: UN Security Council rejects motion to investigate before striking

President Trump is in the process of building a new coalition of allies to participate in a multi-nation “strike force” attack on the Syrian government. This talk of coalition action reflects the rapid escalation of plans since US officials embraced Saturday’s allegations of a chemical weapons strike.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump, and British PM Theresa May
Officials said as early as Sunday that the claimed Saturday attack would lead to a US military strike, and President Trump indicated this would happen “very soon.” Instead of a one-off strike, as with last April’s tomahawk missile bombardment of Syria, the US seems to be envisioning starting a whole new war over it.

This new US-led war in Syria doubtless suits much of the administration just fine. After all, this time last week US officials were trying to talk President Trump out of ending US military involvement in Syria. Now, they seem to have a pretext for an open-ended conflict.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This rush-to-war madness, just at the moment President Trump desperately needs a distraction from the Meuller investigations, which has led Meuller right into the gutter of the Stormy Daniels allegations, coupled with a crippled US economy (except for the one percenters) must not be allowed to go forward.

We have had sexual predators in the Oval Office before; that... is nothing new to the power-mad creeps in the bowels of power in DC, who fervently believe that their power and authority gives them carte blanche to abuse people with impunity.

So, to all the Riveros Rangers out there, please call your Congressional Representatives, POLITELY, and tell them that if they support this move, you would rather vote a dog,cat, or monkey into their seat, come the next election cycle, than have them continue allegedly "representing" you, because this war is NOT what the American people want at all.

Apr 11 09:52


Iran has limited the amount of foreign currency citizens can hold outside of banks to €10,000 ($12,350) in an effort to control the falling rial and control the country’s severe dollar shortage.

In a statement, the central bank said Iranians have until the end of April to sell excess foreign currency or deposit it in banks.

The decision comes as part of the Iranian government’s measures to overcome losses to the local currency. The rial has lost almost half of its value since September. Iranians have been purchasing foreign currency and gold coins in anticipation of the US pulling out of a 2015 nuclear deal which promised an end to sanctions on the oil rich state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because an action is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government could do, is, unfortunately, no guarantee that the US government will not do it.

And to the Iranian people, should it come to this, I must apologise to you for what the US government appears to be getting ready to do, which is to, first, withdraw from the P5+1 agreement, then figure out some way to institute regime change in Tehran, because the Israeli government has decreed Iran to be its "existential threat".

The American people are not in control of their government in any way shape, or form, and that is a very dangerous place for a country which is, allegedly, a democratic republic, to be, because its "leadership" believes it can do anything it wants with impunity.

Oh yes, we have the Kabuki-like drama of campaigns, and a national election; but at the end of the day, we only have the choice between one corporately purchased candidate, or the other; there is no other real choice for American citizens but this.

The American people are very sick and tired of getting lied into war, as it appears ready to bomb both Syria, and Russian assets within Syria, and beyond, on a trumped up charge that the al Assad government used chemical weapons on its own people, when it has almostcompletely obliterated the US-backed jihadists, with Russian help.

Apr 11 09:52


Israel has been secretly buying oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan, which is supplied by the oil pipeline from Iraqi Kurdistan, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported on April 10.

According to Haaretz, in November Samir Madani, a Kuwaiti oil trader, noticed some oil tankers, heading to the Suez Canal from Turkey’s port of Ceyhan. It stopped somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean outside Israel’s territorial borders, turned off its identification transponder and “resurfaced” a few days later, “mysteriously” lighter than when it had left Ceyhan. Then the vessel sailed to Cyprus and returned to Turkey, loaded up on oil that had come from the northern Iraq and repeated the journey, including the act of disappearing.

“His conclusion was that the Valtamed had been shipping oil that wasn’t recorded anywhere to a country that wasn’t supposed to buy it – in other words, Israel was secretly buying Kurdish oil through Turkey,” Haaretz wrote.

Apr 11 09:34


Syria, Iran and Russia have accused Israel of being behind a strike on a Syrian air base - something Israel has neither confirmed nor denied.

Apr 11 09:33

Prepared for a conflict with Russia, Israel is pushing Trump to take action in Syria

Israel is escalating the diplomatic conflict with Russia and publicly standing by the United States concerning the chemical weapons used by Syrian President Bashar Assad against his own citizens.

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Jerusalem’s aggressive approach is reflected in a statement released by the Foreign Ministry shortly before 11 pm Monday, in which Israel ruled unequivocally that Assad and his regime had used chemical weapons against civilians on Sunday.

The delayed Israeli response is based on the results of a thorough examination by the Military Intelligence Directorate. The examination’s findings revealed in an unequivocal manner that chemical warfare agents—likely nerve gas—were indeed used in the city of Douma in addition to chlorine, which usually isn’t lethal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so Assad has all but won the war in Syria, ISIS and Al Qaeda (supported by the US) are on the run, and we are expected to believe that Assad would attack a hospital full of children with poison gas, knowing that this would allow the US to re-invade his country?!?

You are some special kind of stupid if you believe that one!

Apr 11 09:17


Israel Confirms Video of Sniper Shooting Unarmed Palestinian, as Soldiers Cheer, Is Genuine

Apr 11 09:11


Gazan photo journalist Yaser Murtaja was a salaried senior member of Hamas’s military wing, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Tuesday.

“The photographer was a terrorist,” Liberman told reporters in Katzrin on the Golan Heights. Murtaja was one of nine Palestinians fatally shot by the IDF during last Friday’s “Great March of Return” protest on the Gaza border. Liberman did not provide any substantiation on the source of his claims.

Apr 11 09:10

Tensions Run High Revenge by Iran Could Push Israel to Terminate Tehran's Presence in Syria

Israel’s military leaders are arguing for a more aggressive line against Iran in Syria. That opinion, which is shared by all the departments of the defense establishment, has also been shared with the political echelon.

The air raid that Israel is said to have mounted Monday against the Iranian airbase called T4 in Syria was apparently a watershed moment in Iran’s aspiration to establish a local foothold. The bombing raid had significant results compared to previous attacks, and Tehran’s threats to retaliate make the collision course already marked with Israel more likely. An Iranian retribution may lead in turn to an Israeli response that could almost entirely wipe out Iran’s military presence in Syria.

Apr 11 08:30


"Assad's regime and Assad himself will disappear from the map and the world if the Iranians do try to harm Israel or its interests from Syrian territory."

Apr 11 08:12

Trump: Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming at Syria, nice and new and ‘smart’!

Trump is insane and anybody who still supports this NUT!

Donald Trump warned Russia to "get ready" after Moscow vowed to shoot any missiles fired at Syria down. "They will be coming, nice and new and smart," Trump tweeted.

Donald J. Trump
Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!

3:57 AM - Apr 11, 2018
88.1K people are talking about this

Apr 11 07:55

Flashback: QANA Massacre in Sanctuary; Eyewitness

It was a massacre. Not since Sabra and Chatila had I seen the innocent slaughtered like this. The Lebanese refugee women and children and men lay in heaps, their hands or arms or legs missing, beheaded or disembowelled. There were well over a hundred of them. A baby lay without a head. The Israeli shells had scythed through them as they lay in the United Nations shelter, believing that they were safe under the world's protection.

Apr 11 07:42

Norman Finkelstein: Netanyahu is a maniac

Apr 11 07:29

Israeli Academic on Attack on Syrian Airbase: Message is Very Clear

Israeli warplanes conducted a strike on Syria's T-4 air base on April 9, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Moscow has requested an explanation from Tel Aviv for the move. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Eyal Zisser, professor for Middle Eastern Studies and vice rector of Tel Aviv University, shared his opinion on the reasons behind the attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel was hoping Syria would respond, to give the US even more justification to invade.

Apr 11 07:18

Israel Labor party cuts ties to Jeremy Corbyn for supporting Palestinian rights

The leader of the Israeli Labor Party on Tuesday wrote to Jeremy Corbyn suspending “all formal relations” with the UK Labour leader.

In a publicly released letter, Avi Gabbay cited Corbyn’s “hatred of the policies of the government of the state of Israel.”

On Saturday, Corbyn had sent a statement to a Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstration in London condemning the “killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza” during the last two weeks as “an outrage.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 11 07:15

Dublin City Council votes for Israel boycott

Dublin City Council passed a motion Monday night endorsing the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel.

And on Tuesday, Israel claimed to have barred Dublin’s mayor from entering territory it controls, but a short time later the mayor appeared to be tweeting from Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank.

“Since its violent establishment in 1948 through the ethnic cleansing of more than half of the indigenous people of Palestine, the state of Israel has denied Palestinians their fundamental rights and has refused to comply with international law,” the motion states.

It adds that: “Israel continues to illegally occupy and colonize Palestinian land, discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel, imposes an inhumane blockade and siege of Gaza and denies Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 11 07:13

Labour Israel lobbyist deletes anti-Semitic “conspiracy” claims

The former Israel lobbyist and high-profile Labour lawmaker Ruth Smeeth has deleted a statement from her website which alleged anti-Semitism in Labour.

In one of the most high profile instances of the supposed “anti-Semitism crisis” in the UK’s main opposition party, Smeeth in June 2016 claimed she had been “attacked by a Momentum activist and Jeremy Corbyn supporter who used traditional anti-Semitic slurs to attack me for being part of a ‘media conspiracy.’”

Activist Marc Wadsworth had in fact neither said nor implied anything about Jews. Neither did he use the word “conspiracy.”

Smeeth did not reply to a request for comment. You can read the deleted statement in full below.

Apr 11 07:12

Video: Israel’s cold-blooded killings in the Gaza ghetto

“Gaza is a ghetto for two million people, the majority of them refugees, who Israel will not allow to go home solely because they are not Jews,” I told Norton. “And if they try to leave the ghetto, or even protest for their right to leave the ghetto, they are shot down in cold blood.”

Apr 11 05:44

Netanyahu pledges to 'hurt' Palestinians if try to attack

Israel says it opens fire when necessary to stop damage to the border fence....In the face of 10 days of protests and violence along the Gaza border, Israeli forces have killed 31 Palestinians, according to Gaza's health ministry.

Apr 11 05:39

Israel ministers defend soldiers appearing to rejoice in shooting Palestinian

Two Israeli right-wing ministers on Tuesday defended soldiers after a video appearing to show them shoot a Palestinian and rejoice in it spread widely on social media and news sites.
Note: ...does not appear..."apparently"...presumed soldier ...It was not possible to determine whether the person shot in the video died.

Apr 10 23:23

ZOA says it stopped ‘anti-Semitic’ Al Jazeera docuseries on US Jewish lobby

A statement from the organization on Tuesday said the “viciously anti-Semitic” project would not air thanks to the “numerous, exhaustive, and round?-?the?-?clock meetings” between its president, Morton Klein, Qatar’s emir, and other top Doha officials.

The Doha-based Al Jazeera network billed its four-part docuseries “The Lobby” as an “investigation of how such groups secure support for Israel in Congress and how they have been drawn into Israel’s covert campaign to defeat BDS, the movement to boycott, divest, and impose sanctions on Israel.”

Apr 10 22:17

Trump Heads World Peace Into the Abyss Blindfolded

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

He’s a geopolitically ignorant businessman, influenced by hawkish neocons raging for endless wars, convincing him it’s the right thing to do, concealing the risks.

He’s blind to the danger endless wars of aggression pose, especially in Syria.

Russian and US forces in the country have polar opposite objectives – combating terrorism v. supporting it, seeking conflict resolution v. rejecting it, pursuing world peace and stability v. waging endless wars of aggression.

Clashing would pit the world’s dominant nuclear powers against each other. Does Trump understand the risks he’s taking?

Apr 10 13:33

Leader's Top Aide Underlines Tough Response to Israeli Missile Strike on Syria

Iranian Supreme Leader's top aide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati cautioned that Israel should be waiting for a powerful response to its Sunday night airstrikes on the T4 airbase in the Syrian province of Homs.
Velayati was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channel as saying upon arrival in Damascus on Tuesday that the Israeli missile attack on the Syrian T4 airbase "will not remain unanswered".

He also lauded the Syrian army for its "vital" victories against the terrorists in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

Velayati is in Damascus at the invitation of the Syrian officials for the latest coordination in the fight against the terrorist groups


Apr 10 10:34

Israeli minister praises viral video sniper

Israel’s defence minister has said an Israeli sniper who shot a Palestinian across the border in Gaza in a controversial video “deserves a medal”.

Footage of the incident, in which a soldier expresses joy at having captured it on film, drew condemnation from politicians and rights groups.

Israel’s military said the man who was shot had been orchestrating a riot, and he was hit in the leg.

It said the soldiers involved in the filming will be dealt with.

In the video broadcast on Monday, three men are seen nearing a barrier or fence. The crack of an apparent gunshot is heard and one of the men, who had been standing still and appeared to be unarmed, falls to the ground.

A voice is heard to exuberantly declare in Hebrew: “Wow, what a video. Yes! Son of a bitch! What a video!”

A crowd of people are then seen rushing to retrieve the man who was shot. His condition is not clear.

Apr 10 10:15


A VIDEO SHOWING the interrogation of Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi was released by her family on Monday, with footage of Israeli interrogators threatening and intimidating the 17-year old. At a press conference the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Ahed’s father Bassem Tamimi announced the release of the video, taken from an interrogation that she underwent on December 26 of last year, after she was detained for slapping an Israeli soldier during a raid on her house.

In the footage released to the public, Ahed Tamimi is shown sitting at a desk in an interrogator’s office, a week after she was detained in a raid on her home by Israeli forces. Two Israeli interrogators are seen questioning her about her involvement in recent protests. The men also make comments about her white skin and threaten to detain her family members if she fails to cooperate with them.

Tamimi repeatedly refuses to respond to interrogators questions or their comments about her physical appearance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

but then, what can one expect from the military of a wretchedly apartheid, self-proclaimed theocracy, with nuclear weapons?!?

And why did Ahed Tamimi lash out in this manner?!?

Buried at the bottom of an article by the BBC, is the following statement:
She said she lashed out at the soldiers whom she said she had seen in a video of her 15-year-old cousin being shot in the head with a rubber bullet that same day.

Take a good, hard look at the images of this kid below:

Images: Ahed Tamimi's cousin, shot in the face with a rubber bullet.

I will allow the readers of this blog to draw their own conclusions about why Ahed behaved the way she did, upon seeing the video of this assassination attempt on her cousin.

Apr 10 09:08


Israel’s way of silencing journalists ….. MURDER THEM

This Gazan journalist was killed by Israeli forces. Human rights organizations say it was a “deliberate attack.”

Apr 10 08:57

There May Be Only One Way for Russia to Stop a US Attack on Syria

Russia appears not to be taking a ‘restrained’ position in the face of renewed US threats against Syria, in so far as the anti-terrorist fight is currently proceeding as normal and if anything, it has somewhat intensified in recent days. Now, according to reports in US media, Russia is blocking US drone singles in Syria in what is being reported as a ‘serious disruption’ to US activity in the country.

Apr 10 08:53

Glenn Greenwald on Syria: U.S. & Israel Revving Up War Machine Won’t Help Suffering Syrian Civilians

We begin today’s show in Syria, where Israeli F-15 bomber jets have reportedly bombed a Syrian air base used by Iranian forces. There are reports that 14 people died in the strikes, including Iranian nationals. Israel is said to have launched the raid from Lebanon’s airspace. The Israeli bombing came a day after a suspected chemical weapons attack killed at least 60 people and wounded more than 1,000 in the Syrian town of Douma, the last rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta. The Syrian opposition blamed the Assad government for carrying out the attacks, but Syria denied having any role. The chemical attack came one day after Syrian forces launched an air and ground assault on Douma. While international officials are still investigating what happened, President Trump took to Twitter to directly accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of playing a role. The U.N. Security Council is meeting today to discuss the crisis in Syria.

Apr 10 08:51

‘The open wounds of the conflict owe very much to Deir Yassin’: 70 years since the Deir Yassin Massacre

Well, first let me note that the Deir Yassin Massacre was indeed a massacre, something which a few have a hard time digesting.

Anyway, what basically happened was that several dozen Palestinian Arab villagers were killed without military necessity on April 9, 1948 in their home village of Deir Yassin. They likely also endured other abuses during and after the takeover of that village that day by irregular Jewish forces.

It was a very significant event that accompanied the end of the British Mandate of Palestine in 1948 and the setup of the state of Israel and influenced heavily the fighting around it.

Apr 10 08:49

1948 and the Anglo–Saxim: on Western involvement in expulsion of the Palestinians

On July 19, 1948, a young Yitzhak Rabin sent orders to Israeli units near the border of what would become the West Bank. Over the preceding week and a half–“The Ten Days,” as they are known in Israeli history books – the army of the new state of Israel had destroyed key communities in central Palestine. The Palestinian towns of Lydda and Ramla were no more. Israeli forces killed hundreds in both towns before emptying them of their inhabitants and annexing their land to Israel. Hundreds more died of thirst and exhaustion as the town’s inhabitants became refugees, forced to march into the West Bank in columns of tens of thousands. But Israeli orders were straightforward. “The inhabitants of Lydda must be expelled quickly without attention to age,” Rabin told troops (on July 12). And the natives, once expelled, were to be kept out.

Apr 10 08:46

Video: Palestinians explain why they are risking their lives by joining Gaza protests

Despite widespread outcry and international calls for investigations into the killings, the Israeli army has maintained its open fire policy, and has commended its soldiers for their actions on the border.

Israel has been repeatedly criticized for its excessive use of force against Palestinian civilian protesters, with groups saying the army’s actions are criminal and illegal.

In this video, Palestinians who are putting their lives on the line to join the protests in Gaza explain why they are taking such a risk.

Apr 10 08:37

Settler winery, on stolen land, declared best Israeli winery of 2018

In The Jerusalem Post, a paper with a clear right-wing orientation, we read that Psagot was declared by World Finance to be the best Israeli winery of 2018. We surely don`t regard ourselves as experts in the wine industry, but we certainly know one or two things on the status of the land on which the grapes are grown at the Psagot winery.

Like the business plan of the criminal `Meshek Achiya` brand (to which we already dedicated a post), Psagot Winery`s business plan, too, is based on serial property delinquency and systematic violence against Palestinian landowners. The Psagot Winery website details where the vineyards from hich the grapes come are located. Four of the five vineyards located in the West Bank (Psagot, Elon Moreh, Kida - east of Shilo - and Har Bracha) are located around settlements populated by hard core extremist religious settlers, leading the trend of agricultural takeovers on privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank.

Apr 10 08:33

Seinfeld boosts Israel’s “shoot to kill” fantasy tours

Jerry Seinfeld drew criticism earlier this month when it emerged that while in Israel to perform in Tel Aviv, the famous comedian visited an air force base and took his family to a tourist attraction in the occupied West Bank for ideological and military instruction.

Caliber 3, the Israeli firm that runs what Israeli newspaper Haaretz calls an “anti-terror fantasy camp,” boasted about the Seinfeld family’s patronage in a Facebook post on 7 January.

“Finally we are allowed to tell you!! The legendary Jerry Seinfeld and his family were at Caliber 3 during their visit to Israel last week, they came to us for shooting training with displays of combat, Krav Maga [martial arts], assault dogs and lots of Zionism,” the post – which has since been deleted – said, according to Haaretz.

Apr 10 08:31

Israel paid African country last month to take in illegal migrants

Ynet learns that one month before Netanyahu accepted UN plan intended to resolve migrant crisis, before abandoning it and yet again pledging to deport thousands of Sudanese and Eritreans, Israel already completed at least part of the quid pro quo deal with an African 'third country' for its expulsion plan.

Apr 10 08:30

Democracy Now on the Great March of Return

Glenn Greenwald on how the world is finally waking up to the fact that "Palestinians have just the same rights as anyone else to protest and resist"

Apr 10 08:06

Israel Did Not Warn Russia Directly That It Would Attack Syria

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday that Russian authorities and their Israeli counterparts discussed Israel’s strikes on the Syrian T-4 military airbase through respective channels.

“Certainly, this is a source of our concern. Contacts with the Israeli side are held via respective channels,” Peskov said,

Peskov then went onto say that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not discussed this issue with anyone from Israel.

Apr 10 08:05

WHO Special Situation Report – Gaza, occupied Palestine territory (6th April 2018)

The second mass demonstration by Palestinians on the Gaza side of the perimeter fence with Israel took place on the 6th April 2018. 8 Palestinians were killed and 1,356 were injured by Israeli forces, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Out of the 1,356 injuries, 754 required immediate transfer to the MoH hospitals or to NGO hospitals (including 81 children, 24 females and 730 males). From the injuries, 35 cases are critically life threatening and 347 may result in temporary or permanent disability. The remaining 947 are unspecified.

A further 602 injuries were managed by primary healthcare centres and medical points by the MoH, Union Health Workers Committee (UHWC) NGO and by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

Apr 10 08:04

Army Injures Many Schoolchildren Near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers fired, Tuesday, several gas bombs at a school for girls in the al-Mughayer village, northeast of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, causing many schoolchildren to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

Marzouq Abu Naim, a member of al-Mughayer Local Council, said dozens of soldiers were stationed near local high school for girls, and fired dozens of gas bombs and concussion grenades at the students, and their school.

He added that many schoolgirls were unable to reach their school due to the heavy Israeli military deployment, while others were trapped in their schools.

Apr 10 08:03

Trump Making ‘Major Decisions’ on Syria, Iran and Russia Response ‘Very Quickly’

The conflict between the U.S., the UK and Israel and Syria and its allies Iran and Russia looks set to escalate in the coming hours and days.

U.S. missile destroyer USS Donald Cook has quickly sailed to just off Syrian territorial waters and is reportedly being “harassed” by low-flying Russian warplanes. CNN Turkey reports that they have buzzed the “Arleigh Burke” class warship at least four times.

In an ongoing war of words, the U.S. is today expected to call for a U.N. Security Council vote on Tuesday on a proposal for a new inquiry into the responsibility for use of chemical weapons in Syria after reports of the poison gas attack on a rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta.

The poison gas attack has been pinned on President Bashar al-Assad’s forces by the President Trump, PM May and some other western governments.

Apr 10 07:47

Trump Homeland Security Adviser Bossert resigns

This fellow got fired for questioning the Neocon/Israel Warmonger narration!

Bossert’s resignation comes just days after an appearance on ABC’s ‘This Week’ on Sunday, during which he questioned the “timing” of Saturday’s alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, which came only days after President Trump promised a withdrawal of US forces from the country.

“American troops aren’t going to fix the six or seven different ongoing conflicts and wars going on in the Middle East or in Syria at this stage,” he said. “We need regional partnership increased and we need US presence decreased.”

Apr 10 07:46

Syrian air defenses confront Israeli missile attack on T-4 Airport in Homs Countryside, down many missiles

The Syrian air defenses have confronted an Israeli missile attack on T-4 Airport in Homs Countryside and shot down a number of missiles.

A military source said that Israeli F-15 fighter jets on Monday dawn fired several missiles from the Lebanese airspace on the T-4 Airport in Homs eastern countryside as the Syrian air defenses intercepted them and downed a number of them.

The source added that a number of people were martyred and others were injured in the Israeli aggression.

The Israeli aggression came after less than 24 hours of the submission of “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in Douma City and their demand to get out of the city heading for Jarablos after the heavy losses inflicted upon them by the Syrian Arab Army.

Apr 10 07:46

IS militants attack Syrian troops' positions after strike against military airfield

Terrorists from the Islamic State (IS, terror group, outlawed in Russia) attacked on Monday the positions of Syrian government forces in the Syrian Desert after a missile strike against the T-4 military airfield in the Homs province.

Missile strike delivered against Syrian airfield
According to the Al-Mayadeen TV channel, the attack was thwarted in the Sebaa-Biar area. There are no reports on casualties among military servicemen.

The TV channel earlier reported that Israeli warplanes were carrying out reconnaissance flights in the border area between Syria and Lebanon when a missile strike against the Syrian military airfield was delivered.

Apr 10 07:45

Israeli soldiers use a Palestinian man, ‘Abd a-Rahim Gheith, as human shield during clashes in Jericho

On Friday, 9 March 2018, at midday, clashes developed between dozens of Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers near the southern entrance to the city of Jericho, close to the settlement of Vered Jericho. The youths threw stones at the soldiers, who fired stun grenades, tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets at them.

Apr 10 07:44

Israel won't let two Gazan youth seriously wounded by Israeli gunfire travel to Ramallah for urgent medical care

Israel is refusing to let two young Palestinian men—who were seriously wounded by Israeli military gunfire as unarmed protesters during demonstrations in Gaza—travel to the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank for urgent medical care.

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and Al Mezan Center for Human Rights filed a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court yesterday, 8 April 2018, demanding Israel let the two seriously wounded young men leave the Gaza Strip.

The two men — Yousef Karnaz, aged 20, and Mohammad Al-'Ajouri, aged 17, both from Gaza — were wounded when Israeli troops fired on them during the 30 March 2018 Land Day protests.

Both young men, currently hospitalized at Shifa Hospital in Gaza are in critical condition and in immediate danger of losing their legs as a result of their gunshot wounds.

Apr 10 07:40

African refugees get no reprieve from Israel’s racist rage

The fortunes of the African refugee community targeted by the Israeli government for deportation have swung wildly in recent days.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu first announced a United Nations-backed deal to resettle some of them in the West, but then quickly retracted the plan after right-wing Israelis complained that the deal was too generous to asylum seekers.

“I listened closely to many comments about the agreement. As a result, after reevaluating the advantages and disadvantages, I decided to cancel the deal,” Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.

“Despite the growing legal and international limitations, we will continue to act with determination to exhaust all possibilities at our disposal to remove the infiltrators,” he added.

Apr 10 07:32

Israeli soldiers CHEER as a sniper shoots 'unarmed' Palestinian protester in video filmed through rifle sight

The Israeli army has come under fire after a video emerged showing IDF soldiers cheering and rejoicing as a Palestinian protester is shot on the Gaza Strip.

It comes at a highly sensitive time forIsrael's military, which has faced mounting criticism over its use of live fire on the Gaza Strip border, where 31 Palestinians have been killed in recent mass protests.

The video, filmed through the rifle-sight of an Israeli soldier as he opens fire on Palestinians, was captured on December 22 in the area of Kissufim near the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said today.

Apr 10 06:57

Israeli sniper shoots motionless Palestinian at Gaza border to sound of cheers (VIDEO)

Footage has emerged which appears to show an Israeli sniper shooting a Palestinian to the sound of cheers. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it will investigate the incident.

In the video, a man is heard asking "Do you have another bullet in the barrel?" and "Is it on him?"

Another voice then says "I can't see because of the wire" and "There's a little boy there."

The sniper then shoots the Palestinian, who appears to have been entirely peaceful. The shot knocks him to the ground. Enthusiastic cheers can be heard in the background, along with a voice that says "Of course I filmed it." Someone also says "What a legendary video."

Apr 10 05:46

Israel probes video of 'soldiers shooting Palestinian and cheering'

srael's military says it is investigating video footage, filmed through the scope of a rifle, allegedly catching soldiers cheering the shooting of an apparently unarmed Palestinian.

Apr 10 05:28

Boycotting Israel Is the Right Thing to Do

The British government's subservience to Jewish and Israeli interests is nearly as enthusiastic as in the United States, though it is driven by the same sorts of things - Jewish money and Jewish power, particularly in the media ... Characteristically, no one in the U.S. mainstream media, which is generally supportive of Bibi's complaints, is noting that the proposed Polish legislation is not too dissimilar to any number of existing anti-free speech laws criminalizing holocaust denial in Europe or criticism of Israel in the United States. Nor is it different than some laws in Israel, including the criminalization of anyone who speaks or writes in support of BDS. As usual, there is one standard for Jewish issues and Israelis and a quite different standard for everyone else.

Apr 10 05:22

How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet

Numerous well funded, organized projects by and for Israel work to flood social media with pro-Israel propaganda, while blocking facts Israel dislikes. The projects utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and others, and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. Some operate out of Jewish Community Centers in the U.S.

Apr 10 05:20

In UK Parliament debate, Israel said to be committing ‘torture’, ‘war crimes’

Israel's abuse and mistreatment of Palestinian children in military detention was under the spotlight in Westminster yesterday [Feb. 7], as MPs urged it to end the "torture" of minors. Israeli authorities were also charged with war crimes, over the imprisonment of both children and adults from the occupied Palestinian territory inside Israel's pre-1967 lines, a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Westminster Hall debate on "Military detention of Palestinian children by Israeli authorities" was initiated by Labour MP Sarah Champion, and attracted cross-party participation.
Note: The Israeli Defense Fores are real brave when it comes to beating up old women, kids and the defenseless.

Apr 10 05:16

In Wake of Gaza Massacre, Israeli Leaders Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes

On March 30, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers shot 773 unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, killing 17 and wounding 1,400. Twenty remain in critical condition. The protesters were marching to demand the internationally mandated right of return of refugees to their cities and villages in what now constitutes Israel. The Israeli leaders who ordered the massacre were in clear violation of international law. They should be prosecuted for war crimes. The use of deadly force against the peaceful protesters was premeditated. The IDF deployed 100 snipers to the border fence between Gaza and Israel, where 30,000 to 40,000 Palestinians had gathered for the Great March of Return.
Note: It ends when you say it ends!

Apr 10 05:13

Protests in Gaza are leading to many deaths and injuries among Palestinians, yet Israel has faced little criticism

A video from the first day of the march shows a protester being shot in the back by an Israeli sniper as he walks away from the fence separating Gaza from Israel. In other footage, Palestinians are killed or wounded as they pray, walk empty-handed towards the border fence, or simply hold up a Palestinian flag. All who get within 300 yards are labelled "instigators" by the Israeli army, whose soldiers have orders to shoot them ... The sheer scale of the casualties on the first day of the protest a week ago is striking, with as many as 16 killed and 1,415 injured, of whom 758 were hit by live fire according to Gaza health officials ... So far, Israel has faced little criticism from an international media uninterested in the Gaza story, or else is happy to go along with Israel's interpretation of events.

Apr 10 05:04

Massacre at Gaza’s Borders: We Will Not Be Silent – End Israeli Impunity

On Land Day, March 30, thousands of peaceful, hopeful and unarmed Palestinian women, men and children gathered at the borders of Gaza for the Great March of Return. Initial reports indicate that at least 16 Palestinian people have been killed, and more than 1,400 were injured as a result of the Israeli Occupation Forces firing into crowds with live ammunition and tear gas.
Note: The number of dead is now over 30.

Apr 09 17:55

On The Threshold of War — Paul Craig Roberts

On The Threshold of War

Paul Craig Roberts

“The Russian view is simple: the West is ruled by a gang of thugs supported by an infinitely lying and hypocritical media while the general public in the West has been hopelessly zombified.” — The Saker

There are reports, the validity of which I cannot confirm at this time, that the entirety of the Russian military has been put on high alert, not merely the Russian forces in Syria. See for example:

Apr 09 16:06

In today’s NY Times...

In today’s NY Times, Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, who calls black people monkeys, is presented as a holy man who talks of the moral obligation to stop “weapons of mass destruction” in Syria. This bigoted rabbi’s hate speech has no impact on his status in the Times as a moral guide.

[NYTimes today: "...While the chief rabbi does not set policy, he does reflect the feelings of many in Israel".]

Apr 09 14:31

Challenging the secret "Israel Nuclear Weapons Gag Order" WNP-136

IRmep has filed a 39-page federal lawsuit (PDF) challenging the secrecy of a gag order that forbids all U.S. government agency employees and contractors from discussing Israel's nuclear weapons program.

The classification bulletin, which took effect on September 6, 2012, forbids covered persons from making any comment on U.S. government information or information in the public domain about Israel's nuclear weapons program. The classification bulletin was first used against former Los Alamos National Laboratory nuclear policy specialist James Doyle after he wrote the following sentence in an article titled "Why Eliminate Nuclear Weapons?" which had been security cleared by his employer and published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

"Nuclear weapons did not deter Egypt and Syria from attacking Israel in 1973, Argentina from attacking British territory in the 1982 Falklands War or Iraq from attacking Israel during the 1991 Gulf War."

Apr 09 12:35

Israel Strikes Hamas In Gaza As Border Protests Turn Into Guerilla Warfare

The Israeli army was busy last night, and in addition to launching an air strike on a Syria air field, following several weeks of increased tensions at the Israel-Gaza border, the IDF also struck a Hamas military compound in northern Gaza in response to the Sunday discovery of two explosive devices - allegedly placed near the border by a group of Palestinians who breached the fence, according to Arutz Sheva.

Israel fired at least seven artillery shells at three targets - though the IDF denied claims that they had come under fire as initial reports claimed.

Apr 09 12:31

International court warns Israel may be charged over Gaza deaths

The International Criminal Court at The Hague may prosecute Israel over the deaths of Arab rioters who clashed with IDF forces on the Gaza-Israel frontier over the past week and a half, a top ICC official warned Sunday.

Chief Prosecutor for the ICC Fatou Bensouda issued a statement Sunday demanding an end to the use of violence on the border between Israel and Gaza, and suggested that both Israel and the Hamas terror organization could be held responsible for the deaths of some 30 Arab rioters and terrorists killed since activists launched six weeks of violent protests on the frontier on March 30th.

"The resort to violence must stop," Bensouda said. "Any person who incites or engages in acts of violence including by ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing in any other manner to the commission of crimes within ICC's jurisdiction is liable to prosecution before the Court.”

Apr 09 12:20

The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin

Chabad wants to bring about Armageddon.

Chabad of Port Washington, a Jewish community center on Long Island’s Manhasset Bay, sits in a squat brick edifice across from a Shell gas station and a strip mall. The center is an unexceptional building on an unexceptional street, save for one thing: Some of the shortest routes between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin run straight through it.

Apr 09 12:15

Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times script (+ a message to the non-Cabalist Jews)

It’s also important to note that when Putin came to power, he brought Chabad-Lubavitch into power with him. Together with the Cabalist oligarchs, they pushed aside the existing Jewish community so Chabad could reign supreme in Russia. Here is an account of how that happened from The Piratization of Russia: Russian Reform Goes Awry, by Marshall L. Goldman…

Apr 09 12:08

Israeli Snipers Celebrating After Killing Palestinian Protester Near Gaza Border

Israeli Snipers Celebrating After Killing Palestinian Protester Near Gaza Border