Mar 30 10:03

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (22 – 28 March 2018)

During the reporting period, Israeli forces wounded 22 Palestinian civilians, including 4 children and a photojournalist, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In the Gaza Strip as well, the Israeli forces continued to chase the Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Sea, target the border areas, and carry out airstrikes against objectives belongs to the Palestinian Armed Groups and open lands.

In the West Bank, on 26 March 2018, ‘Abdullah Ramadan (27) was wounded with a bullet to the right leg when an Israeli undercover unit “Mista’arvim”, whose members are dressed like Palestinian civilians, opened fire at him without any warning. The unit had sneaked into Jerusalem-Hebron Street opposite Dheishah refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, to arrest him. It should be mentioned that the Israeli forces had been chasing him for 6 months.

Mar 30 10:03

Israeli Government Issues “Shoot To Kill” Orders in Preparation for Friday Protests

The Israeli ministerial cabinet held a special meeting Wednesday to discuss the expected mass Palestinian protests, especially in the Gaza Strip, this Friday, to commemorate Palestinian Land Day.

The Cabinet decided to significantly increase military deployments, in addition to using live fire and shoot to kill orders “if the Palestinians breach (or approach) the security fence” in the besieged coastal territory.

Mar 30 10:02

Updated: Israeli Soldiers Abduct Thirty-One Palestinians In The West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted on late at night, Wednesday, and on Thursday at dawn, thirty one Palestinians from their homes, after the soldiers invaded and violently searched them, in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

One of the abducted Palestinians, identified as Tha’er Shreiteh, who was taken prisoner from his home in the al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya village, near Ramallah, is the head of the media department of the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee.

Mar 30 09:21

Here’s Why The Claim That Two Israeli F-35 Stealth Jets Entered Iranian Airspace Does Not Make Any Sense

There are many weird things.

First of all the source. Al-Jarida is often used to deliver Israeli propaganda/PSYOPS messages, according to several sources. For instance, here’s how Haaretz commented a previous scoop of the Kuwaiti outlet (again, highlight mine):

“Al-Jarida, which in recent years had broken exclusive stories from Israel, quoted a source in Jerusalem as saying that “there is an American-Israeli agreement” that Soleimani is a “threat to the two countries’ interests in the region.” It is generally assumed in the Arab world that the paper is used as an Israeli platform for conveying messages to other countries in the Middle East.

Then, the Israeli Air Force operates more than seven F-35s (at least 9) and their range (about 2,000 km) does not allow the aircraft in stealth mode (i.e. without external fuel tanks) to fly to Iran, twice, without stopover or aerial refueling.

Mar 30 09:16

Revised Israel Anti-Boycott Act still threatens free speech

A US bill aimed at criminalizing the boycott of Israel remains a threat to free expression despite proposed changes, more than 100 human rights groups have warned.

In its original form, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, brought to the US Congress last year by Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, could impose prison sentences and heavy fines on organizations or their personnel that participate in a boycott of Israel or its settlements in the occupied West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights.

The powerful Israel lobby group AIPAC has made the bill one of its top legislative priorities as part of its growing effort to obstruct the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign for Palestinian rights.

Mar 30 09:15

Israeli generals sued in Dutch court for killing Gaza family

A Palestinian-Dutch citizen is suing two senior Israeli military commanders for the bombing of his family’s home during Israel’s 2014 attack on the Gaza Strip.

On 20 July of that year, without warning, an Israeli airstrike destroyed the house in the al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, killing six members of Ismail Ziada’s family and a seventh person who was visiting them.

Ziada, who lives in the Netherlands where he is married to a Dutch citizen, could not attend the funerals of his family members due to Israel’s blockade on Gaza.

He lost his mother, 70-year-old Muftia Ziada, three brothers, a sister-in-law and a 12-year-old nephew.

Mar 30 09:15

EU funds Israel’s war industry

Propaganda does not always go according to plan.

The Israeli military opted to remove a video depicting it as a feminist organization from Facebook earlier this month.

Some less than liberal Zionists were upset by the video’s implicit message that women soldiers are just as capable of killing Palestinians as their male counterparts.

Mar 30 09:14

Israel bars Gaza Christians from Easter worship

Israel is blocking hundreds of Palestinian Christians in Gaza from praying at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem this Easter.

Meanwhile, Israel is imposing a tight closure on all Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip for nine days around the Jewish Passover holiday.

COGAT, the bureaucratic arm of Israel’s military occupation, stated that only those over the age of 55 will be allowed out of Gaza to visit the church in Jerusalem where Christians believe Jesus was buried and resurrected.

Mar 30 09:06

Shelling kills Palestinian in Gaza as border protest starts

Mar 30 09:05

Israeli forces kill 7, injure hundreds as thousands of Gazans march near border

Israeli forces have so far killed 6 unarmed marchers and a farmer in Gaza as thousands of men, women, and children participate in the "Great March of Return" organized by civil society organizations and all political factions in the besieged enclave.

Men, women, and children began gathering in five tent cities over the past few days to participate in this massive and courageous nonviolent event; the official march was scheduled to start at 10 am this morning. March 30th is Land Day, which commemorates the 1976 killing of six Palestinians participating in a nonviolent demonstration to oppose the confiscation of their land. International law allows all refugees the right to return to their homes. Today's gathering is to continue until May 15th, Nakba Day.

In response, Israel deployed thousands of combat armed troops, including 100 sharpshooters, and issued shoot-to-kill orders for any demonstrators who approach the fence that cages them in.

Mar 30 09:03

Trump meets with Chabad rabbis in Oval Office

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation in honor of Education and Sharing Day, marking the anniversary of the birth of the last Lubavitcher rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Trump met Monday in the Oval Office with a delegation of rabbis from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

“The president admires the work of the rebbe, and was very keen on recognizing Education Day even though he has so many other responsibilities and concerns to deal with throughout the course of a day,” said Rabbi Levi Shemtov, executive vice president of American Friends of Lubavitch. “He strongly agreed with the rebbe’s approach that even a little light will dispel a lot of darkness.”

Mar 30 05:48

Palestinian Killed By Israeli Tank Fire Amid Mass Protests On Land Day

The IDF has confirmed they fired a tank shell at two Palestinians who approached a security fence in Gaza, hours ahead of upcoming mass protests in the area. The tank killed a local farmer, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

(*In another 2000 years , children will read from The Torah , where this too shall be blamed on God )

Mar 30 05:35

Passover Pandemonium: Several Dead, Hundreds Injured In IDF-Palestinian Clashes

Several dead, hundreds injured in IDF-Palestinian clashes at #GreatReturn protest (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

At least five people have died and 365 others have been injured
The Palestinian Health Ministry reported the casualties after hundreds demonstrated Friday afternoon. IDF troops fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel pellets and tear gas at the protesters during the ongoing violence.

Thousands have gathered along the border for a six week-long ‘Great Return’ protest. The mass demonstration got underway on Friday as Palestinians held a mass rally to commemorate Land Day, which marks the killing of six unarmed civilians by Israeli forces in 1976.


Mar 29 15:34

IDF makes final preparations for mass Gaza protests

As Hamas plans 'March of Return' toward Israeli border on Friday, thousands of IDF soldiers deployed along the border, parts of the border area declared closed military zones, and troops equipped with non-lethal crowd dispersal measures in effort to avoid fatalities on Palestinian side.

Thousands of soldiers from the Golani Brigade, the Armored Corps, the Nahal Brigade and the Givati Brigade, as well as troops from the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps, Air Force video units and Special Forces will be deployed along the Gaza frontier, while parts of the border area will be declared closed military zones.

The IDF has completed works to build fortifications in the form of massive mounds of earth, behind which dozens of snipers will be stationed on Friday.

IDF engineering forces also set up barbed-wire fences to make it harder on Palestinians who may attempt to cross the border fence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but if crowd control is supposed to be completely non-lethal on the IDF's side, why, please, are they placing snipers on the fortifications?!?

Non-lethal snipers?!?

There is a real disconnect here!!

Mar 29 14:38

Israeli Stealth Fighters Fly Over Iran Amid Speculation Of Imminent War

Ominously, the Kuwaiti newspaper also reports that the two jets went undetected by radar, including the Russian radar system located in Syria. It was unclear if the provocative Israeli operation was undertaken in coordination with the US army, which recently conducted joint exercises with the IDF (recall "Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel")

In response to the Iranian drone, a senior Israeli official quoted by the JPost warned that Israel will react with force to Iran's efforts to entrench itself further in Syria: "the Iranians are determined to continue to establish themselves in Syria, and the next incident is only a matter of time,” he said, warning that Israel does not rule out that that the Islamic Republic will continue to try to attack Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If any Palestinian violence transpires, Israel will use it as the justification to simply carpet bomb Gaza; targets will most likely include Palestinian women, particularly if they are pregnant; children; infants; toddlers; and the medically fragile elderly. No one will be spared.

Mar 29 13:31


Two IAF F-35 Adir fighter jets entered Iranian airspace undetected, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.

Mar 29 13:16

Oy Vey!! Trump Meets With Delegation Of Rabbis From Chabad-Lubavitch In Oval Office

President Trump hosted a group of rabbis from the radical Jewish sect known as Chabad-Lubavitch, an international Orthodox Hasidic movement with institutions in over 70 countries around the world, at the White House earlier this week

Mar 29 11:19

Alex Jones Ex-Wife" Posts YouTube Video: "Report Abuse and Get Gaslit in Family Court"

This video was posted to youtube last week but has oddly gone largely unnoticed, with only 185 views at the present time. The woman claiming to be Kelly Jones says she wants our help.

Mar 29 08:57

Jeremy, Get on your Knees!

In their response to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) claim to ‘propose an agenda of actions for discussion’ between the Labour party and those who claim to ‘represent’ British Jews.

In practice the two Zionist institutions have managed to produce one of the most disgusting documents in modern Jewish history. A text that is little more than an ode to the self-defamation of its own authors and to the community they claim to ‘represent’: it is rude, authoritarian, and disrespectful to a democratically elected leader of Europe’s biggest party.

Mar 29 07:28

Life Sentences for Charity Work - Free the 5!

Abby Martin Interviews Miko Peled

The Holy Land Foundation Five are Palestinian political prisoners sentenced up to upwards of 65 years in US prison for providing aid to refugees.

(*only 45 days to go before Israel could feel emboldened enough to ask The US to execute their enemies of the state for them .
Coincidentally; tomorrow is Good Friday )

Mar 29 07:13

Jeremy Corbyn must stop pandering to Labour’s Israel lobby

For almost three years now, the Labour Party has faced a consistent barrage of allegations that it has a “problem with anti-Semitism.”

This mendacious campaign has had the same aim all along – to topple Jeremy Corbyn.

The party leader’s history in Palestine solidarity groups, and past endorsement of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, have made him the number one enemy of the Israel lobby.

This fraudulent campaign has been led by an ad hoc alliance: establishment press, right-wing Labour lawmakers and a network of front groups for the Israeli embassy.

Mar 29 06:54

Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinian Christians during Palm Sunday Procession (VIDEOS)

Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinian Christians during the traditional Palm Sunday procession in Jerusalem, while they were celebrating by carrying palm fronds and chanting special hymns.

Mar 29 06:40

Facebook labels Palestinian journalism “hate speech”

Facebook is defending its decision to shut down the page of a major Palestinian news outlet, describing the action as a move against “hate speech.”

On Saturday, the social media giant closed without warning the page of the Safa Palestinian Press Agency, which had 1.3 million followers, as well as Safa’s account on the photo sharing site Instagram.

On Tuesday, the Palestinian Media Association condemned Facebook’s widening assault on the free speech of Palestinian journalists, calling it “clear submission to the policies and dictates of the Israeli occupation which is pursuing Palestinian activists on the basis of their political views and intellectual positions and issuing prison sentences against them.”

Mar 29 06:39

Israel to evacuate, destroy entire Palestinian village of Umm al-Hiran

Israel has announced plans to demolish the entire Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in the southern Naqab region in April.

If enacted, Israel will force 350 Palestinians into homelessness.

Mar 29 02:15

Israel deploys 100 sharpshooters on Gaza border for Palestinian protests: Israeli army chief

The Israeli military has deployed more than 100 sharpshooters on the Gaza border ahead of a planned mass Palestinian demonstration, Israel’s top general said in an interview published on Wednesday.

Mar 29 02:14

Germany rejects criticism of bid for U.N. seat against Israel

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas rejected on Wednesday criticism of Berlin’s decision to compete against Israel for a seat on the U.N. Security Council in 2019 and 2020, saying it was normal for a number of countries to seek representation.

Mar 28 16:30

Palestine will be FREE, Janna Jihad Ayyad Full Speech, Words of Worlds Youngest Journalist [IPCI]

A Palestinian Child, Janna Jihad, the worlds Youngest Journalist asks you to take to heart the message of her people and to take action to boycott Israeli Products. Please share far and wide.

Mar 28 12:42

Easter question: Is this what Christ died for?

Stuart Littlewood argues that it is time to tackle the Zionist lobby that is currently targeting UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn head on and demand they explain what it is doing about Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.>>

Mar 28 11:10

What is behind the latest Zionist onslaught against UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn?

Gilad Atzmon examines the latest Zionist onslaught against British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, arguing that it is due to the fact that Corbyn treats the Jews as ordinary people, does not recognise their “choseness" and ignores their sense of exceptionalism. >>

Mar 28 10:29

Syrian Ambassador Threatens Israel: We Will Take The Golan Back

A Syrian Ambassador has directly threatened the Zionist entity known as Israel by saying his country will liberate the occupied Golan Heights. “We reject any terrorist or aggressive presence on our soil in any form and we will liberate all of our lands, including Golan, Afrin, Idlib and Raqqa,” Bashar al-Jaafari, Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations stated yesterday. Afrin and Idlib in northwest Syria are currently occupied by Turkish-backed jihadists while the former ISIS-capital of Raqqa in northern Syria is occupied by the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The Golans however, close to Damascus, has been occupied by Israel since the end of the Six Day War in 1967. The area is home to a large Druze population who are slowly being supplanted by Israeli colonialists despite the region being internationally recognized as a sovereign part of Syria.

Mar 27 15:24

Israeli PM Netanyahu hospitalized with fever - reports

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been taken to a hospital with a fever, local media have reported.

Netanyahu’s symptoms include high fever and coughing and are apparently due to complications of a streptococcal throat infection, a correspondent for the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

Mar 27 15:09

Enough is More Than Enough!

Jewish power, as I define it, is the power to suppress criticism of Jewish power.

For the last few days the Brits have been shown a spectacular display of that power and the manner in which it is mobilised. Without any attempt to hide their behaviour, a bunch of Jewish leaders have chosen to slander Europe’s biggest party and its popular leader in the name of ‘Jewish sensitivities.’

This blitz attack was sparked by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s reaction to a mural back in 2012. The mural was painted by US street artist Kalen Ockerman. Apparently, at the time Corbyn defended the public display of the painting on the grounds of freedom of speech.

Mar 27 12:31


Y Net News reports that Netanyahu wound up being taken to the hospital after symptoms from a previous illness had worsened. The politician's doctor had previously ordered the 68-year-old to take a period of rest in order to allow his health to improve, however, he hadn't followed his doctor's orders.


Mar 27 12:00

FLASHBACK - Israel Forcibly Injected African Immigrants with Birth Control, Report Claims

This weekend, a report revealing that African women immigrating to Israel were subjected to mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced (if temporary) sterilization made global headlines.

Some 130,000 Ethiopians, most of them Jewish, live in Israel. The community experiences higher poverty and unemployment rates than the rest of the country's Jewish population. In the past decade, the birth rate among Ethiopian-Israelis has declined by at least 20 percent. Advocacy groups now claim this decline is the result of a birth control regimen forced upon Ethiopian immigrant women.

Mar 27 11:57

Bolton’s Past Advocacy for Israel at US Expense Heralds Dangerous New Era in Geopolitics

Last Thursday, President Trump announced that former UN ambassador John Bolton, once called the “most dangerous man” in the entire George W. Bush administration, would replace H.R. McMaster as national security adviser, making him the man in charge of what the President sees and hears regarding issues of national security. Bolton will officially take over McMaster’s post on April 9.

The appointment was not surprising. Indeed, earlier this month, MintPress reported that McMaster was soon to be replaced – largely at the behest of billionaire Republican donor and militant Zionist Sheldon Adelson – and that Bolton was a top contender for that position, largely due to Bolton’s reputation as a “stalwart friend of Israel” and his frequent calls for military action against Iran, Israel’s regional arch-rival.

Mar 27 11:18

Israeli Ministry Sets Sights on Millions of 'Potential Jews' to Improve Country’s Image and Fight BDS

Diaspora Ministry recommends 'strategic plan' for communities with 'affinity' to Judaism or Israel, some of which can be converted ? Plan calls for introducing Jewish and Israeli studies, launching public diplomacy projects and even finding a framework for them to make Aliyah

Mar 27 11:16

Bolton Means Another War for Israel is Coming

With the appointment of leading neoconservative John Bolton as National Security Advisor, the Zionist war-party takeover of the White House is nearly complete. With Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, Nikki Haley at the U.N. and now Bolton whispering in the President’s ear, we have a fully endowed war cabinet that will make sure the Mullahs, Russkies and Rocket Man begin to pay attention. As Haley laid down the law in the United Nations last week, “Our patience is not unlimited.”

Mar 27 11:15

Mort Fridman: “Great News from AIPAC: Congress Just Passed Major Pro-Israel Legislation”

AIPAC President Mort Fridman sent supporters an email, announcing: “Our work together just made a difference for Israel’s security and for its future.” He crowed that Congress passed legislation giving Israel almost $4 billion of US tax money, while taking away US aid to many Palestinian widows and orphans…

Mar 27 10:23

Israel praises ‘record’ $705mn missile defense funding from Washington

The Israeli defense minister hailed the US’ hefty contribution to the missile defense program, thanking Washington for its $705 million in aid – $558 million more than Israel’s initial request.

Mar 27 10:03

Renaming the 1948 War against Palestine: Partition, Dispossession, and Fragmentation

It took decades for the Palestinians to elevate their experience of the 1948 war to even the consciousness of those on an international level who supported the Palestinian national struggle for self-determination. Even now more than 50 years after the war, the ‘Nakba’ by which the 1948 war is known to Palestinians remains internationally obscure. The word signifies ‘catastrophe,’ which is associated principally with the dispossession of at least 700,000 non-Jewish residents of Palestine, what became the state of Israel after 1948, and subsequently, with the denial by Israel of any right of return for those Palestinians who abandoned their homes and villages out of fear or as a result of Israeli coercion. This double process of dispossession and erasure was reinforced powerfully by the bulldozing and utter destruction of 400-600 Palestinian villages in the new state of Israel.

Mar 27 10:01

Israeli Foreign Ministry Unaware About Plans to Expel Russian Diplomats

Israel's Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told Sputnik that he did not have any information about Israel's possible plans to expel Russian diplomats over Moscow's alleged involvement in the nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK city of Salisbury.

"I do not know anything about the existence of such plans," Nahshon said.

The spokesman referred the question about possible expulsion of Russian diplomats from the country to the Israeli prime minister's office, but no response has been received from the office so far.

Mar 27 10:00

World War 3: Iran vows to OBLITERATE Israel in 25 years as Middle East tensions escalate

Chief Commander of the Islamic Republic’s regular army, Abdolrahim Mousavi, said Israel could be wiped out in the next quarter of a century in the latest development in the countries’ war of words.

He said: “We will finish off Israel’s life within less than 25 years.”

The Major General’s comments were made on Saturday to the Tasnim news agency run by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as he put both Israel and the US on notice.

He continued: “God willing, we will crush the US and see the Israeli regime terminated in less than 25 years.”

Mar 27 10:00

World War 3: Turkey will be 'HUMILIATED' - Erdogan threat of ISLAM ARMY slated by expert

Turkey’s President is believed to be plotting an “army of Islam” to wage war against Israel, the country's media has reported.

And Turkish state’s media mouthpiece Yeni ?afak suggested uniting with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to form a joint army to simultaneously attack Israel from all sides.

Yeni ?afak suggested: “If the member states of the OIC unite militarily, they will form the world’s largest and most comprehensive army.

Mar 27 09:40

Trump signs into law bill to cut off aid to Palestinian Authority

US President Donald Trump has signed into law legislation that halts some aid to the Palestinian Authority until it stops paying Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and the families of those killed by Israeli forces.

Trump cut the Palestinian aid as he approved the massive $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Friday.

The law includes three exceptions, allowing for US aid to Palestinian water and childhood vaccination programs, as well as to East Jerusalem al-Quds hospitals.

Mar 27 09:39

Israel strikes Hamas in Gaza for second day

An Israeli tank struck two Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip late Sunday after bullets were fired from the Palestinian enclave, the Israeli army said.

Two observation points belonging to the armed wing of the Islamist movement were struck in the northern part of the enclave, the army said.

Palestinian security sources said there had been no casualties.

It was the second night in a row that Israel had struck the coastal territory.

The strikes came ahead of a planned protest on Friday in which Palestinians have been urged to camp along Gaza's border with Israel.

On Sunday night Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system was activated and sirens sounded near the border, but it later turned out these were false alarms.

Mar 27 09:38

Israel arrests hundreds of Palestinian workers in Passover 'deep-clean' operation

Israeli police announced on Tuesday the arrest of at least 468 Palestinians working illegally inside Israel since the launch on Saturday of a "deep-clean" operation before the Jewish Passover holiday.

According to a statement, 2,300 officers and "volunteers", assisted by the air force, had raided dozens of locations in Israel. In addition to undocumented workers, 32 individuals were held for employing Palestinians without permits or transporting them illegally into Israel.

Micky Rosenfeld, an Israeli police spokesman, told Middle East Eye that the operation against illegal workers was the biggest for "several months".

"These operations will continue as long as necessary in different areas, as part of security in order to prevent incidents from taking place," he said.

Mar 27 09:37

Despite Israel efforts, Inter-Parliamentary Union backs Palestinian rights

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) passed a resolution in support of Palestinian rights yesterday, at its 138th session in Geneva.

According to reports, the IPU voted in favour of a resolution introduced by Palestine, Kuwait and Bahrain, condemning US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Jordanian representative was also reportedly involved in lobbying for the motion.

The IPU is a forum made up of representatives from the national legislatures of 176 countries.

A resolution introduced by Israel, meanwhile, condemning “Iran’s malign activities”, did not pass.

Mar 27 09:25

IDF Intel Chief Warns of Palestinian ‘Explosion’ Ahead of Independence Day

“The month of May, with the days of independence and nakba [catastrophe], signal that a possible explosion is coming, [driven on the Palestinian side by] growing frustration and hopelessness,” The Jerusalem Post quoted Halevi as saying.

Thousands of Palestinians are expected to storm border fences on a planned “day of rage” on Friday to coincide with both Passover eve and Palestinian Land Day, which marks events in 1976 that reflect the Palestinians’ struggle to own the land. Palestinians from Gaza have been urged to set up “tent cities” close to the border and to remain there until what they call Nakba Day – the day of “catastrophe” that marks the establishment of the State of Israel.

Security cabinet officials on Sunday were briefed on how best to deal with erupting protests and violence that may ensue in the coming weeks ahead of Independence Day. Protests are expected to intensify with the scheduled transfer of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Mar 27 09:13

U.S. Officials Demand Al Jazeera Register as Propaganda ‘Agent’

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate whether Al Jazeera, the news outlet connected to the Qatari government, should register with the Justice Department as an agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). This will have broad implications for the First Amendment, our access to dissenting opinions, and even how the rest of the world views us.

Mar 27 09:13

Kansas legislators try to save law against boycotting Israel

Kansas legislators are trying to salvage a law prohibiting state contractors from boycotting Israel after a federal judge blocked its enforcement, advancing a bill Monday to narrow the ban so it no longer would apply to individuals or small contracts.

The state House approved the measure, 93-30 , sending it to the Senate. Enacting the bill's changes would resolve the federal lawsuit that led to it being put on hold, according to an attorney involved, but lawmakers in both parties said they believe the narrower law still would violate free-speech rights.

Two-dozen states have anti-boycott policies, from liberal California to conservative strongholds such as Alabama and Texas, as a movement protesting Israel's policies toward Palestinians has grown increasingly visible. The Kansas law had bipartisan support and took effect in July, and the new legislation says Israel has a "dynamic" business culture and is a "prominent" trade partner for Kansas.

Mar 27 09:00

Jewish Labour activists defend Corbyn as Israel lobby attacks

Jewish Labour activists demonstrated in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Monday afternoon in London.

Left-wing group Jewish Voice for Labour has praised Corbyn’s “consistent commitment to anti-racism” and condemned current right-wing attacks.

The show of support comes after two Israel lobby groups issued a call on Sunday to demonstrate against alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, for which they hold Corbyn responsible.

But Jewish Voice for Labour has called an emergency rally as a counter-demonstration, accusing the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council of “playing party politics” ahead of May’s local elections.

Mick Davis, chief executive of the ruling Conservative Party, is former chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council – a leading part of the UK’s Israel lobby.

Mar 27 08:59

Israel “drastically escalates” destruction of EU-funded energy projects

Israel is preventing Palestinians in the occupied West Bank from accessing electricity networks as part of efforts to expel them, a new report has concluded.

The human rights group Al-Haq has documented how Palestinians living in Area C – a zone comprising around 60 percent of the West Bank – have far less access to energy than Israelis living in neighboring settlements.

Those settlements – illegal under international law – are provided with “full access to stable electricity as well as alternative sources of power,” a new report by Al-Haq states.

Israel is fully able to provide Palestinian communities with the same access to electric power, but intentionally deprives them as part of a “multifaceted system of discriminatory restrictions designed to isolate, harass, and oppress Palestinians,” the report adds. Al-Haq accuses Israel of “creating coercive environments” with the aim of forcibly transferring Palestinians.

Mar 27 08:58

Anatomy of a righteous slap

Fifty years ago, just months after Israel began its occupation of Ahed Tamimi’s West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Beate Klarsfeld walked up to the podium where German Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger was going to speak and slapped him in the face.

Klarsfeld, a German Lutheran whose father fought for Hitler’s army, saw her act as a symbolic refusal by a younger generation to condone the crimes committed by their parents. She demanded that Kiesinger, a former Nazi, resign from his post.

While slapping the chancellor garnered Klarsfeld international attention, her activism preceded the spotlight.

Klarsfeld had already been fired from her job at the Franco-German Youth Office for writing newspaper articles critical of Kiesinger.

Klarsfeld wrote that if major architect of the Holocaust Adolf Eichmann represented the banality of evil, “Kiesinger represents the respectability of evil.”

Mar 27 08:57

Bolton’s plan to make Palestine disappear

One of the few times Donald Trump talked an iota of sense during his 2016 presidential campaign was when he lambasted the trillions of dollars wasted waging war in the Middle East.

In Charlotte, North Carolina on 26 October 2016 he argued that those wars “have produced only more terrorism, more death, and more suffering” and the money involved could have been better spent at home.

Yet in the last few weeks Trump has announced his determination to move CIA director Mike Pompeo – to be replaced there, he hopes, by torturer Gina Haspel – to head the State Department and has named superhawk John Bolton, a former ambassador to the United Nations, to be his national security adviser.

Mar 27 05:39

Israeli Forces Detain 43 Palestinians in Predawn Raids across West Bank

(*I'll bet The Russians think of Our Strongest Allies In The World As Another 3rd Reich Band Of Nazis , with 47 days remaining until our special relation solidifies even more .)

Mar 27 04:21

Taylor Force Act is the One Bright Spot in Omnibus Bill

This article is misleading. They want to cut social security payments. The PA has to cut pensions to relatives of 'Terrorists' before any more US AID.

"Let’s face it. The omnibus bill sucks and proves once against the Republican Party is not the party of fiscal responsibility and small government.

But they did include the Taylor Force Act, named after the American vet killed two years ago, which will stop payments to the Palestinian Authority until it stops rewarding terrorists for killing Jews and Americans.

Officials named the act after American veteran and Vanderbilt student Taylor Force, who lost his life in Tel Aviv after a Palestinian terrorist stabbed him to death on March 8, 2016. It happened while Vice President Joe Biden visited Israel."

Mar 26 14:45

Whither Palestine? Non-violent resistance!

Uri Avnery argues that with all paths to bring about an end to the Israeli occupation and establish Palestinian independence through diplomacy blocked by Trump and his Zionist-evangelist allies, only one option is left for the Palestinians: non-violent resistance.>>

Mar 26 11:33


Over the weekend, Facebook disabled the account of Safa, a Gaza-based Palestinian news site; it had almost 1.3 million followers.

Safa is widely seen as sympathetic to Hamas, but an employee at the news site said in a phone call that the media outlet is “independent” and “has no relationship with Hamas.”

Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page.

Facebook disabled Safa’s account, along with the accounts of 10 Safa editors, just after 5 p.m. on Saturday, without issuing a warning or providing an explanation, a manager of Safa’s social media team told The Jerusalem Post.

“We were totally surprised,” said the social media manager, who asked not to be named. “We are now working to restore the account because 60% of [the] website’s traffic comes through Facebook.”

Mar 26 11:06

Iron Dome kicks into action after mistaking bullets for rockets

Multiple Code Red false alarms were blasted in the Hof Ashkelon and Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Councils and in the southern city of Sderot Sunday evening as the Iron Dome missile-defense mistook bullets from the Gaza Strip for a fusillade of rockets.

The regional councils originally reported that the Iron Dome anti-missile system was said to have intercepted every rocket rocket. However, the IDF later confirmed that no salvo had been fired at Israel.

“No salvo was fired at territory in the State of Israel. The situation in the Gaza region is usual. The interceptions by the Iron Dome system were activated because of the firing of bullets from the strip. Nothing fell in Israeli territory. It is being checked whether mortars or rockets were even fired at all,” the statement read.

Mar 26 11:01

PM grilled for four hours in Bezeq probe

The Netanyahu couple, questioned separately but simultaneously under caution, were presented for the first time with details revealed in testimony given by their former media advisor, Nir Hefetz, who recently signed a state's witness agreement in the case.

Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu were also questioned on suspicion of obstructing the investigation, based on Hefetz’s testimony.

Mar 26 09:33

Israel Faces the Demographic Bomb

I learned a decade ago from the Palestinian ambassador to Britain that while Israel has many bombs, the Palestinians have one bomb, namely the demographic one.

As it seems, this bomb is about to detonate. Ynet reports today the numbers of Israeli and Palestinians live in between the river and the sea are pretty much identical.

“An equal number of Jews and Muslims live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, according to fresh statistics presented Monday morning to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.”

Five million Palestinians live in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and in east Jerusalem, the data indicated—later discussed in detail by the Deputy Commander of the Israel Civil Administration (ICA)—which operates Israeli governance in the West Bank—Col. Uri Mandes.

Mar 26 07:39

Here’s John Bolton Promising Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018

“The outcome of the president’s policy review should be to determine that the Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 revolution will not last until its 40th birthday,” Bolton said. (The 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution will be on February 11, 2019.) “The declared policy of the United States should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran,” Bolton added. “The behavior and the objectives of the regime are not going to change and, therefore, the only solution is to change the regime itself.”

Mar 26 03:40


Several incoming rocket sirens were activated in southern Israeli communities with local residents uploading videos of "interceptions."

No rocket barrage was launched towards Israel Sunday night following reports of at least a dozen rockets launched from the Gaza Strip after incoming rocket sirens were heard in several communities.

“Everything is routine,” IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis said on a call with reporters. “All of the alarms were triggered by machine gun fire in Gaza. There were no rockets which fell inside Israeli territory.”

(*A Likely Story .
Get used to The Likely Stories , if you're not already . 58 more days till we meld right into this , because Mister Tough Bluster Trump isn't sure if Iron Domed Israel even wants peace .
So , the next Likely Story will probably come after Trump moves Israels capitol for them .
-He didn't know ,
-there was no choice
-somebody else .

Mar 25 17:55

US spending bill includes big boost for Jewish groups seeking security money

Official at the Orthodox Union says increase in threats to Jewish institutions led to more than doubling of funds. (even though the person charged with the crimes is a Jewish Israeli!)

Mar 25 17:40

IDF: Iron Dome fires mistakenly in response to Hamas drill

"In a statement, the IDF said it “takes seriously all types of fire aimed at Israeli territory,” indicating the tank fire may have been fired under the mistaken belief the live-fire exercise had been aimed at Israel."

For over a decade the poor people in Gaza have been bombed and slaughtered in the thousands by the Israelis with the support of Western politicians. These same politicians are outraged over the double agent Skipral falling sick in Britain.

Mar 25 17:29

Facing Jewish community protest, Corbyn apologizes for Labour anti-Semitism

Corbyn bends the knee. He should know it's now anti-Ashkenazi to say anything bad about Israel.

"Corbyn has come under fire in recent days over his support in 2012 of an artist who had painted a mural in London described as anti-Semitic.

The mural, titled Freedom for Humanity, depicts a group of businessmen and bankers, some of them Jewish, counting money around a Monopoly-style board balanced on the backs of men with dark complexions."

note: It's not obvious who the bankers are.

Mar 25 09:42

Caught On Camera: Israel Targets Civilians With A Chemical Weapon Drone

For the first time, Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV released new dramatic footage showing Israeli forces using a weaponized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) against a Hamas rally in the Gaza Strip, according to the Times of Israel.

Mar 25 09:37

Former IDF chief Mofaz: 'Bolton tried to convince me Israel should attack Iran'

Former IDF chief Shaul Mofaz said Sunday that US President Donald Trump's new National Security Adviser John Bolton "tried to convince me that Israel should attack in Iran," while he was serving as Washington's ambassador to the UN.

"I don't think it's a smart act—not for the Americans today, and not for anyone, until this threat is realized," Mofaz said at a conference organized by Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth to celebrate 70 years of Israeli success.

Mofaz took part in a panel of former IDF chiefs at the conference, which also featured Moshe Ya'alon, Benny Gantz and Dan Halutz. All four said they were against canceling the Iranian nuclear deal.

Mar 25 09:23

The Israeli Lobby – A Danger To The World. Banned Documentary

They have been part of the oligarchy since 1672 when they financed William of Orange. Examine the ownership of South African mineral assets, the Chinese opium trade, the Atlantic Slave trade, the US copper industry during WW1, the banking industry. They were always part of the British-Dutch oligarchy but now, with any coherent Western society destructed, they can be more overt & do what they want, just like the Anglo-Dutch side of the oligarchy do what they want. They flaunt power, just as the US govt flaunts absolute power.

Mar 25 04:47

Ending Secrecy, Israel Says It Bombed Syrian Reactor in 2007

Israel's government on Wednesday publicly confirmed for the first time that it had carried out an audacious 2007 strike against a reactor in Syria that could have produced nuclear weapons fuel, lifting a decade of secrecy surrounding the episode. The country's leaders used the occasion to warn that, if necessary, Israel would not hesitate to launch similar strikes again. "The government of Israel, the IDF and the Mossad prevented Syria from developing a nuclear capability," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, referring to the Israel Defense Forces and the country's spy agency. "Israel's policy has been and remains consistent - to prevent our enemies from arming themselves with nuclear weapons."

Mar 25 04:44

America’s Foreign Policy Made in Israel

The real Donald Trump has emerged as a dedicated supporter of the most hardline elements in Israel, whose aspirations are fueled by the money flowing from American Jewish billionaires. And nowhere in sight is any actual American national interest ... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing criminal charges for corruption, is reportedly delighted with Trump and his "team." ... Beyond that, the pressure on what Netanyahu perceives as his arch-enemy, the state of Iran, has been unrelenting both from Washington and Jerusalem, with Donald Trump repeatedly asserting that he will tear up the "terrible" nuclear agreement. Some pretext for war will surely follow with the United States having to bear much of the burden as well as most of the consequences ...

Mar 24 21:03

US Democrats, led by Pelosi, visiting Israel, Jordan

Taxpayer funded trip to bend the knee and wail at the wall. Election coming and all.

Mar 24 11:05

Spending bill includes big boost for Jewish groups seeking security money

An omnibus spending bill approved by Congress more than doubles spending for security grants that have been overwhelmingly tapped by Jewish institutions.

The $1.3 trillion bill approved Thursday includes $60 million for the security grants, up from $25 million last year. More than 90 percent of the grants have been used to harden security at Jewish institutions since the nonprofit security grant program was launched in 2005.

Nathan Diament, the Washington director of the Orthodox Union, one of the lead advocates for the grants, said a spike in threats on Jewish institutions over the last year drove the increase. According to the Anti-Defamation League, anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. in 2017 increased by 43 percent over 2016, not including a spate of bomb threats carried out against Jewish institutions by a Jewish man in Israel.

“We didn’t have to educate members of Congress that the past year has seen an increased set of threats and activity,” Diament said in an interview.

Mar 24 09:53

Neocon Takeover of Washington Completed

Pompeo at State and Bolton as Trump’s national security advisor completed the neocon takeover of Trump’s geopolitical agenda – Wall Street running domestic affairs.

The combination represents a major setback for world peace and stability, greater aggression likely, along with the triumph of neoliberal harshness over social justice – a dismal and frightening state of affairs.

What to expect ahead? War in Syria is more likely to escalate than wind down, an unthinkable US/Russia confrontation ominously possible.

The Iran nuclear deal is either doomed, or likely to be gutted by Washington, accomplishing the same thing – with only tepid, ineffective opposition from P5+1 countries Britain, France and Germany.

The EU most often bends to US will when enough pressure is applied.

A relatively quiet Ukraine period could explode in greater Kiev war on Donbass, US-supplied heavy weapons and training aiding its aggression.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At this defining moment in world history, I despair about the current trajectory of both domestic, and foreign policies, creating more income inequality at home, and more wars abroad.

And the worst thing about these coming wars is, that they may not be wars the US military is able to win, or from which it can extricate itself gracefully.

You can nearly bet on a return to the draft, which will be coming for both our young men and young women, but of course, not in an election ior mid-term election year.

Mar 24 09:46

Video: Israeli police destroy Palestinian tombstones in Jerusalem cemetery

Due to the fact that many slain Palestinians were buried in al-Mujahidin cemetery, it became a place where Palestinians from Jerusalem, and those visiting from the West Bank and elsewhere, would visit to pay their respects.

The tombstones of the slain Palestinians were engraved about a year-and-a-half ago with a verse from the Quran and the sentence “graves of heroic martyrs of the Intifada of Jerusalem.” Israeli authorities objected to the use of the word “hero,” and demanded the cemetery administration removed the new addition.

After the administration refused, the Israeli officers broke in in the middle of the night and destroyed the tombstones with hammers and other hand tools.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hammers and other hand tools became "weapons of mass destruction", in the hands of IDF officers who objected to how the Palestinians saw their recent history at Israeli hands.

Because to the Israeli mind set, if they don't like how the Palestinians see their recent history, they believe that they have every, perfect right to destroy those cultural elements to which they object; even...tombstones.

Mar 24 09:13

Illegal Wars: The New American Way

The U.S. military stands astride the Greater Mideast region on behalf of an increasingly rogue-like regime in Washington, D.C. Worse still, this isn’t a Donald Trump problem, per se. No, three successive administrations – Democratic and Republican – have widened the scope of a global “war” on a tactic (terror), on the basis of two at best vague, and at worst extralegal, congressional authorizations for the use of force (AUMF). Indeed, the US is veritably addicted to waging undeclared, unwinnable wars with unconvincing legal sanction.

Mar 24 09:09

Britain urges Israel to improve treatment of detained Palestinian children

Britain called on Israel to improve the treatment of Palestinian children in military detention on Friday and said Israel should do more to safeguard vulnerable people in its care.

The Foreign Office issued a statement in the wake of the sentencing of Palestinian teenage girl Ahed Tamimi, who was arrested after kicking and slapping an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank in December.

Tamimi, who was 16 at the time of the incident, accepted a plea deal this week under which she will be sentenced to eight months in prison, her lawyer said.

Alistair Burt, Britain’s Minister for the Middle East, said in the statement: “The conviction and sentencing of Ahed Tamimi is emblematic of how the unresolved (Israeli-Palestinian) conflict is blighting the lives of a new generation who should be growing up together in peace, but continue to be divided.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love how Reuters, very carefully and conveniently, leaves out of this story, the reason why Ahed Tamimi slapped and kicked the IDF member:

The Story Behind Ahed Tamimi's Slap: Her Cousin's Head Shattered by Israeli Soldier's Bullet

The story goes on to state the following:

"Half a head.

The left side of his face is twisted, swollen, fragmented, scarred; theres congealed blood by his nose, stitches in his face; one eye is shut, a seam line stretches across his whole scalp. A boy's face turned scar-face. Some of his skull bones were removed in surgery and won't be returned to their place for another six months."

Now, the IDF apparently believes that such acts against Palestinian kids should be accepted, both by the Palestinians and the world, and that they should be allowed to continue to do these brutal acts with savage impunity.

Ahed Tamimi was of a different opinion on this, when she learned what had happened to her cousin at the hands of the IDF.

The IDF would kill every Palestinian child it has incarcerated, if they thought they could get away with it; fortunately, they cannot, at this point in Israeli history, because the unblinking gaze of a 24/7 news cycle is bearing down on them, and that is starting to make a difference.

Even Israeli Rabbis encourage complete ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, their "Final Solution" for ridding Israel of them. Take a look at the following story from Tikun Olam last year:

Israeli Chief Rabbis Endorse Ethnic Cleansing, Palestinian Servitude

I can never advocate or condone violence; but I can understand why, when a people are so violently oppressed and their history systematically and pathologically erased, violence can happen.

Mar 24 08:50

War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give ‘pieces’ of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt

The appointment of John Bolton to be Donald Trump’s national security adviser represents the neoconservative restoration, firmly ending the chapter in which Trump claimed to be a non-interventionist. Even Never-Trump neocons are happy today. The intemperate and Islamophobic Bolton is fiercely opposed to the Iran Deal, is militantly opposed to Russian influence in the Middle East, has called for declaring war against Iran and North Korea, and has pronounced the two-state solution dead.

Many today fear that Trump will give us another war. Senator Ed Markey:

John Bolton supports proactively bombing Iran and conducting a first strike on North Korea without provocation. Appointing him to be Nat Sec Advisor is a grave danger to the American people and a clear message from @realDonaldTrump that he is gearing up for military conflict.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This appointment of Bolton as President Trump's National Security Advisor, an appointment over which Congress has absolutely zero oversight, is officially horrible, and does not augur well for any kind of peace in the Middle East.

In fact, this appointment almost guarantees a war against Iran, which will almost inevitably mean war with Russia.

President Trump has morphed from the non-interventionist on the campaign trail to an avid supporter of war, as the only way in which the Unhinged Surveilled State of America can ever acheive its geopolitical goals.

The only reason we are looking at potential peace talks between the US and North Korea is that when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Washington for AIPAC earlier this month, he gave President Trump his marching orders, which were: "Forget about North Korea; regime change Tehran for me!!"

One has to wonder just what, precisely, Netanyahu has on President Trump, to make him so willing to sacrifice so much potential blood and money toward the achievement of this goal.

But like that architypical dream about a slo-mo train wreck, I can see this war coming, and soon.

I am bitterly disappointed with him for this, and think that, once again, the American people had utterly zero choice in the last election in 2016; it was warmonger vs/warmonger, both completely vetted, and blessed, by the Israeli political establishment, as their supreme candidates of choice, and the US military/industrial complex, as demonstrated by the passage of the omnibus spending bill yesterday.

Mar 24 08:34

AIPAC Hails Billions Given to Israel in Omnibus Spending Bill

While the omnibus spending bill was a huge loss for President Trump's supporters, it was a huge win for the Israel lobby.

Mar 23 10:42

Israel notifies Bedouin village that it will be razed entirely next month

Authorities maintain offer to the 70 residents of Negev village, the site of deadly clashes, to relocate to a nearby community, but they refuse to move

Mar 23 10:41

Israel Jails Ahed Tamimi’s Mother for Facebook Live Video of Palestinian Teen Slapping Soldier

AN ISRAELI MILITARY COURT sentenced Ahed Tamimi, a teenage Palestinian activist, to eight months in jail on Wednesday for slapping an Israeli soldier during a confrontation outside her family home in the occupied West Bank that was streamed live on Facebook. The girl’s mother, Nariman, was convicted of incitement for sharing the recording online, and also sentenced to eight months in prison.

The video, viewed millions of times on social networks, prompted an outcry from the Israeli public at the supposed humiliation of a heavily armed soldier, tasked with enforcing his nation’s military rule over Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank, backing away from a physical confrontation with a 16-year-old girl.

Mar 23 10:41

Suspect in Palestinian assassination attempt among four dead in Gaza shootout - Hamas

Hamas said its security forces in Gaza shot dead on Thursday the main suspect behind an attempt to assassinate the Palestinian prime minister, a bombing that threatens to unravel its reconciliation agreement with the West Bank-based government.

Mar 23 10:41

Gaza perimeter agriculture in peril due to water reservoir contamination

With Gaza's sewage treatment facility still nonoperational and Israel having to bear the load of its wastewater, Israeli wastewater reservoirs in strip's perimeter are paying a toll, as their water becomes so contaminated it can no longer be used for irrigation—hurting the region's farmers.

Mar 23 10:40


“This is yet another attempt by the Syrian regime to distract attention from the atrocities it is inflicting on its own people,” said Israel's UN envoy.

Mar 23 09:28

Israeli Police Arming Drones With Tear Gas to Suppress Upcoming Hamas Rally

The Israeli Border Police are planning to drop tear gas from drones on people attending a Hamas rally in Gaza on Friday, according to Jerusalem Online.

The UAVs are being equipped with mace in preparation for efforts to disperse crowds and "potential rioters," allowing Israeli police to avoid having to make physical contact with them, the news outlet said. Keeping police from engaging with Palestinian protesters may not be the worst idea, given that Israeli forces have used lethal force at previous protests.

Each drone can carry six canisters of tear gas. The drone gassing technique was tested on protesters for the first time ever earlier this month.

Mar 23 09:19

Are Germany and Israel in broken-promise runoff for a UN Security Council seat?

This was supposedly going to be the year that Israel finally won a seat on the UN Security Council for the first time in its 70-year history.

Allegations surfaced last week claiming that members of the UN's Western European and Others Group (WEOG) agreed some 20 years ago to allow Israel to run unopposed for a non-permanent seat in the world's most prestigious diplomatic chamber.

Now Germany stands accused of violating that supposed deal.

Mar 23 08:52

Israeli Man Detained, Fined for Urinating on Memorial at Auschwitz Museum

A 19-year-old Israeli man was detained at the Auschwitz-Birkenau state museum in Poland Wednesday after he was caught urinating on a memorial to the victims of the camp.

Guards at the museum saw the man urinating on the monument near the crematoria in the Birkenau camp around 1 p.m. local time and called the police. The man was questioned for several hours before being released and agreeing to pay a $1,500 fine, the Jerusalem Post reported.

He could have gotten far worse: according to Polish law, the man could have been given jail time for desecrating a monument or other public place commemorating an historical event.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if it was the plaque that lowered the number of estimated victims.

Mar 23 08:41

Will South Africa help defeat Israeli apartheid?

I just returned from South Africa and I can report that Palestine solidarity is alive and growing.

People have held more than 150 events across the country for Israeli Apartheid Week.

Mar 23 08:40

FLASHBACK - Israel’s Racist Rabbis: ‘Hate the Gentile’

Jews must not rent homes to ‘gentiles’. That was the religious decree issued this week by at least 50 of Israel’s leading rabbis, many of them employed by the state as municipal religious leaders. Jews should first warn, then “ostracise” fellow Jews who fail to heed the directive, the rabbis declared.

The decree is the latest in a wave of racist pronouncements from some of Israel’s most influential rabbis.

Mar 23 08:27

Evolution according to Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef 

Israeli press reported today that Israel’s chief (Sephardic) rabbi Yitzhak Yosef called black people “monkeys” during his weekly sermon.

During his weekly sermon, the rabbi used the Hebrew term for nigger before going on to call a black person a “monkey.”

Following wall to wall condemnations by Israeli and Jewish bodies around the world including the ADL, the Rabbi’s office insisted that the rabbi wasn’t expressing his own personal views but actually “citing a passage from the Talmud."

In fact, we should thank the rabbi rather than condemning him. The grossly offensive statement he made yesterday puts Israeli current attitude towards African refugees in a historical, religious and cultural context.

Mar 23 05:24

What ISIS Fighters Are Doing in Syria's Golan Heights, Near the Israeli Border

Shows the ISIS areas under Israeli Protection.

Mar 22 18:21

Tucker Drops A WMD On John Bolton’s Ego

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dealt a serious blow to John Bolton’s ego at the end of his Wednesday night interview with the former United Nations ambassador.

Mar 22 18:15


Any support I’ve shown for Trump has gone out the window this evening. And no, I am not being melodramatic. I am a simple man with modest needs. One of them is for my country to stop fighting unnecessary wars. When you wake up and realize that we’re the bad guys and that the media propaganda is there to make you docile, you will see that nothing else matters but human life. Forget about healthcare, transgender bathrooms, abortion, tax cuts — everything is secondary to the life expectancy of the men and women who serve in our military — our sons and daughters, or neighbors.

In an unbelievable move, Trump has replaced Gen. McMaster with the very worst person living in America, John Neocon Scum Bolton.

Bolton was part of a neocon cabal, spearheaded by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), founded by Bill Kristol, whose lineage is Trotskyite through and through.

Mar 22 18:09

John Bolton File

John Bolton is a long time leader of the War Party, was a major promoter of the lies about Iraq which fostered our war, was former Vice President of the neocon nesting American Enterprise Institute and advisor to JINSA (Likud Think Tank in Washington which long urged Israel to violate Oslo accords). Bolton never gained congressional approval, the is legitimacy for his "Ambassadorship" to the UN and is despised by most of the outside world's nations.

America is not safer being hated and represented to the world by one of the main architects of the policies which led to such hatred. Every time he speaks he is a symbol of go-it-alone America and a lightening rod for hate against America.

Mar 22 17:39

Palestinians call to put US ambassador Friedman on ‘global terror list’

In a report titled “Friedman, the Ambassador of Settlements and Lawyer of Extremism,” the PA Ministry of Information in Ramallah called for placing the US envoy on the terrorism list “for violating international law, supporting terrorism, and promoting ethnic cleansing and black racism.”