Mar 11 19:28

A Flashbang Video Production

Exploring the effectiveness of protesting.

Mar 11 18:42

‘This Is Total Chaos’: Trump Postpones Chicago Rally As Multiple Fights Break Out in Auditorium

Donald Trump postponed a rally Friday afternoon over security concerns after multiple physical altercations between protesters and supporters broke out inside the Chicago arena the event was set to take place at.

In a statement, Trump said that he made the decision to postpone the rally after meeting with law enforcement and determining it would not be safe to move forward. He urged attendees to “go in peace.”

Mar 11 17:05

CONSUMED – A Theatrical GMO Thriller Starring A-List Actors

CONSUMED is a dramatic thriller that explores the controversial world of Genetically Modified Food (GMOs). The story is anchored by a working-class, single mother on a hunt to uncover the cause of her son’s mysterious illness. What happens when she topples into the GMO rabbit hole?

Mar 11 04:14

Video: All of America’s Wars Begin with False Flags (and WWIII Will Too)

They sure don’t teach you this in school, kids.

This D.C. think tank jerk off blatantly admitted all of America’s wars have traditionally begun with false flag events, and they know they will need another one to get the war with Iran started that they’ve been working on for so long. This video is a few years old now, but it’s more relevant today with what’s going on in the Middle East than ever.

Whatever happens over there, just know how absolutely manufactured all of it is.

Mar 10 17:43

Video: Bill McKibben: We Don’t Need A Bridge To Renewables

Seneca Lake activists and McKibben are fighting a proposed gas storage facility, which could cause irreversible damage.

Mar 10 16:17

Keiser Report: Banks & Vikings

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy compare modern banks to the Vikings – they both looted relatively defenseless populations.

Mar 10 15:22

Total Solar Eclipse: 1000s Witness Rare Celestial Event In Indonesia

A total solar eclipse took place in Indonesia and Southeast Asia on Tuesday, and although the eclipse was only visible in a 100 mile stretch.

Mar 10 14:55

5 elite national FBI agents under criminal investigation for shots fired at LaVoy Finicum and possible cover-up

One or more FBI agents from a special “elite national unit” are suspected of lying about shots that were in fact fired at Oregon Occupier, rancher and family man LaVoy Finicum while he and others were en route to meet with the Sheriff of a neighboring county on Jan. 26, and are currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Mar 10 14:20

Video: Ideology, Military Training, Cruelty: ISIS Uses Nazi Methods To Breed Young Fighters – Report

A newly-released report by a London-based think tank sheds light on how Islamic State trains children into becoming recruits for the self-styled Caliphate.

Mar 10 07:59

Truck driver spots massive movement of military equipment, tanks and more in NM: Video

While the relocation of military vehicles and equipment is routine in most cases, one truck driver has reported a noticeable increase in and around the area.

Mar 10 00:25

Trump Ready To Deliver Knockout Blow To GOP Establishment

Donald Trump is rocking the polls in Florida and Ohio ahead of those key winner-take-all primaries and says if he takes both states on Tuesday, the GOP presidential race is finished.

“I think if I win those two, I think it’s over,” Trump told CNN in an interviewed that aired Wednesday.

Trump swamps Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the Sunshine State by 45 percent to 22 percent, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

Trump compared the presidential race to a boxing match, especially if he scores KOs in Florida and Ohio:

“It’s like with the fighters — if you knock ’em out, nothing can happen.”

Mar 09 16:06

Video: Ferguson Solidarity Protesters Fight Charges For Blocking Busy LA Freeway

Hours before she faces trial, we speak #BLMLA7 activist Rosa Clemente.

Mar 09 14:23

Video: Cop Ordered To Testify Against Fellow Officers’ Charged With Killing Freddie Gray

Legal expert Doug Colbert responds to the ruling made by Maryland’s highest court and says its unlikely for the Supreme Court to take up a defense appeal.

Mar 09 14:10

Video: 45 Years After COINTELPRO FBI Continues To Monitor Activists

Chip Gibbons, Legal Fellow, says over 60 national groups have signed onto a letter calling on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to investigate FBI.

Mar 09 12:34

Jury Acquits Woman Arrested for Protecting Her Dog From a Cop

Last week a West Virginia woman who stood between her dog and a state trooper intent on killing him was acquitted of obstructing an officer by a jury in Wood County. It took jurors just half an hour to acquit 23-year-old Tiffanie Hupp after they watched the video of the incident that Hupp’s husband, Ryan, shot with his cellphone.

Mar 09 11:35

Watch This Year’s Only Total Solar Eclipse Live From Indonesia

2016 only gets one total eclipse of the sun on March 9. The moon is poised to pass between the earth and sun, completely blocking the sun as it does. It can only be seen in the Eastern parts of the world and a couple places in the U.S. Fortunately, livestreaming will…

Mar 09 09:15

Martial Law at Republican Convention? Riot Cops “Preparing For A Siege Rather Than Political Event”

It looks like RNC 2016 could end up being as chaotic as the DNC in 1968 – and potentially as violent – as the system then clamped down in an arbitrary and over-blown way in order to send a message that dissent will be stifled, and that state power will be defended at all costs, and against all principles.

Mar 08 20:03

Intense manhunt continues in small Missouri town for mass murder suspect

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Mo. -- A massive manhunt continues Tuesday night for Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, a man authorities believe is linked to four overnight murders in Kansas City, Kan., and one more that occurred in eastern Missouri on Tuesday.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) previously deported Pablo Serrano-Vitorino, an illegal alien from Mexico, in April 2004, based on final orders of removal from a federal immigration judge. Mr. Serrano-Vitorino illegally re-entered the United States on an unknown date. ICE will continue to monitor this case and will place a detainer on Mr. Serrano-Vitorino if he is taken into local custody. ICE remains focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that prioritizes threats to national security, public safety and border security."

Mar 08 16:40

Cop who killed dog entitled to $45k in back pay –judge

The POS slit the dogs throat.What kind of a Judge would give this POS $45,000!
However, Bolger’s attorney, Steve Levin, told US News that the “noose” – the dog control pole used by animal control to restrain and corral animals – was most likely what killed Nala. Levin explained that it took three attempts to corral Nala and that she was no longer moving on the third try. Bolger then made an incision to the dog’s throat and claimed it did not produce much blood, a sign that her heart was not beating.

Mar 08 16:31

Syrian Kurds say jihadists used phosphorus in chemical attack in Aleppo

Armed Islamist opposition fighters have used yellow phosphorous in a chemical attack on the Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood in the Syrian city of Aleppo on Tuesday, Kurdish militia group YPG said.

Mar 08 10:47

Russia & Syria Air-Drop Humanitarian Aid For Deir Ez-Zor Dwellers

Airplanes of the Syrian Air Force air dropped several tonnes of humanitarian aid for inhabitants of the besieged eastern city of Deir ez-Zor.

Mar 07 16:30

Hillary Caught with Devil Horns During Speech in Church

Look, another warning about how evil Hillary is... even the environment around her is rebelling.

Mar 07 16:28

“A Democracy Problem”: As Debate Brings Attention To Flint, A Look At The Roots Of The Water Crisis

he Democratic candidates for president faced off Sunday night in Flint, Michigan, which has been in the national spotlight.

Mar 07 13:43


This video exposed the truth about how corrupt the government really is.

Mar 07 06:48

Judge Jeanine Pirro exposes Romney as Establishment shill on Fox News *Video*

“The Establishment is panicked” and now Mitt Romney wants a “brokered convention where the Republican nominee will be selected by party activists and their delegates of their state’s choice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said on Fox News Saturday.

Mar 07 05:21

Jason Sudeikis brings his Mitt Romney impression back to SNL

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis has been busy starring in movies and TV shows (including tonight's Last Man on Earth) and having a son, but he made time Saturday to return to SNL with his Mitt Romney that he did plenty during the 2012 election. (He comes in at 4:45.)

(*In addition to Romney , SNL Gives it to Christi , Clinton , Cruz , and Donald . Spared Bernie and Kasich , and show Rubio nothing .)

Mar 06 14:52

Takeover Of Zaman Newspaper: End Of Democracy In Turkey

The latest government takeover of the Zaman media outlet in Istanbul is “not a surprise at all,’ a journalist who had been working in the country.

Mar 05 23:23

Dash Cam Footage: Cop Speeding With No Lights Kills Pedestrian

Last September, a police officer in Berrien County, Michigan was racing to the scene of a domestic abuse incident, when he struck and killed a pedestrian. Based on evidence that was later collected at the scene, in addition to eyewitness reports and the dash cam footage, it was determined that officer Eugene Anderson was driving 64mph in a 35mph zone. While it’s not unheard of for a cop to drive like that, what makes this case especially egregious, is the fact that Anderson was speeding at night and didn’t turn on his lights or siren.

Mar 05 18:32

Russian Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov Smashes Bernie Sanders Socialism

Gary Kasparov, the greatest mind that chess has ever known, has a few things to say about socialism. Turns out he’s not a fan. Most brilliant people aren’t. Especially those who’ve actually lived under the thumb of oppressive government. No, BlackLivesMatter we’re not talking about too many white people in the library, we’re talking USSR-wrestling-bears-for-toilet-paper-style oppression. Real oppression. He took to Facebook to share his frustration, and it’s more than worth the read.

Mar 05 13:57

CrossTalk On Syria: Washington Seethes

With the exception of a few minor violations, the Syrian ceasefire is holding. This has surprised many. What is next – a restart of some kind of peace process?

Mar 04 16:41

How Precedent And Judicial Restraint Protect Elite Interests At SCOTUS

Dean of UNC-Irvine Law Erwin Chemerinsky discusses the history of the Supreme Court aligning itself with business interests and why today's Court is the most pro-business since the 1930s.

Mar 04 09:11

Chesapeake Founder Aubrey McClendon dies in car crash one day after federal indictment

Just one day after the DOJ unveiled its had indicted Chesapeake Founder and former CEO Aubrey McClendon on federal charges of conspiring to rig bids for oil and natural gas leases, moments ago the Oklahoma Police announced that he was found dead in a car accident, when while traveling in a 2013 Chevy Tahoe at a high rate of speed he slammed into an embankment in northeast Oklahoma City The car burst into flames before responders could pull McClendon’s body from the vehicle, Balderrama said.

Mar 04 08:14

See you in the camp!

Our once proud nation is a mere shell of it’s former glory. When the ruling class determine that the citizens can no longer film crimes committed by the state, well, you can figure out where this headed. We are nothing more than slaves to these people. We have no rights. If we can not use our God given right to speak up against oppression and tyranny it is short walk to the gallows where a death sentence awaits our arrival.

Mar 03 22:14

Colorado veteran threatens hunger strike if Kansas does not return his children

Colorado veteran Raymond Schwab, who was recently featured on Bill Maher’s HBO television show, has threatened to go on a hunger strike in the Kansas State Capitol Building in Topeka if the state does not release his children. Kansas’ Department for Children and Families took Schwab’s children over unsubstantiated allegations made by the family of Schwab’s wife, Amelia. Schwab says those family members, who live in Kansas, were upset that he and Amelia were moving to Colorado.

Mar 03 18:05

“You Just Never Know Who’s Packing Heat”: Senior Citizen Defends Himself And Wife Against Two Thugs On Philly Street

When good, honest people are able to defend themselves against crime, it’s a good day. I wish the couple a quick and full recovery, and hope for swift justice against their young attackers.

Mar 03 17:44

Former Attorney General Lists All Laws Hillary Possibly Broke

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey listed four laws Hillary Clinton possibly broke with her email server:

Mar 03 16:47

Who Said It: “Donald Trump Has Shown An Extraordinary Ability To Understand Our Economy, To Create Jobs”

“I am so honored and pleased to have Donald Trump’s endorsement. Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works. To create jobs for the American people. He’s done it here in Nevada. He’s done it across the country. He understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. He’s one of the few people who stood up and said China has been cheating. They’ve taken jobs from Americans. They haven’t played fair. We have to have a President who will stand up to cheaters.” -- OOPS!

Mar 03 13:15

Keiser Report: Democracy Suicide

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss democracies committing suicide (as John Adams had warned).

Mar 03 11:06

Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot

The robot's lifelike movement catches the attention of a real dog. The uncanny uncanine valley. This is the latest quadruped robot from Google's Boston Dynamics group, and the only one in civilian hands. Another Video: Photos: And I revisited my post on the Google Master Plan, and sure enough, we see Robots ? Skynet ? Terminator ? Google Security ? User Happiness

Mar 03 09:40

Video: Rare Footage: Turkish Tanks & Artillery Concentrate On Border With Syria Near Kobani

A Russian TV channel has obtained footage showing a Turkish military buildup on the Syrian border near Kobani.

Mar 03 09:26

Video: ‘Demo For All’: Violence As Thousands Turn Out For ‘Family Values’ Rally In Stuttgart

The police were on high alert in the German city of Stuttgart, Sunday, after clashes between rival groups of protesters which saw at least 100 people injured.

Mar 03 09:06

GRAPHIC: Woman Waves Child’s Head, Screams ‘I Am Terrorist’ Outside Moscow Metro

A woman dressed all in black and holding what is thought to be a child’s severed head has been arrested near a metro station in Moscow.

Mar 03 04:17

Baltimore School Officer Slaps, Kicks High School Student

Video footage of a Baltimore school police officer kicking a student and slapping him repeatedly has sparked outrage among parents and administrators.

In the video, the officer swears at a Reach Partnership high school student while slapping the teen’s face three times. Then he kicks the teen against a wall. A second officer makes no effort to stop him.

Mar 02 17:49

Let's Play Fair : Mainstream Media Ignores Hillary’s KKK Ties

Despite mounting criticism for Donald Trump’s failure to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke’s support, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton once heaped praise for late Klan leader Sen. Robert Byrd.

Mar 02 17:24

Ventura Says He’ll Run For President If Hillary Is Democratic Nominee

“See, I’m an independent and I despise the two parties,” Ventura added, clarifying that “I love what Trump’s doing to the Republicans. He’s got them in complete disarray. In fact, it looks like the WWE when you watch their debates.”

Mar 02 16:53

The truth about banks and banksters…

Give a man a gun and he'll rob a bank, Give a man a bank and he'll rob the world.?

Mar 02 14:23

How Society Controls You, PUA Sasha Daygame

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews pick up artist Sasha Daygame about how society conforms and controls our minds from actually achieving true happiness and love. We go over the stereotypes of PUA and how we can be our worst enemies with limiting beliefs.

Mar 02 13:47

Secret Service Agent Chokes Journalist At Trump Rally

Time magazine photographer got into an altercation with a Secret Service agent during a rally for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Mar 02 12:39

‘I Have New Cheat Box!’ Protester Interrupts Volkswagen Presentation In Geneva

A presentation at the Geneva Motor Show by a board member of the German carmaker Volkswagen was briefly interrupted by a lone protester on Tuesday.

Mar 02 11:53

Toys & Flowers: Muscovites Commemorate Murdered 4yo Child

Moscow is in a state of shock after a woman dressed in black was seen walking around near a metro station with a ‘child’s severed head’ in her hand and shouting “I am a terrorist” and "Allahu Akbar."

Mar 01 12:51

Guantanamo Travesty: A Consequence Of Unconstitutional War

President Obama has made his final effort to fulfill a campaign promise to close down the US detention facility at the Guantanamo naval base in Cuba, sending Congress a plan that would see a new facility constructed in the US to house those of the 91 remaining prisoners who were not cleared for release. The plan is dead in the water in Congress, however, as Republicans in charge of the House and Senate have signaled a refusal to even work with the president on the issue. But this political tussle over the facility is in reality just a sideshow. Neither side wants to bring up the flawed and anti-American nature of Guantanamo and the undeclared and vague “war on terror” that prompted its creation.

Mar 01 11:11

Political Storm: If Cruz loses to Rubio or Kasich is the race over? NEW

Political Storm, a bipartisan political website, was here locally over the weekend and managed to interview Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas on the street.

Mar 01 09:42

San Andreas Fault just released massive amounts of Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases into the air

Extremely high levels of CO released as fault pressure builds, earthquake predicted

Mar 01 08:56

Former CIA Director Says Military May Defy A President Trump

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says the US military has the right to refuse illegal orders from the commander in chief.

Mar 01 08:30

‘We Want To Get Rid Of Terrorists Asap’ – Syrians Graduating From Militia Training

A total of 686 people graduated from a militia training course in a rural area in west Damascus, capital of Syria, on Sunday.

Feb 29 21:53

Donald Trump Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Up to the states he says. A Constitution Man. I can dig it!

Published on Oct 29, 2015
Trump answers legalization of marijuana question at Reno, NV rally on 10/29/15. His answer: he supports medical marijuana FULLY, and supports state legalization of RECREATIONAL marijuana.

Feb 29 17:59

The Barely Recognizable Veggies And Fruits Of Our Ancestors

Monoculture has even been implicated in causing historical famines. By focusing on monoculture and GMOs, we’ve actually lost amazing opportunities to increase yields, save pollinators and feed the…

Feb 29 17:51

Keiser Report: Cash King Gives Out To Card Queen

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss investors going bananas for gold and a new study proving chemical free agriculture may be better for profit, yield and our future. In the second half, Max interviews Willem Middelkoop, author of the Big Reset, about a dollar collapse, gold repatriation and the next phase of the financial crisis.

Feb 29 16:53

It’s Not Just The GOP – The Democratic Party Is Also Imploding

Whichever side emerges victorious, both Republicans and Democrats should face up to a much bigger truth: Neither party as currently constituted has a real future. Fewer and fewer Americans identify as either Republican or Democratic according to Gallup, and both parties are at recent or all-time lows when it comes to approval ratings. Just 39 percent give Democrats a favorable rating and just 33 percent do the same for Republicans. Not coincidentally, each party has also recently had a clear shot at implementing its vision of the good society. If you want to drive down your adversary’s approval rating, just give him the reins of power for a few years.

Feb 29 15:59

Obama’s Guantanamo Closure Plan: ’This Is About Closing A Chapter In Our History’

President Obama’s final year in office marks the Guantanamo Bay detention facility’s 15th year in operation.

Feb 29 15:43

BBC Jimmy Savile 2016 Whitewash Report – Managers Knew But Took No Action

The report into sexual abuse by disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile has been branded a whitewash after it emerged managers knew what was going on but took no action.

Dame Janet Smith's £10million inquiry found "certain junior and middle-ranking individuals were aware of Savile's inappropriate sexual conduct in connection with his work for the BBC".

Feb 29 14:18

Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round

Don't worry about those demonstrators -- just pump up your drug supply!

Feb 29 12:57

End Of Calais ‘Jungle’? Migrants In Panic & Despair Over Camp Relocation Plan

Thousands of migrants in the French port town of Calais are facing eviction from the tent camp known as the ‘Jungle’.

Feb 29 12:39

Hillary could lose to Trump in Democratic New York

Confidential polling data shows Hillary Clinton could lose the presidential election in heavily Democratic New York to Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner’s support grows to the point of being “surprisingly strong.”

Feb 29 12:37

Damascus Offensive: Fighting Continues Before Ceasefire

With a ceasefire in Syria, brokered by Moscow and Washington just days away, fierce fighting is still ongoing in a Damascus suburb.

Feb 28 15:40

BREAKING : Senator Sessions to endorse TRUMP in ALABAMA

This news will be delivered as a suprise to all 25k Alabamians in attendance at the Trump rally and all participating news media…. (according to drudge)

Feb 28 15:11

FLASHBACK : Watch A Rare Moment Of Truth As MEP Explains Why The Whole Banking System Is A Scam

You don’t need us to tell you that this guy deserves a round of applause for his honesty. Such is rare in politics. In addition, the importance of what he shared cannot be overstated.

Feb 27 18:47

Wage Slave America: NYC Offering 360 Sq Ft Apartments for $3,150

They make it look so classy, but in reality it’s a giant ripoff. Like everything else in life, the bigger an apartment is, the cheaper it is per square foot. This is just an attempt by developers to milk every penny out of their tenants. Instead of saving money by sharing an apartment with other people, our corporate overlords want us to us pay exorbitant prices to live alone in tiny apartments.

Feb 27 17:30

We’re in recession and it’s getting worse: Ron Paul

Ron Paul wants to deliver a message to the market that he claims the Federal Reserve refuses to do itself. The former U.S. Republican congressman said this week that the Fed has been propping up markets, and the U.S. economy has already entered a recession despite what central bankers might say.

Feb 27 16:00

Inside Scalia’s Very, Very Weird Secret Hunting Society

When late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at a Texas ranch two weeks ago, he was without the customary security detail the U.S. Marshals typically provide for such elites. Why, you ask? Because he was hunkered down with a highly secretive and enigmatic fraternity full of crazy expensive guns, ceremonial daggers, and powerful people.

Feb 27 13:38

Shocking Video: US Marine Booed, Removed From Clinton Rally For Asking Legitimate Question

Hillary Clinton supporters booed and shouted at a Marine veteran until security forcibly removed him – all because he asked about Benghazi.

The incident happened at a Clinton rally in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday, where the man who introduced himself as a veteran asked former President Bill Clinton why his wife “lied over the coffins” of the men killed in the Benghazi attacks.

Feb 27 12:08

Watch Hillary’s ‘right-wing conspiracy’ defense dissolve before your eyes

After all these years, Hillary Clinton is still convinced there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy to bring her down. That’s what Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook blamed for a federal judge’s decision that Clinton and her top aides should be questioned about her email scandal under oath. There’s one problem with his claim.

Feb 25 17:39

Drugs Found In Puget Sound Salmon

It can't be limited to salmon. We are all unwillingly taking SSRI antidepressants and other drugs.

Cocktail, anyone?

Feb 25 16:03

Citi: Risk of global recession rising

The risk of the global economy falling into a recession is rising as fundamentals remain poor, analysts at Citigroup said in a note Wednesday. -- “We are currently in a highly precarious environment for global growth and asset markets after two to three years of relative calm,” Citigroup said, noting that global growth was “unusually weak” in the fourth quarter at around 2.0 percent on-year.

Feb 24 21:02

Johnson & Johnson Slapped with $72 MILLION in Damages for Covering up Baby Powder’s Link to Cancer

Meanwhile, how many women have suffered ovarian cancer in the last thirty-plus years and have no idea it’s because they use baby powder? How many parents put baby powder on their babies every day when it is known to cause cancer??? It’s called baby powder for crying out loud!

Will there even be an announcement to the public?

Don’t hold your breath.

(read more)

Feb 24 20:57

The Dangers of The Phosphate Mining Industry & Fluoride

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the broadcast former phosphate mining supervisor Gary O. Pittman to discuss the dangers of fluoride, and the phosphate mining industry. Gary worked for Occidental Chemical Corporation for 21 years working his way up to the position of Mining Supervisor. He was injured due to his continued exposures day after day to chemicals and toxic vapors. Using his expertise and years of experience Gary gives the listener a detailed yet easy to understand lesson in the phosphate mining industry, as well as the dangers / health effects of fluoride exposure. He also covers in detail the ongoing damage to Florida’s waterways and ecosystem from the phosphate mining industry. Make sure to tune in to this very educational broadcast.

Feb 24 16:29

Watch: Anti-Gun MSNBC Learns Firearms are Loud Amid Botched Report

Watch what happens when reporter Kerry Sanders attempts to break down Donald Trump’s support of the Second Amendment on MSNBC’s The Place for Politics, unaware guns can be very loud.

Feb 23 19:29

Tom Petty's FREE FALLIN' starring BUILDING 7

AE911Truth's riff on Tom Petty's classic Free Fallin'. Between now and September 11, 2016, send your version of "FREE FALLIN' starring BUILDING 7" to, and we'll post it on our channel. It's time for the world to know about Building 7.

Feb 23 19:01

"Have you had anybody come up to you and say Building 7?" asks Chris Matthews on MSNBC

"Have you had anybody come up to you and say Building 7? Have you had building 7? Walk around. Be on television a little more and you’ll get the building 7 guys. That’s the theory about. . ." asks Chris Matthews on MSNBC February 15, 2016.

Nice of him to give us the free, very expensive airtime to mention Building 7 twice to a national audience.

Feb 23 17:29

Raw Footage Of NY Govt Forcing Vendors To TRASH Crates Of Perfectly Good Food

It was a sad sorry day for vendors, the homeless and mystified onlookers who witnessed a recent wasteful and intimidating incident in New York. An order was made to take food from city vendors and hurl it into the garbage. A witness recorded the event with a cell phone and the video was…

Feb 23 17:00

Entire crowd of 10,000 says “Mexico” is building the wall!

“This is like a record setting crowd I understand […] the biggest they ever had,” GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump told the crowd after setting the venue’s attendance record with more than 10,000.

Feb 23 16:11

Survey: You’ll Never Guess What Americans Are Most Afraid Of… (yes you will)

Americans are more afraid of their own corrupt government than ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ELSE including death, rape, murder, nuclear war, pandemics, terrorism, zombies, and even clowns.

Feb 23 13:40

Survey: You'll Never Guess What Americans Are Most Afraid Of...

Out of 88 potential horrors this batch of 1,500+ Americans were asked to rank in regard to their personal level of fear in 2015, you'll never guess what the number one thing people are most afraid of in this country...

Or perhaps you will.

(read more)

Feb 22 16:21

Obama Hints at More Gun Control Following Kalamazoo Shooting

Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, President Obama on Monday continued to push the left’s gun control agenda following the shooting of seven people in Kalamazoo, Michigan over the weekend.

Feb 22 16:12

Trump Calls For Auditing the Fed (Keep your bulletproof vest on Donald!)

“It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done,” Trump tweeted out. -- “He’s not a big fan of the Fed,” Stone pointed out. “He is scaring the central bankers; he is scaring the Washington/Wall Street/D.C. consultant/lobbyist class.”

Feb 22 15:42

18-year-old daredevil illegally scales Great Pyramid

An 18-year-old German daredevil by the name of Andrej Ciesielski managed to videotape himself scaling the Great Pyramid of Giza, during his recent trip to Egypt.

Feb 22 14:46

‘Crocodile attack’: Combat helicopters flaunt firepower in drills

Russian military helicopters (Crocodile, Havoc, Hind) conducted live-firing drills in Krasnodar.

Feb 22 10:57

Keiser Report: War on Cash

From Amsterdam, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the war on cash and the Dutch Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement referendum on 6 April 2016.

Feb 22 09:57

Short Documentary Shows How Saturated We Are In Toxic Fluoride

Our Daily Dose is a 20-minute short film by Jeremy Seifert that lays out the real dangers of public water fluoridation. Hailed by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the top ten public health achievements of the 20th century, water fluoridation is something most of us assume to be safe and effective….

Feb 22 09:47

Mysterious Oily Substance Rains From The Sky With No Explanation In Michigan

The whole town of Harrison Township, Michigan is trying to figure out why a black oily substance was raining from the sky last week. According to ABC, the local fire department and environmental agencies have no clue what the substance is, but they do admit that it mysteriously fell from the sky….

Feb 22 04:27

Davos Elite Reveal Orwellian Plan to Decode Your Brain and Read Your Mind

Still think we aren’t living in the Matrix? In his fiction-turned-fact novel 1984, George Orwell wrote “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.”

Apparently even that won’t hold for long.

Feb 20 17:04

Searching life on Mars: Russia, ESA to send orbiter & rover mission to Red Planet

The exploration of Mars is about to go one step further. Russia and Europe’s space agencies are about to send a new mission to the Red Planet.

Feb 20 16:08

Watch Hillary Squirm When Asked If She Has Always Told the Truth

Hillary Clinton is by far, the least trustworthy candidate in the 2016 presidential race. She constantly flip flops on the big issues whenever it suits her, and she can’t open her mouth without telling a lie. She lied about Benghazi, she lied about her emails, and like a true narcissist she lied about being shot at during her visit to Bosnia, even though it was incredibly easy for anyone to verify that story. In short, Hillary’s pants are always on fire.

Feb 20 16:05

RAW: Moment helicopter crashes into water in Pearl Harbor

A private helicopter carrying five people crashed into Pearl Harbor in Hawaii’s Oahu, Thursday.

Feb 20 10:38

Israeli / Saudi Arabia Tactical Nuclear Strike on Yemen (Neutron Bomb)

They have already tested their bomb in Yemen! So far it hasn't been much help!

Webmaster addition: It is a huge explosion, but I am not convinced it is nuclear without radiation readings. It could be a bunker buster that hit an underground munitions storage depot.

Feb 19 14:38

What You Need To Know About The Richest Man In America

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the richest man in the United States Bill Gates who is worth 81 billion dollars.

Feb 19 11:47

Euro over Dollar: Brazil waivers US currency in trade with Iran

The US dollar is losing ground as the leading currency used for international trade with Brazil now saying it's planning to use the Euro instead, in its dealings with Iran.

Feb 19 10:28

Wife of Ex-CIA Agent to Obama: ‘Pardon My Husband’

Holly Sterling, the wife of imprisoned CIA whistleblower, presented a petition at the National Press Club Wednesday morning that asks President Obama to pardon her husband

Feb 19 06:38

Russian Protest Video: Obama Kills 875 People Per Week

Meanwhile, this is what protest videos look like in Russia right now…

Feb 18 14:32

Ken O'Keefe - TSA Denied Flight to Anarcapulco for Refusing Body Scanner at LAX

Brother O'Keefe is currently stuck in the great ole US of A... homeland insecurity deemed him a threat to the imminent self-destruction of banker nation, wouldn't let him through with a ball rub, rather they forced him to be irradiated, and he missed his flight. Please share far and wide.

Feb 18 10:57

Helium Beer Test | Short Version with English Subtitles

The news is depressing! Anybody need a laugh!

We tested Helium-Beer.
This test was originally published on 1st of April (April Fool's Day). ;-)

This Video is the Short-Version of the Original located here:

Feb 17 17:31

Ken O'Keefe: TSA Denied Flight to Anarcapulco for Refusing Body Scanner at LAX

I am not surprised that the Orwellian TSA (Homeland Security) have denied me the ability to board a flight from LAX to Acapulco because I opted out of the body scanner procedure.

Feb 17 15:58

Israeli police officer kicks Palestinian man out of wheelchair (GRAPHIC)

The footage shows an Israeli police officer pushing a Palestinian man out of his wheelchair last Sunday in Hebron in West Bank.

Feb 17 15:54

Mom-and-pops fighting for IRS-seized cash…

The business operations of a drug dealer or a terrorist have little in common with a Maryland dairy farmer.

Feb 17 14:49

“Simple Offers Freedom”: Building a $500 Cabin Without a Permit

He built the cabin at 10×10 deliberately, and cheaply – for $500 – allowing him to build without a permit, and enjoy the freedom of living off of his own land.


Feb 16 18:59

The Deeper History Of Microsoft And The Gates Family (Video)

This is an insightful documentary about Bill Gates, and how the opportunity to rise with Microsoft did not come from out of the blue. The caption above the posted video reads: So you want to be a billionaire? Easy. Just come from a well-connected, eugenics-obsessed elitist insider family and steal...

Feb 16 18:01

Submarine rescue op drills held in Black Sea

The Russian Black Sea fleet held search and rescue drills in the Black Sea as part of the navy’s ongoing military exercises.

Feb 16 17:09

Hey, hey, hey... (Crab with a Knife)

Crab control or gun control! He really handles that knife like a pro!

Feb 16 14:56

Superdelegates Were Literally Created to Prevent a Candidate Like Bernie Sanders

This superdelegate arrangement essentially ensures that should an insurgent candidate emerge whom the Democratic establishment feels lacks electability — or, for that matter, whom the establishment finds objectionable for any reason — party insiders can close ranks and intervene by casting their collective vote for the ‘better’ candidate.

Feb 16 13:38

US Marshals arresting people for not paying student loans

Believe it or not, the US Marshals Service in Houston is arresting people for not paying their outstanding federal student loans.
Paul Aker says he was arrested at his home last week for a $1500 federal student loan he received in 1987.

Feb 15 16:41

Gee, That’s Not Suspicious at All: Justice Scalia Already Embalmed

This is the kind of event that lets you know the corruption behind devious inventions like Obamacare go far beyond the puppet the real owners running things have propped up in the White House.

Feb 15 16:14

Trump blasts RNC, calls Cruz a ‘bad liar’

“I have never met people like politicians. They are the most dishonest people I have ever met,” the New York billionaire said during a stop at Mount Pleasant, S.C., hotel on Monday. “They lie, lie, lie and then they apologize.”

Feb 15 16:03

Mummy for Museum: 2,500yo ‘Altay princess’ not to be reburied though locals insist, believe in curse

A judge in Russia’s southeastern Altay republic has ruled that the mummy of a 2,500 year-old “Altay princess,” which is currently being exhibited at a museum, should not be reburied as requested by local council elders, who believe she is cursed.

Feb 15 13:41

Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Murdered?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died under questionable circumstances. Always pay attention to the establishment’s reaction to a situation like this. It speaks volumes.

Feb 15 08:18

Justice Scalia Already Embalmed, Obama Gets a THIRD Supreme Court Nominee

Gee... this doesn't look suspicious at all...

Was that even a full 24 hours from the time he died that they were already embalming him?

And in other news, Supreme Court justices are appointed for life and — in the crazy land America has now become — a full one third of the highest court in our land is about to be comprised of Obama nominees.

(read more)

Feb 14 17:47

Obama: We’re Not ‘Wildly Overspending,’ A Lot of Stuff People Put On Internet and News Is ‘Factually Inaccurate’

President Obama argued, “there are a bunch of folks who say that we’re wildly overspending, even though we aren’t” and that many things on the Internet and news broadcasts “are just factually inaccurate” on Friday’s broadcast of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Feb 14 16:56

NRA: Scalia death puts gun rights in jeopardy

Gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association said that conservative Justice Antonin Scalia’s death Saturday puts gun rights on the line. --“We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that would harm our Second Amendment rights,” said the NRA.

Feb 13 14:24

Watch Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore dominate press on Oregon occupation situation

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore dominated the press Friday, countering just about every hired shill in the industry, who happened to be blurting out questions that no normal or real American would ever as. In fact some of the questions were so vile to listen to that only a full-blown communist like Bernie Sanders may enjoy hearing them.

Feb 12 17:36

Do You Realize if Jeb or Hillary Wins, It Could Be 30+ Years of Bushes and Clintons in the White House?

In every presidential election from 1980 to 2008, a Bush or a Clinton was attempting to get into the White House. And now, the American people are facing an election where Hillary Clinton is running against Jeb Bush for president. Should one of them win (and the game has obviously been rigged in favor of our two unofficial dynasties), and should that person get two terms, it’ll officially be 28 of the 36 years between 1989 and 2025.

Feb 12 16:14

Serial Killer Edward Wayne Edwards & The Steve Avery / Brendan Dassey Case


On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back retired Cold Case Detective John A. Cameron to discuss serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards again. Not only will John be going over Edwards' vast history of killing and setting people up for it, (which includes some very well known cases) but also how he believes Edwards is responsible for the murder of 25 year old photographer Teresa Halbach, and the set-up of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey for it. The Avery / Dassey case is featured in the Netflix documentary MAKING A MURDERER. Make sure to take the time to tune into this intriguing broadcast, and purchase John's book to further understand the level of monster Edward Wayne Edwards was, and the evil he engaged in.

Feb 11 19:19

RIP Free Speech: Watch This Cop Give a Ticket for OFFENDING Someone with… Words

“The University of Texas at Austin police department issued a disorderly conduct citation to an outdoor preacher on Tuesday after students complained that his message had offended them. The preacher, who was standing just off campus, recorded his interaction with several university police officers, who explained that it was illegal for him to offend the students.”

Feb 11 16:54

‘They’re kicking me out the door’: Rotary Club Cuts Jeb Off During Speech

The incident follows a line of embarrassing moments for former President George W. Bush’s brother, who has had a hard time fighting the perception that he is a “low energy” candidate. Over the weekend, his opponent Donald Trump had some harsh words after Jeb’s mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, said she was “sick” of the billionaire and his alleged disrespect towards women. Trump shot back that Jeb had to bring “mommy” in to slap him.

Feb 11 09:34

Zionist and Nazi Moral Disengagement

Zionist values and the hasbara machine dread empathy. Empathy engages with suffering and survivors of Nazi atrocities and their descendants have the privileged capacity to realise there is no difference between suffering under the Nazi or the zionist jackboot – both of which made and make strides because the machinations of moral disengagement duped the German people back then, just as the Jewish people are duped today along with British, Canadian, American, European, Australian citizens whose governments grant impunity to the zionist scourge in Palestine.

Feb 10 17:39

Watch Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Confront Humorless & Brainwashed PC Campus Culture

Throughout the clip, you can see these kids struggling to contain themselves. They want to laugh so badly, but they hold it in. They’re so conditioned to be sensitive about every kind of person and situation, that they can’t bring themselves to laugh, and state the obvious. As strange as it may sound, this bit reveals that their liberal sensibilities are downright puritanical.

Feb 10 17:17

Good Video : How The Establishment Elite Are Rigging The Presidential Election

We go over just some of the media manipulation from last night’s New Hampshire primary and how many media organizations and social media platforms are capitulating to power.

Feb 10 15:34

Video: Sanders Supporters Celebrate Sweeping Success

TRNN speaks with Sanders supporters in NH and asks whether his campaign should adopt a more aggressive approach when challenging Clinton’s record.

Feb 10 09:49

Ex-NAACP Head Ben Jealous: Sanders is Most Consistent Candidate Tackling Racism, Militarism & Greed

Likening him to Jesse Jackson in the 1980s, former NAACP President Benjamin Jealous praises Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for consistently addressing the issues that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as the "giant triplets of evil".

Feb 10 09:11

Search and rescue op in Tainan, Taiwan after deadly quake (drone footage)

Emergency services continued to search for survivors in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan, Sunday, after a deadly 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the city.

Feb 10 04:48

Assault with a deadly weapon: Florida man charged with throwing alligator into Wendy’s

It takes a Captive Wildlife Permit to legally possess an alligator in the State of Florida. So begs the question, if you have a CWP and CCW, can you legally carry an alligator concealed for defensive purposes? What would be the best way to carry a concealed alligator? I for one would want some sort of strap around its mouth, removed with a thumb break to prevent accidental (discharge) mastication.

Feb 09 17:20

Alert: White SUV with “European plates” seen entering Oregon refuge, “private mercenaries” seen inside

A Youtuber by the name of Bravo Von Muller traveled Oregon recently to try and document if reports of “French mercenaries” in the area are actually true.

Feb 09 15:50

Ron Paul: Syria Invasion, Are They Flirting with WW3?

Yesterday the CNN Arabic website reported that Saudi Arabia has prepared a 150,000 strong force to invade Syria under the auspices of fighting ISIS. Such a move would pit Saudi troops against Iranian troops and the Russian military, in addition to the Syrian Army. Are they flirting with WWIII?

Feb 09 15:49

The Wilting UK Economy

Dr. Graham Gudgin and Jo Michell of Economists for Rational Economic Policies challenge the prediction that the UK will remain the fastest growing economy in Western Europe

Feb 09 14:34

Global central banks are running ‘out of ammo’

They’re pumping money into their economies, creating negative interest rates and buying billions of dollars in bonds. Yet experts are worried some of these strategies will not be enough to turn around the slump in the world. -- “Major central banks have run out of ammo,” says Ed Yardeni, chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research.

Feb 09 08:56

Trump Calls Police “Absolutely Mistreated”; Kasich Backs Collaboration Between Communities & Cops

At Saturday’s Republican debate, Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich offered competing visions for improving police relations in the wake of the police shootings in Ferguson and elsewhere. Trump said the police have been "absolutely mistreated and misunderstood," while Kasich highlighted efforts in Ohio to bring community leaders and police together in dialogue. We speak with Vince Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Feb 08 20:56

Mark Dice Video: Brain Dead Americans Don’t Care If Russia Gets Nuked

The gross ignorance of the average American knows no bounds these days. Their minds are so occupied with vapid entertainment and social media, that they’ve left no room for critical thinking. You can tell them anything and they’ll take it as gospel. If you come from a position of authority, you can convince them to accept any course of action, even if it’s absolutely deplorable.

Feb 08 18:58

CCW Permit Holder In CA Holds Burglar At Gunpoint With His Glock Until Police Arrive

That homeowner, who did not want to be identified, says he’s had his concealed carry permit for 50 years in California and it’s the first time he’s ever been forced to draw.

Feb 08 18:45

MARYLAND CORRUPTION : Complete police state, and policing for profit

Under Maryland’s draconian “civil forfeiture” laws, people do not have to be convicted, or even charged with a crime, to permanently lose their cash, cars or other valuables. Once their property has been seized, spouses, parents and other innocent owners actually have to go to court and prove that they are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Feb 08 18:28

Oops: Police Offer No Explanation After Officers Nearly Kill Entire Family

A Florida family of three is thankful to be alive after two police officers opened fire on the wrong home early Saturday morning.

Feb 08 14:23

Watch how poorly THIS VET is mistreated… then watch WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Moe ant ET took to the streets with their little brother Omar to do a social experiment and see how people treat the homeless and more importantly vets who severed our country.

Feb 08 09:13

Criminal Politician Clinton Won 6 Coin Flips To Take Iowa

In this video Luke Rudkowski details the absurd but yet real life news of coin flips, voter intimidation and fraud during the Iowa Caucus.