Apr 04 10:40

Trump Effect

Apr 04 10:09

Video: Azerbaijan Claims Ceasefire In Nagorny-Karabakh, Armenia Says Hostilities Continue

Azerbaijan has decided to unilaterally cease all hostilities in Karabakh, the country’s Defense Ministry said. It added it would resume military action if attacked.

Apr 04 08:26

New Black Panthers In Armed Showdown With Anti-Muslim Militia In Texas

A gun-toting anti-Muslim hate group protesting at a mosque in Texas were weren’t expecting to be confronted by armed members of the New Black Panther party and the Huey P Newton Gun Club.

Apr 04 07:59

Tourists Cheat Death As Whale-Watching Ship Crashes Into California Pier (VIDEO)

It was a Hollywood movie moment caught on video. A whale-watching ship crashed into a pier in the California city of San Diego this weekend, as dozens of tourists scrambled to safety.

Apr 03 16:11

The Empire Files: Abby Martin With Dr. Jill Stein – A Sick Society

Abby Martin sits down with Dr. Stein to look at how her career in medicine helped her diagnose America's "multi-organ failure," and why her ideas pose such a threat to Empire.

Apr 03 16:05

Growth Is Useless Without Equal Economic Distribution

Robert Pollin of PERI challenges Paul Krugman's assertion that Sanders' economic proposals are unrealistic and questions conventional wisdom on economic growth.

Apr 03 14:47

Keiser Report: Economics Of Crime & Stupidity

Max and Stacy discuss crime and stupidity.

Apr 03 14:08

‘Forced Sex With Dog’ CAR Girls Report Shocking Abuse By Intl Peacekeepers

An advocacy group has released horrifying details of how at least 98 Central African Republic (CAR) girls were allegedly sexually abused by international peacekeepers.

Apr 02 15:47

Video: Paris Clashes: Tear Gas Vs Projectiles At Student-Led Demo Against Labor Reforms

Clashes erupted at a student-led demonstration against labor reforms proposed by the French government in Paris.

Apr 02 14:50

‘Terrorist Erdogan’ Chant Drowned Out By ‘Choir’ Of Presidential Guards

Security staff carried out a bizarre offensive against protesters calling president Recep Tayyip Erdogan a terrorist by trying to shout down their chants and destroying their placards.

Apr 02 14:01

Keiser Report: Fools In Charge

Apr 02 07:00

Special Report: VAXXED [UNCENSORED] The Real Story

This video [below] is a Special Report telling the uncensored story of the fight to release the film VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Apr 02 06:56

Media Face Crackdown While Erdogan Lauds Turkish Democracy At US Summit

While President Erdogan delivers a speech praising Turkish democracy, his security service cracks down on journalists and demonstrators at the same venue.

Apr 01 13:50

Clinton Loses It When Greenpeace Activist Asks About Her Fossil Fuel Donors (VIDEO)

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was captured losing her cool Thursday when confronted by a Greenpeace activist about the millions of dollars in direct and indirect donations she receives from the fossil fuel industry.

Apr 01 13:05

Trump Camp Spotlights Michelle Fields' History Of 'becoming News'

Fields has demonstrated a history of deception, and she exhibits classic and frightening examples of 'duping delight.' (Watch the C-SPAN interview in this article.)

Apr 01 12:57

How to spot a liar

Michelle Fields and 'duping delight.'

Apr 01 11:58

The Price Of Fighting Back: How Woman Faces 60 Years In Prison For The Death Of Her Abusive Ex

Jurors in Connecticut are deliberating the fate of Cherelle Baldwin, a 24-year-old mother accused of killing her alleged abuser.

Apr 01 11:40

Video: “We Need To Electrify As Much Transportation As We Can”

Richard Heinberg, senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, says a truly green transportation system would stop relying on cars.

Apr 01 11:15

Fueling Fascism: The Secret History Of How Texaco Supplied Oil To Fascists In Spain

While thousands of Americans fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War, some chose to back Franco’s fascist regime.

Apr 01 09:59

Media face crackdown while Erdogan lauds Turkish democracy at US summit

While President Erdogan delivers a speech praising Turkish democracy, his security service cracks down on journalists and demonstrators at the same venue.

Apr 01 09:40

EXCLUSIVE: Harry Reid told me not to run b/c I'm Muslim - Nev. congressional candidate

Democrats have repeatedly claimed they are the party of inclusion. But House of Representatives candidate Jesse Sbaih is accusing Harry Reid, the Senate’s top Democrat, of telling him that a Muslim can’t win in the state.

Apr 01 09:07

Watch Obama fail to acknowledge THIS Marine before embarking presidential helicopter

On May 4, 2013, President Obama failed to acknowledge a United States Marine as the president boarded Marine One, the presidential helicopter.

Mar 31 17:50

Video: Shocking Killing: 3yo Girl Beheaded In Front Of Her Mother In Taiwan, Suspect Arrested

The child and her mother were on their way to a metro rail station to meet the girl’s grandfather when the incident took place.

Mar 31 15:06

RAW: NATO Eurofighters Follow Russian Defense Minister’s Plane Over Baltic Sea

Heading towards Kaliningrad over the neutral waters in the Baltic Sea, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu’s plane got accompanied by NATO fighters.

Mar 31 14:24

Mark Dice: ‘Illuminati trying to incite some psycho to take out Donald Trump’

Youtuber Mark Dice just released a vid Thursday, detailing the fact that continuous death threats are being issued against Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump not on

Mar 31 11:46

Dashcam Footage: Young Couple Killed As Falling Rocks From Truck Bury Car

A young couple have been killed when their car was buried by falling rocks from a truck following a collision in Xiamen City, east China’s Fujian Province.

Mar 31 11:04

CrossTalk: Scapegoating Russia

A disturbing trend: Western governments and their pliant mainstream media often blame Russia for many of the world’s woes.

Mar 31 08:47

RED ALERT: Cheney warns of another 9/11 style attack as Dow soars above 17,746

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who many believe had insider knowledge of, or even involvement with, the September 11, 2001 attacks, went on CNN Thursday to talk about his book titled “Exceptional — Why the World Needs a Powerful America,” co-a

Mar 31 08:00

Video: Inside Old Palmyra: Exclusive Access To Ancient Relics After ISIS Flees

A clearer picture is emerging of the full scale of the destruction inflicted by Islamic State, on the ancient city of Palmyra.

Mar 31 07:39

Professional Victim Michelle Fields Falsely Accused Mark Dice of Harassment After Interview in 2012

Michelle Fields falsely accused media analyst Mark Dice of harassment after a brief interview with her at the 2012 Bilderberg protest in Chantilly, Virginia, where she was covering the event on assignment for the Daily Caller. Dice first thanks her for coming, and in the middle of his first question she turns her back on him while he's mid-sentence. Dice then tells her that he thinks she's a very intelligent woman, and is a fan of her work (was a fan, at the time, nut not anymore), and is curious about her opinion on why mainstream media has largely ignored the Bilderberg Group meetings for decades. Fields says she "just graduated college" calls him a jerk, and then walked away, later writing an article for the Daily Caller stating that, "The Daily Caller attended the ‘Occupy Bilderberg’ protests in Virginia on Saturday, but quickly had to leave after protesters harassed TheDC."

Mar 30 13:39

Ex Cruz Campaign Member Speaks Out About #CruzSexScandal and Voter Fraud

We also talked to John Doe over a private connection. He talked about what led him to quit the Cruz campaign. He explained that it was over this very complex plan hatched by none other than Amanda Carpenter – a former Cruzer, who had been hired by CNN.

Carpenter rolled out the idea on or about Jan. 15, 2016 – 17 days before the Caucus. The plan was able to manipulate Carson out of delegates that should have voted for him and sent them mostly to Cruz.

“The basic story is I have worked on republican campaigns since I graduated from ….. 24 years ago. Not once have I quit a campaign even when I had disagreements with strategy, language, anything really.”

“I had to quit the Cruz campaign after in Mid January I was flown from South Carolina to Iowa for the home stretch before the Iowa Caucus.”

“Once in Iowa I was instructed to make calls and monitor other volunteers making calls - hundreds of calls a day. Lying about Trump as well as Senator Rubio.”

Mar 30 09:33

#NeverTrump Activist Unhinged, Backflips

Webmaster addition: What some people will do for $16 an hour!

Mar 30 07:34

Arizona Secretary Of State Confirms Election Fraud Did Happen

In Maricopa County, where voter suppression issues were the most obvious on election night, the number of polling places was slashed from 400 in 2008, to 200 in 2012. But in 2016, Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell slashed that number again, leaving just 60 polling sites open for an area that has a population of more than four million people.

But it wasn’t just the lack of polling locations that contributed to the tremendously long lines. The locations that were open were inappropriately small, some with as few as six voting booths on site.

Worse, as thousands of voters waited in line outside the polling locations, half the voting booths were purposely left empty by poll workers, who trickled voters in as slowly as possible.




Mar 29 10:40

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares His Experience After 1 Year In Space

Scott Kelly and MIkhail Kornienko returned from their mission at the beginning of March.

Mar 29 10:38

Heidi Cruz: First Lady of the North American Union?

In this week's Analysis Behind the News video, JBS CEO Art Thompson looks at the wife of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Art addresses Heidi Cruz's connections with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and her role in supporting the North American Union. What are Heidi's connections with the CFR and NAU?

Mar 29 10:02

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Government Wants Ability To Access The Communications Of Everyone, Everywhere

Web-exclusive interview with Glenn Greenwald on the debate over encryption and the Apple-FBI battle.

Mar 28 17:16

Problem. Reaction. Solution. (Brussels Edition)

lather, rinse, repeat. aren't you tired of these police state escalation cycles?