Oct 14 18:11

Yale To Face Protests For Whitewashing Paul Kagame’s Record

Yale is expected to face protests today for whitewashing the atrocious human rights record of Rawandan strongman Paul Kagame, a major US ally.

Oct 14 15:42

5 Questionable Clinton-Related Deaths In 2016

In this video, Rachel Blevins covers five deaths from 2016 that have all had ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Oct 14 14:58

The Assault | The Battle of Stalingrad (1 of 3)

The turning point of WW2! What it's like to fight Russia.

Oct 14 14:50

WWll in Colour-The Battle of Moscow

The Russians lost upwards of 30 million people total and still prevailed.

Oct 14 11:02

Hitting The Beats: New UK Fiver Plays Vinyl Records

We bet the Royal Mint didn’t include this in its specifications for the new banknote!

Oct 13 16:11

Doctor Says Mysterious New Blood Bacteria Seems Like Nanobot Bioweapon

Esteemed Doctor Says Mysterious New Blood Bacteria Seems Like Nanobot Bioweapon (Video) Editors note: this is a far out topic, but it is coming from an esteemed doctor with a long resume...

Oct 13 15:53

SEC Accusations Against US Billionaire Highlight Centrality Of Insider Trading To Hedge Fund Profits

Former financial regulator Bill Black discusses the case of Leon Cooperman, who once accused Obama of unfair treatment of the rich.

Oct 13 09:39

Why It’s Illegal For Medical Marijuana Cardholders To Own Guns

In this video, Rachel Blevins looks at the hypocrisy surrounding the recent federal appeals court ruling.

Oct 13 07:40

Mortar Attack On Govt-Controlled Area Of Aleppo: Civilians Killed & Injured

A mortar attack on a Syrian government-controlled area of Aleppo has resulted in numerous casualties, RT’s Murad Gazdiev reported from the embattled city.

Oct 13 06:28

Air raid sirens sound, military jets, helicopters, scramble on western seaboard

(INTELLIHUB) — Air raid sirens were activated in several regions of the Western United States early Thursday morning as fighter jets and helicopters scrambled from various airbases, according to reports.

Oct 11 17:28

Nurses Union Slams AFL-CIO’s Endorsement Of Dakota Access Pipeline

The National Nurses United a member of the AFL-CIO, strongly rebuked the AFL’s decision to endorse the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Oct 11 16:56

Cameron Responsible For Rise In Xenophobia & Racism Abuse In UK – Watchdog

A report condemning “considerable intolerant political discourse in the UK, particularly focusing on immigration” was published

Oct 11 12:11

Ankara Police Arrest 60, Teargas Protesters At October 10 Blast Commemoration Rally

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Ankara to pay tribute to the victims of a double suicide bombing that took place a year ago.

Oct 11 10:35

Important Paradigm Shifting Message From David Icke

In this video Luke Rudkowski sits down with long time luminary David Icke in NYC.

Oct 11 10:17

PROOF: Hillary is Rothchild’s puppet

Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bush families will do anything in their power to see her inserted into the Oval office


Oct 11 10:16

60 years ago Aldous Huxley predicted how global freedom would die

This interview was recorded 27 years after the publication of Brave New World, which in and of itself was an eloquent warning to freedom loving people. Fast-forward to 2016 and we find that Huxley was right on every account,

Oct 10 15:43

America’s Murderous Legacy In Laos

As Barack Obama becomes the first sitting U.S. president to visit Laos, The Real News brings you an interview with Fred Branfman.

Oct 10 13:12

Why Did The US Just Bar A Former British Diplomat From Entering The Country?

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray blew the whistle on how the Americans were using Uzbekistan's medieval torture program to produce false intelligence in the war on terror.

Oct 10 11:21

Debate Watch: Fly Lands on Hillary Clinton’s Face

She needs to declare her own,"No Fly Zone" and hope the little boogers don't have Russian air support and aren't packin S-300's up their little tails!

Twitter was abuzz last night over startling new revelations that… a fly landed right on Hillary Clinton’s face during the debate!

Oct 10 10:35

Snow and Winter Storm Warning in Montanna

The national weather service in missoula has issued a winter storm warning...which is in effect from late sunday night through Monday evening.

Oct 10 09:34

The Powerful Interests Backing The Dakota Access Pipeline

Ahead of a major court ruling expected on Friday, TRNN examines the financial and political interests behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Oct 10 08:07

The Biggest 2016 Presidential Campaign Lies

In this video, Rachel Blevins covers the biggest lies told by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump throughout their campaigns.

Oct 10 07:21

Pentagon Threatening Russia Behind Obama’s Back. What The BBC Won’t Tell You About Syria

Bashar Ja’afari stressed that the massacre taking place in Syria was caused by foreign terrorists who were coming from Europe.

Oct 10 07:04

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Awarded 2016 Nobel Peace Prize For FARC Deal

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos "for his resolute efforts" to bring the country's more than 50-year-long civil war to an end, the Nobel Committee has announced in Norway’s capital, Oslo.

Oct 10 06:46

From Criticism To Direct Threats In Just 1 Month: US-Russia Tension Growing Over Syrian Crisis

Washington has threatened to impose “costs” on Russia outside the UN, over the Syrian conflict. It may mark the starkest warning so far from the U.S.

Oct 09 07:44

New Laser For Industrial And Medical Purposes Unveiled In Russia

Laboratory in Tomsk State University demonstrated a new type of strontium vapour high precision laser.

Oct 09 07:16

JoCo Sheriff says deputy kidnapped outside jail, sexually assaulted before escaping vehicle hours later

I don't know about you,but things in America have sunk to a new low when rapists are raping cops in the jail parking lot!
Elect Hillary and it will get worse!

Police said around 11:30 p.m. Friday the car was seen in the area of 101 N. Kansas Avenue in Olathe, in a parking lot adjacent to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office Adult Detention Center.

An occupant of the vehicle, described as a white male, reportedly forced a female deputy into the car against her will in the parking lot as she walked to work at the facility.

Oct 08 19:57

Hurricane Matthew Kills Over 800 In Haiti

While we here in the U. S. Are complaining about the damage, and power outages that we have to deal with from Hurricane Matthew, there are reports of over 800 people are dead in Haiti from this storm. There isn't any coverage on the MSM about it because it would inevitably lead to people asking why so many people died. The simplest answer is lack of proper structures to ride the storm out in. Those structures could have been built after the devastating earthquake in 2010 if the funds weren't stolen from the country by people like Hillary Clinton who just happens to be running for president. The same person who just so happens to have the very same MSM in her corner for public relations and damage control.

Oct 08 16:00

Why Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Over!

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks through the main stream media lies and talks about the most important information regarding Hillary Clinton’s health.

Oct 08 12:08

Pro-Govt Iraq Fighters ‘Likely’ Killed In US-Led Coalition Airstrike Near Mosul – US Official

An airstrike has left at least 20 pro-government tribal fighters dead near the Iraqi city of Mosul, a US defense official told AFP.

Oct 07 09:31

The 10 futuristic DARPA projects that will change the world

Will these projects change the world?

Oct 07 09:21

Milo Yiannopoulos On The REAL Hillary Clinton Conspiracy

In this video, Rachel Blevins interviews Milo Yiannopoulos on the topics of Hillary Clinton’s health, how it could affect her performance.

Oct 07 08:53

The most powerful anti-Clinton ad yet – this is a must-watch

Only 11% of U.S. citizens believe Clinton is “honest and trustworthy,” and this video exemplifies many of the reasons why

Oct 06 16:47

Video: Keiser Report: Stealing Is Legal In America

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss how finance is ruining America.

Oct 06 16:28

Pentagon Paid UK PR Firm $540mn To Make Fake Terrorist Videos During Iraq War

The Pentagon paid a UK PR firm half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign.

Oct 06 14:41

Assange: WikiLeaks To Release All US Election Docs By Nov. 8

WikiLeaks will release documents on the US presidential elections before November 8, the group’s founder, Julian Assange, said in an eagerly anticipated address via videolink at the Volksbuhne Theater in Berlin to mark WikiLeaks’ 10th anniversary.

Don't hold your breath...

Oct 06 14:21

BBC Presenter Claims He Was Fired For Being A White Man

An award-winning British comedian who featured on a BBC radio show, has lost his job, after 18 years of service.

Oct 06 11:47

Aleppo Reduced To Rubble Amid Battle To Recapture Rebel-Held Areas

Aleppo Reduced To Rubble Amid Battle To Recapture Rebel-Held Areas

Oct 06 10:10

Jail Bird: Pakistani Pigeon Arrested On Espionage Charges In India

A pigeon, which most likely came from Pakistan, was taken into custody by border guards after a letter addressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was found on the bird.

Oct 06 09:39

Obama Just Committed The Most Disgusting Veto Of His Presidency

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes off and talks about Barack Obama’s recent veto of a very popular bill in the house of representatives that was just passed.

Oct 06 09:39

Russian Embassy In Damascus Hit By Mortar From Terrorist-Controlled Area Of Syria

The Russian embassy in Damascus came under fire on Tuesday from a neighborhood controlled by militant groups, including Al-Nusra Front.

Oct 05 14:56

Video: Shimon Peres: Champion Of Power Or Peace?

The former Israeli president and prime minister has been remembered as a peacemaker, but his biography tells a different story, says Michel Warschawski.

Oct 05 10:24

Comply Or Die: What The Shootings In Tulsa And Charlotte Reveal About Policing In America

Failure to comply with police can result in a death sentence for Black Americans, says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report.

Oct 05 08:39

The Latest DNCleak Hack The Media Is Censoring

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest DNCleak that has been released by wikileaks moments ago and goes over the latest revelations.

Note: This leak did NOT come from Wikileaks, but from Guccifer 2.0

Oct 04 18:39

Remember When Election Year Sign Stealing was Just a Game of Cat and Mouse?

This is not the only video showing violence toward Trump supporters by Clinton supporters. There are over forty more here. Why? Probably because “in their movie [in their heads], they are actually actors in a play — or in a movie, let’s call it — in which they’re in the middle of an actual revolution by Nazis.” YouTube removed it from its site because YouTube is bias toward Hillary, but the internet never forgets.

Oct 04 17:04

Ron Paul On War Profits: PR Firm Gets $500 Million To Spin Iraq War

Thanks to a non-profit investigative journalism organization we now know that the Pentagon paid British PR firm more than half a billion dollars over five years to create false propaganda designed to push the US story line on the Iraq war.

Oct 04 17:03

‘Get Out!’ Merkel Booed At Protest While Attending German Unity Day Ceremony

Hopes for a smooth ‘Day of German Unity’ have been shattered. That’s due to hundreds of anti-migrant PEGIDA movement protesters gathering in Dresden city.

Oct 04 16:01

Taliban Raises Its Flag Over Kunduz Before Being Pushed Back By Afghan Forces

Afghan security forces say they have now taken back control of central Kunduz, which fell into the hands of the Taliban, following an audacious assault.

Oct 04 15:10

Media Exaggerations Of Apocalyptic Venezuela Plays Into Regime Change Narrative

Gabriel Hetland & Rachael Boothroyd say that the crisis in Venezuela is real, but the international media descriptions of horror stories are far from representative.

Oct 04 10:25

Putin Visits Reserve For Wild Horses And Sets 6 Of Them Free

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited a natural reserve where scientists are running a project that is meant to reintroduce Przewalski's horses to their native habitat. The Russian president fed the horses and observed the wild animal in its natural habitat.

Oct 04 09:26

The U.S Economic Storm That Will Crash The Global Economy

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey.

Oct 04 09:01

Russia’s UN Envoy Speaks As Country Takes Over Presidency In Security Council

The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, is holding a news conference in New York as Russia takes over the presidency of the United Nations

Oct 04 07:02

Louisiana Cops Kill 6-Year-Old Jeremy Mardis, Claiming Self-Defense

The two Louisiana cops who killed 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis claimed there was a warrant for his father’s arrest, but that was a lie.

Oct 03 16:32

Scott Adams: Trump’s Tax Leak to the New York Times Caused an Unexpected Ripple Effect of Smart People Explaining Taxes to Their Dumb Friends

Scott then goes on to explain taxes and economics to his Periscope audience!

This can also be a companion video for Scott’s blog posts: Presidential Temperament and The Week I Became a Target.

Oct 03 15:41

Syria Will Never Be Another Libya Or Iraq – Envoy To UN Bashar Jaafari

Bashar Al-Jaafari, Syria’s ambassador to the UN, speaks exclusively to RT.

Oct 03 14:24

African Refugees Fleeing War And Economic Strife On The Rise

Record number of refugee crossings are still taking place along the route from Libya to Italy, says Proactiva Open Arms coordinator Gerard Canals.

Oct 03 11:44

Kerry: ‘I Argued For Use Of Force In Syria, And I’ve Lost The Argument’

John Kerry frustrated with inability to use forces in Syria – leaked recording.

Oct 03 10:58

Hacker Extradited To The U.S. Facing 99 Years In Jail

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Tor Ekeland outside the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London England.

Oct 03 10:17

UK State Sponsored Child Sexual Abuse Cover-Up Latest: Top Lawyer Ben Emmerson Suspended

So-called human rights lawyer Ben Emmerson e-mailed panel members to warn them not to talk publicly.

Oct 03 09:38

Video: Iraq Oil Field Set On Fire By ISIS Almost A Month Ago Is Still Burning

An oil field near Qayara, Iraq was set on fire by ISIS before the terrorist group had to leave the liberated area. Several weeks later, the fire’s still going.

Oct 03 07:32

WIKILEAKS to do Hillary Dump on Video!

I guess he didn't want to be shot off the balcony like Martin Luther King was.

Update: WikiLeaks reports that the Tuesday announcement will still take place as scheduled. However, instead of having Julian Assange give his announcement on the balcony of the embassy, the announcement will take place via a video conference which will air at a Berlin press conference. The press conference is slated to take place on Tuesday morning.

Oct 01 19:38

‘Bill, Let’s Go!’: Obama Frustrated Waiting For Clinton To Board Air Force One

Obama gets frustrated waiting for Bill Clinton to board Air Force One departing from Jerusalem where funeral service of Shimon Peres was held.

Oct 01 16:16

DESTROYING 19 Red Light Cameras And Turning Yourself In

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the Red Light Robbin Hood Stephen Ruth who one night decided to go out in Long Island and destroy 19 red light cameras in an act of civil disobedience. Find out why in this video and the darker truths about red light cameras.

Oct 01 07:06

The Young Turks Exposed: SJW Bigotry Over Gender And Skin Colour

TRIGGER WARNING: This video contains white male privilege that some viewers may find distressing.

Sep 30 13:29

MH17 Probe Results Revealed In The Netherlands

The Joint Investigation Team is presenting the first results of their criminal investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine.

Sep 30 10:36

‘We’ll Sell Launches, Not Promises’: Russian Firm Joins Space Race With Sea Launch Platform Purchase

Russia’s privately-owned S7 Group plans to conquer the niche space launch market and compete with the likes of SpaceX after purchasing the Sea Launch complex, a mobile maritime platform that halted operations two years ago.

Sep 30 10:05

Video: Top 5 Times Armed Citizens STOPPED Mass Shootings

In this video, Rachel Blevins discusses five cases where armed citizens saves lives and stopped mass shootings by jumping into action and utilizing their concealed handguns.

Sep 30 09:58

‘Get Big Boats Out Of Venice!’: Angry Locals Block Cruise Ships From Docking In Sinking City

Hundreds of protesters blocked giant cruise ships from entering Venetian waters.

Sep 29 14:56

‘Another Aleppo Moment’: Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Can’t Name Foreign Leader He Admires

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson could not name a foreign leader he admires, when asked during a televised town hall meeting.

Sep 29 14:25

SouthFront: US deploys soldiers dangerously close to Aleppo city

A report from a Lebanese TV channel suggests the United States may have deployed its special forces at Mare' and Azaz, two rebel-held towns in the northern Aleppo countryside.

US troops have entered the Syrian towns of Marea and Azaz located north of Aleppo city, Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel reported. The US servicemen are embedded with ‘moderate rebels’ from the FSA and are going to prepare the US-backed advance on ISIS in the area.

Sep 29 13:23

Why is everybody saying World War 3 just began in Syria?

Syrian Girl breaks down recent happenings in Syria with their army, ISIS and the the United States Military.

Sep 29 11:47

Lack Of Accountability Has Made Baltimore An Overpoliced Panopticon

Baltimore’s Green Party Mayoral candidate says that as long as progressivism takes hold in US politics, he’s not wedded to any political party.

Sep 29 09:02

The Ultimate Way To Change The Legal System Now

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews well known and prolific activist Danny Shine about the power we have within all of us right now.

Sep 29 08:23

BBC & CNN Lying: Did NATO Attacks Break Sep 12th Ceasefire In Syria?

Attacks that broke September 12th ceasefire in Syria: Saturday 17th September on Syrian Arab Army in Deir al-Zour killing 62 and wounding over 100.

Sep 29 07:40

These 13 Corporations Are “Big Pharma”: Their History, Crimes, and Products

Waking Times Media

These 13 corporations tend to be a blind spot in our understanding of history.

Sep 28 16:57

Data Shows No Aerial Objects Approached MH17 From The East – Russian MoD

There are new details on the fate of the MH17 passenger jet accident, after Russia’s Defence Ministry released radar data from the day of 2014 tragedy.

Sep 28 14:58

Al-Nusra Commander Says US Supports Jihadists Indirectly, Provides Tanks & Artillery Via Allies

Al-Nusra Front is a terrorist group and the US will never provide it with any aid, said the State Department.

Sep 28 14:46

Keiser Report: Houdini’s Magic Tricks In Modern Economy & Politics

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss what Houdini could teach us.

Sep 28 13:12

Moon Mission: Hakuto Robot Rover Undergoes Testing In Japan Ahead Of Lunar Travel

Hakuto’s PFM3 pre-flight model underwent testing in Tottori Sand Dunes, Tottori Prefecture.

Sep 28 11:14

‘Artistic Freedom’: Fake Norway Theater Official Causes Stir With Video Apology For Israel Ties

Tel Aviv has urged the National Theatre of Norway to deny links to and remove a video in which a fake theater official called for a boycott of Israel.

Sep 28 10:14

Russian Army Building Military Bridge Full Speed Test. Army 6x6 Truck KRAZ 255 PMP.

Bomb all the bridges you want USAF.
Published on Jun 14, 2016
Odo Puiu info invites you to watch ….
Russian Army Building Bridge Full Speed Test.

The PMP Floating Bridge is a type of mobile pontoon bridge designed by the Soviet Union during World War II.
The bridge's design enables for a quick assembly of its parts.
It has a carrying capacity of 60 tons.
During the process of its deployment, a truck carrying the bridge is backed alongside the edge of a body of water.
The bridge is then rolled off where it unfolds automatically. The bridge spans 390 metres with 32 river pontoons, 12 bridging boats and four shore pontoons.

Sep 28 08:53

‘Motive Was Xenophobic’: Bomb Attacks Target Mosque, Conference Hall In Dresden, Germany

Two improvised explosive devices have gone off in the eastern German city of Dresden, targeting a mosque and an international conference center.

Sep 27 14:22

Paramilitaries Pose Threat To FARC-Colombia Peace Deal

The peace deal, which now heads to referendum, comes over more than a century of US intervention in the nation.

Sep 27 13:42

Dilbert creator: Clinton ‘engineered’ 90 minutes of alertness

The performance put Trump on track to win the presidency in November, Adams wrote. "But the most interesting question has to do with what problem both of them were trying to solve with the debate. Clinton tried to look healthy, and as I mentioned, I don't think she completely succeeded. But Trump needed to solve exactly one problem: Look less scary. Trump needed to counter Clinton's successful branding of him as having a bad temperament to the point of being dangerous to the country. Trump accomplished exactly that."

Sep 27 11:08

Video: Police Killings Spark Nationwide Protests, Hundreds Arrested

The full version of our interview with Kali Akuno who says the movement refuses to retreat in fear in face an increasingly militarized police response.

Sep 27 10:21


Sep 26 22:21

Vote Now: Who Won the First Clinton-Trump Debate? TIME Staff Sept. 26, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met for their first presidential debate Monday, and we want to know who you think won.

Take a moment to click the link below next to the candidate who you thought did the best at the debate at Hofstra University in New York.

Sep 26 16:16

Scott Adams: We're on the Cusp of Something Here That I think is Much Bigger Than Just Electing the President

“We’re on the cusp of something here that I think is much bigger than just electing the President. There is a complete change of awareness. I think there’s like a fundamental shift of awareness that’s happening now.”

Sep 26 09:29

West Still Arming Al-Nusra In Syria, Peace Almost Impossible – Russia’s UN Envoy

An emergency UN Security Council meeting on Syria has wrapped up in New York.

Sep 25 09:49

25 September 2016 16:13 Syrian Forces Launch Operation to Recapture Handarat Camp in Aleppo + VIDEO

Syrian Army troops backed by their allies have launched joint attacks on terrorists' defense lines in the Handarat Palestinian Refugees Camp to recapture the camp in Northern Aleppo, field sources said Sunday.

Sep 25 09:47

25 September 2016 19:11 Latest VIDEO: Watch Fierce Clashes among Syrian Army, Rebels in Aleppo

Video uploaded to social media purports to show fierce fighting among Syrian Army troops and rebels near Handarat camp in Aleppo after government forces seized ground from rebels.

Sep 24 11:42

The Air Was So Acidic It Would Pit Windsheilds & Disintegrate Women's Pantyhose

Gary Pittman worked for Occidental Chemical Corporation for 21 years in the phosphate mining industry, working his way up to the position of Mining Supervisor. Using his expertise and years of experience Gary gives the listener a detailed yet easy to understand lesson concerning some of the health dangers faced by people who work in the phosphate mining industry, by the people who live near one of these operations, and the pollution spewed forth into the biosphere we all call home. In this case he discusses how acidic the air around a phosphoric acid plant is (which are onsite at these mining operations), and what it did to windshield glass and female workers pantyhose who were exposed to it.

Sep 24 05:45

WATCH: Badass Asian Woman Comes Out Guns Blazing Against Home Invaders

A gang of thugs in Georgia picked the wrong house to rob.

Sep 23 20:55

Scott Adams: I Hereby Switch My Endorsement from Clinton to Trump.

Threatening one's livelihood and wealth is very persuasive.

Sep 23 20:42

Washington State Patrol: 4 Dead in Shooting at Cascade Mall, Authorities Searching for Gunman

If the shooter escaped via I-5 via an accomplice, then the shooter is heading south.

Sep 23 15:27

White House Holds Russia ‘Responsible For Air Strikes On Aid Convoy Near Aleppo’

White House on Tuesday asserted that it holds Russia “responsible for air strikes in this space, given that their commitment under the cessation of hostilities was to certainly ground air operations where humanitarian assistance is flowing,” Reuters quoted deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes as saying. Rhodes called the alleged bombing an “enormous humanitarian tragedy.”

Sep 23 12:41

‘What’s Different This Time Is That We Are Armed With Cameras’

The Obama administration’s intervention has not halted the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, says Desiree Kane.

Sep 23 11:11

Shock video: Mob of rioters try to BURN WHITE REPORTER ALIVE in Charlotte

The protests in Charlotte, North Carolina are devolving into exactly what you might expect – total chaos and pandemonium.

Sep 23 11:01

Lifejacket Graveyard: Charities Pay Tribute To Refugees In Heart Of London

Londoners were greeted with the sight of 2500 lifejackets used by refugees to cross the Mediterranean in London’s Parliament Square Monday morning.

Sep 23 11:00

Thug Jump-Kicks Homeless Man In ‘Disgusting’ Attack

Police have released shocking video footage shot on a mobile phone showing a thug attacking a homeless man on the street.

The unprovoked attack took place in London outside the Stratford Centre in the east of the city.

Sep 22 14:43

Serial Human Rights Abuser Paul Kagame To Speak At Yale University

Journalist and Yale alum Anjan Sundaram says Yale is ignoring the Rawandan president's atrocious record in both Rwanda and Congo.

Sep 22 11:42

The Radioactive Sinkhole In Florida - Phosphogypsum Stacks Are Radioactive & The Government Knows This

A huge sinkhole opened up underneath a phosphogypsum stack at the Mosaic Fertilizer Plant in Mulberry, Florida. You may have also heard that the stack was holding 215 million gallons of radioactive water that was also contaminated with other lovely things such as phosphoric acid. All of this mess drained into the Floridan Aquifer. To have a better understanding of the danger this event poses, how this happens, and a bit of history behind the phosphate mining industry here in Florida you must take the time to watch this video, and to watch the full interview I did with author Gary Pittman about this very subject. Gary worked for Occidental Chemical Corporation for 21 years working his way up to the position of Mining Supervisor. Using his expertise and years of experience Gary gives the listener a detailed yet easy to understand lesson in the phosphate mining industry. Take the time to watch, listen, and learn.

Sep 22 11:09

Philadelphia: Armed Robber Flees After Clerk Pulls Gun Of His Own

Video shows an armed criminal thug flee after a clerk with a concealed carry permit pulls a gun on him.

Sep 22 08:49

How The Gutting Of The 4th Amendment Enables Police Killings

ACLU Massachusetts Legal Director Matthew Segal says the judicial gutting of constitutional protections against unreasonable searches must be addressed.

Sep 21 11:09

Arch that was a gateway to the Temple Of Baal is going up in New York’s City Hall Park on monday

We tend to think that we are vastly more “advanced” than the pagan idol worshippers of the ancient world, but is that really the case

Sep 21 11:07

215 million gallons of radioactive water threaten drinking water in Florida

Mulberry, Florida is now home to a giant sinkhole that has caused 215 million gallons of radioactive water to leak into the state’s supply of drinking water.

Sep 20 15:20

Councilman: We Are Past Dialogue, Systemic Police Abuse Must End

In the wake of the blistering DOJ report, Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes says police abuse that perpetuates mass incarceration and poverty must be reversed.