‘Radically Saved’ Kanye Called Rap ‘The Devil’s Music,’ Almost Quit Industry, Pastor Reveals | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘Radically Saved’ Kanye Called Rap ‘The Devil’s Music,’ Almost Quit Industry, Pastor Reveals


It is actually the.....

Ethan Allen and...

CIA's music. And much of the music during the 1960's came out of MKULTRA and the British invasion came out of the Tavistock Institute. Think Laurel Canyon,Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young,The Mamas and the Papas,Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention and even my beloved Grateful Dead.
Robert Hunter,the Dead's lyricist who died recently was in the LSD program at Stanford run by the CIA. Mountain Girl aka Carolyn Adams,one of Jerry Garcia's several wives worked in the lab at Stanford that was involved in the CIA MKULTRA program,Think Ken Kesey and His Merry Pranksters and their big LSD events with the House Band being The Grateful Dead. Check out the intelligence and military connections many of those rockers had.
I once got invited to a Merry Prankster Reunion in Oregon. I was smoking some of my ass kickin homegrown Sensi with a couple of Hell's Angels when Kesey came over with a lunch sack full of window pane LSD. He offered us some. I said no thanks Ken. I told Ken I would never find my way back to Eugene if I did any. He got pissed. The Angels stepped in and said hey Ken,try some of his weed. It goes great with the Acid. Ken took the joint.Took several hits and said yeah and walked off in a cloud of smoke.
Got the Dead high once too. Jerry gave a buddy 40 tickets.4th row front and center. I gave Jerry a bag of my Oaxacan/Vietnamese/Afghani cross strain rolled into 2 dozen 1 paper zig zag joints. A big smile crossed Jerry's face. End result. The Dead got so stoned they had trouble playing. They got slower and slower. They took an early break. Went back stage and snorted some coke or ate a bunch and came back and played for almost 4 hours straight. A good time was had by all.