3-minute poetic video: .01% tell the 99.99% we’re worthless, that’s the economic problem. Ready for arrests of .01% criminals? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

3-minute poetic video: .01% tell the 99.99% we’re worthless, that’s the economic problem. Ready for arrests of .01% criminals?

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“Say it’s not political, say it’s just the way it is that food banks can be cut but big banks need to be bailed out.” (from the following 3-minute poetic video)


The economic and political costs of Earth’s current .01% “leadership” demand responsible citizenry response of arrests for OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money.

The Emperor’s New Clothes facts:

ongoing intentional poverty that kills ~20,000 children world-wide in gruesome slow-motion daily, with a total human death toll of ~1,000,000 every month. The total deaths from poverty in the last 15 years is conservatively greater than from all wars, revolutions, murders, accidents, and suicides in the 20th century. In the past 20 years, the total deaths from poverty probably eclipse all the above categories of death in all known human history. This is ongoing Crimes against Humanity ($1 to $3 trillion over ten years would end poverty while reducing population growth rates),
a .01% oligarch class that “legally” hide $20 to $30 trillion in offshore tax havens; ten to thirty times the amount to end global poverty forever,
unlawful and lie-began wars against invisible “enemies,”
fundamental fraud to create what we use for money as debt with mechanics of adding negative numbers forever leading to today’s tragic-comic total debt that can only get worse with these mechanics,
decaying infrastructure from deferred maintenance that the current mechanics will never address,
real unemployment near 25% with most families demanding both parents work longer and longer hours,
real inflation well above official reports,
US poverty of 20% among children,
72% of California students in schools with over half the children classified as “socio-economically disadvantaged,”
a rigged-casino economy designed for “peak inequality,”
“too big to fail” banks demand public subsidies (so-called “bailouts”) while gambling with over $200 TRILLION in derivatives,
these “too big to fail/jail” banks deriving most of their income from subsidies and apparent market manipulations,
daily and never-ending Orwellian criminal-complicit lies of corporate media.

I could go on to literally ~100 areas of crucial concern.

Public demand for arrests is lawful revolution; “turn around” is revolution’s Latin etymology.

Responsible citizens must think, speak, and take actions to turn around OBVIOUS crimes we all can discern with a high school-level of critical thinking to stop criminal acts that yearly kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.


Please understand that I represent likely hundreds of thousands of professionals making factual claims with objective evidence anyone can verify. For example, the June 2015 Seizing an Alternative conference (and here, videos here) at the Claremont Colleges had hundreds of professionals presenting data and solutions in over 80 areas of speciality. My paper and videos for this conference is here.

The purpose of education since the “Age of Enlightenment” is to present facts for public verification, and to seize the victory of refuting lies by would-be dictators, especially when such lies are obvious and of crucial public importance.

The public’s choice seems to be either responsible arrests and solutions, or ongoing psychopathic “leadership” (and here) for Crimes against Humanity.

The path forward as we build critical mass recognizing Emperor’s New Clothes objective facts is to demand arrests and solutions:
ARRESTS: the first responsible action upon recognizing massive crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions is to demand that law enforcement and military enact arrests of criminal leaders to stop the crimes and begin unwinding the truth of what happened in Earth’s tragic-comedy (four-part article series with videos on arrests as the obvious citizen response).
SOLUTIONS: the .01% with corporate media have suppressed solutions documented beginning with Benjamin Franklin how government can abundantly operate without taxes: monetary and credit reform allow the public to have near-instant prosperity: full-employment, zero public deficits and debt, the best infrastructure we can imagine, falling prices, and release of public TRILLIONS held in “rainy day” accounts. Full documentation here.

Have a better plan forward than arrests of OBVIOUS criminals then good-faith transparent implementation of apparently obvious solutions?

Now’s the time to think, speak, and take action.

15 minute discussion of economic solutions: Mark Anielski and Ellen Brown’s powerful response to an interview at the Seizing an Alternative conference (and here, with videos here) with former World Bank economist Herman Daly and co-author John B. Cobb of For the Common Good (video should start at 1:04:43):


Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences. I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at [email protected]

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