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Authentic Journalism that Challenges Empire and Its Centers of Power

Exposing Lies of the Empire is a monumental work.

Some years back, I was approached to come up with a story that I’d really like to cover. There were many, but right away I was drawn to a story whose angle was completely marginalized in any media I had checked. I was interested to go to Zimbabwe and get a genuine impression from Zimbabweans of how they view the direction of their country under the government of Robert Mugabe. How they viewed the redistribution of land within the country.

In the case of theft, when the stolen property is recovered, the usually accepted, and rightful, custom is that the property be returned to its rightful owner(s).

Therefore, it seems a no-brainer that land that was acquired by violent theft by outsiders should be returned to the long-term occupants of that land. The white colonialists and their progeny came into occupation of that land through, to put it euphemistically, illicit means. Given that the ownership of the land was illegitimate, justice would require that the land be returned to its rightful owners (insofar as ownership of land is legitimate, which is beyond the scope of this book review.1 ) Robert Mugabe, the revolutionary who became president of Rhodesia renamed Zimbabwe, recognized this moral imperative and he set about redistributing the ill-gotten lands held by white colonialists and returning them to the dispossessed Zimbabwean people. This caused an uproar in the capitalist property-rights advocating West. The western demonization of Mugabe began with unrelenting zeal.