CRAZY Editor calls for "Stormin " Norman Schwarzkopf to Lead BP oil Cleanup | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

CRAZY Editor calls for "Stormin " Norman Schwarzkopf to Lead BP oil Cleanup

Call in the General

If Obama wants to turn things around – for the gulf and himself -- what he should do is put in charge someone who is unquestionably a capable, forceful and effective leader.

Someone like, say ... retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Think about it.

Anyone old enough will well remember Stormin' Norman's riveting briefings during the first Gulf War. He made the war make sense, and you took comfort knowing that he was doing everything in his power to win it. And that he knew what he was doing.

Schwarzkopf became a celebrity as a result of those war briefings. The National Enquirer called him "America's sexiest man" and there was talk after the war of recruiting him for a presidential run.

Just imagine if he were leading the gulf cleanup effort today. He'd have his pointer and maps, showing the current location of the enemy, where we were attacking with our skimmers and booms, how we're mobilizing friendly nations in the effort. And how we're kicking butt against idiotic bureaucrats standing in the way. He might even show video of the luckiest bird in the gulf.

Of course, Obama is hampered by the fact that BP can't seem to get a lid on the well still spewing oil into the gulf.

But do you think anyone would seriously doubt Obama was delivering on his promise to protect our shores from the invading oil enemy "with everything we've got" if Schwarzkopf, or someone of his caliber, were running the show?