Crime Families, Buggery and Boat Riding Dreams | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Crime Families, Buggery and Boat Riding Dreams

I happen to mention this debacle with The Pope because it fits in with a few other alarming events that aren’t on the hilltops with ten foot horns but which are going to be making a lot of noise sooner or later. One of these is the capture of someone reputed to be the Taliban’s #2 guy. Apparently the Afghan government is very angry about this because this Talibani had a promise of safe passage and was engaged in strategic talks; please forgive my linking to a Zionist manufactured news site. It’s what I could find handy and sometimes they tell the truth just to keep the borderline mentalities guessing.

Another thing is the tug of war between the US and the Rothschild Crime Family; also known as Israel. The Rothschild Crime Syndicate has been expanding their housing programs in order to take physical control of Jerusalem and also gain some strategic advantage in the area when they ‘go to the mattresses’ during the later stages of their present ethnic cleansing operation.