Dancing with The Bride of Dracula at the Ebola Debutante's Ball. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Dancing with The Bride of Dracula at the Ebola Debutante's Ball.

What Really Happened has got a s-load of Ebola news up at the beginning of the articles list today, from yesterday and that might change in a few hours but you can find them. Yes, the government invented it and the government is disseminating it and if their usual policies hold true they will soon be taxing you for the privilege of catching it. However, if you are rich you will not have to pay for hosting Ebola in your system because the rich don't pay taxes. That's why God made so many poor people, so that they could finance the system, which is designed to make things go real smooth for the rich. In fact, the gears that turn the mechanical assemblies that pump out financial profit for the rich are designed to run on human blood. Not only is human blood the fuel that runs the machinery but human blood is also what lubricates the gears. You would have to say it is seriously multipurpose, especially considering that people (people?) like Little Georgie Sorrows, David Rockefeller, Lloyd Blankfein, Michael Bloomfield and many others also drink it as a cordial, aperitif, general cocktail and food supplement served up in smoothies. This is as it should be because they are smoothies. They slide through existence, like a lizard on a greased, inclined mesa.