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Donald Trump: I Am the Only One Who Can Save Israel

Donald J. Trump

Nobody but Donald Trump will save Israel. You are wasting your time with these politicians and political clowns. Best! #SheldonAdelson
7:33 AM - 27 Apr 2015

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As you can see, Trump also hashtags Jewish American business mogul, investor and philanthropist Sheldon Adelson, which actually stirred considerable controversy amongst Twitter users. Naturally, his assertion facilitated open dialogue amongst supporters and critics, with many responding sarcastically by stating that the preservation of Israel is not even a relevant issue.

One user exclaimed, “Great! We need a pol who wants to save Israel as his first priority. #sarcasm.” Another stated that Trump works towards the “beat of [his] own drum,” as opposed to conforming to more utilitarian forms of leadership. Other responses came from anti-Israel campaigners who condemned his backing of the Jewish state. One challenged Trump by claiming that Israel engages in war crimes and genocide, while others professed obscenities towards the prospective presidential candidate.