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Drive-Bys Blame Record Cold on Global Warming

Go to the audio sound bites, just to show you what we’re up against here. We have lifetime, record-breaking cold because of a polar vortex in the upper Midwest. There is no question we have record-breaking cold. I’m gonna tell you, we’ve had sunspot activity that’s been declining. We’ve been reporting on this for the last the eight years. Democrats, media, leftists do not allow any discussion of the sun whenever there is a discussion on climate change.

They say the sun is irrelevant to the earth’s climate. Can’t talk about it. But some of this — the lack of warming — is not surprising to people who are truly scientific and study this stuff, but this what the American people hear. I have for you here a sound bite from cohost Bianna Golodryga on CBS This Morning. She’s talking to WCBS eyeball 2 chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn about Trump’s tweet that talked about the cold temperatures in the Midwest — the tweet that I talked about yesterday that was great. Trump basically asked for global warming to make a fast return because of how cold it is out there.