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Elephant in the Room: John Tory’s Grand Deflection

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Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is on record saying the Danforth killer was not known to his ministry. That’s possible, but very unlikely. With a brother in possession of enough poison to kill the entire country dozens of times over, the odds of the Danforth killer NOT being on federal radar are pretty small.

When contacted about the Carfentanil seizure and its potential lethality, the Ministry of Public Safety chose not to comment. The government doesn’t have the courage to say the seizure of 42 kilograms of Carfentanil foiled a deadly terrorist attack.

We get it. If they admit the terrorist angle they strike fear into the hearts of millions of people. We understand why the government would be reluctant to do so.

But there is the even bigger problem of optics. The Trudeau government bends over backwards to play nice with terrorists. They bring home known terrorists and let them roam free. They refuse to revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists. They paid $10.5 million of our tax dollars to Omar Kadr. The list goes on.

The government can’t acknowledge they uncovered a terrorist operation. That flies in the face of the official narrative. Admitting these two brothers are connected to two separate terrorist attacks, one successful, the other thwarted, is definitely not on Trudeau’s list of “approved” talking points.