Food Supply to Collapse after Outbreak? Billionaires Predict “Global Problems” | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Food Supply to Collapse after Outbreak? Billionaires Predict “Global Problems”

Agenda 21/2030 asymmetric war on humanity: although superficially counter-intuitive, releasing a virulent, persistent and deadly pandemic like the CoronoaVirus into China first benefits the globalist agenda.

As the totalitarian government in China allows the ruling clique to do what it wishes with the Chinese people: quarantines, forced vaccines, exclusion zones, round-ups, mass detentions, hospitals and 'deathatoriums', crematoriums ... all can be quickly built and implemented as regard for human rights and due process in China are limited.

In the United States, still a functioning democracy, response times will be slowed by 'due process', allowing the pandemic to gain a stronger foothold, its devastating effects on U.S. health, infrastructure, supply chains lasting longer. As China quickly recovers, the United States will still languish as a result of this disease.

Ultimately, the Coronavirus pandemic, when combined with an economic collapse brought about by the privately held central banking system, will lead to the collapse of the United States; that finds itself greatly weakened, vis a vis, the new Chinese global superpower.


The US is a .....

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Constitutional Republic with a Bill of Rights which the US government shits on every day!