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Gulf Oil Disaster Effects May Go On For DECADES

Reposted from the Austin Statesman. Well researched.

Species like the Atlantic bluefin tuna , which ....this spill could certainly be the tipping point in a downward and nonrecoverable spiral. ....the Gulf of Mexico is unusual in that it ...[is] home to very diverse marine organisms. As the oil emerges from the sea floor, it immediately disperses into droplets, ...[which] along with methane and possibly dispersants, form a plume that bends with the current.... As the oil rises, the entire water column becomes degraded. You have a toxic stew killing millions upon millions of marine organisms... As the oil reaches the surface, waves mix it with water and air, forming a "mousse." The lighter components evaporate. As the heavier components mix with sediment and particles in the water, they will form a tarlike substance that will sink. The net effect is an impact that reaches from the bottom to the surface of the ocean.....

The large, long-term danger may be from the oil that is stranded on the bottom. The deep sea is about the same temperature as your refrigerator, so bacteria will not be able to break down the oil, and we can expect tar balls to emanate from this area for decades to come.