House votes to investigate Vladimir Putin's 'ill-gotten wealth' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

House votes to investigate Vladimir Putin's 'ill-gotten wealth'

The House on Tuesday passed legislation that would require the Trump administration to investigate Russian President Vladimir Putin's wealth.

In a voice vote, lawmakers approved the Vladimir Putin Transparency Act, a bipartisan bill that accuses Putin of undermining democratic reforms in Russia.

"It is the sense of Congress that the United States should do more to expose the corruption of Vladimir Putin, whose ill-gotten wealth is perhaps the most powerful global symbol of his dishonesty and his persistent efforts to undermine the rule of law and democracy in the Russian Federation," the bill said.

The legislation would require the Director of National Intelligence, and the secretaries of Departments of State and Treasury, to assess the extent and location of Putin's wealth. The report would have to estimate his net worth, sources of income, and shell companies he might use.

The bill is one of four House lawmakers were considering Tuesday aimed at Russia

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear House of Representatives; we understand that this is about demonizing Russia, ahead of some kind of a war against it.

But everything some misguided moron in the Legislature pulls a stunt like this, they are NOT taking care of the American people, period, end of discussion, which is what the voting public hired you to do.

Our infrastructure is in a state of collapse; our schools are crumbling, and what passes for "education", in some parts of this country, is a complete, bad joke, almost as though the Powers that Be responsible for education in those states wanted to insure that students have no critical thinking, or job skills, whatsoever.

And trust me, for those up for election, and re-election in 2020, we are watching you very carefully right now.