Middle East Pretense | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Middle East Pretense

The oil-rich Middle East is the world’s top flashpoint, the most likely hot spot for WW III to start if Republicans or undemocratic Dem hardliners dare launch it.

Iraq has been devastated by US-orchestrated and/or waged wars since the 1980s, Syria since 2011, historic Palestine for over 70 years, possible because of Washington’s one-sided support for Israel since its 1948 creation.

The region remains in turmoil over US-led NATO wars – Israel, the Saudis, other Arab states, and Turkey junior partners in what’s going on.

Everything related to US hegemonic aims involves Big Lies and deception. Pentagon forces are in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere regionally to stay, along with everywhere else where they’re deployed.

US special forces are in around 80% of world countries, their mission far removed from being good will ambassadors.

Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah alone are allied with Damascus against the scourge of US-supported terrorists in Syria. Alleged Turkish support for their mission is pretense, not real, Erdogan a regional menace, an enemy of peace and stability.