Moscow offered to the Americans a demonstration of the 'controversial' 9M729 rocket | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Moscow offered to the Americans a demonstration of the 'controversial' 9M729 rocket

MOSCOW, on the occasion of its 9M729 rocket - used by the Americans to step down from the Middle and Small-Type Missile Rockets Agreement - withdrew a move that probably was not expected in Washington.

She proposed the White House and the Pentagon to hold a "special briefing" on their 9M729 complaints.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, on the occasion, revealed and emphasized:

"We're ready for the 9M729 unprecedented open missile. We have proposed a rocket demonstration and a briefing on its characteristics. All that we have offered is not our obligation under the Medium and Small Rocket Agreement. "

According to Rybakov, Russia - in return - insists that the US military and diplomatic leadership will remove its concerns about the Aegis Ashore system installed in Romania, and should be the backbone of the US PRO in Poland.

"We do not recognize the unilateral US decision on the withdrawal of the agreement. We consider this decision legally null and void. Things have to be cleared by the negotiating table. That's why we went to the intergovernmental consultations held on January 15th in the women "- said Rybakov.

Washington announced that it will begin the withdrawal from the Agreement on February 2 and that it will be a process that will take about half a year.