Notes to watch out for if you see the Video from New Zealand. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Notes to watch out for if you see the Video from New Zealand.

Here's the list in chronological order.

1) When he walks to the mosque, people see him, but he doesn't choose to shoot them. Especially the one getting in the car in the mosque car park.

2) The two men at the door that are shot, do not show any damage, even though they were shot with a shotgun at point blank range.

3) The AR-15 gun (A) used in the mosque gun's sound, compare with the 2nd AR-15 gun (B) later in the video.

4) Gun A does not register any effects on where the gun is firing: no body movement, no bullet holes, no blood, especially on the shooter.

5) Notice stacking of bodies in the corners (all wearing socks), even before he started shooting them. Is it natural for everyone to do this when you hear gun fire? The other corner stack of people no socks or shoes all white feet, no black people.

6) Theory: Gun A is firing blanks. Maybe firing at crisis actors. Which is why the shooter didn't shoot in point 1)

7) Notice music is playing while during the video. Theory: Video is not live but was edited and broadcast as live.

8) Gun B is a real gun loaded with ammo. You will now see the gun fire like a real gun. Sound is different and registers effects.

9) When shooter goes back to the mosque and heads to first corner of bodies, notice the bodies are lying un-naturally, i.e like an undertaker would position a body in a coffin.

10) Look for the sitting body of a man without a head. Theory: bodies were wax models.

11) When he goes to the other corner, he will shoot and you see blood come from the body. Theory: Special effects... see point 12)

12) The next person he shoots is next to wall. No blood or exit effect like in point 11)

13) When coming outside, notice the sound of "Help me." from the women at the street. Words are repeated. Theory: editted in.

14) Notice no children in the video evidence at all.

15) Notice that no man chased him with the shooter's empty shotgun. This witness claims he threw this at the car. Theory: Lies.

16) In the car, notice the shotgun he fires threw the front windscreen. (no damage)

17) When he fires from the side window, it smashes. Theory: Side window was special effects.

18) Notice how calm the shooter was, the accuracy of shooting.

19) Lack of reaction from witness and cars passing by.

20) Did you see 2 mosques being attacked? Not seen in the video

Source downloaded from p*rate b*y.