Realtor feared the worst | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Realtor feared the worst

This was my neighbor.He was a well liked man who had very little. A couple of beloved dogs a truck and his home. The Bank,The Wasco County Sheriff's department and the Oregon State Police took it all from him.
I don't believe much of the story that has come out. They did a 24 hour autopsy and declared him a suicide because he could have come out. Bull! They had him surrounded with machine guns a robot and an armored vehicle.They shot the house full of incendiary teargas. That's when the place went up. They say he shot one of his dogs but one dog was found near him him unshot.The other dog was found near the front door where the police tried to enter. They haven't produced a gun either.The whole thing stinks!

As soon as the bank told Dee Ashley last Friday that she had to give an eviction notice Monday to a man she’d seen declining for months, she had a gut feeling it would end badly.

#She made an appointment for 8:30 a.m. on Monday, March 16 at William Rengigas’ house at the corner of 10th and Mt. Hood.

#As is protocol for a “sheriff’s lock-out,” she’d arranged to meet a sheriff’s deputy at the house who would tell the man he had 15 minutes to get out of his foreclosed home, and a locksmith to change the locks.