Robert Mueller Filing Confirms Serious Flaws in General Michael Flynn Guilty Plea | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Robert Mueller Filing Confirms Serious Flaws in General Michael Flynn Guilty Plea

What really counts is two documents that Sullivan ordered the FBI to cough up. Exhibit A and Exhibit B raise serious questions. Both are heavily redacted, but the context of the blacked-out sections suggests that there is “no there there.”

Exhibit A is a very superficial January 24, 2017, memo to the file from when Peter Strzok and another, unnamed FBI agent interviewed Trump’s incoming National Security Adviser Flynn. The interview was at the direction of Andrew McCabe. It is reported that McCabe wrote Exhibit A. Both Strzok and McCabe are Trump haters and coup plotters as demonstrated by their text messages and emails. McCabe’s wife took over $700,000 from Friends of Hillary to run as a Democrat in Virginia for the State Senate.

As an attorney, I believe that nothing in Exhibit A would allow Judge Sullivan to sustain a criminal conviction of Flynn under 18 U.S.C. § 1001 for lying to the FBI. We don’t know what is blacked out, but the context around those redactions leave it improbable that any lie by Flynn is recorded in those interview notes.

Exhibit B is a formal FBI Form FD-302 from August 22, 2017, of an interview with Peter Strzok This is not a Form 302 of an interview with Michael Flynn. This is an interview taken of Peter Strzok. The August 22, 2017, FD-302 starts out “(U/FOUO) FBI Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) Peter P. Strzok was interviewed in his office in the Special Counsel’s office in Washington D.C.”

Inside of Exhibit B, the August 22, 2017, Form 302 states that Peter Strzok wrote a different Form 302 earlier about the January 24, 2017, interview with Flynn.