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Scott Adams: Biden, Infrastructure Theater, Word-Thinking, Shadowbanning

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Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels…back in the news again
Political season is upon us, and some odd traffic coincidences
We’re left to guess why traffic patterns suddenly altered
The fact we can’t tell why…portends regulation
Lack of social media algorithm transparency…
…IS the end of our Republic
Not necessarily a coordinated conspiracy, but same result
Joe Biden has no legislative accomplishments
A career in politics, and NO accomplishments to show?
VP candidate traditionally boring, watered-down version of POTUS
Biden was more boring than President Obama
Now Biden has to select his own VP, that’s even more boring
CNN and MSNBC producing stories out of colorful words
CNN reports Pelosi says she’s getting under POTUS skin
Social media wasn’t able to obtain their desired result in 2016
By 2020, expect them to be more effective, less noticeable
Social media culling the herd, by banning the worst of the right
What will happen if they don’t also ban worst of the left?
Gov involved BEFORE the money is made, that’s the socialism flaw
Gov ownership, control of major income producer companies
Shepard Smith’s extraordinarily capable reporting the other day
He riffed for an hour without a script, visually excellent
AOC and the conservative Freedom Caucus…AGREE on something
Facial recognition everywhere, all the time, no privacy, BAD
Well…it’s going happen anyway, it isn’t avoidable
Terrorism will result in facial recognition everywhere, all the time
Outrage, protests…and then facial recognition will win
10 years from now, facial recognition will be EVERYWHERE