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Talking About the Weather

It is cold in the Midwest, so cold that Rachel Maddow already ascribed it to evil Putin (“Russia will freeze you and your family to death.”) It is extremely cold in England, too. I’d think this frost spell should put paid to the silly notion of Global Warming. But no, the adepts of Al Gore sect are not so easily dissuaded. Like the Flat Earth Society, they are impervious to arguments. These enlightened people keep struggling against global warming.

They decided to overturn Mark Twain’s adage Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it – and do something. There is a new popular hero, a pleasantly old-fashioned-looking 16-year old Swedish girl with braids, Greta Thunberg, who had sat down in a snowdrift and said she wouldn’t budge until somebody would do something against global warming. She has led a school kids demo for the same purpose, and the European MSM is rapturous.

This is the kind of demo they like; not the evil Jew-haters like the GJ, the Yellow Vests, not the workers asking for wages, not white nationalists calling for a stop to immigration, not the peaceniks objecting to highly justifiable and profitable war in Afghanistan and Syria, not the anarchists foaming at the mouth against innocent bankers, but a good bright friendly march of diverse people with open friendly faces and welcoming smiles.