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Trump’s Bellicosity Sells Weapons but Also Boosts Iran and the Palestinian Cause

Trump’s gifts to the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu of the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel and of the whole of Israeli-occupied Jerusalem gave an enormous boost of adrenaline to all non-state actors and resistance movements in the Middle East. These groups, who enjoy financial and military support from Iran, are united not only against US hegemony but have also effectively linked themselves and their struggle to form a united front against the US and Israel. This new unity is evident from Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon to Palestine.

During the month of May, the sabotage attack on the United Arab Emirates harbour of al-Fujairah followed by the armed drone attack on Aramco in Saudi Arabia by Yemen’s Houthis were clear and strong messages. Both the Emirates and Saudi hubs make it possible to export millions of barrels of Middle Eastern oil while bypassing the Straits of Hormuz; these hubs will become more important in coming years. Thus the importance of the message: the sabotage and the drone attack are a foretaste of what could happen next, even if alternatives are found to shipping global supplies through the Strait. No country in the Middle East will be allowed to export its oil if Iran is prevented from doing so.

Moreover, the Israeli policy of strangling Gaza has united the various Palestinian groups operating in the city into one military operational room against the Israeli army. Twelve Palestinian military groups have joined forces in Gaza and have coordinated the bombing of Israeli cities and other targets to stand against Netanyahu’s strangulation of Gaza and its inhabitants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While I abhor all violence, what we saw against the Saudi oil ships, done by houthi rebels, may well be what the West may start to experience, intensely, courtesy of its general duplicity on the issue of Palestinian statehood, and its "manufactured" arguments with Iran, where its only "crime" has been refusing to sell its oil only in US dollars.

And I think that President Kennedy said it first, and said it best: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Something upon which the Foggy Bottomites; Tel Aviv; and Saudi Arabia, really need to be reflecting right now.