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YouTube’s Complete Corruption Revealed

In July of last year, we published an article entitled, “YouTube Censorship Really Hits Home.” In that article, we told of our discovery that some of our song parodies had been taken down from YouTube. I had collaborated first with the Cheverly Brothers to set four political parodies of Everly Brothers’ songs to music and then with Gary King, the video maker for Jim Fetzer, to make them into videos. Those videos turned out to be collateral damage in the taking down of Fetzer’s video channel by YouTube.

Something good came out of the experience, though. Fetzer, as described in the article, had turned to the independent video platform, 153News, to carry his video channel. King had used his own software to produce his Cheverly Brothers videos, so it was a relatively easy matter for him to put them up at 153News. If you want to find those videos at 153 News now, just go to the bottom of the pages, respectively, for Drones, You Won’t Fool Me, Bibi’s Clowns, and Devoted to Truth at my DCDave web site. The hyperlinks that used to take you to YouTube now take you to 153News.

It was a close call, and I have to admit that I felt some degree of distress that the effort that had gone into making those videos could have turned out to be all for naught. Then I began to think of the potential danger faced by the videos that I had done with other collaborators. Should the new standard announced by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg be adopted by YouTube, a number of them might at any time be deemed too “dangerous” for the tender eyes and ears of the viewing public, and they, too, could fall to the censor’s axe. In the case of those videos, I had no confidence that there were saved copies that could simply be transferred to 153News after the YouTube axe had fallen. It occurred to me that I had better hasten to get all of them up on 153News as well as a precaution, which is what I did, with the generous assistance of Jason Boss at 153News.