TSA Tells Women What Kind of Bra to Wear | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

TSA Tells Women What Kind of Bra to Wear

They told us to remove our shoes. And we did. Then to remove our coats, jackets, and sweaters. And we did.

And then they told us no liquids. So we put all our large sized liquids in our checked bags, and gathered all our small liquids in a one-quart ziploc baggie.

Next it was our video equipment. So we removed all of our larger electronics and sent it through security along with our laptop.

But now, they’re talking to women about what kind of bra to wear! Isn’t there a line to draw here some place?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Since it is a sin for a Muslim man to look at a naked woman other than his wife, TSA should require all young women to fly naked. THAT will keep us safe!