Shore town settles 3 excessive force lawsuits | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Shore town settles 3 excessive force lawsuits

The borough of Seaside Heights has settled three excessive force lawsuits against its police department since July.

As previously reported, the borough paid out $500,000 to a Toms River man who alleged police used pepper spray on him and threw him to the boardwalk. It also settled two other suits alleging excessive force for a total of $45,000.

The resolutions to the lawsuits were first reported by NJ Civil Settlements, which details settlements paid by New Jersey government agencies and their insurers to those who have sued them.

In one suit, Nicole A. Lamb of Voorhees received $25,000 after complaining she was assaulted by police following her arrest on Aug. 5, 2012.

Lamb scratched a woman's car while loading her own vehicle following a day in Seaside Heights, triggering a physical confrontation between the two. When police arrived, officers allegedly "assaulted her without justification and with excessive force," before charging her with resisting arrest and simple assault.