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Judge orders return of $167,000 seized by Nevada troopers

Citing a lack of candor by the government in its court papers, a federal judge has ordered the return of $167,000 seized from a Hawaiian man’s motor home during a traffic stop near Elko.

Nevada Highway Patrol troopers stopped Straughn Gorman twice within 50 minutes in January 2013 as he was driving the motor home west on Interstate 80 between Wells and Elko, according to court documents.

The troopers said they stopped Gorman for driving too slow in the fast lane, but after Gorman refused to let them search the motor home he was allowed to go on his way without a citation for anything.

The troopers stopped him again after arranging for a drug-sniffing dog to be present, and said the dog alerted them to something suspicious in the motor home, documents show. Their search turned up no drugs but troopers found $167,000 hidden in various places.

Gorman was not charged with a crime, but his money was seized and turned over to federal authorities for civil forfeiture proceedings. Authorities suspected he was on his way to California to buy marijuana, though Gorman said he was going to visit his girlfriend in Sacramento.

In his June 12 decision, Senior U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks chastised the Nevada U.S. Attorney’s office in Reno for not revealing details about the related first stop in their forfeiture papers.