Sandra Bland is Everyman | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Sandra Bland is Everyman

In the video we see and hear Bland being brutally attacked and arrested for expressing her opinion (after the arresting cop asked her for it), refusing to put out the cigarette she was smoking in her own car, or resisting arrest (let the nonsense of that excuse for an arrest settle in). After Bland is in handcuffs and other cops are present, you can even hear the cop who arrested her trying to work out, while on the phone with someone, a story to excuse his abuse of Bland.

As the cop escalated his physical attack, Bland yelled. Bland cursed. Bland insulted the policeman. She asked him repeatedly to give a logical justification, which never came, for his physical aggression against her.

If Bland continued to be upset and strongly communicated her anger during her confinement the next three days, how would that be anything but a normal, justified reaction? Why shouldn’t she scream about the abuse of her rights and the pain inflicted on her? Why shouldn’t she challenge the illogic and injustice of her captors’ actions? Such is natural and to be expected in reaction to extreme harassment and physical abuse.