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Obamacare: Health Insurers Seek Huge Price Increases

President Obama’s supporters are quick to tout his record as one of tremendous success, especially his “reform” of health care, but that is largely because they like him personally – not because Obamacare has been a rousing success.

By any measure the law, which has routinely been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court as constitutional despite the use of dubious legal justifications, remains largely unpopular among a majority of Americans. In addition to that, almost nothing of what the president and acceding Democrats promised the law would do has come to fruition. Indeed, on a number of fronts, the law has created the exact opposite effects.

Take the promise of a reduction in health insurance premiums. When the president was pushing the Affordable Care Act during his first presidential campaign and after he was elected to his first term, he claimed his legislation would reduce the annual premiums for the average family by $2,500. In fact, as documented in this video montage, Obama made the promise repeatedly.

Rates are only going to go up

But in reality health insurance premiums for most Americans have skyrocketed, along with deductibles. According to one report, premiums in some states are rising as much as 51 percent this year.

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