After Ferguson Unrest, St. Louis Police Bought Stink Weapons to Launch at Protesters | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

After Ferguson Unrest, St. Louis Police Bought Stink Weapons to Launch at Protesters

Another year, another series of violent protests in the city of Ferguson, just outside St. Louis, Missouri. But this time, the law-enforcement response may take a particularly fetid turn. Local police are armed with Skunk, a controversial chemical “malodorant” — or more plainly, an unbelievably foul-smelling liquid that can be fired at protesters to make them disperse, or mark them for later arrest.

Last November, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department ordered fourteen 1.4-liter canisters of Skunk at a unit price of $30.60, for a total cost of $428, according to a Nov. 14 invoice obtained through the state’s open-records law. The order also included two MK-46 HE canisters, which can shower 60 ounces of Skunk on people up to 40 feet away, and five MK-20 Titan canisters, which can carry 20 ounces up to 24 feet. The department also ordered four units of special disinfectant soap for $121. A second document, dated January 12, 2015, appears to confirm delivery of the material as an “emergency purchase.”

Developed in 2008 by the Israeli Defense Forces for use against Palestinian protesters, Skunk is a mix of amino acids and baking soda. It is technically “non-toxic” but hardly humane. Once used, it can linger for weeks unless removed by the special soap. The smell has been described as a cross between feces and rotting corpse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there believe that such incidents are being manipulated to create race riots in this country, as a prelude to the suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the imposition of martial law in this country?!?

Logic suggests that rather than buying stink bombs to use against protesters, the Ferguson police department needs to be talking with the community about how to improve relations between police and the community. It has been done, and can be done; so why is this not happening in Ferguson?!?

We have a President who would love nothing better than invoke legislation through executive order only, and not be bothered with any Congressional debate.

Also, the "presumptive dynastic heiress" to the Democratic party's "coronation" as presidential candidate is stumbling worse than a rhinoceros in high heels, attempting to descend a staircase.

Wouldn't it be just wonderful for this Administration if somehow, for reasons of alleged "national security"the President could have the 2016 elections postponed until collective ADHD had settled on the masses of voters, and they would not remember how and why this woman is in big trouble for the 2016 election?!?

And people with real grievances out there; please do not get sucked into protests which may well turn violent. Remember; the greasy kid advocating the throwing of Molotov cocktails into various federal, or state, buildings, is probably an alphabet-soup agency agent/provocateur.