Hillary Clinton warns Canadians 'democracy is under attack' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hillary Clinton warns Canadians 'democracy is under attack'

Clinton told Toronto audience lessons need to be learned from 2016 election

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I think Canada needs a wall to keep out the American politicians!



How Do They Feel In Canada ?


Trump's tax bombshell is going to blow up Canada's competitiveness

While Canada debates hiking taxes on small businesses, the Trump administration and Congress launched a tax-reform process Wednesday that could make the United States one of the most competitive countries in the world. Much is still left to Congress to sort out, such as scaling back credits and deductions to offset some of the lost net revenues of US$2.2 trillion over a decade. And who knows if a final deal will be made despite the enormous pressure on Republicans to deliver a tax-reform package after the demise of health-care reform.


(*Were actually enjoying the luxury of living under Republican Rule .
Even though They designed affordable health bill , and dropped it like a MOAB on The Commonwealth of Massachusetts , down here , and as the world , and you , Canada , know , The Republican Controlled Congress hasn't been able to let go of their cash cow , somehow they do what they do best , put the blame on The Democrats , who , for the present administration , are acting like space shots , and that's what we're calling news , down here .
In fact all we know about the arrogance our country is delivering towards your countries aspirations is that Mrs Clinton offered you some council semblance
and in case you didn't know , our attitude towards her is [EXPLICIT] HER! !ROFLMAO!!!
Keep the faith , though , I think you're right We're waiting on a Republican Potus and a Republican controlled congress to pass a big tax break package , down here . ROFLMAO !!!)


Hellary - so true


Actually, Hellary is correct. Canadian's democracy is under attack - by their current government and the NWO gangsters, just as democracy is under attack all over the world with the elites working diligently to enslave us all.Hellary being one of their enforcers and we all know what happens to those that displease the Hildebeast - just look at the loooong trail of murders that can be traced to Killary.

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