UK Sells $445 Million of Arms to Israel, Including Sniper Rifles | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

UK Sells $445 Million of Arms to Israel, Including Sniper Rifles

Britain has approved the sale of arms to Israel worth $445m since the 2014 Gaza war, including components for drones, combat aircraft and helicopters along with spare parts for sniper rifles, according to figures seen by Middle East Eye.

The government data will raise fresh concerns that British-made weapons are being used by the Israeli military in the Occupied Territories, amid fears that components in sniper rifles used to kill scores of Palestinian civilians in recent weeks could have been made in the UK.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, ya think that was going to happen?!?

Theresa May has the morals of a dead tree-stump; MI5 and MI 6 know precisely that UK's weaponry is being used to assassinate Palestinians; but as long as the money is getting raked in by the UK's military /Industrial Complex, the British government chooses to remain collectively deaf and blind to the carnage these weaons are causing.


Mrs May


Mrs May is a keen and active member of the lobby group "Conservative Friends of Israel" that owns 80% of the Parliamentary Conservative Party (the Labour Party is just as bad - their "Friends" lobby has complete control over the Party: look at the "anti-semitism" hoops it's making Corbyn jump through). So when Israel says jump... and we have the absurdity of the Skripalgate, that only Israel benefits from, and the UK joining America's illegal war on Syria that only Israel benefits from.

Am fear a thug buaidh air fhèin, thug e buaidh air nàmhaid.
He who conquers himself, conquers an enemy.

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