VUCIC: Behind the decision to form the "army of Kosovo" are America, Britain and Germany | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

VUCIC: Behind the decision to form the "army of Kosovo" are America, Britain and Germany

In an extraordinary speech, the President of Serbia said that after many years of threats, the officially formed army of the so-called Kosovo was illegal

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that after the decision to form the so-called Kosovo army, the United States, Great Britain and Germany are standing.

"After many years of threats, today it is officially formed by the so-called" Kosovo Army, illegally. Everything that the Albanians did, they did contrary to international law, and their own legal act to the constitution of Kosovo.

They showed that they never care about respecting rights and justice, but only naked forces, attacking Serbs and Serbia. Serbia wanted peace, invested energy to preserve peace and stability. It was not easy. We accepted the Brussels Agreement in 2013, in order to show how ready we are for reasonable behavior, "Vucic said.

"What else can we do, give you half the Vojvodina and the Pirot district, and if you bring an army here, will you then be satisfied?" Asked Vucic.
Vucic thanked his friends in Russia, China, Cyprus, Hungary, NATO Secretary General.

"I received a message from the top of the Russian authorities," said the president of Serbia.

"I will remind you and the world public that Pristina has only one obligation, which is the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities. Also, although we were in the dialogue, we advocated the withdrawal of the recognition of certain countries that are so-called. an independent Kosovo has already recognized. They bothered them. Step on and demolish Serbia is good, because Serbia should participate in the negotiations as a chicken that brings its head to the hive. If she started at least waving her wings, the team is even worse for Serbia, "added the president of Serbia.

"We continued the dialogue because we wanted a compromise. I was at risk by talking about how much peace we need. Today it is clear that Albanians and their sponsors do not want a compromise, and behind them are the United States, Great Britain and Germany. We are disappointed, but this is not a novelty, "Vucic said.

The Serbian President recalled that Serbia had submitted a request for a Security Council session.
"I am ready to attend the session as the President," Vucic said.