EPA Scraps Texas Clean Air Program, Will Make Oil Refineries To File For New Permits | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

EPA Scraps Texas Clean Air Program, Will Make Oil Refineries To File For New Permits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday officially overturned a 16-year-old Texas air permitting program it says violates the Clean Air Act, leaving some of the country's largest refineries in a state of limbo.

The move comes after years of backdoor bickering, negotiations and public arguments between the EPA and Texas. The argument recently escalated from a battle over environmental issues into a heated political dispute over states' rights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Pussy has gone stark raving certifiably mad! Obama unleashed the worst environmental disaster in history by handing out EPA exemptions to British Petroleum like candy while the MMS did drugs and surfed internet porn, and now Obama is going to have the EPA drop an existing agreement to force Texas oil refineries to halt operations while they refile their paperwork, effectively shutting down a major portion of the United States' oil supply at a time when the flow of oil from the Gulf drilling operations is already limited to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Is Obama paying back BP for all their campaign money by slamming the US oil producers to "level the playing field", or is Obama playing a mafia-like racket in which he will shut off the flow of oil until Congress gives him his carbon-tax?

Either way, this is a reminder that the Founding Fathers were correct in warning against allowing the President to acquire too much direct authority over our lives.