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Analyzing Russia's Nuclear Submarine Threat


Nuclear submarines are the leading strike force of a fleet, capable of covertly controlling the expanses of the world’s oceans and quickly deploying in the required directions. They deliver unexpected and powerful strikes from the depths of the ocean on both sea and land targets.

The main striking force of the Russian Navy is nuclear submarines armed with ballistic and cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. They are constantly in various parts of the world’s oceans, ready for immediate use of their strategic weapons. Submarines, armed with cruise missiles, are aimed mainly at combating the enemy’s large surface ships and strike on the enemy’s coastal infrastructure. Torpedo nuclear submarines are used to disrupt the enemy’s underwater and surface communications and in the defense system against the underwater threat, as well as to escort surface ships and missile submarines.

According to the Navy commander-in-chief, in the short term, work will be carried out to further improve the combat stability of submarines by further improving the characteristics of their stealth and by increasing combat capabilities of countermeasures and self-defense. As part of the development of the underwater forces of the Russian Navy, the command is working to increase the capability to increase the potential of means covering conditions, improve the quality of automation of control processes, increase the offensive capabilities and further development of the emergency and rescue facilities complex.


In evaluating the statement of the Russian Navy commander-in-chief regarding prospects for developing the nuclear submarine fleet, we can conclude that the military leadership understands the problem[s] and the solutions. Despite well-known problems within the industry, Russia still has the scientific and technological potential to modernize and develop nuclear submarines. This expertise allows for the maintenance of defense capability and serves to deter a potential enemy from rash actions. In the long term, the role of the nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles is secure and will not be forfeited. It will remain an important tool for ensuring the security of the state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So I would like to know, where is the US military (and particularly our Navy) in assuring that capabilities necessary to counter these ships and weapons exist, and are moved very quickly into workable production?!?

Somehow, it appears that the US military has gotten more than a bit behind both Russia and China, in signing off on the capabilities of existing destroyers and subs, And that.... needs to get fixed, and quickly.