A Nuclear War Has No Victor! U.S. Military Preparation is Underway | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

A Nuclear War Has No Victor! U.S. Military Preparation is Underway

On the international level, the U.S. government plays an even more dreadful role. According to the current U.S. foreign policy; China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and the major European countries are considered as adversary regimes that needs to be dealt with in one way or another. Both Democrats and Republicans believe that a major war gives them a chance to rally their national and international forces. Both parties see a major military conflict as a catalyzing factor to tilt the power for a fundamental change in their benefit. President Trump plays a unique role in flaming the trade and military wars. Since 2016, Mr. Trump’s contradictory positions on many issues have discredited his Administration and the role of the U.S. in the world.

As a conman, Mr. Trump promises a lot which cannot deliver, but he is relentless in delivering his fascistic polices in undermining the democratic foundation in the United States. His constant surprises throw the entire U.S. economy into chaos and his illogical warmongering and peace offering talks at the same time on Iran or North Korea makes the U.S. foreign policy look rather strange. His behavior against his political opponents violates all the norms which were sacred once to U.S. Presidents. When it comes to the question of war and peace, no one can take President Trump’s tweets too seriously. Maybe the best description so far was given by one of the President’s staunch supporter who enthusiastically commented on the Fox News – in regard to Mr. Trump recent press conference in Japan that “Sometime President Trump plays good cop and sometime he plays bad cop, but he is the top cop all the time!”