Tulsi Gabbard versus the Bloodthirsty Sociopath Hillary Clinton | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Tulsi Gabbard versus the Bloodthirsty Sociopath Hillary Clinton

The one Democratic candidate with a glimmer of sanity on foreign policy is being vilified, marginalized and destroyed by the deep state and their complaisant and compliant establishment regime media.

They want Tulsi Gabbard dead, drowning in the blood from their forever “regime change” wars.

No one is permitted to voice any position stressing a semblance of peace, non-intervention, and resolution of conflicts by prudential diplomacy.

The bloodthirsty sociopath Hillary Clinton and her coterie of craven Democrats are the War Party and wholly subservient to the military industrial complex and its intelligence/national security adjuncts.

In their blind, mad dog enthusiastic zeal for wanton indiscriminate destruction, they are the vicious equals of terrorists such as Al Qaeda or ISIS.


I don't know about this public tiff...


...could be just a Dem PR tactic to produce ONE candidate with some public pull.

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