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March 12, 2009

Mar 12 12:47

The Groundwork Has Already Been Laid for Martial Law

During his two terms in office, George W. Bush stepped outside the boundaries of the Constitution and assembled an amazing toolbox of powers that greatly increased the authority of the Executive branch and the reach of the federal government.

Mar 12 12:46

Clashes as Long March Begins in Karachi

The Long March began today in the cities of Karachi and Quetta, and already the government is out in force to disrupt the protest. Police attacked lawyers and political activists at Toll Plaza in Karachi, arresting several high ranking leaders of opposition parties and arresting the President of the High Court Bar of Sindh Province, as well as the former President of the nation Supreme Court Bar Association. Shops have been closed in some parts of the city as clashes between police and protesters turned violent.

Mar 12 12:36

US must prevent Taliban takeover in Afghan war

The United States must "at a minimum" prevent Taliban insurgents from returning to power in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in an interview on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because they will END the drug trade, and we cannot allow that!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 12 12:35

Wireless Tasers extend the long arm of the law

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's STILL a cattle prod, and it is STILL aimed at We The People.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 12 12:34

Bright schoolchildren take back seat to 'social misfits', says head teacher

State schools are being forced to prioritise "social misfits" at the expense of the majority of pupils, according to a former academy head teacher.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nothing new here. When I taught high school math, I saw that all the effort was going into forcing the students who did not want to learn math at the expense of the really bright students who were hungry to learn and being neglected.

Mar 12 12:32

Everyone agrees: War in Gaza was a failure

Suddenly we're all in consensus: The recent war in Gaza was a failure. The bon ton now is to list its flaws. Flip-floppers say its "achievements" were squandered; leftists say the war "should never have started" and rightists will say the war "should have lasted longer." But on this they all agree: It was a blunder.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"HOLOCAUST! Holocaust! Oh, Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust!!!!!" -- Israel

Mar 12 12:29

Want to Rewire Your Brain? Study Music

All those hours practicing the piano pay off big time by biologically enhancing a person's ability to quickly recognize and mentally process sounds that carry emotion, according to a new study.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What about banjo? What does playing that get you (besides jokes about moonshine, inbreeding, and "Deliverance")?

Mar 12 12:27

U.S. Jet Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Iraq

An American fighter jet shot down an Iranian drone as it was flying over Iraq, U.S. military sources in Baghdad tell Danger Room.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe the drone was being flown by Iran to keep an eye on Americans near the Iranian border.

Or maybe the drone is actually Israeli (they make a lot of them) and blamed on Iran to support the push for war.

Mar 12 12:24

More Companies At Risk of Failing

Everybody hopes the economy bottoms out and starts to improve tomorrow. Or sooner. But there are few signs of an imminent recovery. One obvious indicator is the health of big companies - you know, the ones that have been announcing all those four- and five-digits layoffs recently. And the outlook for them seems to be getting worse, not better.

Mar 12 12:19

Space junk threat worried space station

The crew of the international space station had a close call with space junk.

The three astronauts took refuge for 11 minutes Thursday in a Russian escape capsule before returning inside. Officials were worried that the space station might get hit with a piece of space junk.

NASA says the debris was a small piece of an old spacecraft motor and it was passing within three miles of the station.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a side note, more debris from the Cosmos/Iridium collision is starting to re-enter the atmosphere as of today.

Mar 12 12:18

Iran accepts US invite for Afghan Talks

US military efforts have reportedly reached a stalemate in Afghanistan.
Tehran says it is open for negotiations on the Afghan crisis, following a US invitation to a high-level conference on Afghanistan.

Mar 12 12:18

It's Genocide. Full Stop.

Stunned and outraged, the world watched as Israeli air and ground forces ushered in the new year by slaughtering defenseless, captive Palestinians in Gaza. From the surprise air attack that caught children on their way home from school, through the repeated targeting of unarmed families, women, children, and United Nations personnel, to the last hours before Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a unilateral ceasefire so the bloody massacre would not distract from news coverage of the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama, the wildly disproportionate violence of the Israeli military campaign revealed the hideous reality of the world's most heinous crime, genocide.

Mar 12 12:16

Treatment stops for Palestinian patients

Hundreds of Palestinian patients, many of them children, are no longer receiving crucial medical treatments at Israeli hospitals for cancer and other diseases after the Palestinian Authority stopped paying for their care following Israel’s onslaught in the Gaza Strip.

Mar 12 12:15

The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

People say if farmers don’t want problems from Monsanto, just don’t buy their GMO seeds.

Not so simple. Where are farmers supposed to get normal seed these days? How are they supposed to avoid contamination of their fields from GM-crops? How are they supposed to stop Monsanto detectives from trespassing or Monsanto from using helicopters to fly over spying on them?

Monsanto contaminates the fields, trespasses onto the land taking samples and if they find any GMO plants growing there (or say they have), they then sue, saying they own the crop. It’s a way to make money since farmers can’t fight back and court and they settle because they have no choice.

Mar 12 12:13


UPI.com Top News Shoe-thrower sentenced to three years

BAGHDAD, March 12 (UPI) -- The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes
at U.S. President George Bush was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday in an Iraqi court.

Muntazer al-Zaidi, hailed as a hero in some areas of the Middle East, threw two shoes at Bush in December to protest the U.S. presence in Iraq.

Mar 12 12:08

You Are Friends With an Atheist

If you live in the United States, you are almost certainly friends with at least one atheist, agnostic, nonbeliever, skeptic, or unaffiliated humanist, whether you know it or not. And your friend almost certainly endures prejudice and unequal treatment, whether you know it or not. And your friend is roughly as decent, good, loyal, honest, courageous, and generous as your other friends, and you know it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Religious fanatics have set fire to many philosophers, but no philosopher ever set fire to a religious fanatic.

Mar 12 12:06

U.S. official: Obama won't cut military aid to Israel

U.S. President Barack Obama will not cut the billions of dollars in military aid promised to Israel, a senior U.S. administration official said Wednesday.

The $30 billion in aid promised to Israel over the next decade will not be harmed by the world financial crisis, the official told Israel Radio. He spoke on condition of anonymity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, Obama will gladly starve Americans so that Israel is not harmed by the world financial crisis.

I want someone to explain to me what this "special relationship" with Israel really is that our government will gladly increase the suffering of the American people so that Israel is protected from the economic crisis that is causing the rest of the world to lower their expectations.

Does Israel have a nuclear weapon hidden in DC? Because short of that, I just don't get why our entire government grovels before Tel Aviv.

I just do not get it.

Mar 12 12:04

CIA Confirms 12 of 92 Videotapes Destroyed Showed Prisoners Tortured

Heavily redacted government documents filed in a New York federal court Friday afternoon say the CIA destroyed 12 videotapes that specifically showed two detainees being tortured

Mar 12 12:02

Obama Caves to the Lobby

Foreign policy analyst Chris Nelson described the imbroglio as a reflection of the “deadly power game on what level of support for controversial Israeli government policies is a ‘requirement’ for U.S. public office.” Before the flip-flop on Freeman was announced, Nelson warned, “If Obama surrenders to the critics and orders Blair to rescind the Freeman appointment, it is difficult to see how he can properly exercise leverage, when needed, in his conduct of policy in the Middle East. That, literally, is how the experts see the stakes in the fight now under way.”

The fight is now over.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are a nation of slaves to Israel.

Mar 12 11:54

We are being spoon-fed stupid again...

Can someone explain to me how 5 suspected members of Al Qaeda (although there is no question regarding KSM) suddenly got their own PR machine from inside Gitmo and at the hands of a military judge, not to mention getting a world stage through which to frighten Americans some more? And the media? Well, they are too well versed is stupid to ask any sensible questions:

Mar 12 11:53

Army mulling Zardari’s ouster

With president Asif Ali Zardari on a trip to Iran, Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gillani has reportedly sided with Army Chief General Parvez Kayani to oust the widower of late Benazir Bhutto from power.

Mar 12 11:51

Pelosi Won't Take Credit For Sinking Freeman

"I saw in the paper this morning my name quoted in association with this. I never made a public statement about Chas Freeman's nomination," Pelosi said in response to a question from the Huffington Post. "The conversation I had that was quoted in the paper was in a classified setting which I would never quote, nor should anyone else have."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Mar 12 11:46

Obama: Troop move to Mexican border under consideration

President Obama weighed in Wednesday on the escalating drug war on the U.S.-Mexico border, saying that he was looking at possibly deploying National Guard troops to contain the violence but ruled out any immediate military move.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don;t you feel silly submitting to all those airport harrassments by TSA knowing that the whole Mexican border has been wide open all this time?

Mar 12 11:44

Obama Outlines Plan to Curb Earmarks

President Barack Obama signed a $410 billion spending bill Wednesday that includes thousands of pet projects inserted by lawmakers, even as he unveiled new rules to restrict such so-called earmarks.

Mar 12 11:40

Roosevelt’s Banking Crisis Speech, 1933

By the time of Roosevelt's inauguration, nearly all of the banks in the nation had temporarily closed in response to mass withdrawals by a panicked public. Roosevelt calms the fears of the nation and outlines his plan to restore confidence in the banking system. The "sound assets" now held by the banks that FDR refers to is the gold he made available to them taken from Americans the week before. Astoundingly, he makes the preposterous statement that the currency is "not fiat money". Hear his contempt for gold. Americans today are even less the wiser than their ancestors seventy years ago. The same fraud will be pulled again with nary a whimper.

Mar 12 11:11


Israel plans to build more Jewish colonies on land earmarked for a future Palestinian state, in what is described as the most intensive expansion of settlements since 1967, would effectively spell the end of the two-state solution.

“These people claim they are committed to the peace process but every thing they do on the ground shows quite the opposite,” Abdul Hadi Hantash, a noted expert on the proliferation of Jewish colonies in the occupied Palestinian lands, told IslamOnline.

March 11, 2009

Mar 11 23:41

Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists

The MIAC report specifically describes supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as “militia” influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties.

Mar 11 21:15

Chicago Cop Gets Nailed By His Own Video

Think of officers like Chicago PD's Joe D. Parker next time a cop testifies that he had probable cause since he observed a motorist swerving, or smelled marijuana inside a vehicle.

Mar 11 21:00

Top 10 Breaches By Removable Device

I thought it would be valuable to put the top ten most important incidents regarding removable devices, including hardware keystroke loggers, USB thumb drives, and MP3 players, together into a list. It helps highlight the risks inherent in removable devices to have all of these incidents in one place.

Mar 11 20:55

Household bills to soar because of climate change, claim scientists

Households face soaring bills because of climate change, scientists have warned in claims that everybody will be hit in their pockets by the changes in global weather.

The average cost of living is likely to increase dramatically to pay for the impact of global warming - including higher taxes, higher insurance premiums, and even the cost of keeping the garden in good repair.

"Cough up suckers!"

Mar 11 20:47

Abandoned jail and probation computer project cost £155m

An attempt to introduce a computer system for the prison and probation services that was abandoned after three years, after it had already cost £155m in public money, was last night labelled "a masterclass in sloppy project management".

The chairman of the Commons public accounts committee, Edward Leigh, said the problems with the project, to ensure that the services could share information, were "in a class of their own. This committee hears of troubled government projects all too frequently," he said. "But the litany of failings in this case are in a class of their own. All of this mess could have been avoided."

Mar 11 20:19

Where are the MADOFF Funds Now? Read On..............

In a rush? Read the fourth paragraph of the source.

Want to learn more? -- this is a damn good article.

If you're not ramping up your protection after reading this....my friend, you're simply not paying ample attention. I want you, the concerned readers of WRH, to make it through the collapse.

The question is: When the FIT hits the SHAN, will enough people know what really happened, where the money went, and who paved the road to our downfall?

Mar 11 20:06

Codex Alimentarius

Very good speech about an insidious agenda creeping along few have heard about. When you mention it by name, you really sound "in the know", too. ;-)

Mike has been talking about health and nutrition and so I thought I would offer this.

Mar 11 20:04

Free Napkin

Get, or give, free stuff.

Mar 11 19:39

Big problems need big solutions - Environmentalist Kooks Adopt Hank Paulson's Routine

BBC Science Climate change is a massive problem that needs big and bold solutions, says Professor Tim Lenton.

Mar 11 19:12

China's exports in sharp decline - World demand for crap plummets

BBC News Chinese exports plunged by more than a quarter in February from a year ago as the world's third-largest economy was hit by a drop in demand for its goods.

Exports dropped by 25.7% to $64.9bn (£47.3bn) compared with the same month a year earlier, while imports fell by 24.1% to $60.1bn, figures showed.

Mar 11 19:03

U.S. official: Obama won't cut military aid to Israel

U.S. President Barack Obama will not cut the billions of dollars in military aid promised to Israel, a senior U.S. administration official said Wednesday.

The $30 billion in aid promised to Israel over the next decade will not be harmed by the world financial crisis, the official told Israel Radio. He spoke on condition of anonymity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Those dumb as nails Americans didn't really need those schools anyway. All they need to know they can learn at boot camp!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 11 17:53

Ludicrous Terrorist Watch List Now Contains Over 1 Million Names

Newly released figures show that one million names now make up the government’s terrorist watch list, a dramatic rise of around 32% in the last two years.

Mar 11 17:52

The Martyrdom Of Mordechai Vanunu

Within days of the announcement of a record 205 nominations for 2009’s Nobel Peace Prize, [one of several prizes endowed by Swedish industrialist and dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel] perpetual nominee Mordechai Vanunu declined the honor in a letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo:

I am asking the committee to remove my name from the nominations…I cannot be part of a list of laureates that includes Simon Peres…Peres established and developed the atomic weapon program in Dimona in Israel…Peres was the man who ordered [my] kidnapping…he continues to oppose my freedom and release…WHAT I WANT IS FREEDOM AND ONLY FREEDOM….FREEDOM AND ONLY FREEDOM I NEED NOW.

Mar 11 17:51

Study: Decline in Lawyer IQs

A British study reports that the average IQ of lawyers has declined over the past 12 years, moving closer to the "average" range.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Law does not require reasoning (indeed it often seems to intentionally reject the process), only rote memorization.

Mar 11 17:36


Mar 11 17:27

A New Low in Drug Research: 21 Fabricated Studies

A prominent Massachusetts anesthesiologist allegedly fabricated 21 medical studies involving major drugs. Yikes.

Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass., has asked several anesthesiology journals to retract the studies, which appeared between 1996 and 2008, the WSJ reports. The hospital says its former chief of acute pain, Scott S. Reuben, faked data used in the studies.

Mar 11 17:22

FLASHBACK - Left Wing Canadian Paper Says Cheney Directed B52 to Bomb Iran

Consequently, there is considerable circumstantial evidence to argue that the nuclear armed B-52 was part of an apparent covert operation, outside the regular chain of constitutional military command. The alleged authority responsible for this was Vice President Cheney. He very likely used the Secret Service to take charge of a contrived National Special Security Event involving a nuclear armed B-52 that would be flown from Minot AFB. The B-52 was directed to Barksdale Air Force base where it would have conducted a covert mission to the Middle East involving the detonation of one or more nuclear weapons most likely in or in the vicinity of Iran. This could either have occurred during a conventional military strike against Iran, or a False Flag operation in the Persian Gulf region.

Mar 11 17:17

The "Anti-semitism" drinking game - version: Solzhenitsyn

No wonder Solzhenitsyn is so rarely mentioned - he said something that a certain group doesn't LIKE even though it is substantiated and credible.

Take a drink for each mention of "Anti-semitism" (or its variants) in this simple wiki page that describes one of this great Russia author's works - remember, if you repeat it often enough, it makes it TRUE (hmmm, who is normally credited with that, hmmmm)?


Post other hyperbolic use of "anti-Semitism", "antisemitism", "antisemitic" etc... as a drinking game, too! Let's make it fun! And when you sober up, read some Solzhenitsyn - it must be pretty good! This one they wouldn't even allow to be published in English!

Mar 11 15:58

Flashback 1985: G. Edward Griffin interviews KGB defector

All this is still going on - which shows the threat comes from the puppetmasters, not the USSR.

Mar 11 14:53

You Don't Know Dick

Given Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh's new revelation that the military ran an "Executive Assassination Ring" throughout the Bush years which reported directly to Cheney I have reposted below - as context - my 2006 essay, called "All Roads Lead to Dick Cheney".

Mar 11 14:45

Israeli court orders Palestinian to demolish his own home or face penalty

Tamimi said in a statement, "How can I destroy the house in which I lived for 17 years with my own hands! Where will I go with my family? I have paid all fines with the hope of obtaining a construction permit but to no avail".

He said that the land is owned by his family and that he had the required documents to prove it.

The Israeli occupation authority bans construction or even maintenance of Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem's Old City in a bid to empty the holy city from its indigenous population and replace them with Jewish immigrants.

Mar 11 14:42

Life insurer laundered drug money

A now-closed Florida insurance company whose executives have been charged with running an investment scam also laundered drug cartel money, authorities allege.

U.S prosecutors in January charged the two top executives, lead attorney and trustee of Mutual Benefits Corp., of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with organizing an elaborate Ponzi scheme that cheated investors out of nearly $1 billion.

Court documents obtained by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel indicate the executives also are suspected of fraudulently selling life insurance policies on people with fatal diseases to Latin American narcotics traffickers, who allegedly cashed the policies out early as a way to launder the drug money.

Mar 11 14:38

The Palfrey-Cheney Connection

Well, lookie, lookie, Roll Call, Politico and Wonkette all served up items yesterday that mentioned the possibility that Dick Cheney used the services of Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s escort service in the 1990s.

Mar 11 14:32

Hersh: 'Executive assassination ring' reported directly to Cheney

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh dropped a bombshell on Tuesday when he told an audience at the University of Minnesota that the military was running an "executive assassination ring" throughout the Bush years which reported directly to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

The remark came out seemingly inadvertently when Hersh was asked by the moderator of a public discussion of "America's Constitutional Crisis" whether abuses of executive power, like those which occurred under Richard Nixon, continue to this day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 11 13:53

Why are Tim Geithner and the Media Playing Dumb About What Happened to Our Money?

A formerly famous and now mostly forgotten poet of nonsense verse once said: "There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns....there are also unknown unknowns."

That was, of course, Donald Rumsfeld, but it doesn't sound too different from your average briefing/Congressional testimony/interview by Timothy Geithner. Besides being awash in toxic paper, credit default swaps, and collateralized debt obligations, we seem to be drowning in unknowns. Only, I get the sense that there are fewer unknowns than we're being told.

Mar 11 12:36

Mercedes lottery contest sparks outcry OLG buys foreign instead of Canadian built cars

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. had been running a “License to Win” promotion at its 22 slot facilities and charity casinos across the province. The contest offered 22 Mercedes-Benz B200 autos as prizes to be drawn on April 14. Contestants entered the draw by filling out ballots at the various locations.

Conservative member of provincial parliament Ted Chudleigh bemoaned the agency’s choice of “high-priced European cars made by foreign workers.”


Perhaps the lottery wanted to provide a prize of lasting value. Who knows how long a domestic warranty will be good? Who DOESN'T Kmow how bad domestic cars are?

Mar 11 12:12

Iraq sentences two of Saddam's half-brothers to death

Iraqi High Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced two of Saddam Hussein's half-brothers to death penalty over their role in execution of dozens of Iraqi merchants.

Mar 11 10:36


While AIDS may be one of the most feared diseases of modern times, there is still a degree of scientific debate over the subject of just how the disease originated, and how the first cases spread. Two filmmakers explore a controversial theory about the beginnings of the disease. In the 1950s, American and Belgian missionaries in the Belgian colonies of the Congo widely distributed polio vaccine to a million children in a bid to wipe out the crippling disease; however, evidence now suggests that Dr. Koprowski's oral vaccine may have been tainted, and that the first instances of the disease may be linked to these inoculations. Using interviews, newsreel footage, and documented research experiments, "The Origin of AIDS" examines how a combination of benevolence, careless lab procedures, and the need of a desperate few to cover their tracks could have led to one of the most serious pandemics of the 20th century.

Mar 11 10:23

eBay scammers work unpatched weaknesses in Firefox, IE

eBay scammers have been exploiting unpatched weaknesses in the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to deliver counterfeit pages that try to dupe people surfing the online auction house to bid on fraudulent listings.

The attacks managed to inject eBay pages with hostile code by exploiting issues long known to afflict Firefox and IE. While eBay has managed to block the exploit from working on its domains, other websites that accept user-generated content may still be vulnerable to the attacks, web security experts warn.

Mar 11 10:12

Pepsi Products Get a Sweet Makeover with Real Sugar

Members of the original Pepsi Generation are about to get a sweet trip down memory lane. The company announced on Thursday that three new "retro" sodas will be hitting beverage aisles beginning in March and April. ... The big difference? Packaging and sweetener. Pepsi Natural, touted as a "premium" cola, replaces the brand's standard sweetener -- high fructose corn syrup -- with natural cane and beet sugar, shaving four grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving. ... High fructose corn syrup has come under fire from opponents who claim that the substance -- chemically identical to sugar -- promotes obesity, though no scientific causality has been found.

Mar 11 10:11

Quadruple Shooting in Northeast DC

Four people were shot while walking away from a vigil at a cemetery in Northeast Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, I know we are all on edge with the economy, but this shooting of innocent parties simply must stop! It is a waste of ammunition we need for the bankers and politicians! :)

Mar 11 10:07

Hannity suggests Christianity compatible with torture

Mar 11 10:06

NIST admits freefall speeds in 9-11 WTC buildings collapse

Mar 11 10:02

If at first you don't suceed, frame, frame, again!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The original charge against John Demjanjuk, that he was "Ivan the Terrible" collapsed when another man was identified as being that individual. But rather than admit error (note that they still used the label on the headline) his persecutors are simply going to pile on the charges until they win through sheer force of political pressure.

This is not justice, it is propaganda. Whether John Demjanjuk actually committed any crimes is irrelevant to the need to wave the Holocaust at the world one more time to protect Israel from criticism over its recent war crimes in Gaza.

Mar 11 09:34

Why the U.S. Under Obama Is Still a Dictatorship

Mar 11 09:20


Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 11 09:05

The Modern State of Israel: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened,

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…

Mar 11 09:03

Motive unclear in Alabama shooting spree

Authorities grappled on Wednesday for the reason a 27-year-old Alabama man shot dead 10 people, including his mother, before killing himself after a gun battle with police and a car chase down a rural highway.

Michael McLendon, who lived with his mother, killed five of his victims in Tuesday's shooting spree at a mobile home in Samson, in southeastern Alabama, according to a local coroner and Wynnton Melton, mayor of nearby Geneva.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now as the gun-grabbers go into orgasm over the politically useful blood, I have another question. The description of the man we are hearing is that of someone under intense pressure. These are hard times.

So, I have to wonder if this guy (or the one in Germany) was on antidepressants.

Mar 11 08:55

Hidden Message Found in Lincoln Pocket Watch

Dillon, working in a D.C. watch repair shop in 1861, told family members that he -- by incredible happenstance -- had been repairing Lincoln's watch when news came that Fort Sumter had been attacked in South Carolina. It was the opening salvo of what became the Civil War.

Dillon told his children (and, half a century later, a reporter for the New York Times) that he opened the watch's inner workings and scrawled his name, the date and a message for the ages: "The first gun is fired. Slavery is dead. Thank God we have a President who at least will try."

He then closed it up and sent it back to the White House. Lincoln never knew of the message. Dillon died in 1907.

Mar 11 08:37

VIDEO Regarding "Revolution"

Jesse Richard, founder of TvNewsLIES.org, comments on the current mood of the nation. He explains that many Americans feel that the nation is ripe for revolution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jesse may be a bit naive here. From the point of view of the current power structure which has grown rich on the backs of the American workers, restoration of the original Republic IS revolutionary in that it removes them from their positions of wealth and power which cannot exist under the original system of government.

Mar 11 08:34

9/11 suspects: 'We are terrorists to the bone'

The self-professed mastermind and four other men charged in the Sept. 11 attacks declared they are "terrorists to the bone" in a statement that mocked the U.S. failure to prevent the killings and predicted America will fall like "the towers on the blessed 9/11 day."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The propagandists are raising on a busted flush here. "To the bone" is an American colloquialism and not something a Muslim would actually say or write.

Mar 11 08:19

After attacks, Europe hurries to tighten gun laws

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, once again it has been proven that the police never arrive in time to prevent a crime, so let us totally disarm the potential victims!!!!!

Mar 11 08:18

Bank to begin 'printing money' to boost economy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have a printing press. Can I help?

Mar 11 08:16

Warren v. District of Columbia

Warren v. District of Columbia[1] (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is a case in which three rape victims sued the District of Columbia because of negligence on the part of the police. Two of three female roommates were upstairs when they heard men break in and attack the third. After repeated calls to the police over half an hour, the roommate's screams stopped, and they assumed the police had arrived. They went downstairs and were held captive, raped, robbed, beaten, and forced to commit sexual acts upon one another and to submit to the attackers' sexual demands for 14 hours. The police had lost track of the repeated calls for assistance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No doubt the gun-grabbers will use today's twin shootings in Alabama and Germany to scream that guns must be banned and that personal defense is unnecessary because we have the police to protect us.

But, I maintain that the fact that these shootings were successfully carried out proves that the police RARELY IF EVER SHOW UP IN TIME TO PREVENT A CRIME. If they show up at all, they show up after it is all over.

Mar 11 08:11

Senators tell AG to back off on gun control

Democratic Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester have a message for the Obama administration: they will oppose any gun restrictions the new administration may be considering.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was just yesterday, which makes today's Alabama shooting even more convenient for Obama's gun grab.

Mar 11 08:07

Ahistorical Parodists

The events of 1979 are trumpeted to the exclusion of all others before and since, implying that Iran must atone for the past. But the 1979 Revolution was a response to the U.S. government’s own anti-Iranian revolution and hostage-taking of 1953 and the subsequent 26-year rule of the U.S.-installed Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. AP naturally avoids editorial description of the U.S.-subsidized Shah’s reign.

Mar 11 08:06

Ron Paul: Obama Foreign Policy Identical To Bush

Congressman Ron Paul has slammed Barack Obama’s foreign policy, saying it is identical to that of his predecessor George W. Bush, proving once again that both parties follow the same agenda on major issues.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I ... must ... do ... what ... Israel ... says ...

I ... must ... do ... what ... Israel ... says ...

I ... must ... do ... what ... Israel ... says ..." -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 11 08:05

Overvalued euro set to plunge 'within months'

Investors take out short trades when they expect a currency to fall. In recent days, futures traders in the US have significantly increased their bets that the euro will fall against the dollar. Data released by the Washington-based Commodity Futures Trading Commission on Friday showed that the "net short position" of trades against the euro by hedge funds and speculators almost doubled in the week to March 3 to 19,431 contracts from 10,081 contracts a week earlier.

Mar 11 08:04

JPMorgan Chase to Increase India Outsourcing 25%

America's second-largest bank plans to spend $400 million on work outsourced to India to streamline its IT operations

Mar 11 08:03

Public spigot stays open for water bottlers

You probably thought there was a serious water shortage in Florida.

It's why we're spending billions to repair and repurify the Everglades, right? It's why we're not supposed to run our lawn sprinklers more than once or twice a week.

But hold on. It turns out there's a boundless, virtually free supply of Florida water -- though not for residents. The public spigot remains open day and night for Nestle, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and 19 other corporations that bottle our water and sell it for a huge per-unit profit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We actually had the same thing happen here in Hawaii. For years we were constantly being propagandized to conserve water, that there was a water shortage, bottles in the toilet, restrictor heads in the showers, blah blah blah, even though there seemed to be a lot of rain.

Then we realized that there was no water shortage; just lobbying by the sugar and pineapple companies to limit water to us mere humans because so much was needed for the cash crops.

Mar 11 07:59

The Future of Food

Mar 11 07:56

“I enjoy life under government, so what’s your problem?”

When people make this type of statement, they are missing a crucial point: their choice of government means other people don’t get a choice.

Mar 11 07:55

Boy, have I got something to look at!

During earlier postings on this Blog I showed the plight of the Chagos Islanders. I have also researched the Kingdom of Hawaii. Shetland ~ off whose shores Forvik is situated ~ is another place where “imperialism” has ridden roughshod over the inhabitants without regard to them and their aspirations or even their welfare.

Mar 11 07:52

Iran nuclear plant to open for tourists

Iran says it is ready to host tourists who wish to visit its nuclear power plant in Bushehr during the Persian New Year holidays.

Iranian officials seek to highlight their "peaceful" nuclear intentions by opening the nuclear installations in southern Iran during Nowruz.

Mar 11 07:52

US companies pull out of retirement contributions

A wave of US companies are suspending payments to their staff 401(k) retirement plans in a bid to cut costs amid the economic downturn.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The new US retirement plan? WORK 'EM UNTIL THEY DROP!!!!

Mar 11 07:51

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11

This is the story of the brave and courageous Sibel Edmonds, an FBI translator who discovered some very peculiar Israeli-Turkish connections and penetrations of the United States intelligence apparatus surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

She went thru channels at her job and was ignored. She went to Congress and was ignored. She went to the press and the fit hit the shan. When it looked like some of the secrecy surrounding 9/11 was about to be blown away, the US Attorney General at that time, John Ashcroft, slapped a state secrets privilege gag order on Sibel.


Doesn't our government want to know the FULL truth about 9/11?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No the government already knows the truth; they just think they can keep it from the people.

Mar 11 07:49

Council spends £6,000 fitting sat-nav to its fleet of mowers... to stop gardeners getting lost in the grass

But that hasn't stopped council chiefs buying a set of sophisticated satnavs - for their fleet of lawnmowers.

They spent £6,000 hooking up the devices to 14 mowers because gardeners claimed they kept getting lost in long grass.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your taxes at work.

Mar 11 07:48

The shadow financial system – as illustrated in three new papers that cut through the London fog

Gordon Brown wants to shine a bit more light on the shadow financial system (hat tip IPEZone). One plank of his G-20 action plan is:

“reform of international regulation to close regulatory gaps so shadow banking systems have nowhere to hide”

It isn’t exactly clear though why Brown needs the cooperation of the other members of the G-20 to do increase transparency here: an awful lot of the shadow financial system is based in the UK.

Mar 11 07:48

Drugs giants Merck, Schering-Plough, Roche and Genentech in $90bn mergers

Four of the world's largest pharmaceuticals companies are to become two in a pair of deals worth almost $90bn (£65bn), which are likely to accelerate consolidation elsewhere in the sector.

Mar 11 07:46

Another Jew Against Zionism

"We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. NOTHING that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build." --"You Gentiles"p.155 Maurice Samuel

Mar 11 07:45

Chas Freeman speaks: By vetoing U.S. appointments, the Israel lobby is enforcing adherence to a foreign government

The outrageous agitation that followed the leak of my pending appointment will be seen by many to raise serious questions about whether the Obama administration will be able to make its own decisions about the Middle East and related issues. I regret that my willingness to serve the new administration has ended by casting doubt on its ability to consider, let alone decide what policies might best serve the interests of the United States rather than those of a Lobby intent on enforcing the will and interests of a foreign government.

Mar 11 07:37

Google's 'interest-based' ads sure to stoke privacy fears

Google announced this morning that it is going to more and more sophisticated tracking of its users online browsing patterns in the interest of displaying to them advertising that will presumably be of greater interest. And while the company made all the requisite assurances about privacy and transparency, that's not stopping industry observers from predicting a showdown over the practice.

Mar 11 07:34

I don’t know what to say

Today, we seem to be dealing with another International Crime Syndicate.

And I want to see today’s financial mafia in leg irons and cuffs headed towards some federal detention center to keep them out of business for a long time. An open invitation to join them should be extended to any new capital credit finaglers on the horizon. Crime should not pay. I read that in a Crime Stoppers comic book as a boy. In the crime comic book of today, there seem to be far more Jokers and Lex Luthors than Batmans and Supermans cruising Gotham or Metropolis, and/or some very low-key Clark Kents disguised as Internet journalists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 11 07:33

Freeman blames ‘Israel lobby’ for withdrawal

"The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth," he said. "The aim of this Lobby is control of the policy process through the exercise of a veto over the appointment of people who dispute the wisdom of its views, the substitution of political correctness for analysis, and the exclusion of any and all options for decision by Americans and our government other than those that it favors."

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 11 07:32

Freeman withdraws name from intel post

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, said Tuesday that he was pleased that Mr. Freeman had withdrawn.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, puppet for Israel, said Tuesday that he was pleased that Mr. Freeman had withdrawn.

Mar 11 07:26

Israel to Trade 226 Palestinian Prisoners for Israeli Captured Soldier

Very interesting stuff here from a political strategy standpoint. It appears that Israel is going to trade 226 Palestinian prisoners for the Israeli Soldier prisoner being held in Palestine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... assuming Israel did not kill him during the firebombing of Gaza, of course.

Mar 11 07:25

Israel to use 'anti-Semitic' card against Chavez?

Mar 11 07:23

The propaganda crosses the line into just plain silly.

Mar 11 07:18

11 die in Alabama shooting rampage

Hell came to a rural Alabama on Tuesday in the form of a deranged gunman whose killing spree left 10 victims dead before he turned a gun on himself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How convenient for Obama's anti-gun agenda. and no doubt that agenda will now be pushed in the media because of this shoting and the one in Germany.

But remember what might have happened if just ONE of those 11 victims had been carrying a firearm ... and that as usual, the police did not show up in time to prevent the crime, only clean up the mess.

Mar 11 07:17

Obama's Answer to Computer Crimes: 'Cybots'

Mar 11 07:16

Students killed in German school shooting

A gunman dressed in a black combat uniform opened fire at a high school in southern Germany this morning, killing at least 15 people and injuring others before he was shot and killed by police.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If only one teacher had had a gun....

I also note that his name is not given.

Mar 11 06:27

You WILL Believe! - Nano-treatment to torpedo cancer - Science by propoganda bites

BBC Health News - Nanotechnology has been used for the first time to destroy cancer cells with a highly targeted package of "tumour busting" genes.

"Gene therapy has a great potential to create safe and effective cancer treatments but getting the genes into cancer cells remains one of the big challenges in this area.

"This is the first time that nanoparticles have been shown to target tumours in such a selective way, and this is an exciting step forward in the field.

"Once inside the cell, the gene enclosed in the particle recognises the cancerous environment and switches on. The result is toxic, but only to the offending cells, leaving healthy tissue unaffected.

Mar 11 06:13

Worst collapse in UK manufacturing in four decades

The “horrendous” scale of Britain’s industrial recession has been laid bare by figures showing that manufacturing output is declining at the fastest rate since records began more than 40 years ago.

Mar 11 03:41

Who is Bernard Madoff,the man behind the $50 billion fraud?

No plea bargain,no trial,no discovery,no testimony,no truth! No shirt Sherlock!