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"Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means, basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't, frankly, matter." -- Alan Greespan, responding to a question by Jim Lehrer


DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office)

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February 19, 2016

Feb 19 17:38

Oops! SPLC Exposes “Anti-Indian Movement” — Led by Indian

Feb 19 16:47

Pope vs. Trump

Activist David Bacon says the Pope is drawing attention to an escalating migration crisis at the border.

Feb 19 16:39

Former UK Ambassador to Syria: U.S./UK Policy on Syria Is Doomed, Even Corrupt

Peter Ford, who was the UK’s Ambassador in Syria during 2003-2006, was asked by the BBC in their “The Big Questions” interview on February 14th, whether the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would have to be a part of the solution in that country after the war is over, and Ambassador Ford said:

Feb 19 16:38

Sanders’ Political Revolution Within the Limits of the Democratic Party

Paul Heideman says Sanders campaign could lead to a split in the Democratic Party over the issue of moneyed interests dominating the party leadership.

Feb 19 16:35

Bayer Pharma, Fetal Deaths, and Illegal Kickbacks

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) alleged that the pharmaceutical giant Bayer HealthCare had downplayed hundreds of fetal deaths resulting from its contraceptive medical device Essure, and that the company also gave illegal kickbacks to doctors for promoting its product.

Feb 19 16:14

Pro-GMO Activism in India: Journalism gives way to Spin, Smears and Falsehoods 

In a recent piece for the magazine Swarajya (an online and print publication based in India?), its national affairs editor, Surajit Dasgupta, makes it clear that he has no time for any criticisms about the use of GMO technology in food and agriculture. He has even less time for those who voice such criticisms.

Feb 19 16:04

Apple vs. the FBI: Inside the Battle Snowden Calls “The Most Important Tech Case in a Decade”

A major debate over privacy and online encryption has erupted after the computer giant Apple announced it will resist a court order to help the FBI break into an iPhone recovered from one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Feb 19 15:40

‘Nobody Asked a Worker!’

The Boston Globe’s decision to contract out its subscriber delivery service to a new company that said they could do it cheaper was the kind of business call made every day. And media usually treat such events as just that: business news, for the business page. But those decisions have human impacts, too, sometimes huge ones. It’s just that the lives they change, generally speaking, aren’t the ones that make the paper.

Feb 19 15:39

“Gaza, this uninhabitable planet... I want to run away from this madness”

Stuart Littlewood relays, through the words of a female resident of the Gaza Strip, how unbearable life had become for the Palestinian residents of the Strip who live in despair, ill health, poor accommodation and without some of the basics of life.

Feb 19 15:34

Video: Donald Trump Just Questioned the Government’s Official Narrative on 9/11

Now, some of Trump’s harshest critics find themselves in the awkward position of agreeing with him — it is, indeed, far past time the American public and the world are given the truth about 9/11.

(read more)

Feb 19 15:31

Hillary Clinton Again Declines to Disclose What She Told Big Banks in Her Paid Speeches

The guy in the audience said it was a matter of trust. “Please just release those transcripts so we know exactly where you stand,” he said.

But Hillary Clinton wasn’t going there. At the MSNBC town hall with the Democratic presidential candidates on Thursday evening in Las Vegas, Clinton once again refused to release transcripts or recordings of the secret speeches she was paid millions of dollars to make to Wall Street banks.

Clinton literally laughed off the question when we first asked her in January. Several days later, when Chuck Todd asked her during an MSNBC debate in New Hampshire, she said she would “look into it.”

Feb 19 15:31

Tyrannical System Sentences 4-Year-Old Boy to Life in Prison for Alleged Crimes When He Was 1

Born in September 2012, Ahmed Mansour Karni was swept up in an indictment listing his name along with 115 other defendants accused of participating in riots and demonstrations on January 3, 2014. Despite that fact that Ahmed was only a year and a half old at the time, he was reportedly charged with four counts of murder, eight counts of attempted murder, vandalizing property belonging to the Egyptian Health Administration in his home province of el-Fayoum, threatening soldiers and police officers, and damaging vehicles belonging to security forces. Convicted in absentia, Ahmed was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday.

Feb 19 15:30

What Is the Government Still Hiding? ACLU Continues Fight to Obtain Photos of Bush-Era Torture

Earlier this month, the Pentagon released nearly 200 photographs relating to the abuse of prisoners by U.S. military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan but refused to release a larger batch of 1,800 images.

Feb 19 15:23

Targeting Transgender Children, South Dakota Passes Transphobic School Bathroom Bill

South Dakota could soon become the first state in the country to ban transgender students from using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

Feb 19 15:19

Real Estate Is In Crash Mode

Feb 19 15:18

Keep It in the Ground: Author Terry Tempest Williams Buys 1,750 Acres of Oil & Gas Leases in Utah

In Utah, more than 100 protesters disrupted a federal auction of oil and gas leases, spontaneously bursting into song until they were forced to leave. Author and activist Terry Tempest Williams, registered as Bidder 19, successfully bought rights to 1,750 acres of land to spare it from fossil fuel extraction.

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Feb 19 15:17

Sheriff Blocks Feds From Harassing Raw Milk Farmer: “Stem the Tide of Federal Overreach”

Sheriff Rogers investigated a complaint from a constituent farmer and found that he sided with his case – there was no justified cause for invasive inspections happening repeatedly since 2011 every couple of weeks.

“Specifically, the FDA was inspecting his farm without a warrant as much as every two weeks,” Rogers wrote. “Typical inspections occur annually. The Department of Justice (DOJ) had subpoenaed him for a grand jury in Michigan in which he was to bring his production documents. The Feds wanted to make this farmer an example.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Feb 19 14:59

No Candidate is Perfect

Let me tell you something people don’t often say when arguing about presidential candidates on Facebook: No candidate is perfect.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth choosing to support one.

Owl 2
Feb 19 14:58

US, France say Russia’s draft resolution on Syrian sovereignty has ‘no future’

A Russian draft resolution condemning any plans for foreign military intervention and warning against violations of Syrian sovereignty has been rejected by the US and French ambassadors, as having ‘no future’ ahead of a UN Security Council meeting.

Feb 19 14:50

Criminal Offence? UK to ban Israeli West Bank goods boycotts

Britain’s Conservative government is to announce next week a law that would ban local councils, student unions and other public bodies form boycotting goods for political reasons. The rules are widely seen as meant to protect goods produced by Israeli companies in the occupied West Bank.

Feb 19 14:29

THERE WILL BE A WAR: Obama gave full support to Erdogan 'opposition to Russian provocations "!

Presidents of the United States and Turkey, Barak Obama and Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the situation in Syria, said a representative of the White House, Josh Earnest.

According to him, the conversation was initiated by US President who expressed his condolences to Turkish counterpart on the occasion of the terrorist attacks that shook Turkey over the past few days.

"They discussed the situation in Syria," said Ernest, and stressed that "in the past year, Turkey has made serious progress and make great contribution to the international coalition" in the fight against the Islamic state.

According to him, covered with a "significant part of the border, making it possible to reduce the number of foreign fighters who come to Syria."

A representative of the White House, however, said that Ankara "must do more", including covering the remaining part of the border with Syria.

Feb 19 14:28

NATO Warns Turkey It Won’t Support Ankara in Conflict With Russia

As tensions escalate between Turkey and Russia, NATO has warned Ankara that it will not take part in a war provoked by the Turkish government.

Last November, Turkey shot down a Russian jet flying through Syrian airspace. While many feared that the incident would plunge both countries into war, conflict was avoided, though relations between Moscow and Ankara have remained chilly.

As Turkey pushes to deploy ground forces across its border to remove the legitimate government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Turkish government is, again, threatening the world with war.

"The armed forces of the two states are both active in fierce fighting on the Turkish-Syrian border, in some cases just a few kilometers from each other," one NATO official told Der Spiegel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Frankly, I would be very sceptical about ANY statements NATO makes at this time, seeing as how keen it appears to prepare for war in Eastern Europe.

Feb 19 14:25

Russia Demands End To Turkey's Efforts To Undermine Syrian Sovereignty

Over the past several days, Turkey has been busy putting the world on the course to World War III.

On Friday, in an effort to avert an all-out global conflict, Moscow called for a UN Security Council meeting to discuss Turkey's plans to send troops into Syria. "Turkey's announced plans to put boots on the ground in northern Syria undercut efforts to launch a political settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic," Maria Zakharova said, earlier today.

The announced intentions of Ankara (as well as Riyadh and Doha) are not consistent with the will of Damascus, which has only invited Russia and Iran to the fight against "the terrorists." Everyone else - including the US, Britain, and France - are effectively trespassing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am hoping that cooler heads prevail all the way around in this mess.

But the implications of more war in the region will be even more devastating than anyone can possibly imagine.

Jeh Johnson, the US government's Director of Homeland Security, is on tap to visit Ankara on Monday, 29 February. I would suggest that he and Edrogan will be talking about preparations for the war, and that the US, behind a proxy Turkish-Saudi military, will be quietly directing their strategies, at least enough to create some degree plausible deniability.

Feb 19 14:23

Constitutional Crisis Could Force Obama Out Of White House

In a recent interview with Trunews, Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely talked seriously about the possibility of a “Constitutional crisis” that could occur at the hands of President Barack Obama.

This will be a potential reality if Obama refuses to protect the American people from the threat of ISIS. As we know, Obama has refused to even acknowledge Islam as a threat.

Now, the generals claim that it could get to the point where the U.S. Military would have to take matters into their own hands and remove Obama from office.

Feb 19 14:19

Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel

American musicians who support boycotting Israel over the issue of Palestinian rights are terrified to speak out for fear their careers will be destroyed, according to Roger Waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It isn't just musicians whose careers are destroyed for speaking the truth.

Feb 19 14:08

Turkey Escalates War Threats after Terror Attacks

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government in Turkey has seized upon a terrorist attack carried out in the capital of Ankara as a pretext for escalating its military campaign against Kurdish-dominated regions in eastern Turkey, northern Syria and Iraq.

At the same time, Ankara is pushing ahead with plans for a ground invasion into Syria. In so doing, NATO member Turkey is deliberately stoking a conflagration in the entire region and risking a military confrontation with Russia, which could rapidly develop into all-out war between the great powers.

The threat of another major war is becoming more acute on a daily basis. Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev warned at the Munich Security Conference last weekend against the danger of a “new world war” should Western or Arab ground troops invade Syria, adding, “The Americans and our Arab partners must think it through: do they want permanent war?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately for Medvedev and Putin, the answer to the last question, at least on the part of the United States Government, is an unequivocal "Yes".

The US economy is imploding, and when the crash comes, the US government wants to have a massive foreign war on which to blame the horrible state of the American economy.

And unfortunately, just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid, is no guarantee that the US government won't do it.

War with Russia is a really, really bad idea right now.

And I say that as someone who does want the American military to be strong.

But right now, it doesn't have the weaponry, the money, the troop strength, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome in a conventional military conflict against Russia.

Feb 19 14:03

Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President of the United States; The meaning of "Natural Born."

Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for President of the United States. He was born in Canada, of parents who were Canadian citizens at the time of his birth. Cruz's mother claims to have been born in Delaware. The State of Delaware claims not to have any records of her. (The authenticity of the Birth Certificate provided by the Cruz campaign is now in dispute.) But even if genuine, it makes Cruz's mother a US citizen, but maybe not Cruz himself!

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WRH Exclusive
Feb 19 13:56

Imminent Turkish Invasion of Syria? Erdogan will not Invade Syria without Washington’s Permission

Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu threaten to invade Syria. Thousands of Turkish forces are mobilized along border areas.

So far talk is just bluster. For how long remains to be seen. Everything depends on what Washington intends. Escalated war is more likely than backing off.

On Thursday, the Kurdish Hawar news agency ANHA reported dozens of Turkish military vehicles advancing about 200 meters into Aleppo province.

A trench between the towns of Sorka and Meydan Ekbis is being dug. Concrete wall construction continues. The area is mainly Kurdish.

Turkish forces continue heavy cross-border shelling, the international community doing nothing to stop it. Meaningless rhetoric substitutes for action – Erdogan permitted to attack Syrian territory, a flagrant international law breach.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Technically, the invasion has already begun, with Turkish troops having already crossed 200 meters into Syrian territory.

The question, really, is when massive military maneuvers against Syria will begin, courtesy of the Turks and Saudis.

Feb 19 13:55

Hillary Just Got Some Of The Worst News So Far That Could Mean Serious Trouble For Campaign

For the first time in the campaign, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is beating Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday.

The poll shows Sanders, who a month ago was trailing Clinton 49 percent to 37 percent, leading her 47 percent to 44 percent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It doesn't matter. I have the superdelegates. Screw the voters. The White House is mine,
MINE!!!!!" -- Hitlery

Feb 19 13:45

Afghanistan's US-funded 'Pentagon' at risk in major quake, report finds

When the next major earthquake hits Afghanistan, could it leave the leadership of the Afghan military buried under five stories' worth of rubble?

John F. Sopko, the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, does not rule it out. In an audit set for release Thursday, Sopko said the new $155 million Afghan military headquarters, funded by U.S. taxpayers, may not withstand the Big One.

"Although the building generally met contract requirements and appears well built, we found some construction deficiencies that may have safety implications . . . in the event of an earthquake," the inspector general wrote to U.S. military leaders.

Sopko was referring to engineering standards that call for the foundations of large buildings to be segmented, allowing movement to be diverted in multiple directions. That would lessen the chance of large structures shaking to the point of collapse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutley unbelievable!!

Is it impossible for the US to do anything right in Afghanistan?!?

Having done marketing for a structural engineer for many years, I understand the importance of a construction project meeting all quake code standards, to prevent a catastrophe if a quake hits.

The company which got the contract, was Paaya Construction, in Afghanistan, and is owned by one Allem Safdari, it's President. I have to wonder just what weight he carried with the Afghan government, and how much the award of this contract was political, but not because of actual merit and experience of his team.

Feb 19 13:38

The Fight Over Operation Fast and Furious Records Is Not Over

By Derrick Broze

The D.C. Circuit Court has reversed a previous decision which sealed settlement talks related to a lawsuit against the Department of Justice for the failed gun running operation known as Fast and Furious...

Feb 19 13:35

Grant County sheriff viewed as 'security leak' as state seeks investigation

Palmer was on his way south from John Day on Jan. 26 after hearing reports of the traffic stop and shooting, triggered when authorities moved in to arrest leaders of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover.

The veteran sheriff had been left out of the planning for the stop on U.S. 395 about 20 miles north of Burns in Harney County and now he wanted his dispatchers to fill him in.

"I felt uncomfortable knowing that I had to relay vital and confidential information to someone who may not be trustworthy," the dispatcher later told her supervisor.

The extraordinary scene of a police dispatcher distrusting the top law enforcement officer in the jurisdiction is part of a litany of allegations against Palmer that may now subject him to a state investigation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone who refuses to support the BLM's land grabs will be destroyed!

Feb 19 13:34

‘We need to let oil market hit bottom, then you start over’ – Jim Rogers

The world’s two biggest crude producers say they won't increase oil output. Along with Russia and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela have agreed to freeze production at January levels, according to Russia's Energy Ministry.

Feb 19 13:30

The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel's Public Relations War in the United States

Feb 19 13:22

Has the Russian Military Just Forced Obama to Admit Defeat in Syria?

On Wednesday, President Obama admitted that he sees no chances for victory for the Syrian opposition, supposedly because it is outclassed by the Russian military, "the second-most powerful in the world." Russian analysts wonder what to make of the president's words, and whether they signal that the war in Syria may finally be coming to an end.

Feb 19 13:08

Hillary Clinton regularly beats Bill while advocating against domestic violence – frmr Nixon adviser

The American presidential contest is heating up, but the new book about Democratic co-frontrunner Hillary Clinton may have some wide consequences.

Feb 19 13:06

Oil industry bet big on Jeb Bush for president

U.S. oil and gas executives bet big on 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush - they donated more to his White House run than to all of his rivals combined, according to a Reuters review of campaign disclosures.

But that was last year.

Now Bush faces what party strategists and donors view as a make or break moment on Saturday in South Carolina's Republican primary, or early nominating contest. Polls show him trailing in the single digits. If he fails to do well, there will be pressure on him to quit, strategists say, and the oil money will be looking for a new home.

Feb 19 13:04

Hillary Clinton, With Little Notice, Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel

Former President Bill Clinton on Monday met in secret (no press allowed) with roughly 100 leaders of South Florida’s Jewish community, and, as the Times of Israel reports, “He vowed that, if elected, Hillary Clinton would make it one of her top priorities to strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance.” He also “stressed the close bond that he and his wife have with the State of Israel.”

It may be tempting to dismiss this as standard, vapid Clintonian politicking: adeptly telling everyone what they want to hear and making them believe it. After all, is it even physically possible to “strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance” beyond what it already entails: billions of dollars in American taxpayer money transferred every year, sophisticated weapons fed to Israel as it bombs its defenseless neighbors, blindly loyal diplomatic support and protection for everything it does?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please understand;a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for more serial genocide against the Palestinian people; for more brisk annexation of Palestinian housing in which Palestinians have lived for centuries in the West Bank and East Jerusalem;and more general violence in the Middle East against countries whose leadership is not to Israel's liking.

And that includes almost ALL of its neighbors in the region!!

Feb 19 12:58

US Airstrikes Kill at Least 40 in Attack on Libya ISIS Base

Amid ongoing talk of by the US and other member nations of getting deeply involved in a war in Libya, US warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes against an ISIS camp west of Tripoli today, killing at least 40 people in the strike.

Officials say they’re still “assessing” who all they actually killed, but that the strike primarily targeted a Tunisia named Noureddine Chouchane, and that they believe he was “most likely killed” in the attack. Chouchane was suspected of being behind attacks in Tunisia.

US officials went on to claim that the presence of dozens of ISIS trainees at a camp near Tripoli suggested that they were planning to carry out a major attack somewhere in Europe, though exactly how they concluded this, as opposed to an ISIS plan to advance against more targets inside Libya, was uncertain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the bottom line here is....US government is completely uncertain about who they actually assassinated?!?!

I'm sorry, but are they used a ouija board or dart board at the CIA to assess alleged "intelligence" these days?!?

Feb 19 12:32

Turkey Faces More Turmoil as Erdogan Seeks to Enhance Powers

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to try to push through parliament a new constitution concentrating power in his office after efforts to write a charter agreeable to all political parties collapsed.

A special parliamentary committee charged with exploring a consensus approach broke up late Tuesday amid stiff opposition to Erdogan’s proposal from the main opposition party, CHP. The panel’s failure after just three meetings opens the way for the ruling AK Party that Erdogan co-founded to submit its own draft charter to parliament’s main constitutional committee, which it dominates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice the dateline on this; two days before the horrific blasts which claimed the lives of 28 people in Ankara.

In geopolitics, there are no coincidences.

Feb 19 12:30

(GRAPHIC) Carnage in Syria a Product of US Empowerment of Saudi Arabia

Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay discuss the demands Americans can make of the US government to create a cessation of hostilities.

Feb 19 12:24

U.S. rejects Chinese offer of peace treaty talks with North Korea

The United States said Thursday that denuclearization remains its top priority when it comes to North Korea, rejecting a Chinese proposal to begin peace treaty negotiations with Pyongyang in tandem with denuclearization talks.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the offer earlier this week after talks in Beijing with his Australian counterpart. A peace treaty with the United States, which would formally end the 1950-53 Korean War, is one of the North's long-running demands.

"Denuclearization remains our top priority. We remain in close contact with the other five-party partners on our shared goal of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in a peaceful manner," State Department spokeswoman Katina Adams said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To President Xi Jinping and the government of China; what you have proposed is completely logical and reasonable. Thank you for your suggesting this approach.

Having said that, it pains me to confess that I am sometimes dumbfounded by the ham-fisted, pig-headed stupidity of the US government, which more than occasionally, collectively, appears to be pathologically incapable of thinking anything through.

Using the peace treaty here would be the "carrot" in the negotiations which would ultimately lead to denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. That the US government willfully refuses to see this logic is unfortunate.

Feb 19 12:21


The U.S. military's Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia was on lockdown on Friday after shots were fired, the base said on Twitter.

Feb 19 12:15

Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About

Recent developments confirm what is known and documented: Washington is behind the Islamic State (ISIS) and at the same time it is behind the moderate Al Qaeda terrorists, which the Obama administration is supporting as part of America’s campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS). And they expect us to believe that they are committed to waging a campaign against terrorists.

The Islamic State (ISIS) was until 2014 called al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Al Nusra is an al Qaeda affiliate which has committed countless atrocities in Syria. It is now considered by the Obama administration as the “Moderate Opposition”.

America’s “anti-terrorist campaign’ consists in supporting a so-called “moderate” Al Qaeda entity (Al Nusra) with a view to going after another al Qaeda entity entitled The Islamic State, formerly designated as Al Qaeda in Iraq.

“Al Qaeda is going after Al Qaeda”, and both wings of al Qaeda are supported covertly by US intelligence.

Feb 19 12:07

Illinois judge to decide jurisdiction for ‘natural-born’ case to knock Ted Cruz off ballot

An Illinois judge on Friday said she would decide next month whether she had jurisdiction over a voter’s complaint that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz should not be on the state’s primary ballot because he was born in Canada.

Lawrence Joyce, a lawyer and pharmacist, filed a complaint in January with the Illinois State Board of Elections saying that under the U.S. Constitution, the Texas senator cannot run for president since he is not a “natural born” citizen. Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta of a Cuban father and an American mother.

The Board rejected Joyce’s complaint, so he petitioned the Cook County Circuit Court to review the issue. Circuit Court Judge Maureen Ward Kirby said on Friday she was not sure she had jurisdiction, and set a March 1 hearing for arguments on whether to dismiss the complaint.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This should be pretty cut and dried; was, in fact a "consular report of birth abroad" ever filed?!?

Because if not, Cruz is not US citizen by birth, nor is he "natural born" and hence he is ineligible to become President of the United States.

Feb 19 12:06

FBI Wins Court Order Forcing Apple to Install Backdoor in iPhone Security Systems

The Obama administration secured a court order from a California-based federal judge on Tuesday to force tech giant Apple to develop special software designed to compromise encryption security features embedded in the iPhone’s iOS 9 operating system.

The court decision, utilizing an obscure and antidemocratic law from the 18th century, is part of efforts to utilize last year’s attack in San Bernardino, California to intensify the assault on democratic rights and expand the police-state spying powers of the government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now the government will have to plant something really spectacular on that phone. Otherwise they are going to look silly making such a fuss over nothing.

Feb 19 11:56

U.S. enlists new recruit in fight against ISIS: Hollywood

Kerry said he called the meeting to discuss ideas about how to counter what he calls the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) "narrative," reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy. But some are concerned he might be recruiting studio executives to help produce anti-ISIS propaganda.

A video that has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood movie trailer is actually a pro-ISIS propaganda piece produced by the radical Islamic terror group. Now the U.S. government is asking Hollywood for advice on how to counter that message.

"This is not just a military battle. It's a battle of ideas, an it's a battle of ideas between competing narratives," said top Kerry aide Richard Stengel.

Stengel was in Tuesday's closed-door meeting with almost a dozen film studio executives when the secretary of state made his pitch.

"Hollywood is one of the greatest competitive advantages we have as a country. It's revered all around the planet. It's our second largest export," Stengel said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, now, Hollywood is...."..revered..."?!?!?

Somehow, I wouldn't go that far.

And the enlisting of Hollywood as a propaganda tool is anything but new; remember Roosevelt's "fireside chats", and the newsreels movie-goers saw during World War II?!?

But Kerry is being disingenuous in the extreme here.

The plain, hard truth is that the US government trained, equipped, and funded these folks as a way to destabilize those countries whose leadership was not to our liking, like Syria; but it became a Frankenstein's monster, which the US government now says has to be "neutralised".

At the end of World War II, when it came to Japan, there was a Marshall Plan, to get the shattered Japanese economy back on its feet; there were the Deming lectures, which transformed Japanese manufacturing from a joke to the marvel of the 20th century.

We have left Iraq, which under Saddam Hussein,had one of the highest standards of living in the Middle East, completely destroyed and dysfunctional. The people are sick because of the chemicals released by the burn pits, and the use of depleted uranium weapons have caused massive tumors and birth defects. The de-Baathification of Iraq caused terrible civil unrest, even to the point of a still-smoldering religious war between Sunnis and Shiites. And the political infrastructure's largesse?!? For sale to the highest bidder.

Libya, which under Gaddafi, had one of the highest standards of living in Africa, is under a very similar situation. After Gaddafi's assassination by NATO and US forces, in October of 2012. A state of civil war now exists, and ISIS/ISIL is firmly ensconced. The poverty is grinding, and the standard of living, for the Libyan people, has fallen off a cliff.

These pre-emptive wars have cost much blood and money; but that doesn't seem to matter to those who wanted the oil in Iraq, or Libya's natural resources. All that mattered, Mr. Vice President, was that the oil would be sold in US dollars only, and controlled by US oil interests.

So if the US is going to have an honest narrative to counter that of Daesh, this country's film makers themselves have to be honest; we blew it, in honor of the money junkies in this country, in both Libya, and in Iraq, and are doing the same blasted thing with Afghanistan, where it appears that US and NATO forces will never leave.

But it has to be more than a mea culpa here; and there is where the difficulty for this country begins, in terms of countering Daesh's narrative.

The US government wanted to break Iraq apart, and balkanize it, so that it could never, again, be an alleged "existential threat" to Israel. The US wants to be in control of both the pipelines, and the currency in which that oil is sold. The same is true for Libya, and its oil, and oil fields. Plus, in Afghanistan, it was about the leasing of the pipeline routes.

So, ultimately, the serial difficulty with countering Daesh's narrative here, is that these US military misadventures were never about lifting up, or truly "liberating" the people of those countries we invaded; to give them transparent governments, jump-start their economies after the invasions, and give them a higher standard of living. These were all done, ultimately, to enhance the private, corporate profit of US companies.

The late John F. Kennedy said it best: "When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable." And Mr. Vice-President, that holds just as true today as the day President Kennedy said that, and THAT, sir, is your problem.

Feb 19 11:56

“Rigged” Elections In Uganda?

We were joined by Reverend Dr. Kapya Kaoma who is the senior researcher at Political Research Associates, and the author of American Culture Warriors in Africa: A guide to the exporters of homophobia and sexism.

Feb 19 11:47

Euro over Dollar: Brazil waivers US currency in trade with Iran

The US dollar is losing ground as the leading currency used for international trade with Brazil now saying it's planning to use the Euro instead, in its dealings with Iran.

Feb 19 11:47

FLASHBACK - Clinton Confidant Revealed as Source of Benghazi Misinformation

Both the Department of Defense and the State Department immediately identified terrorism as the cause of the attack on Benghazi. But it was Hillary Clinton, in remarks at the U.S.-Morocco Strategic Dialogue on Sept. 13 of that year, who first suggested the activity at the Benghazi consulate began as a demonstration over an anti-Islam YouTube video. And now compelling evidence in the email trail points to Blumenthal as the source of that narrative.

Feb 19 11:42

Hillary Clinton’s History: How Huma Abedin Went from Intern to Top Adviser

As we detailed in Part One, that “Eid Dinner” event was put together by an organization called the American Muslim Council that was founded and headed by a man named Abdurahman Alamoudi.

Alamoudi, who is now serving a federal prison term for funding terrorism, was a political mover and shaker with ties to not just the Clinton White House, but later to the George W. Bush White House via Republican lobbyist Grover Norquist.

In 1996, Alamoudi was a key Muslim influencer with the Clinton administration. Aside from the Eid dinner, an organization Alamoudi ran was vetting Islamic Army chaplains for the U.S. military.

Another historically significant thing happened in 1996: A 20-year-old George Washington University student named Huma Abedin landed an almost impossible-to-get White House internship.

Feb 19 11:41

White House Misses Deadline to Deliver ISIS Strategy to Congress

The House Armed Services Committee noted Tuesday that the Obama administration missed their February 15 deadline to deliver a strategy to counter violent extremist groups in the Middle East, such as ISIS and al Qaeda, as required by the National Defense Authorization Act.

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, harshly criticized President Obama’s failure to meet the deadline.

Feb 19 11:35

150 allegedly 'burned alive by Turkish military' during crackdown on Kurdistan Workers’ Party

A member of the Turkish parliament from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party has accused the military of atrocities in Turkey's southeast, claiming they have ‘burned alive’ more than 150 people trapped in basements.

Feb 19 11:30

Gowdy Just Dropped The Hammer On Cruz In BRUTAL Rant – ‘You’re Better Than That’

This is not the first time Cruz’s honesty has come under scrutiny.

Feb 19 11:27

Bradley Smith, CODOH founder, has passed away

Bradley passed away on Thursday, Feb. 18, his 86th birthday, according to an announcement sent out by Germar Rudolf who is a volunteer at CODOH, the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.

Feb 19 11:25

Sun not CO2 causes climate change

A new, peer-reviewed professional paper shows our sun, not our carbon dioxide, causes climate change. It also shows atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are an insignificant player, and possibly a non-player, in climate change.

The authors, Willie Soon, Ronan Connolly, and Michael Connolly received no government, corporate, or any outside funding for their work on their paper.

You can read their whole 49-page paper (like I did) if you want all the scientific details. The authors have provided their data files.

Feb 19 11:21

Swiss Politicians Slam Attempts To Eliminate Cash, Compare Paper Money To A Gun Defending Freedom

As we predicted over a year ago, in a world in which QE has failed, and in which the ice-cold grip of NIRP has to be global in order to achieve its intended purpose of forcing savers around the world to spend the taxed product of their labor, one thing has to be abolished: cash.

This explains the recent flurry of articles in outlets such as BBG and the FT, and op-eds by such "established" economists as Larry Summers, all advocating the death of cash, a process which would begin by abolishing high denomination bills and continue until all physical cash in circulation is eliminated, something we warned about when the first made it first NIRP hint last September.

We were s rather surprised by the candor of a WSJ piece overnight which actually told it how it is:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"NIRP has to be global in order to achieve its intended purpose of forcing savers around the world to spend the taxed product of their labor"

Only problem with that theory is that We The People don't have anything left to spend!

Feb 19 11:18

Every second schoolchild in Vienna not a native speaker

The number of schoolchildren in Austria who don’t speak German as their first language is increasing. Nationwide, one in five children speak a foreign language at home and in Vienna almost one in two children don’t speak German as their mother language.

Feb 19 11:17

Homework Assignment: Tell Your Parents You’re Converting to Islam

A homework assignment given to school children on the island of Guernsey asks 13-year-olds to write a letter to their parents explaining why they are converting to Islam.

The assignment, created by Religious Education teacher Miss Amber Stables at the Les Beaucamp High School, asks kids to, “Complete the letter you started or started planning in class to your family on how you are converting to Islam.”

“Include: How you’re feeling, how becoming a Muslim has changed your life, how much you love your family and hope they can accept your choice,” states the assignment.

“Focus: How would it make you feel having to tell your parents this?? How would/could they react?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The obvious propaganda aside, just what kind of employment is this kind of "education" preparing these children for?

Feb 19 11:15

Record rainfall lashes Pacific Northwest, US, more precipitation on the way

The "Pineapple Express" storm system lashed the Pacific Northwest with an abundant amount of rain over the last few days. Several high precipitation records were broken, and this winter is set to become one of the wettest winters on record.

Feb 19 11:14

Armenian genocide: To continue to deny the truth of this mass human cruelty is close to a criminal lie

At seven o’clock on Thursday evening, a group of very brave men and women will gather in Taksim Square, in the centre of Istanbul, to stage an unprecedented and moving commemoration. The men and women will be both Turkish and Armenian, and they will be gathering together to remember the 1.5 million Christian Armenian men, women and children slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks in the 1915 genocide.

Feb 19 11:14


According to Courthouse News (CN) article, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson warned law enforcement of a new breed of terrorism that sees people "self-radicalize."

"As I have said many times, we are in a new phase of the global terrorist threat, requiring a whole new type of response," Johnson said. "We have moved from a world of terrorist-directed attacks to a world that includes the threat of terrorist-inspired attacks."

DHS propaganda is so unbelievable, they even have a guide book called "Terminology To Define Terrorists" which instructs them on how to use appropriate terminology when describing the latest terrorist threat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Homeland Security Secretary Johnson; sir, the fastest way to get terror, or even the threat of terror here at home, and against American interests abroad to stop - completely - is for this country to stop expropriating natural resources from other countries to which we have absolutely no moral right.

Stop the US government's military from killing people who have the gall to live over natural resources the US government (and corporations) covet.

It is just quite that simple, sir, and you will see anti-American "terror" just stop.

People around the world do not "hate us because of our freedoms"; they hate us because US military resources are mowing down their kids, moms, grandpas, and aunties in the relentless pursuit of those resources.

And if it is not US troops actually doing the shooting, maiming, and killing, it is another country's proxy army, as in the case with Saudi Arabia's horrific attack against Yemen, because the Yemenite people had the gall to throw out their puppet government. The Saudis are shelling schools, hospitals, and private homes (all of which are war crimes, as you are, no doubt, aware) and using US-supplied cluster munitions, the use of which has been banned by civilized countries.

As a Christian pacifist, who never advocates violence, I find the violence which the US government has inflicted upon way too many countries and individuals appalling,particularly in light of the truth that this is ultimately done in the name of private corporate profit. Therefore, I respectfully urge you, the President, Congress, the State Department, and the Pentagon, to rethink where this country is spending its money on wars, and why, and what alternative means could be used to accomplish the US's geopolitical agenda.

Feb 19 11:10

George Galloway to Sputnik: Britain Should 'Say Goodbye' to European Union

Ahead of Britain’s EU Membership Referendum, legendary British parliamentarian and London Mayoral candidate George Galloway joined Sputnik’s Brian Becker, denouncing Britain’s continued involvement in the European Union, and saying the bloc will collapse as Europeans reject economic deregulation and imperialistic military entanglements.

Feb 19 11:09

Erdogan's War Against Kurds in Southeast Turkey is 'Part of Business Plan'

Ankara has unleashed a devastating war against Kurds in the southeast Turkey to "urgently nationalize" the affected structures and implement the AKP-led project of Urban Change in Diyarbakir, Istanbul-based independent scholar Dr. Can Erimtan writes, dubbing the process as "disaster capitalism à la Turca."

Feb 19 11:08

Blame it All on Moscow: Secret British Government Papers Revealed

Recently declassified British Cabinet Office papers have put paid to the long-standing myth of Moscow’s intransigence in dealing with the West, and exposed London’s duplicity in its relations with Russia.

Feb 19 11:08

The Real Effects of a Transaction Tax

Robert Pollin, who authored the Inclusive Prosperity Act, says transaction taxes are common in many capitalist countries.

Feb 19 11:08

'Most Obvious Coup in History': Ukraine in Chaos

Nearly two years since the ousting of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute speaks with Radio Sputnik’s Brian Becker about the current state of the country.

Feb 19 11:07

"European Ukraine" Ceases to Exist

The ruling coalition created in the Verkhovna Rada, "European Ukraine", has ceased to exist. Included in the composition of the party, "Self-help", announced on Thursday their exit from the alliance, which lasted just over a year, thereby depriving it of a majority in Parliament. As was announced at a press conference in Kiev by the leader of the faction Oleh Berezyuk, all the representatives of the parties have also withdrawn from the coalition government and the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, this is interesting. All the effort to drag Ukraine into the EU and those members of the Junta who were pro-Europe are all quitting!

Feb 19 10:59


Not long ago, Neon Nettle reported on the epidemic of doctors being murdered, most of which were in Florida, U.S. The scientists all shared a common trait, they had all discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans.

Nagalese is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body’s main defence to naturally kill cancer cells.

According to Thebigriddle.com: Nagalase is a protein that’s also created by all cancer cells. This protein is also found in very high concentrations in autistic children. And they’re PUTTING it in our vaccines!!

Feb 19 10:57


At the MSNBC moderated Democratic presidential town hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hillary Clinton was asked by a Sanders supporter why she will not release video or transcript of her private speeches to Wall Street banks.

"As a realtor here in Nevada I know how important the economy is to our great nation. As a Democratic candidate who has delivered speeches to the largest U.S. financial institutions in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees, why are you hesitant to release transcript or audio/video recordings of those meetings to be transparent with the American people regarding the promises and assurances that you have made to the big banks?" the man asked Clinton.

"Let me say this, I am happy to release anything I have when everybody else does the same because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups, including Senator Sanders," Clinton responded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Regarding the Clinton Presidential campaign, this will happen when pigs fly.

IF you want more wealth inequality; more poverty; more pre-emptive wars; more surveillance; more bank regulation that leaves customers out in the cold with negative rates; the banning of all cash, please, by all means,continue to support this woman.

Because at the end of the day, she is still thoroughly beholden to the big banks, and the major corporations, who fund her campaign both overtly and covertly.

In other words, those monied interests which want no change which will translate positively for the American people, have her by her "male attributes"; and yes, I am using this language deliberately!!

Feb 19 10:54

The Syrian Endgame, “A Lost War is Dangerous”. US-NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, “Losers on The Rampage”

How a war is lost is a serious and dangerous business. After Henry Kissinger helped sabotage the 1968 Paris peace talks, for domestic political reasons, the War in Vietnam raged for another seven years. In the end Washington’s loss was more humiliating, and millions more lives were destroyed.

The Geneva process over Syria is in many respects different, because it is a charade. The NATO and Gulf monarchy sponsors pretend to support Syrian ‘opposition’ groups and pretend to fight the same extremist groups they created.

Yet the dangers are very real because the Saudis and Turkey might react unpredictably, faced with the failure of their five year project to carve up Syria. Both countries have threatened to invade Syria, to defend their ‘assets’ from inevitable defeat from the powerful alliance Syria has forged with Russia, Iran, Iraq and the better party of Lebanon.

Feb 19 10:53

“They Really Don’t Want This Out”: The Biggest Iraq War Scandal That Nobody’s Talking About

Thousands of soldiers have suffered similar fates since serving in the vicinity of the more than 250 military burn pits that operated at bases throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Many who haven’t succumbed to their illnesses yet have passed along the legacy of their poisoning to their children. “The rate of having a child with birth defects is three times higher for service members who served in those countries,” according to the book.

Feb 19 10:53

Russia Lances the Poison in Syria

If it were not for the gravity of human suffering, the situation could be seen as almost comical, owing to the Western contortions to hide reality.

Feb 19 10:51

Experts: Invasion of Syria Could Lead to Nuclear War

The Threat of Nuclear War Is Now HIGHER Than During the Soviet Era

Turkey previously shot down a Russian jet.

Now, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are threatening to invade Syria.

How dangerous could this get, in a worst case scenario?

Robert Parry – the investigative reporter who broke the Iran-Contra story for the Associated Press and Newsweek – wrote yesterday:

A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians have warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save their troops in the face of a Turkish-Saudi onslaught. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, any such conflict could quickly escalate into a full-scale nuclear confrontation.

Feb 19 10:50


the eagle eyed Jeremy Malcolm over at EFF has spotted an apparent change in the “legal scrub” of the Intellectual Property chapter that will massively expand criminal penalties for copyright infringing activities that have no impact on the actual market. Technically, the scrub just changed the word “paragraph” to “subparagraph” in the following sentence:

With regard to copyright and related rights piracy provided for under paragraph 1, a Party may limit application of this subparagraph to the cases in which there is an impact on the right holder’s ability to exploit the work, performance or phonogram in the market.
But the impact is massive. As Malcolm explains:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any way you slice it, this treaty is one nasty peace of work.

Feb 19 10:47

Secret Memo Details U.S.’s Broader Strategy to Crack Phones

In a secret meeting convened by the White House around Thanksgiving, senior national security officials ordered agencies across the U.S. government to find ways to counter encryption software and gain access to the most heavily protected user data on the most secure consumer devices, including Apple Inc.’s iPhone, the marquee product of one of America’s most valuable companies, according to two people familiar with the decision.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason this has become such a hot issue is because the American people know they cannot trust this government with their private data, and daily are reminded that the government either cannot or refuses to catch the real cyber-criminals (heck, they can;t even enforce the do-not-call list). So, clearly, the attack on encryption is an attack on our privacy so that government people can steal our business secrets (as they were caught doing at the Seattle APEC) or copy sexy pictures of our spouses and children to .... relax with (as Snowden has confirmed they do).

Feb 19 10:45


The legacy of death and misery from the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan continues today, and, once again, Dick Cheney plays a central role. A new book by Joseph Hickman, a former U.S. Marine and Army sergeant, titled “The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers” details how soldiers and local civilian populations were exposed to constant streams of toxic smoke from the burning of waste.

The infamous Kellog, Brown, and Root (KBR), which was a part of Dick Cheney’s corporate empire under Halliburton, operated about 250 burn pits which contributed to the $40 billion that Halliburton made during the Iraq occupation. “Every type of waste imaginable” was burned, including “tires, lithium batteries, asbestos insulation, pesticide containers, Styrofoam, metals, paints, plastic, medical waste and even human corpses.”

This reprehensible practice proves yet again that nothing is sacred when it comes to the military machine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The complete expendability of our troops in the field is a disgusting and blatantly immoral chapter in the history of America's wars of aggression.

And unfortunately, even though that unholy trinity of Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld has slithered away from the spotlight, the horrific damage they did to our troops lives' on, and the VA's institutional culture of repressing, ignoring, and refusing to acknowledge this damage continues, unabated.

I frankly think that one of the most surprising things for most Americans, when Cheney had his heart transplant, was that he had one to begin with. One has to wonder just how much he paid to whom to get himself on the top of the waiting list for a donor heart. Of course money can do that, no matter how vile the practices were leading to the "earning" of that money.

Feb 19 10:39

FLASHBACK 2012 - Clinton Says Assad's Days Are Numbered

Secretary Clinton says mounting military defections and bolder opposition attacks in Damascus are further isolating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. She told reporters in Tokyo Sunday that it is time his government realizes "the sand is running out of the hourglass."

Clinton said, "There is no doubt that the opposition is getting more effective in their defense of themselves and in going on the offense against the Syrian military and the Syrian government's militias. So the future, to me, should be abundantly clear to those who support the Assad regime: the days are numbered."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good analysis, Hillary.

Feb 19 10:39

Soros: ‘Xenophobic’ EU countries must take on massive debt to pay for refugees

In an editorial released Wednesday, George Soros said the European Union faces “mortal danger” and must “urgently” use their “AAA credit rating” to take on massive debt so that their refugees can be provided with “formal employment opportunities, health care, and education,” lest the EU continue “coming apart at the seams.”

Feb 19 10:38

When Soldiers Come Home

snip: It is symptomatic of how our thinking has produced the destructive nature of our social systems that suicide has become the third-leading cause of death in the world. Perhaps Thomas Mann understood the deeper connections of how our thinking produces the adverse consequences of how we live. “War,” he observed, “is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.” But war is sufficiently destructive of the nature of life that soldiers experience its evil force as a deadly infection of their souls. If, as I believe, each of us has a need for spiritual transcendence; of a need to connect up with the rest of the universe, how can those whose soul has been so contaminated hope to restore it to health?

Feb 19 10:37

BREAKING NEWS: Major GOP Presidential Candidate Is QUITTING!

According to sources, paychecks for Bush campaign staffers will end this Saturday (during the South Carolina primary election) because the campaign is out of money. Sources close to Bush’s team are leaking details about a donor call that took place just last night.

Feb 19 10:33

‘Are you kidding us?’: Moscow reacts to Ankara's allegations that sided Russia with ISIS

While terrorists rage in Syria and beyond, with many countries trying to unite their efforts in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Ankara's blame game looks more like an untimely joke, Moscow says.

"Mr. Davutoglu [Turkish Prime Minister], are you serious or is it just the way you joke? If it's a joke, then I think at a moment like this everyone, and especially Turkey, should be busy not with irony or sarcasm, but rather with concrete actions to stand against terrorism. I think that's what Turkish people are expecting from you," Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said at a Moscow briefing on Thursday.

"Statements by Turkish officials alleging that Russia secretly supports IS are absolutely unacceptable," she added.

Feb 19 10:28

Wife of Ex-CIA Agent to Obama: ‘Pardon My Husband’

Holly Sterling, the wife of imprisoned CIA whistleblower, presented a petition at the National Press Club Wednesday morning that asks President Obama to pardon her husband

Feb 19 10:25

Army Seizes Israel-Made Weapons in Militants' Arms Cargo South of Syria

The Syrian Army troops tracked and confiscated the militant groups' consignment of arms, including a large number of anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines made in Israel.

Feb 19 10:25

BEX ALERT - Donald Trump’s Scalia-Conspiracy Pillow Fight

According to the Washington Post, she spoke to the law-enforcement people on the scene, who said that nothing looked suspicious, and to Scalia’s personal physician, who apparently told her that there were all sorts of medical reasons for Scalia, who was seventy-nine, to die suddenly. And so she certified his death by phone.

Under Texas law, that was sufficient...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, Amy Davidson is wrong.

Art. 49.01. DEFINITIONS.

(2) "Inquest" means an investigation into the cause and circumstances
of the death of a person

(a) A justice of the peace shall conduct an inquest into the death of a person who dies in the county served by the justice if:
(6) the person dies without having been attended by a physician;

You can read the law for yourself. A Justice of the Peace cannot waive an autopsy under the circumstances Scalia died under, as there was no physician in attendance.

One more point; Cinderela Guevara was not Justice of the Peace for the county Scalia died in. She was in fact the third Justice of the Peace called, as the Justice of the Peace for that country was supposedly unavailable for work related reasons (or so we are told). There are reports coming out that the Justice of the Peace who should have been called was also the County coroner and would have wanted to view the body. We are also hearing reports that Scalia's body, instead of being flown out of the resort airport or delivered to a local mortuary, was driven to another city five hours away, during which time the body would, of course, be unavailable should any officials wish an inspection!

Feb 19 10:18

Rio Has Given Up On Its Goal To Clean Up The Water In Time For The Olympics

When bidding to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro promised the International Olympics Committee that it would eliminate 80 percent of the sewage found in the city’s notoriously filthy water, and would fully regenerate the lagoon in which rowing and kayaking events will be held. Now a few months from the start of the games, Rio has given up on keeping those promises.

Feb 19 10:05

Russia to initiate UN Security Council meeting over Turkey’s plans to send troops to northern Syria

A UN Security Council meeting is to be called at Russia's request on Friday to discuss Ankara's plans for a ground operation in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

Feb 19 10:00

Antonin Scalia and the Cover-Up of Vincent Foster’s Murder

I am not a student of Scalia’s work or of the Supreme Court generally. I do, however, claim a certain amount of expertise on the death of Vince Foster. On December 3, 2003, Justice Scalia was given the opportunity to bring that supposed towering intellect of his to bear on the question of key evidence related to the manner of Foster’s death.

Being argued before the court was the lawsuit of California attorney Allan Favish to make public some photographs of Foster’s body taken by police at the scene. “The case arose” as Favish explains on his web site, “from my Freedom of Information Act request seeking some of the photographs taken by the Government as part of its investigation into the death of President Bill Clinton’s Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster, who was found dead in Virginia’s Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. The Government ruled that Foster committed suicide by firing a revolver into his mouth with the bullet exiting the back of his head.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Had Scalia not blocked the release of the Foster evidence, he might be alive right now, as the rotted core inside the Federal Government would have been brought down.

Meanwhile, the document in question can be seen HERE

Feb 19 09:56

Russian intelligence report on Turkey’s current assistance to Daesh

Recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters, facilitation of their cross-border movement into Syria and the supply of weapons to the terrorist groups active there

Feb 19 09:54

US aircraft landing in central Mosul to smuggle leaders Daash

Revealed the Nineveh provincial council member Luqman Rashidi said Friday that a number of leaders of the terrorist Daash fled toward Syria, pointing out that the features of the fear and the refraction of Daash elements of the military build-up for the Liberation of the city of Mosul has become clear.

Rashidi said that "the US aircraft landing continuously in the regions of Mahlbah inspired olives and can pick up some of the leaders of terrorism, while accepting the killing of others.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the US is pulling out their pet terrorists from Iraq before the Iraqis can capture them!!

Feb 19 09:52

Preparing for the Collapse of the Saudi Kingdom

For half a century, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been the linchpin of U.S. Mideast policy. A guaranteed supply of oil has bought a guaranteed supply of security. Ignoring autocratic practices and the export of Wahhabi extremism, Washington stubbornly dubs its ally “moderate.” So tight is the trust that U.S. special operators dip into Saudi petrodollars as a counterterrorism slush fund without a second thought. In a sea of chaos, goes the refrain, the kingdom is one state that’s stable.

But is it?

Feb 19 09:39

If the Pope is so keen on tearing down walls, he could start with the wall of silence that's protected pervert priests for decades

A man who lives behind Vatican Walls so high and wide, wants to lecture the American people on who is godly and who isn't? With your pedo priests and wall of silence about them? Really?

You are nothing sir, but a bleeding heart liberal, imagining the world is a beautiful place, with migrants fuelled by God and love – not drugs and guns.

There are 11 million illegal immigrants inside the USA as we speak. And you want to build a bridge so more can come? You sir, are delusional.

Are you handing out free passes to Disneyland whilst you are about it, lovely? Because that's how big a fantasy this land of yours is.

Where is the money coming from to pay for all of this generosity? Where is the giant cash cow in the sky? Or is the milk of human kindness going to buy them food or healthcare?

Feb 19 09:36


In response to massive online protest, Lamar Advertising agency refuses to apologize for anti-Israel sign.

Feb 19 09:35


Supporting the BDS Movement , boycotting Israeli products, specifically those from the illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories is a great way to help the growing economy of Palestine and showing your solidarity with its people.

But now, thanks to the initiatives of the Northern California branch of the International Solidarity Movement, you can purchase products made in Palestine itself. They created a ‘shopping site’ called PALBOX.

Feb 19 09:34

Latvian Official Vows Riga & NATO Will Make 'Normal Country' Out of Russia

Speaking to Latvian Radio, Latvian presidential adviser Janis Kazocins suggested that the NATO alliance must demonstrate its "readiness to strike" Russia, adding that Russia is a country that must be spoken to "not only in the language of diplomacy." Latvia, he said, would make every effort to "make a normal country out of Russia."

Feb 19 09:33

Turkey manufacturing reasons to invade Syrian Kurdistan: YPG spokesman

The Turkish state continues to accuse the Kurdish People’s Protection Units YPG in Syrian Kurdistan for the bomb attack in Ankara which targeted Turkish soldiers and left 28 of them dead 2 days ago.

YPG spokesperson Rêdur Khalil spoke to ANF regarding the accusations and said that the Turkish state was aiming to invade Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) and accomplish what its proxy war has failed to do.

Feb 19 09:32

California: Judge Brenner Killed While Crossing the Street In Pico-Robertson

Feb 19 09:29

Who is Texas Judge, Cinderela Guevara, who denied an autopsy?

“When she was alone with me, Ms. Guevara asked about my religious beliefs several times. We spoke about the Catholic faith and on September 3, 2013, when I met with her, she told me that she had prayed to God for an answer as to whether it was suicide or not and asked God to give her an answer in the video. She said she did not receive an answer as to that, but she did receive an answer from God. She stated to me that God told her that, yes this was a tragedy, but the true tragedy was that Melaney had died without accepting Jesus Christ as her savior.

“This was the woman who was deciding the cause of death of my daughter. Was she willing to consider any investigation of a homicide if she believed I was being punished by God?”

A US Supreme Court Justice dies. The circumstances are unknown. Therefore, a Texas Judge rules: no autopsy is necessary. Talk about insanity—or worse.

Feb 19 09:19

Executives Get One Month In Prison For Massive Chemical Spill That Poisoned WV Water Supply

By John Vibes

Two former executives with the bankrupt Freedom Industries were sentenced to one month in federal prison for their responsibility in the chemical spill that poisoned water supplies in West Virginia over two years ago. The chemical spill tainted the water supply of 300,000 people in West Virginia for weeks.

The incident occurred in January of 2014 when the company spilled a coal cleaning agent into the Elk River in Charleston. The chemical ended up getting funneled into the drinking water for nine different counties...

Feb 19 09:18

Advice From a Criminal Bankster: Just print the damn money.

Soros is at it again.

Feb 19 09:16

Why is US storing new tanks in hidden Norwegian caves?

US Marines are using Cold War era Norwegian caves to store new tanks, artillery and other military equipment to ramp up their presence near the Nato-Russia border, CNN reported on Thursday

Feb 19 09:13

U.S. military returns to Iceland

The U.S. Navy’s return to Keflavik revives an American presence that ended when the service shifted its focus in Europe away from the North Atlantic and toward the Mediterranean.

The Navy is asking for funds to upgrade an aircraft hangar at its former base in Keflavik, Iceland, as part of the Defense Department’s fiscal 2017 budget request, Navy officials say to Stars and Stripes. The hangar will house P-8 Poseidon aircraft, successor to the P-3 Orion once stationed at the base.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Someone is expecting a North Atlantic war!

Feb 19 09:12

Clive Bundy Indicted on 16 Counts for 2014 Ranch Incident

The aftermath of the Oregon Militia standoff seems to keep getting worse. Clive Bundy has now been indicted on 16 counts for his involvement in the 2014 armed standoff against federal authorities. He was indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday for conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, and obstruction of justice.

Feb 19 09:10

Helicopter crashes into Pearl Harbor

A private helicopter carrying five people crashed into Pearl Harbor in Hawaii's Oahu on Thursday. One of the passengers, a 16-year-old boy, was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Feb 19 09:01

Couple sued after giving one star to pet-sitting company on Yelp

A Plano couple is facing a lawsuit for posting a negative Yelp review of a pet sitting company.

Feb 19 09:01

Tyrannical System Sentences 4-Year-Old Boy to Life in Prison for Alleged Crimes When He Was 1

By Andrew Emett

Cairo, Egypt – Convicted of murder, inciting riots, destruction of government property and threatening cops, a four-year-old Egyptian boy was sentenced to life in prison this week. Although the boy was less than two years old during the civil unrest in 2014, he was convicted in absentia due to a clerical error and the court’s incompetence...

Feb 19 08:45

University Of Texas To Allow Concealed Guns In Classrooms

On Tuesday a Turkish official called on the United States and its allies to take part in a joint ground operation in Syria, saying it would be impossible to stop the war without a greater effort against a Moscow-backed Syrian government offensive.

Feb 19 08:44

Turkey Says Ground Troops Are The Only Solution To Syria Conflict

On Tuesday a Turkish official called on the United States and its allies to take part in a joint ground operation in Syria, saying it would be impossible to stop the war without a greater effort against a Moscow-backed Syrian government offensive.

Feb 19 08:43

How many of our banks are real life zombies?

As we travel through the credit crunch era we have the fear that we will repeat the experience of Japan and find ourselves experiencing what has become called the “lost decade” which began in the early 1990s and is still ongoing. We have seen a reminder of that only this morning as the Japanese economy shrunk again (by 1.4% annualised as they measure it) in the last quarter of 2014.This provides the link to today’s topic which is the banks and what we have failed to do. Back in the day when I was knee-high to a grasshopper in financial market terms I worked in Tokyo for a time and continued to work on Japanese issues when I returned to the UK. At that time the health of the Japanese banks was on everyone’s minds and as the Nikkei 225 equity index fell we were told that they were fine at the following levels. It started at 26,000 the 24,000 then 22,000 then 20,000 then 18,000 then 16,000 and so on.