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Sep 01 09:06

Holocaust-denying historian David Irving organises 'disgusting' £2,000-a-head holiday tours of former concentration camps and Hitler's HQ so people can 'make up their own mind about the truth'

Holocaust-denying historian David Irving has sparked widespread fury by organising 'disgusting' tours of concentration camps costing £2,000 for each participant.

The disgraced academic, who is a self-confessed fascist, is leading a tour group to sites in Poland such as Treblinka, Sobibor and Hitler's 'Wolf's Lair' headquarters.

Holocaust memorial groups have accused Irving of insulting the memory of those killed in the Second World War by spreading 'pro-Nazi propaganda' on the tours.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another fine example of objective unbiased reporting by the Daily Mail.

Sep 01 09:04

Cs-134/137 detected from 9 of 9 pond smelt samples in Gunma

From the report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare published on 8/24/2015, significant density of Cs-134/137 was detected from all of 9 pond smelt samples.

The sampling locations were Gunma prefecture. The samples were collected this August.

Because Cs-134 was detected from 8 of these 9 samples, it is clearly from Fukushima accident.

The highest reading was 62 Bq/Kg.

Sep 01 09:03

Chipotle Customer Files Class-Action Lawsuit Over Restaurant’s Alleged GMO Claims

A law firm in San Francisco has filed a class-action lawsuit against Chipotle on behalf of a consumer.

The suit alleges the high-end Mexican grill chain has been using GMOs in its food despite advertising that it is GMO-free. The lawsuit claims Chipotle’s menu has never been at any time free of GMOs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Someone" wants to punish any food supplier using a GMO-free ad campaign!

Sep 01 09:00

BEX ALERT - Obama: Climate change increasing 'faster than we previously thought'

President Obama Monday night blamed human activity for disrupting the Earth's climate quicker than thought, while condemning climate change deniers.

"Human activity is disrupting the climate … faster than we previously thought," he told a group of global leaders assembled in Anchorage, Alaska, to discuss the impact of climate change on the Arctic. "The science is stark. It is sharpening. It proves that this once-distant threat is very much in the present.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 08:58

DC Mayor’s New Plan to Stem City Violence: More Policing

Glen Ford discusses the plan of DC’s Mayor Bowser to address increased levels of city homicides.

Sep 01 08:58

Drone footage: Donetsk residential neighborhoods devastated

Drone footage shows the level of destruction in Donetsk residential neighborhoods following over a year of fighting in the east of Ukraine.

Sep 01 08:55

Police ‘must consider’ tip-offs from psychics, new guidelines state

Sep 01 08:48

Refugee Crisis: A Report From Sicily, Italy

Democracy Now! speaks to Dr. Chiara Montaldo of Doctors Without Borders in the Sicilian town of Pozzallo in Italy.

Sep 01 08:47

US army demands Shia militia leave Ramadi

US forces in Iraq yesterday demanded the Shia Popular Mobilisation Crowd to leave the Sunni dominated city of Ramadi in the Anbar province.

An officer in the Anbar Police Command Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Sattar Halbusi said US forces stationed in Habbaniyah airbase, 25 kilometres east of Ramadi, issued a warning to the popular crowd militia to leave the strait east of Ramadi within 24 hours.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would that be the Shia Militia that actually took the city back from ISIS?

Sep 01 08:45

What a bunch of bird brains! Council threatens pensioner with £2,500 littering fine after taking secret photos of her feeding birds in local park

Over-zealous council bosses threatened a pensioner with a £2,500 fine for littering - after they took secret pictures of her feeding BIRDS in her local park.

Janet Tomlinson, 72, has fed the sparrows and blue-tits in her park for 31 years but she has now been banned from doing so after officials claimed it encouraged rats.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They say the same thing here in Hawaii.

Side note. Many years ago the Hawaii guvummunt decided to do something about the Polynesian Rats who arrived here in the voyaging canoes. So they imported the Mongoose figuring the species would fight and reduce each others' population. Except that Mongooses are active in the day while rats are nocturnal, so the two species rarely meet. As a result, Hawaii has TWO pest populations instead of one.

Remind me to tell you the story of the Island of the Plastic Birds someday!

Sep 01 08:45

EU referendum question is 'biased' in favour of staying tied to Brussels and needs to change, election watchdog warns Cameron

Asking the public to vote 'yes or no' to staying in the European Union is biased in favour of remaining tied to Brussels, Britain's election watchdog has warned.

The Electoral Commission said the public should instead be asked whether they want the UK to 'remain' or 'leave' the European Union.

It has now written to the Government and all MPs urging them to change the question when the European Union Referendum Bill comes back before Parliament on September 7.

Sep 01 08:41

Child cancers ‘attributable’ to Fukushima disaster ‘unlikely’ to increase – IAEA

The IAEA remains certain that thyroid cancers among kids attributable to the Fukushina accident are unlikely to increase, while providing no conclusive data on the exact amount of radioactive exposure suffered by civilian population in the vicinity of the nuclear plant.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Besides, we'll just attribute all future cancers to ... ummmm ... human-caused global warming! Yeah, that's it, human-caused global warming causes cancer!" -- IADIOTS

Sep 01 08:39

Australian royal commissioner refuses to quit

After more than two weeks of turmoil, the Abbott government’s royal commission into alleged trade union corruption remains mired in political and legal uncertainty following yesterday’s strident refusal by the former judge heading the inquiry to disqualify himself over allegations of perceived bias.

Sep 01 08:38

Jewish High Court Demands Pope Francis Apologise for Recognising Palestinian State

A self-declared Israeli Sanhedrin, a religious High Court composed of 71 sages, has demanded that Pope Francis apologise for recognising a separate Palestinian state or face trial next month.

A member of the Palestinian Al-Fatah movement revolutionary council, Demetri Deliani, said the Jewish court has sent a letter to Pope Francis demanding he rescind or face trial on 20 September, and that he will be judged in absentia if he chooses to ignore the summons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be fun watching the Pope try not to laugh.

Sep 01 08:36

Mass Layoffs To Hit Banking Industry As Consumers Ditch Big Box Banking

The days of big banks are done. Million dollar buildings that double as empty fortresses will soon be empty, or conveniently turned into FEMA holding centers when the collapse hits.

The tide is turning and the banks know it. Mass layoffs have been announced by almost every major institution in the world and this is just the beginning. Unfortunately small town America will be hit the hardest as some of these jobs are the highest paying in the household. Also taking a major hit will be Charlotte, NC, the banking center of the US, where Wells Fargo has over 22,000 employees, Bank Of America 15,000 and most major banks have a presence. Be on the lookout for some great real estate deals in Charlotte soon.

Sep 01 08:35

BEX ALERT - Joe Biden's Son Says Kremlin Signed Him up on Ashley Madison

Sep 01 08:34

U.S. developing sanctions against China over cyberthefts

The Obama administration is developing a package of unprecedented economic sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals who have benefited from their government’s cybertheft of valuable U.S. trade secrets.

The U.S. government has not yet decided whether to issue these sanctions, but a final call is expected soon — perhaps even within the next two weeks, according to several administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Sep 01 08:34

India Native CEO’s Take the US by Storm

Many of the CEOs of the largest companies in the U.S. today are India born natives.

Sep 01 08:29

EPA now trying to swindle Native Americans out of compensation after polluting their land with toxic waste

The Washington Times reported that tribal leaders say the Obama Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to cheat Navajo Indians by convincing them to sign away rights to future claims following the agency's Gold King Mine disaster. These charges are only magnifying the White House's public relations problems following the toxic spill, which threatens to disrupt critical waterways in the Southwest for many years to come.

Within days of the disaster, EPA officials began going door to door asking Navajos – some of whom do not speak English as their primary language – to sign a form offering to pay them some damages they have incurred from the spill so far. Signing the document waives any rights to return with new claims in the future if costs spiral higher than expected or if they encounter new, currently unforeseen fallout, Navajo President Russell Begaye told The Washington Times.

Sep 01 08:26

Cannabis oil cures man's cancer after he was given 18 months to live: why real cancer cures are always outlawed

A 33-year-old father from the U.K. is completely cancer-free, but not because of chemotherapy or radiation. David Hibbitt's doctors diagnosed him with a "terminal" case of bowel cancer that they said would kill him within 18 months, but he successfully eliminated this cancer on his own by taking therapeutic doses of cannabis oil at a cost of about $75 per month.

Sep 01 08:17

Global Trade In Freefall: South Korea Exports Crash Most Since 2009

While the market's attention overnight was focused on China's crumbling manufacturing and service PMI, data which was already hinted in the flash PMI reports earlier in August, the real stunner came not from China but from South Korea, which last night reported an unprecedented 14.7% collapse in exports, far worse than the -5.9% consensus estimate, and more than 4 times worse than July's 3.4%. The number is critical because not only do exports account for about half of South Korea's GDP but because it also happens to be the first major exporting country to report monthly trade data. That makes it the perfect barometer of global trade flows, or as the case may be, the canary in the global trade coalmine.

Sep 01 08:17

Israel Asks Egypt: Stop Move to Monitor Our Nuclear Facilities

Netanyahu's advisers went to Cairo three weeks ago to discuss matter with Egypt Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, who heads effort to lobby internationally against Israel's nuclear program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 08:16

Breaking the Depleted Uranium Ceiling

It is not that there is an Iraq test. It is that Iraq is the touchstone for adherence to the neo-liberal consensus. All these professionally successful people share a number of attitudes, of which support for the Iraq War is a good indicator. There is a very strong correlation between support for the Iraq War and fierce Zionism. But there is also a strong correlation between support for the Iraq War and support for austerity economics. The strongest correlation of all lies in support for the Iraq War and for “business-friendly” tolerance of corporatism, TTIP, multinational tax avoidance, low taxation and marketization of public services including in education and health.

To return to where I started, the quite extraordinary thing is that there is a near-universal recognition in wider society that the Iraq War was both completely unjustified and a dreadful strategic blunder. Yet its support is a major pre-condition for membership of the governing elite.

Sep 01 08:15

Russian Military Forces Arrive In Syria, Set Forward Operating Base Near Damascus

According to Western diplomats, a Russian expeditionary force has already arrived in Syria and set up camp in an Assad-controlled airbase. The base is said to be in area surrounding Damascus, and will serve, for all intents and purposes, as a Russian forward operating base. In the coming weeks thousands of Russian military personnel are set to touch down in Syria, including advisors, instructors, logistics personnel, technical personnel, members of the aerial protection division, and the pilots who will operate the aircraft.

Sep 01 08:09

Why Iran Won’t Double-cross Russia

Some speculation is weaving through the airwaves that once its US-imposed sanctions are lifted in several months, Iran will shift its existing allegiance with Russia and instead double-cross the Great Russian Bear by doing gas and oil export deals that directly undercut Russia, especially Gazprom’s Turkish Stream gas pipeline aimed at the southern EU states. Were that to occur, perhaps at the same time a Pentagon and CIA backed rearming of the Ukrainian army and supply of massive heavy artillery to launch a far more effective military assault on the eastern Ukraine self-proclaimed republics, the Washington calculation would be a devastating blow to Putin and Russia’s economic stability. No matter what dreams may be floating around the Pentagon however, for many reasons an Iranian double-cross is highly unlikely.

Sep 01 08:09

Israeli Commanders Killed within Al Nusra Ranks inside Syria

The Syrian air force killed a large number of Takfiri militant commanders, including senior Israeli and Jordanian officers, in airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in the Southern province of Dara’a.

At least 42 Al-Nusra Front Takfiri terrorist commanders, including 3 Israeli and Jordanian officers, were killed in the Syrian warplanes’ air raids in Dara’a.

Sep 01 08:08

Japan: Thousands Protest Plans To Send Military Overseas To Fight

Sep 01 08:01

Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS

To take down the so-called Islamic State in Syria, the influential former head of the CIA wants to co-opt jihadists from America’s arch foe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"They actually work for us anyway, so it shouldn't be too hard!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 01 07:59

Recession confirmed as Canada's GDP shrank in 2nd quarter

Canada's economy expanded in June but declined by 0.1 per cent for the second quarter as a whole, meeting the bar of what is legally defined as a recession.

The economy expanded by 0.5 per cent in June, Statistics Canada said.

But that slight monthly uptick wasn't enough to offset the contraction in the previous two months, which means for the second quarter as a whole, the economy shrank.

Sep 01 07:54

'Scary As Hell': Pens Featuring Hillary Clinton's Cackling Head Spreading By Postal Mail

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oooooh ... I WANT one! :)

I already regret giving away my Hillary nut-buster!

Sep 01 07:42

Drones on a Leash - Could ''Tethered Drones'' Increase Safety or Expand Permanent Surveillance?

By Jason Erickson

Although drones have been all but welcomed into American skies by the U.S. government, the devil still remains in the details.

The proliferation of drones for hobby, commercial, or law enforcement has faced some significant setbacks, while still marching forward as though it's inevitable that drones will be part of the future landscape in America...


Sep 01 07:28

Gold Up 3.5% In August, Stocks Fall 6% to 12%


Sep 01 07:17

Fed Casts Extras In Its Rate Hike Show



Sep 01 06:48


Wang Xiaolu, a journalist with Caijing Magazine, delivers what looks like a forced apology after being held by Chinese authorities for a week. A Chinese news reporter who has been held for a week by authorities in China, accused of spreading “false information” about the economy, has surfaced. The state broadcast network CCTV today aired footage of Wang Xiaolu appearing to apologize. He says he solemnly regrets writing the influential story he did, about the nation's recently troubled stock market. I'm sure nobody told him that he should say that.

Sep 01 05:39

In The Month Of September 2015 We Officially Enter The Danger Zone

Is September 2015 going to be one of the most important months in modern American history? When I issued my first ever “red alert” for the last six months of 2015 back in June, I was particularly concerned with the months of September through December, and not just for economic reasons. All of the intel that I have received is absolutely screaming that big trouble is ahead.

Sep 01 05:39

Buckle Your Safety Belts! Volatility is back!

Sep 01 05:30

Newspeak is here: Professors threaten failing grade if students use the terms he or she and male or female

In yet another sign of how far American University’s have fallen to the leftist thought police, multiple professors with at least two colleges are threatening students with failing grades if they use language deemed offensive by the hard left.

Sep 01 05:23

Is this disturbing video Israel's Eric Garner moment?

But last week's was different. Friday's demonstration in Nabi Saleh escalated into a violent confrontation between an Israeli soldier and a young child — all caught on camera by the press who had attended the protest. The result was a video of an IDF soldier placing an 11-year-old child in a chokehold, holding a gun near his head, and then sitting on him as he screamed in fear and pain.
Note: This type of thing happens all the time and the U.S. supports it.

Sep 01 05:20

Shock video: Liberal feminists ignore ruthless attack on white woman by black couple

A shocking video spreading through social media shows a couple attacking and beating a white women outside a gas station in Milwaukee.

Sep 01 05:18

Auschwitz 'showers' offend some visitors to the former Nazi camp

Offended Jewish visitors over the weekend likened the misting stations to the "showers" used to exterminate members of their faith at the camp during World War II, Israeli media reported.
Note: The falsehoods and the holocau$t legend live $n and $n and $n.

Sep 01 05:02

Israel PM criticised for eating at 'temple of gourmet dining'

An ultra-Orthodox news website quoted officials from the United Torah Judaism alliance, part of Netanyahu's coalition, as saying that eating in a non-kosher restaurant was unacceptable for a prime minister of the Jewish state.
Note: I give up there is no hope!

Sep 01 04:36

Germany warns Facebook: Clamp down on Holocaust denial - or else

Facebook will have to abide by German laws banning racist sentiment even if it might be allowed in the United States under freedom of speech, Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in an interview with Reuters.
Note: Under penalty of jail a person cannot dispute, question or speak any words no matter how truthful against the state sponsored holocau$t.




August 31, 2015

Aug 31 21:39

Mt. McKinley to Revert to the Older Name of “Denali”

why should the feds get to name state property?

Aug 31 21:37

Renaming Calhoun College

erase everything that might micro-aggress anybody

Aug 31 19:37

British minister calls for ban on jobless migrants

The British home secretary has demanded a clampdown on jobless migrants seeking to enter the United Kingdom.

Theresa May criticized the "broken European migration system" for the continent’s current migrant crisis and urged EU leaders to tear up freedom of movement rules which allow free migrant travel across Eu

Aug 31 19:16

Old Soviet Missile Makes Easy Work of US M1 Abrams Tank (VIDEO)

A Saudi-led ground operation in Yemen, involving US-made Abrams M1 tanks, immediately resulted in the loss of armored vehicles.

The video below shows what are said to be Houthi rebels in Yemen using old Soviet-designed Fagot anti-tank guided missiles to destroy American-made, Saudi Arabian-owned and operated Abrams M1 main battle tanks.

Old weapons and well motivated fighters who use guerilla tactics professionally.
Good Infantry! The Saudis are in for it.

Aug 31 18:35

A cold July for the birds

For the month of July, I was on the Grand Banks working on a seismic exploration vessel as an environmental observer. It is always cool out here in July, with the air temperature pretty well the same as the water temperature — at about 10 C all the time.

But on the Avalon Peninsula, daytime high temperatures struggling to reach 10 C in July is not right! I am hearing from my correspondents standing firmly on earth back home on the Avalon Peninsula that July has been exceptionally cool, dark and wet. Normally in July the winds blow from the southwest, pumping warm, humid air over Newfoundland. These winds bring fog to the south coast of Newfoundland and the Grand Banks, but also the warm, sunny summer weather that most of the island enjoys in a normal July. The Grand Banks have actually been less foggy than normal this July because the winds have been mostly from the northwest and northeast.

Aug 31 18:31

Coldest July on Record in Some Parts of Iceland

The lowest average July temperature was measured up on Gagnheiði, near Selfoss in South Iceland. There, the average temperature was a frosty 1.59°C. “That is the lowest average temperature ever seen in July at an Icelandic weather station,” Trausti says—noting, however, that the station at Gagnheiði did not exist until the year 1993.

Trausti says the lowest July figure from previous years was also from Gagnheiði in 1995, at 3°C. That was 1.4 degrees warmer than this year’s average, RÚV reports.

In addition to Met Office weather stations, Trausti has also monitored data from National Roads Administration stations this year. “The figures lowest place figures of all are lower even that the lowest July averages to date at Roads Administration stations. This was the coldest July that these stations have seen,” he writes.

Aug 31 18:29

NSW shivers through coolest July in 18 years

NEW South Wales has experienced its coldest July since 1997, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Two low pressure systems caused snow across the tablelands and into central NSW, the most significant snow event since at least October 2012.

The mean temperature for NSW during July was 0.2 °C below average, making it the coldest July since 1997.

Daytime temperatures were 0.5 °C below average and the coolest since 1998, with most areas of the state recording well below average daytime temperatures and parts of central NSW recording their coolest July days in over 20 years.

Aug 31 18:27

A Cold Week at the Pole

It was a frigid start to July for those wintering at the South Pole. An eight-day cold snap at the beginning of the month had temperatures hovering near minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with record lows recorded on seven of those days. The exceptionally cold streak kept workers busy throughout the week maintaining the station during such extreme temperatures.


Temperatures first started to dip sharply on July 2, plunging from around minus 90 to minus 105 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of the day. The following day was the coldest of the year so far.

“We got down to minus 109.1 the evening of July 3rd and, just sitting in my office, I could hear the metal sheeting on the outside of the station ‘popping’ as it contracted with the cold,” O’Connor said.

Aug 31 18:22

Melbourne weather: Coldest winter in 26 years keeps a tight grip on city

"Cold and dry" was how one senior weather forecaster summed up the past three months. The Bureau of Meteorology's Richard Carlyon wasn't the least bit surprised to officially record, as he compiled temperatures today, the eve of spring, that it had been the coldest winter in 26 years.

"We have averaged 13.9 degrees," said Mr Carlyon.

Aug 31 18:20

UK weather: Indian summer 'off the cards' as cold and wet spell continues into September

Despite a dry and sunny June and a brief heatwave at the beginning of July, the wash out summer and long winter have contributed to a colder than average year.

Aug 31 18:19

July was cold, wet and windy (if you didn't already know)

The town of Claremorris in Co Mayo [Ireland] had its coldest July in 50 years and its third-coldest July since 1950, when records began. However, the entire country also suffered since all monthly mean air temperatures were below their LTA (Long-Term Average), with most stations reporting deviations from normal of -1.0°C or more.

Stations at Cork Airport, Johnstown Castle, Mullingar and Shannon Airport all reported their coldest July since 1988.

Aug 31 16:28

Bt cotton: Govt admits Monsanto never had patent in India

kinda like Nestle's expired permit snip: Once indigenous Bt varieties are developed, the seeds now available at 800 for a 450 gram pack could be sold at 100 a kg, say experts. Also, after buying seeds the first time, farmers could save seeds from each crop for reuse next year, thus saving a major amount.

Aug 31 16:16

Back To School Vaccine Hysteria Culminates In Hunt For Unvaccinated Kids

Due to increased mandatory vaccination legislation, parents are being politely threatened by the corporate-sponsored press, the CDC and the school systems that they had better get jabs for their children. In many cases, such as in California, it's the law. In cases where it's not completely mandatory, veiled threats and social pressure…

Aug 31 16:14

Explosion reported in Dongying, China

This is a breaking news article. Please check back for updates.

An explosion erupted in an industrial zone in China's Dongying City on Monday, local media outlets reported.

The Twitter account for People's Daily reported the explosion in Dongying's Lijin county, in Shandong province. The city's population stands at about 2 million.

State radio said in a Weibo microblog post that a single blast occurred at a chemical plant in the city shortly before midnight, according to Reuters.

Aug 31 15:48

Something Just Happened In The Silver Market

From 2011 to 2014, the net increase of Global Silver ETFs was a paltry 34.1 Moz compared to a staggering 788.2 Moz of Silver Bar & Coin demand. This proves, investors rather purchase physical silver than take their chances playing in the Paper Silver ETF market.

Here is the net change between these two periods:

Global Silver ETFs: 2007-2010 vs 2011-2014 = 92% decline

Silver Bar & Coin: 2007-2010 vs 2011-2014 = 70% increase

Aug 31 15:32

Gold Coming Off the LBMA Spiked Last Week

Aug 31 15:31

Flashback: A foot of snow hits parts of Australia as the country endures its lowest temperatures for 40 years as its winter begins

It got as cold as 6.1 degrees Celsius in the City of Sydney, making it the chilliest morning the region has seen since 1987. Falls Creek in Victoria also received 20cm of snow overnight and Mount Buller recorded8cm, while Melbourne got off to its coldest morning in almost 40 years.

Aug 31 15:26

Early snow on Erciyes

As temperatures across the country dip lower than seasonal norms, the first snow of the season over the weekend was recorded on Mount Erciyes in Kayseri. Local businessmen are happy about the snow on Erciyes, which at 3,916 meters is one of the country's principle winter sports centers, and expect a good tourism season this winter. Erciyes Ltd CEO Murat Cahid C?ng? said snow precipitation was recorded above 3,400 meters, adding: "Below the summit until 3,400 meters everywhere is white. It can easily be seen from the city center. Last year the first snow was recorded in mid-September. We expect better snow this year because the first precipitation happened 15 days early."

Aug 31 15:22

Winter 2015: Freezing, wind-blasted, snowbound and flooded

Between June 23 and 26 temperatures plunged in the Mackenzie Country and Central Otago. Pukaki dropped to -19.8 degrees Celsius, while Tara Hills, near Omarama, got as cold as -21C. That was the lowest temperature officially recorded in this country - excluding high altitude stations - in 20 years and the fourth lowest ever.

During the period three of the 10 lowest temperatures - other than at high elevation alpine sites - ever recorded in New Zealand were experienced.

Aug 31 15:11

Are Russians Sending Military Support To Syria? Potential For Conflict With NATO?

By Brandon Turbeville

If reports coming from YNet News are accurate, the Syrian crisis just became more complex and more dangerous. The report would be great news for the Assad government, however, as it suggests that, in addition to providing Syria with six new MIG 31 jets and providing satellite images with the SAA, the Russians will also be delivering an expeditionary force of Russian soldiers.

YNet claims that the Russian force will be made up of fighter pilots, attack helicopter pilots, advisors, technicians, logistics personnel, instructors, and members of the aerial protection division. The forces are to be stationed at a permanent base in Syria. Although the Russians already maintain the Port of Tartus, YNet suggests that the new base of operations will be an “Assad-controlled” location in an area surrounding Damascus...

Aug 31 14:33

High Drug Prices Are Killing Americans

All across the country, Americans are finding that the prices of the prescription drugs they need are soaring. Tragically, doctors tell us that many of their patients can no longer afford their medicine. As a result, some get sicker. Others die.

A new Kaiser Health poll shows that most Americans think prescription drug costs in this country are unreasonable, and that drug companies put profits before people. Want to know something? They're right.

Aug 31 14:31

Yes, a Warmer Arctic Means Cold Winters Elsewhere. Here's How.

Melting sea ice and warmer temperatures in the Arctic are to blame for the brutal cold snaps that have plagued parts of Asia and North America in recent years, according to new research by Korean and European scientists released Monday.

Webmaster addition: Well, that just destroyed the credibility of the Pulitzer prize!

Aug 31 14:27

Canberra's coldest winter in 15 years and wettest in 10 years finally ending

Weatherzone has provided some preliminary statistics for winter 2015 at the Canberra airport which show we shivered through 53 below-zero mornings - 10 more than normal.

The coldest temperature for winter this year was minus 7 degrees, which was recorded on two days, June 2 and July 3. The warmest day was August 22, with a top temperature of 21 degrees.

The average temperature for this winter was 6.41 degrees compared to the long-term average of 6.43 to 6.45 degrees.

Aug 31 14:25

Another Cool Blast Spreads South and East; Record Lows Set

Fresh on the heels of a blast of unseasonably chilly summer weather last week, yet another shot of cool air has spread across parts of the central and eastern United States. Several record lows have already been set, and even parts of the South are seeing relief from the summertime humidity.

The cool air first spread throughout the Plains and Midwest on Sunday, dropping high temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average from the Texas Panhandle and central Oklahoma to the Dakotas and Minnesota.

On Sunday morning, Casper, Wyoming, recorded its coldest August temperature on record with a low of 29 degrees. The old August record low was 33 degrees in 1977. Weather records in Casper date back to 1939.

Rapid City tied its coldest record low for August on Sunday morning and set a new daily record when the temperature dropped to 38 degrees.

And on and on. Record cold after record cold.

Aug 31 14:16

The TSA's 12 Signs You Might Be a Terrorist

Aug 31 14:07

The Emperor’s Nice Clothes

Robert Mugabe, sempiternal president of Zimbabwe, was recently booed and jeered in parliament, suggesting that, after more than a third of a century in power and at the age of 91, he still has a thing or two to learn about being an absolute dictator.

Aug 31 14:04

24 yo black man with mental issues dies in prison after minor grocery theft

A Virginia family is looking for justice after their 24-year old son’s death in prison. Accused of stealing approximately $5 worth of snacks, Jamycheal Mitchell has seen no trial since April as a judge described him as “incompetent” to stay it due to mental issues.

Mitchell was found dead at Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, VA, on August 19, local WAVY-TV news channel reported. Now Mitchell’s family and their attorney have more questions than answers about what happened to Jamycheal.

“I think it’s twofold,” attorney Mark Krudys said. “It’s the death of her son [Mitchell's mother Sonia Adams], obviously, but it’s also the circumstance surrounding his death.”

Aug 31 13:58

Court Rules That Illegal Aliens Have Second Amendment Rights

When Mario Meza-Rodriguez was five years old, his parents brought him into the United States illegally. By the time he was an adult, he managed to get in trouble with the police after getting into a bar fight two years ago. When the police arrested him, they discovered a .22 caliber pistol in his pocket. Even though illegal aliens can’t own firearms under federal law, Meza-Rodriguez argued in court that charging him for possessing the pistol would violate his Second Amendment rights. The court disagreed. He was convicted and deported.

Aug 31 13:57

Dear Guardian editors: this is why no one believes you anymore

While this is just the latest on the conveyor-belt of state-promoted Stalinist ‘alternative realities’, which now constitutes the vast majority of your (ahem) political analysis, I feel the need to make a few observations, more out of pity than anger.

Aug 31 13:57

UK MPs get free VIP service at NHS to protect from public

British lawmakers get free VIP service at the National Health Service (NHS) hospital to protect them from public, UK media reports have revealed.

Aug 31 13:55

TSA Worker Accused of Molesting Girl in Airport Bathroom

Imagine a profession that grants its workers the power to confiscate the belongings of law-abiding citizens, detain them arbitrarily, scan them with machines that can record their naked bodies, and physically fondle the private parts of adults and children.

Now imagine if that job granted police powers without requiring law enforcement training, and was so frowned upon and hated by the vast majority of the public, that they would probably have to hire just about anyone who walks through the door. With all that power and responsibility combined with such low standards, you could reasonably expect that job to attract absolutely horrible people, right?

Of course it would. Which would probably explain why the following transpired.

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Aug 31 13:47

Armed Black Panthers to Texas Cops: ‘We Will Start Creeping Up on You in the Darkness’

Armed Black Panther members marched in front of the Waller County jail and shouted, “You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the FBI has infiltrated the Black Panthers to cause trouble, just like they did in the 60s!

Aug 31 13:46

Russian jets in Syrian skies

Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying an aerial contingent to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS and Islamist rebels; US stays silent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The difference is that Russia really IS aiming at ISIS!

Aug 31 13:44

‘Victoria Nuland may be passing out virtual cookies outside Kiev’

The same forces that are pushing radicals in key hot spots in and around Europe – the US in the first place – also have a part in the protests going on in Kiev. They are not innocent, they just don’t appear in the picture in front of the TV cameras, says political analyst Aleksandar Pavic.

In Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, crowds of protesters came to oppose amendments to the constitution that would provide for decentralization of the country. As a result dozens were injured and one security officer was killed after a grenade was thrown outside the parliament.

Aug 31 13:42

German interior minister plans further attacks on refugees

After a number of fires at refugee camps over recent weeks, and the intimidation of asylum seekers by neo-Nazis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck belatedly issued an official statement last Wednesday.

Aug 31 13:36

9/11 attacks were obviously an inside job: Scholar

The growing anti-Islam rhetoric in the United States underlines the need for further research into the origin of the September 11, 2001 attacks, an American scholar and journalist in Wisconsin says.

Aug 31 13:32

UK petition against war criminal Netanyahu reaches 90,000

A petition posted on the British parliament’s website for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over crimes against Palestinians has garnered over 90,000 signatures.

Aug 31 13:32

CDC Issues Warning: Doctors on Alert for Bubonic Plague: “There is a Heightened Risk… We Don’t Want People To Panic”

“It is unclear why the number of cases in 2015 is higher than usual,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Many of the cases are occurring in rural and semi-rural areas in the western United States. The report lists two cases in Arizona, one in California, four in Colorado, one in Georgia, two in New Mexico and one in Oregon. The cases in California and Georgia have been linked to areas in or near Yosemite National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada. Dr. Natalie Kwit of the CDC emphasizes, “We don’t want people to panic but we do want them to be aware of the heightened risk.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course the illegal immigrants who came into the US carrying Bubonic plague have nothing to do with it!

Aug 31 13:30

Over 10 US journalists killed in connection with their work since 1991

The on-air killings of Alison Parker and Adam Ward in Roanoke, Virginia on Wednesday is only the most recent case of journalists being killed in the United States while on the job, or for reasons related to their work.

In August 2007, Chauncey Bailey of the Oakland Post was shot multiple times by a masked gunman in the streets of Oakland. He had only been editor-in-chief of the Post for two months. The gunman, Devaughndre Broussard, confessed the next day, saying that he was angered by Bailey’s coverage of the Your Black Muslim Bakery where he worked.

Aug 31 13:30

Poroshenko Calls Violent Clashes in Kiev 'Stab in the Back'

Earlier Monday, clashes took place outside the Ukraine's parliament building shortly after the Verkovna Rada had approved proposed constitutional amendments on decentralization in the first reading.

Aug 31 13:30

China Displacing Monopoly of US Dollar, Bretton Wood System

China and Russia are changing the financial architecture of the world, award-winning author, sociologist and geopolitical analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya emphasizes, recommending the Wall Street financial elite to focus on America's domestic problems instead of trying to undermine China's economy.