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"You will do well to try to innoculate the Indians by means of blanketts, as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race..." -- Approval by Lord Gen. Jeffrey Amherst, British Commander-in-Chief of America, for Col. H. Bouquet's suppression of Pontiac's Rebellion with smallpox laced-blankets, July 1763. The attack partially backfired when Bouquet infected his own troops.


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Japan receives documents on its 300,000 POW in USSR - newspaper

As Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945, more than one million Japanese nationals were taken prisoners by the Red Army and sent to camps. Japan’s ministry of healthcare, labor and wellbeing said about 730,000 of them were later on returned to Japan. The Japanese government received information from the Russian State Archive on the country’s almost 300,000 people, who were prisoners of war in the USSR, Japan’s Yomiuri wrote on Monday. The newspaper writs that the archive kept data on relocations of 286,655 Japanese national, who during World War II were taken prisoners in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. The daily says 1,069 could not make it back home - "they were other directed to forced labor or detained by intelligence services." Formerly, the Japanese side was not aware of this aspect, the newspaper writes. Till recently the Japanese side did not know those documents existed, and the secrecy was lifted off those documents in 2012 only.

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Addison Tx Cop Smashing Out Window

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According to a London-based newspaper, Saudi Arabia held direct secret talks with Yemen’s Houthis and agreed on more negotiations in the Jordanian capital. The Rai al-Youm newspaper said that UN special envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed informed the United Nations’ under-secretary general for political affairs Jeffrey Feltman of the talks in a secret letter, a copy of which was collected by the newspaper. “The alleged negotiations suggest Riyadh’s submission to Houthi demands. The group had long maintained that any talks must be held with the Saudis as their main adversary in the war, and not with Hadi,” a political analyst suggested. It is also reported that Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been supervising the talks which have excluded Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. Hadi has resigned as president but Saudi Arabia has been carrying out attacks on Yemen from the air, ground and sea for a year now to restore him to power.

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On Monday, Tunisia’s president said that his country was at war after “unprecedented” attacks by terrorists that killed at least 53 people dead near the Libyan border. It is reported that, terrorists attacked the city of Ben Guerdane at dawn Monday, triggering fierce fighting with the Tunisian army which continued past nightfall. Officials said 35 attackers, seven civilians and 11 members of security forces were killed. Local residents said that corpses lay in the street and gunmen hid in homes as night fell, gunfire irregularly heard. “This is an unprecedented attack, planned and organized. Its goal was probably to take control of this area and to announce a new emirate,” President Beji Caid Essebsi said. “The attack was an attempt by ISIS terrorists to carve out a stronghold on the border,” said Prime Minister Hassid Essid. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack but two ISIS-affiliated websites said the group members were engaged in the fighting.

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On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says that China is planning to construct global “support facilities” in more countries, after starting to construct a logistics center in the African country of Djibouti. He made the announcement during a news conference on the sidelines of an annual parliament meeting. “We are willing to, in accordance with objective needs, respond to the wishes of host nations and in regions where China’s interests are concentrated, try out the construction of some infrastructure facilities and support abilities,” Wang Yi said. The Chinese Defense Ministry said in last month that Beijing had started construction on the base in Djibouti, which is the southern entrance of the Red Sea on the route to the Suez Canal, also hosts American and French bases.

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The MOVE Bombing – When Police Plotted To Exterminate A Family

On May 13, 1985, one of the most shameful, horrific attacks by US police ever took place in West Philadelphia. Eleven people – including five children – were killed in a deliberate massacre. A racist and political attack on a radical community group known as the MOVE Organization, city and police officials were revealed to have intentionally set their home ablaze, let the fire rage, and violently kept escaping men, women and children trapped inside.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
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There's a 'gathering storm' in the global economy and central banks are running out of options

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) — known as the central banks' central bank — is warning there's a "gathering storm" in the global economy, in part caused by governments around the world running out of monetary policy options.

In two separate notes, published March 6, BIS economists highlighted the fragile global economic backdrop and said negative interest rates could become a reality for many more countries as central banks search for ways to stoke real growth and battle issues like tumbling oil prices hitting the economy.

Mar 08 14:11

U.S. Initiates Nuclear War Against Syria

U.S. Airforce A-10 Warthogs struck Allepo on February 9 when Russian planes were out of the area. Instantly, western propaganda went to work framing Russia, both for wonton aerial bombing of civilians and for destroying two hospitals. There’s nothing new with this.

Mar 08 14:08

Oregon Wildlife Refuge Defendant Facing Felony Charge Demands To Know If Government Informants Were Used

Jason Patrick, one of the defendants in the Oregon wildlife refuge occupation case, still sits in jail almost two months after his arrest. The judge has denied him bail, and he is facing years in a federal prison if convicted of the federal crime of conspiracy. In the 'defendant's request for pretrial discovery,' Patrick's lawyer outlined a laundry list of very interesting demands which the government prosecutors must comply with in order to allow him to prepare his defense for trial. The exhaustive list of 42 items will apparently be used to call into question and/or impugn the credibility of any and all government witnesses, informants and law enforcement officers involved in the prosecution of this case.

Mar 08 14:07

Galactic Symphony: Russian Space Agency Releases Space ‘Songs’ (VIDEO)

Many believe there are no sounds in the universe because of the vacuum. But Russia’s space agency Roscosmos reveals in a viral video that pulsars, auroras and even black holes can “sing” their own songs. Even solar flares or large-scale asteroids’ collisions happen in complete silence, Roscosmos scientists said in a YouTube video. But “cosmic melodies” emitted by pulsars, the sun, Jupiter and its moon Ganymede, black holes, the Aurora Borealis and interstellar space have been recorded by the agency with the radio telescopes.

Mar 08 14:07

Another Dark Moment For The Turkish Media

How fast the tide turns in Turkey.

Just over a week ago, journalists and free speech advocates here celebrated the release from jail of Can Dundar and Erdem Gul, the editor-in-chief and Ankara bureau chief, respectively, of the daily newspaper Cumhuriyet.

Mar 08 14:07

GCHQ Losing Cyberwar Despite £860mn Extra Funding – Spy Chief

Despite being handed hundreds of millions in taxpayers’ cash, British spooks are losing the cyberwar, a top GCHQ director has acknowledged.

Alex Dewdney, who is head of the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) branch of GCHQ, told an audience in the US that UK intelligence is lagging behind.

Mar 08 14:04

Race to the Red Planet - Russia Simulates 'Mars Landing' to Test Cosmonaut Fitness

Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko has taken part in a Mars landing experiment right after he touched down on Earth, when his almost year-long space mission ended. Scientists say they want to test humans' abilities after being away from Earth for a continuous time. The experiment named Sozvezdie (meaning 'constellation' in English) imitated landing on Mars, Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos announced this week. Kornienko, who completed his 340 day long mission in space this week, has been immediately subjected to several new tests, to see how his body functions after almost a year away from Earth’s gravitational pull. Dressed in a new version of a spacesuit, Kornienko has successfully completed a number of actions imitating landing on a different planet, Roscosmos said. The cosmonaut fulfilled various tasks in conditions simulating those of Mars.

Mar 08 14:02

Number Of Gitmo Inmates Suspected Of Joining Militants Rises

The number of released Guantanamo prisoners now suspected of having returned to fighting for militants, increased by 6 reaching 12 from July 2015 to January this year, the Obama administration says.

Mar 08 14:01

Attempt To Form PSOE-Citizens Government Coalition In Spain Collapses

The attempt by Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez to form a coalition government with the right-wing Ciudadanos (Citizens) party has collapsed after two no confidence votes in congress last week.

Sánchez’s appeals for “all progressive left-wing forces of change” to join the pact fell on deaf ears. A first attempt by former Popular Party (PP) Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to form a government in January also failed.

Mar 08 13:58

Facebook To Hand Staff £280mn In Bonuses ‘To Cut Corporation Tax Bill’

Facebook’s 850 UK employees can expect huge bonuses in the near future as the social media giant looks to sidestep corporation tax by paying out £280 million by the end of 2018.

Workers in Facebook’s London office could receive an estimated £690,000 each, according to a Sunday Times report.

Mar 08 13:56

An American for Prime Minister: Ukraine's Poroshenko Makes Victoria Nuland an Offer She Can't Refuse

Americans helped block the sacking of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. Will they change their minds if Poroshenko offers them the Illinois-born Jaresko? Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is taking the brunt of the anger of the populace for the horrible situation the country finds itself two years after the Maidan semi-revolution (a revolution of one half of the country). That means it's time for his partners, such as president Poroshenko to make him the scapegoat and cut him off – however, the last time they attempted to do so Americans stood by "their guy Yats" and thwarted the effort. But Poroshenko is nothing if not persistent. And now he also seems to have found a way to get Americans on board. It's simple, brilliant and beyond embarrassing.

Owl 1
Mar 08 13:54

'Erdogan Must Go' - And Obama Can Fire Him

If Erdogan and his advisors seriously believe that they can publicly blackmail a superpower like the USA then their days are numbered... They continue to insist that the United States label as terrorists the Kurdish fighters of northern Syria known as the YPG. The YPG and the Syrian Arab Army are the only two ground forces fighting ISIS. The Kurdish YPG fighters are mopping the floor with the barbarians and control nearly the entire border region between Turkey and Syria. Even so, the Turkish government insists that the U.S. is either for Turkey by labeling the YPG as terrorists or against Turkey by supporting YPG's efforts against ISIS. Why is the current Turkish government obsessed with the YPG? There are several reasons, none of them related to terrorism and all of them about the survival of the amazingly corrupt and repellant Erdogan, his family, and cronies in the AKP party. What do Erdogan and company have to fear? Jail.

Mar 08 13:52

Secretary Clinton Comments on the Passing of KKK Grand Cyclops Robert Byrd

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But you won't see the corporate media go after Hillary they way they went after Trump!

Mar 08 13:49

You Won't Believe What They Did to the Ohio Ballot to Stop Trump

We all know the elite are on the warpath against Donald Trump, with everyone from pundits, to major world leaders, to the Pope speaking out against him. Newt Gingrich recently said it's because Trump isn't part of the secret societies and hasn't taken the initiation rites.

Regardless, Trump has received a groundswell of support from the average conservative American, winning state primaries left and right. Ohio's primary is coming up on March 15, and it's a big one because it's a "winner takes all" state.

Well now it's being alleged that Ohio's GOP has intentionally set up a confusing ballot in a bid to try to make sure Donald Trump does not win.

Look at this thing.

(read more)

Mar 08 13:48

How most aid to the Palestinians ends up in Israel’s coffers

Jonathan Cook looks at how Western aid for destitute Palestinians is pilfered by Israel to consolidate its occupation – but the tide may be turning and Israel could end up bearing the true cost of the occupation sooner than it thinks.

Mar 08 13:46

Idea of Vladimir Putin as the 'Godfather' of Kurdistan Isn't Half as Crazy as You Think

When you take into account that Russia is actually the Kurds' oldest great power patron. An incensed Vladimir Putin vowed that Turkey would come to rue its actions. He warned that Russia would not settle its accounts with Turkey with mere economic sanctions, adding, “We know what we need to do.” What Putin meant is becoming clear. Earlier this month, in what can only be described as a menacing signal to Ankara, the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (or PYD) formally opened a representative office in Moscow, its first in a foreign country. Meanwhile, inside Syria, the PYD’s armed wing has been using Russian arms and Russian air support to aggressively expand the amount of territory it controls along the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara is alarmed, and rightly so. Despite possessing its own acronym, the PYD is a subsidiary of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistane), or PKK, which is currently intensifying the insurgency it is waging in Turkey’s southeast.

Mar 08 13:45


An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert "LaVoy" Finicium and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward, authorities revealed Tuesday. The bullets didn't hit Finicum and didn't contribute to his death, but now all five unnamed agents, part of an elite national unit, are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is leading the independent inquiry.

Mar 08 13:39

Ukraine Is Awash in Illegal Firearms and Criminality

Veterans of the 'anti-terror operation' against the people of Donbass return home with military-grade hardware to terrorize their own communities - some of it bought by the communities themselves. When the Ukraine gave its last cucumbers, tomatoes, socks, sweaters to the army, few people thought the war in Donbass would finally end. Ukraine has failed to get back the rebel region, thousands of people have never returned home, or came home disabled, and thousands came back healthy but without principles. Most unfortunately, many have kept their weapons. Thousands of unaccounted weapons pass from hand to hand, and sooner or later most of them will shoot. Grenades and grenade launchers, mines and large-caliber machine-guns – all these are already in the possession the new Ukrainian ‘Robin Hoods’. Do you remember them collecting money for drones for the Ukrainian army? Businessmen invested in them. Organizations and volunteers donated them to soldiers.

Mar 08 13:36

US Still Pouring Taxpayer Billions Into Ukrainian Black Hole

Add it all up: $550 million for the Nazi-peppered military in cold hard cash, a recent $1 billion “loan guarantee” (actually just a gift) from the ever generous Joe Biden , and a $40 billion loan from the IMF, 90% funded by the US, which is also likely never to be paid back. Readers may remember when, with a defense authorization bill in debate last June, two congressmen advanced an amendment banning military assistance to “openly neo-Nazi” and “fascist” militias waging war against Ukraine’s eastern regions. John Conyers and Ted Yoho got two things done in a stroke: They forced public acknowledgment that “the repulsive neo-Nazi Azov battalion,” as Conyers put it, was active, and they shamed the (also repulsive) Republican House to pass their legislative amendment unanimously. Obama signed the defense bill then at issue into law just before Thanksgiving. The Conyers-Yoho amendment was deleted but for a single phrase.

Mar 08 13:25

Iran test-fires missiles in defiance of US sanctions

Iran has test-fired several ballistic missiles from silos across the country, the Revolutionary Guard reported. The US has previously imposed missile-related sanctions against Tehran over the testing of the new intermediate-range Emad ballistic missile.

The test on Tuesday was intended "to show Iran's deterrent power and also the Islamic Republic's ability to confront any threat against the Revolution, the state and the sovereignty of the country," the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps statement published on its website said.

Mar 08 13:25

Smelling EU fear, Turkey moves in for $6.6bn kill

When the Ankara government carried out a brutal media crackdown at the weekend and then saw minimal Western protest as a result, President Erdogan knew he had the upper-hand – to leverage the refugee crisis.

It seems more than strange that, only three days before a high-profile summit was to take place between European Union leaders and Turkey on Europe’s refugee crisis, the Ankara authorities carried out an audacious assault on democratic rights.

The violent police seizure of Turkey’s biggest opposition newspaper, Zaman, and its immediate cowing into a tame pro-government publication represents the most brazen authoritarian move to date by the ruling AK party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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5 legendary Soviet female spies

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, RBTH remembers five legendary female spies – courageous and fascinating women whose bravery and dedication would have surprised many of their male contemporaries... Prominent sculptor Sergey Konenkov and his wife Margarita arrived in New York in 1923 to take part in an exhibition of Soviet art. Their stay ended up lasting 22 years: While “the Russian Rodin” worked on his sculptures, Margarita set up a salon in his workshop in Greenwich Village, where she entertained prominent American politicians and their wives. She was even invited to the White House and personally knew First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. However, Konenkova’s main target was scientists working on nuclear weapons: She was friends with the "father of the atomic bomb,” Robert Oppenheimer, and in 1935 was introduced to Albert Einstein. Judging by the scientist’s passionate letters to her, Konenkova became his last love.

Mar 08 13:00

Motion to severe diplomatic ties with Russia to be submitted to Rada -Ukrainian politician

A group of Ukrainian lawmakers will come forward with a draft resolution to severe diplomatic ties with Russia at the next session of Verkhovna Rada parliament scheduled for March 15, a leader of the Bratsvo (Brotherhood) party wrote on Facebook.
"At the next session of Verkhovna Rada, Oksana Korchinskaya (the Radical Party), Olga Chervakova (the Petro Poroshenko Bloc), Irina Sysoyenko (the Self-Reliance party) and others will register a draft resolution to severe diplomatic ties with Russia," Dmitry Korchinsky said.

Mar 08 12:59

Russian reporters come under shelling near Donetsk - agency

By the time of reporting, the journalists had managed to escape the area shelled by Ukrainian military. They are in a safe place

Mar 08 12:58

In Latvia It Is Now Possible to Execute All and Everyone

Here the main target is obvious — the Russian authorities, foundations, media outlets, dedicated to helping Russians abroad. They are all by definition considered to be "harmful", so that criminal cases against those inhabitants of Latvia who worked with them, you can stamp them on a conveyor. (Strictly speaking, my cooperation with REGNUM also falls under article 81.1). For a long time, fifteen years, the Latvian security services were moaning that they had no legal tools to stop the "Russian intervention". Now they will have the tools. On March 3rd, the Latvian Parliament approved, at the first reading, amendments to the criminal law, which, quoting the press service of the Seimas, "criminalizes anti-government actions in the format of hybrid and information warfare". Put simply — destroy the opposition for any legal activity, both public and political, if it relates to the protection of the rights and interests of Russian citizens.

Mar 08 12:56

Acknowledge Weapons of Mass Migration or 'Legitimize' "Israel". "Israel's" Establishment And The Zionist Movement

A deep divide has artificially been created in splitting the Resistance Community apart, and that's the issue of whether or not Kelly M. Greenhill's "Weapons Of Mass Migration" exist. The Harvard researcher proved in her 2010 book of the same name that there have been at least 56 instances of states purposefully generating, provoking, and exploiting massive waves of human migration as a means of promoting their respective policies, and keen observers have pointed out that the current Immigrant Crisis bears a striking structural resemblance to this strategy. On the other hand, some self-proclaimed "anti-imperialist" "leftists" have smeared anyone who dares to suggest such an 'ideological blasphemy' as being a "racist", "fascist", "white supremacist", thus manufacturing a nasty spat that has sharply divided an erstwhile unified movement.

Mar 08 12:53

Kiev Plans to Clean up Konstantinovka

According to reliable information from the employees of Internal Affairs, the punitive "Lviv" battalion arrived in occupied Konstantinovka with a clearly defined task of cleaning up the town from "unreliable" factors. As similar actions were already done, they'll continue to catch whoever they can, and also check computers and phones. A local resident warned that for security it is urgent to clean up everything that could cause suspicion, contacts on phones, smartphones, and not to ignore social network accounts that may be of interest to the Nazis.
A drunk Ukrainian tank driver, in the course of violating the Minsk agreements, transferring armored vehicles into the Stanitsa Lugansk, crashed into and broke down a high-voltage power pylon, cutting off power to 20 homes. http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/03/drunk-tank-driver-causes-power-outage...

Mar 08 12:43

If A Mainstream Reporter Told The Truth, The Pillars Of Reality Would Crumble

Telling the truth, of course, must lead to publishing the truth.

And then follow-up investigations would be done to flesh out the story further; to prompt people with inside knowledge to emerge from their closets and confess their complicity.

Mar 08 12:40

Cruz's poison pill lies

Mar 08 12:40

Review Board: New York Police Routinely Conduct Aggressive And Illegal Home Searches

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Thus reads the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, which prohibits unlawful searches and seizures by the government. Yet, a new report issued by the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) leads to the conclusion that the New York Police Department (NYPD) systematically and often violently violates this constitutional right.

Mar 08 12:33

Rally in Support of Savchenko Resumes at the Russian Embassy in Kiev

A rally in support of Nadezhda Savchenko, accused in Russia of being involved in the murder of Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin (journalists of VGTRK), has resumed at the building of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine. The protest has entered its third day. Today it began with a procession through the streets of the Ukrainian capital. [Slogan on the photo: We change] Savchenko for Poroshenko... Recall that on March 6th, protesters at the walls of the Embassy tried to break its territory by tearing off the locks on the gate.

Mar 08 12:26

Maria Zakharova Responds to John Kerry's Calls for Savchenko's Release

Kerry called her further detention the non-compliance of the Minsk agreements. "This raises serious doubts as to the authenticity of authorship. John Kerry must not know that there is not a single word about Nadiya Savchenko in the Minsk agreements, and her case doesn't not apply to any of the points," wrote Zakharova on her Facebook page. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry also stated that the US State Department showed no interest in investigating the deaths of two Russian VGTRK journalists. "Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin were journalists, who, at the time of their death, were conducting professional duties. The State Department's indifference to the search for the killers of media representatives, who they are usually so concerned about, is direct proof of Washington's use of human rights issues solely for political purposes", — said Zakharova.

Mar 08 12:24

Investors Buy Gold ETFs at Record Pace

Mar 08 12:23

Moscow Now Plays the Main Role in the Oil Market

The emergence of a new oil cartel with Russia at the top can lead to a serious change in the balance of power in the world, writes the Internet resource OilPrice.com. "If this scenario works, Russia would be the de facto leader amongst the major oil-producing countries, and will be responsible for 73% of the world's supply," — says the author. According to the publication, Russia made a brilliant maneuver by taking the lead in forming a new oil cartel in the background of the current crisis in the sector... The portal reminds the reader that Moscow is currently actively working on abandoning the petrodollar — a deal with a number of countries on trade in national currencies has already been concluded. And if the new cartel of Russia and OPEC becomes a reality, the countries belonging to it can completely stop using the dollar in the near future.

Owl 3
Mar 08 12:20

FPL nuclear plant canals leaking into Biscayne Bay, study confirms

A radioactive isotope linked to water from power plant cooling canals has been found in high levels in Biscayne Bay, confirming suspicions that Turkey Point’s aging canals are leaking into the nearby national park.

Mar 08 12:19

Ryan's House Agenda Turned Upside Down by Trump, Cruz Dominance

It was never going to be easy for House Speaker Paul Ryan to cut through the noise of a presidential campaign and chart out a course of conservative policies for the Republican Party.

But the bombast and divisiveness of the presidential campaign has left Ryan struggling to do the most basic duties of Congress.

With the two Republican front-runners -- Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz -- effectively running against Congress and the rest of the Republican establishment, Ryan more than ever needs to deliver on some kind of agenda in his first full year as speaker. Otherwise, he could help cement Congress as a distinctly junior partner in a Trump or Cruz presidency.

Mar 08 12:18

BEX Alert!!! - "Shooting of Oregon occupier LaVoy Finicum justified - prosecutor"

The Oregon State Trooper who shot and killed Robert 'LaVoy' Fincium, one of the leaders of the armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife National Refuge, were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Mar 08 12:16

Iraq's Greatest Danger Yet: Collapse of: "The most dangerous dam in the world". Serious threat: US citizens to leave

It is hard to believe anything more catastrophic could befall Iraq with perhaps three million dead, between the strangulating 1990 onward embargo and the illegal 2003 invasion. Nearly five million displaced since 2003, destruction of the UNESCO Award winning education system, as access to electricity, safe water - access to normality. Destroyed or damaged by ISIS have been the eye wateringly haunting ancient sites in or near Mosul (dating back to 25th century BC), 3rd or second century BC in Northern Iraq: Hatra, 3rd or 2nd century BC; Nineveh, the Assyrian Capital; Nimrud, founded 3,500 years ago; Khorsabad, built between 717 -706 BC; the 4th century Mar Behnam Monastry. The 1226 CE (AD) Mosque of the Prophet Yunus (Jonah) and his tomb are no more and numerous other wonders are erased, as are museums and ancient literary treasures.

Mar 08 12:14

Conflict Heats Up in Ukraine. Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) Versus the Donbass and Lugansk militias

Artillery shelling and small arms fire originating from both sides of the Line of Contact has mired the cease-fire agreed upon under Minsk II on an almost daily basis. As recently as the end of February of this year, the OSCE has monitored and reported on the movement of heavy weapons out of storage on the part of the UAF at numerous times in clear violation of Minsk II, as well as the positioning of infantry fighting vehicles within the 15 kilometer exclusion zone on the part of the militias. Civilians of the Donbass have been subjected to indiscriminate artillery bombardment from the UAF on a continuous basis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In November of last year, the following was reported at defensenews.com:

US military experts on Monday began training Ukrainian soldiers and special operations forces in the war-torn country, the Pentagon said. US troops had already deployed in small numbers to Ukraine to train national guard forces, but under a plan first announced in July they are now helping regular military units. The US troops "will be training five battalions of active-duty troops and one battalion of special operations forces personnel," spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said. More than 8,000 people have been killed since pro-Russian insurgents took up arms against Ukraine's pro-Western government last year following the ouster of a Kremlin-backed president in the capital Kiev. Washington has made repeated pledges of support for Ukraine, and has committed more than $265 million in training and equipment since 2014, Davis said.

As reported at cbsnews.com on 1 February, 2016:

The Americans and Lithuanians are adjusting their training practices, according to the Ukrainians' experience. U.S. sending arms to answer Russia's "provocations" That included building a large trench. "The installation basically built this huge trench network to replicate some of the conditions... out east," Capt. Evan Adams, the American operations officer who organized this exercise, told CBS News. "On our side, we really don't do a lot of 'trench' (training)." It's a 55-day course for the Ukrainian soldiers -- the first from the Ukrainian army to train with this multi-national coalition. They will graduate in mid-February, and most will then head back to eastern Ukraine. The U.S. is working with Canadians, British and Lithuanian forces at the remote training center near Yavoriv, which is now referred to as the Joint International Peacekeeping Security Center.

So let's look at the timeline here; in November of last year, the US military started training regular Ukrainian soldiers; another military course finished last month, and "...and most will then head back to eastern Ukraine."

What has the US military been doing here?!?

Training the Ukrainian military to take back the breakaway republics in the East.

How long before these US "advisors" become embedded with the Ukrainian soldiers they have trained, in such an operation?!?

The short answer is, not long.

And at what point, understanding that the US military is fighting along with Ukrainian military against those Eastern republics, will Putin have to respond?

I don't have a solid answer for that, but my bet would be, not long after the public "j'accuse" has been made by Russia.

Things here could go from bad to absolutely worse, in a heartbeat.

Mar 08 12:12

Americans rage against the machine

The media, whose discombobulating is only second to that of the establishment, is in a tizzy. Together though both groups approach the behavior of a school of piranhas in a feeding frenzy. Even when there was no sign of a cut or wound in the interloper, these malcontents have resorted to drawing bad blood just so they could keep their carnivorous privileges alive. They fear 'The Donald'. Many are even loath to mention his name, never mind say something, anything good or positive about his winning message. That is the state of that nation today. Like his candidacy or not, the facts are indisputable. Good, caring citizens have launched their own 'American Spring'. True democracy backed by real freedom has finally broken to the surface. All across the great land people of all walks have been aroused. They have awoken from their stupor. The fog of insouciance is lifting. Deceit has been unmasked. The cold truth now stares Americans in the face.

Mar 08 12:09

Rubio campaign accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' in Hawaii

Marco Rubio’s campaign is accusing Ted Cruz’s campaign of “using a bogus story from CNN to spread false rumors” that the Florida senator is dropping out of the race.

"Senator Cruz is up to his dirty tricks again spreading false rumors and lies. We won't allow him to do to Marco Rubio in Florida what he did to Ben Carson in Iowa,” Rubio spokesman Joe Pounder said in a statement. “Floridians and voters across the country will reject Senator Cruz's campaign of disgusting tactics because they know a vote for Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump."

Pounder is referring to an email sent out by Cruz’s Hawaii surrogates titled “wasted vote.”

Mar 08 11:57

9 Easy Ways To Get Your Name on a Government Watch List

You might think that government watch lists are reserved for violent radical extremists. You might be wrong.

There is a very serious war taking place, a “war on terror“. Which should sound ludicrous to any rational, thinking human being. How can we wage a war on terror? Terror is a consequence of war itself. You can’t fight a war on something that war produces? Talk about a vicious cycle. And terror doesn’t only exist overseas. There are apparently very dangerous people here on domestic soil, too. Dangerous people that don’t follow the herd. Who don’t walk in orderly lines. Scary people that oppose corrupt systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mike and I are probably on several such lists.

But we analyze, report, and never incite violence.

We have come to the conclusion that anyone from any "alphabet soup" US agency who is tasked to surveille us is getting punishment duty from said agency :-)

Mar 08 11:54


Essentially, Saudi Arabia runs on institutionalized bribery. They need cold hard cash to keep the population in line, to keep the ever-growing royal family rich and happy, and to make sure everyone is doing their job. It’s not like what you see in most Western nations, where much of the population has a misplaced sense of civic duty. This system needs cash, and can’t survive on IOUs.

The elites in this society demand a life of perpetual luxury, and government handouts are the only thing keeping the oppressed masses from rebelling. Once they run out of money, everything will fall apart from the bottom up.
But the financial situation isn’t the only problem with the Saudi kingdom. Much of their budget is being burned up from fighting their war in Yemen, which they are losing badly.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF, indeed, this report is true, what is the US government going to do when Saudi Arabia government ultimately collapses under its own weight?!?

And how is the US government, already drowning in 19 trillion dollars' worth of debt, prepared to prop up the sclerotic house of Saud under such a circumstance?!?

The mind boggles, but there are three things I understand about the United States Government:

First, it is pathologically incapable of admitting its mistakes in foreign policy.

Second, it is pathologically incapable of thinking a geopolitical scenario through to its logical conclusion.

And third, just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing this government can do, is utterly no guarantee that it won't do it.

All these, taken together, do not bode well for the future of peace in this world.

Mar 08 11:51

South Korea and the Art of Collaboration

While the Western brain-conditioning machine wants you to believe that it is actually the North that is successfully indoctrinating its citizens, those of us who have worked on both sides of the border (or on both sides of the "DMZ") know much better. And if they don't tell, they lie! From the "art work" on both sides of the barbed wire fences, to the institutions designated to brainwash millions of common people, South Korea is leading; its regime's propaganda (and the propaganda of its Western handlers) is much more experienced, determined, aggressive and therefore, effective. The curator of the "DMZ STORY, Berlin East Side Gallery & DMZ Story Exhibition" sounded more like an interrogator than an artist. When I visited this huge German-South Korean anti-Communist propaganda "project" in Seoul, I mentioned at the entrance that I would be very happy to write about the exhibition. Then, I was not allowed to simply enter, I was forced to meet the curator.

Mar 08 11:43

Turkey to receive all illegal migrants deported from EU - PM

Turkey is ready to take back all illegal migrants who arrived in the European Union from Turkey despite their ethnic origin; in return, the EU "will take from Turkey one Syrian citizen entitled to political asylum for each," Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said after an EU-Turkey migration summit. "We have confirmed our readiness to take back all illegal migrants from the European Union regardless of their nationality," Davutoglu said.

Mar 08 11:43

Hillary's Economic Agenda Sure Looks Like Payback for Wall St Giving Her Huge Piles of Campaign Cash

Billed as a major populist economic address, Hillary Clinton recently put forth her jobs program in Michigan.

Wall Street is smiling.

Her program fits perfectly within the neoliberal framework as she focuses on how to use public funds and policies to promote private sector gain. There are tax incentives to urge large and small corporations to create more jobs in the U.S. There are tax breaks to encourage corporations to provide more training and profit sharing plans. And there are tax breaks to promote long term investment instead of short-term gains. To balance this equation, she also calls for exit taxes if companies take tax breaks and then move out of the country. Her mantra is clear: if you do right to the American people, we'll do right by you.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What we will see, under a Hillary Clinton Presidency, is more offshoring/outsourcing of jobs which will generate more severe poverty for cities like Detroit, which holds the dubious distinction, at this point, of being one of the poorest cities in the US.

Clinton won't stop her corporate masters, who own her, from taking scores of jobs from Americans and placing them in third world countries to shore up their bottom line; it is just that simple, and thinking Americans understand this.

Mar 08 11:42

Saudi Arabia’s Exploding Christmas Gifts From Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Clinton emerges as the front-runner for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, she is receiving increased scrutiny for her years as Secretary of State. Many are criticizing her hawkish foreign policy, which is the best indication of what President Hillary’s foreign policy would be, with many focusing on her long relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Mar 08 11:41

Syrian government delegation expected in Geneva on March 14 - diplomatic source

The Syrian government delegation has received an invitation to arrive in Geneva on March 14, a source at Syria’s Permanent Mission at the United Nations Office in Geneva told TASS on Monday. "Yes. It is true. The delegation has been invited to arrive in Geneva on March 14", the mission’s representative said. Asked if Bashar Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, will head the Syrian government delegation, the source said that it was probable but they were waiting for a reply from Damascus.

Mar 08 11:39

Rep. Castro Bizarrely Claims That Clinton Has Been Cleared By DOJ In Secret Server Scandal

Mar 08 11:38

UK: Metropolitan Police Demand Pitchford Inquiry Take Evidence In Secret

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has submitted a demand to the Pitchford Inquiry into undercover policing that significant parts of its proceedings be held in camera, with no participation by the public.

The five barristers hired by the MPS argued that “the fact of, or details of an undercover police deployment” cannot be disclosed in open sessions of the inquiry. They wrote that anything that could make it possible to expose the identity of an undercover officer must be kept secret.

Mar 08 11:38

Russian ministry calls distorting Bellingcat's probe into Boeing downed above Ukraine

The Russian defense ministry has never commented and is not interested in commenting various guesses published on the net, the authority said. However, due to many inquiries the ministry receives regarding publications of the so-called journalistic investigation conducted by Bellingcat claiming Russia’s involvement in downing of the Malaysian Boeing, the ministry would like to make a statement as follows. "Bellingcat's so-called journalist investigation distorts the objective facts," the ministry's press service said. "The presented information is of deliberately anti-Russian aiming and is based on false data. Moreover, it uses unproved calculations, aimed at exclusively informative impact on the public. The main purpose of the data fixed by Bellingcat is to try proving the Russian military were present in the estimated area of the launch of missile, which hit Malaysia's plane on July 17, 2014 above Ukraine.

Mar 08 11:34

Saudi Arabia’s Exploding Christmas Gifts From Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Clinton emerges as the front-runner for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, she is receiving increased scrutiny for her years as Secretary of State. Many are criticizing her hawkish foreign policy, which is the best indication of what President Hillary’s foreign policy would be, with many focusing on her long relationship with Saudi Arabia.

On Christmas Eve in 2011, Hillary Clinton and her closest aides celebrated a $29.4 billion sale of over 80 F-15 fighter jets, manufactured by US-based Boeing Corporation, to Saudi Arabia. In a chain of enthusiastic emails, an aide exclaimed that it was “not a bad Christmas present.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Expect more of this kind of behaviour, more war and more carnage, under a Clinton presidency.

But hey, as long as American weapons manufacturers like Boeing get the money for their arms, who cares about the morality of how these weapons are used, right?!?

And of course, Saudi Arabia has a human rights record just to the right of that of Attila the Hun, so it was a perfect candidate to purchase those arms, right?!?

This is the American political establishment laid bare, in this transaction; it is the prostituting of American foreign policy for corporate profit, and this country seems to be so exceptionally good at it.

To Hillary Clinton, the innocent people in Yemen who have been killed with these weapons had no right to life; they "had it coming" for supporting a rebel insurgency, and THAT, of course, cannot be tolerated by the US government.

But that, of course, is the attitude of the "self-ordained elite", of whom Hillary is definitely a part. Looking at the slaughter in Yemen, and the US government's desire to see it continue, one has to imagine that every politician in this country, with the possible exception of Dr. Ron Paul, has had their conscience surgically removed.

Mar 08 11:33

75 Percent Of High-Profile Honey Brands Contain NO Honey

Honey, often referred to as “liquid gold,” houses a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It is a natural and healthier alternative to sugar to sweeten things up. It kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also lowers cholesterol and inflammation.

Mar 08 11:28

Russian reporters come under shelling near Donetsk. Kiev’s military open fire on Lugansk republic from IFV, SPAD

A group of Russian reporters from RT, Channel One and Fifth Channel came under shelling opened from positions of pro-Kiev troops on the automobile road near the town of Yasinovataya, north of Donetsk, on Tuesday, a correspondent of the Donetsk news agency has reported from the scene. The checking point on the road has been under intense shelling from mortars, air-defense guns and small arms. By the time of reporting, the journalists had managed to escape the area shelled by Ukrainian military.
Kiev’s military opened fire on militia’s positions in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), LuganskInformCenter said on Tuesday referring to the republic’s defense authority. The fire was opened from IFV equipment, from anti-aircraft weapon and from an automated grenade launcher, the militia said. http://tass.ru/en/world/861034

Mar 08 11:25

Seven breaches of ceasefire registered over past 24 hours - Russia’s Defense Ministry

"Over the past 24 hours the ceasefire has been violated seven times (four cases - in Aleppo, two - in Idlib and one - in Latakia)," the report said. "The Shiekh Maqsood residential district in the city of Aleppo came under shelling." In the towns of Fua and Kafer-Haya (Idlib province) five local residents sustained injuries in mortar shelling. Russia’s Aerospace Force and Syria’s Air Force have not been delivering strikes on opposition armed units that had announced the cessation of hostilities and reported their location to the Russian or U.S. reconciliation centers. Besides, the report said that over the past 24 hours ceasefire agreements had been reached with the commanders of another two detachments, fighting in the Damascus province and numbering nearly 300. "Thus, a total of illegal armed units, which announced their commitment to undertaking and fulfilling the conditions needed for a cessation of hostilities, has amounted to 37," the center’s report said.

Mar 08 11:22

Powerful Iraqi cleric says supporters' protests meant to help reforms

Powerful Shi'ite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said on Monday street protests by his supporters demanding the Iraqi government's resignation were intended to bolster the resolve of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to deliver on promised reforms.

Last Friday, in the biggest show of opposition yet to Abadi's authority, Sadr told around 200,000 supporters that the "government of corruption" should be overthrown.

"The demonstrations are in support of the prime minister to carry out comprehensive reforms and to form an independent government of technocrats," Sadr said in a statement posted on his website on Monday.

"Brother Abadi should use them in his favor before they turn against him."

Abadi promised political and economic reforms last summer after mass street protests, but quickly ran into legal challenges and systemic resistance to change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a good, hard look at that photo above the article; I sure see one heck of a lot of people in this shot, and it doesn't appear to be photoshopped.

Iraqis are "mad as hell, and won't take it anymore", in terms of the corruption of the US-installed puppet government of Abadi.

We have already started a "reconquista" in Iraq, with an indeterminate numbers of "boots on the ground", allegedly to stem the tide of ISIS. Abadi has complained that he doesn't want US troops there, and that they are getting in the way of Iraqi military taking down ISIS positions.

What happens if there is a popular revolution here against Abadi, led by Moqtada Al-Sadr?!? Remember; this was the guy who founded the Mahdi Army.

How long to you think it would take him to "get the band back together", and drive Abadi, and the Iraqi Army, completely out of the country?

The short answer is, not long at all.

And with their resources in total route, what would the US government do at that point?!? Go in with a "Re-invasion/Occupation 3.0?!?

THAT should be keeping the "alleged" planners in the Pentagon, White House, and State Department from getting much sleep at night.

The American people, who have lost so much blood and money in this military misadventure in Iraq, will be livid: they understand that the invasion of Iraq was one horrendous mistake, and will not stand for another one.

Mar 08 11:22

Russian truce center delivers humanitarian aid to civilians in Syria

Russia’s center for reconciliation of warring sides in Syria has delivered 4.2 tons of humanitarian aid to residents of the town of Et Tell in the Damascus province, mainly foodstuffs, the center said on Tuesday in a report posted on the Russian Defense Ministry’s website. "Infrastructure is being restored in the localities that concluded agreements to end fighting," the report said. "In the village of Sneasel (Homs province) water supplies have been resumed and work to resume energy supplies is drawing to a close." In the Daraye district (Damascus province) the area is cleared from mines and hazardous objects are destroyed for humanitarian purposes and for local civilians’ security.

Mar 08 11:16

The Collapse Of Italy’s Banks Threatens To Plunge The European Financial System Into Chaos

The Italian banking system is a “leaning tower” that truly could completely collapse at literally any moment. And as Italy’s banks begin to go down like dominoes, it is going to set off financial panic all over Europe unlike anything we have ever seen before. I wrote about the troubles in Italy back in January, but since that time the crisis has escalated. At this point, Italian banking stocks have declined a whopping 28 percent since the beginning of 2016, and when you look at some of the biggest Italian banks the numbers become even more frightening. On Monday, shares of Monte dei Paschi were down 4.7 percent, and they have now plummeted 56 percent since the start of the year. Shares of Carige were down 8 percent, and they have now plunged a total of 58 percent since the start of the year. This is what a financial crisis looks like, and just like we are seeing in South America, the problems in Italy appear to be significantly accelerating.

Mar 08 11:13

Pink-Slipping Hillary: On Remembering The Victims Of The Iraq War

In March 2003, just before the US invasion of Iraq, about one hundred CODEPINK women dressed in pink slips weaved in and out of congressional offices demanding to meet with representatives. Those representatives who pledged to oppose going to war with Iraq were given hugs and pink badges of courage; those hell-bent on taking the US to war were given pink slips emblazoned with the words “YOU’RE FIRED.”

Mar 08 11:10

State Dept Hypes North Korea ‘Threat’ as Annual Military Drill Begins

A clear sign of that spring is at hand, 17,000 US troops and some 300,000 South Korean troops began their annual spring military exercise focused on fighting a war against North Korea, an operation military commanders insisted was totally “non-provocative.”

As it does literally every year, the drill has fueled North Korean condemnation and talk of full-scale nuclear war. And even though at any other time during the year US officials would point out North Korea doesn’t have deliverable nuclear arms, State Department officials insist now they take the threats “seriously.”

Which is in keeping with the annual dust-ups with the North Koreans as credible as possible, at least for the month or so they tend to last before North Korea eventually redeploys its military to plant crops in hopes of staving off famine for another year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I a betting woman, I would not bet against a false flag while this exercise is going on, to be blamed on North Korea, and then, off the US military will go...on a war against China, which they will accuse of being North Korea's "enabler" in such an act.

Mar 08 11:05

Netanyahu Rejects Obama Meeting, Cancels AIPAC Trip

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today that he will not be making a visit to Washington DC later this month to attend the AIPAC annual conference, and by extension is also refusing a proposed White House visit with President Obama.

White House officials expressed outrage at the news that Netanyahu was not only declining their invitation, but hadn’t declined to them personally, saying they first heard about it in the Israeli press, along with false claims from Israeli officials that there was no possible time to schedule the meeting with Obama.

Netanyahu had been due to arrive on March 18, and President Obama is scheduled to visit Cuba the same day, though the White House later confirmed that they’d offered to have Obama meet with Netanyahu before leaving for Cuba.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is Netanyahu's attempt at "payback" on Obama's having supported the P5 +1 deal with Iran.

However, Netanyahu's hubristic petulance will be seen for what it truly is, and be completely ignored by the White House.

Mar 08 10:58

Moscow Calls on N Korea, S Korea, US to Restraint Amid Joint Drills

The Russian Foreign Ministry called Monday on Washington, Pyongyang and Seoul to exercise restraint and now allow the situation to reach the point of uncontrollable spreading of conflict amid Seoul-Washington joint drills.
On Sunday, South Korea and the United States began their largest-ever joint exercises amid increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula. On Thursday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the military to prepare to use its nuclear weapons at any moment in light of the exercise, according to the country’s state media reports.
The Russian ministry called on all sides "to exercise prudence and restraint, and

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia sometimes appears to be the only adult in the room, looking at various geopolitical disputes.

And unfortunately, the US military's "playing picador" with China's military in the South China Sea is not helping ratchet down tensions either.

Mar 08 10:54

Moscow Calls on N Korea, S Korea, US to Restraint Amid Joint Drills

The Russian Foreign Ministry called Monday on Washington, Pyongyang and Seoul to exercise restraint and now allow the situation to reach the point of uncontrollable spreading of conflict amid Seoul-Washington joint drills.
On Sunday, South Korea and the United States began their largest-ever joint exercises amid increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula. On Thursday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the military to prepare to use its nuclear weapons at any moment in light of the exercise, according to the country’s state media reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin is sometimes the only adult in the room, regarding geopolitical confrontations.

The US Government's consistently playing picador to China, as in new naval incursions in the South China Sea, is not helping at all here, either.

Mar 08 10:53

Moscow Calls on N Korea, S Korea, US to Restraint Amid Joint Drills

The Russian Foreign Ministry called Monday on Washington, Pyongyang and Seoul to exercise restraint and now allow the situation to reach the point of uncontrollable spreading of conflict amid Seoul-Washington joint drills.
On Sunday, South Korea and the United States began their largest-ever joint exercises amid increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula. On Thursday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the military to prepare to use its nuclear weapons at any moment in light of the exercise, according to the country’s state media reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin is sometimes the only adult in the room, regarding geopolitical confrontations.

The US Government's consistently playing picador to China, as in new naval incursions in the South China Sea, is not helping at all here, either.

Mar 08 10:53

GOP Leaders, Tech Execs Plot Against Trump At Secret NeoCon Island Meeting

"The main topic at the closed-to-the-press confab? How to stop Republican front-runner Donald Trump," Huff Post writes. Here's a list of attendees:

Apple CEO Tim Cook,
Google co-founder Larry Page,
Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker,
Tesla Motors and SpaceX honcho Elon Musk
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.),
political guru Karl Rove,
House Speaker Paul Ryan,
GOP Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.),
Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (Mich.),
Rep. Kevin Brady (Texas)
Kevin McCarthy (Calif.),
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.),
Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.),
Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (Texas)
Diane Black (Tenn.)

Mar 08 10:50

Obama to shore up credibility for U.S. drone program with casualty report

The Obama administration will disclose how many people have been killed by U.S. drones and counterterrorism strikes since 2009, the White House said Monday, lifting one element of secrecy shrouding the controversial counterterrorism program.

Both combatants and civilians the U.S. believes have died in strikes from the skies will be included in the report, which covers the period since President Barack Obama took office. It won’t cover major fighting zones like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, but will focus on the shadowy regime of strikes against extremist targets in other regions such as North Africa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this report will not cover "...cover major fighting zones like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan..." it is so seriously compromised as to not believed at all.

And Obama really believes that this will lend credibility to his program of extrajudicial assassinations?!?

I would love to see the logic, at the White House, which actually led to this conclusion.

It has long appeared to me that the real point of the drone bombings is to create more terrorists to justify unending and eternal US warfare on parts of the world containing resources the US government wishes to expropriate for American corporations.

This may well be a very cynical assessment; but just because it is cynical makes this no less potentially true.

Mar 08 10:41

Obama Administration Silent As American Says A U.S. Ally Is Torturing Her Family

A Libyan American whose father and brother are being detained by an American ally with a track record of torture believes the U.S. government is knowingly downplaying the matter as her family suffers.

Amal Eldarat told The Huffington Post that her father Kamal and brother Momed, who were arrested by security officials in the United Arab Emirates, are being deprived of basic medical care, were forced to sign confessions they didn't understand, and received inadequate access to their attorneys.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"HEY!! these guys are our allies, and they can do anything they want to prisoners, including torture, even unto death, and ex post facto accusations, and we are not going to do a damned thing about it!!" - Official White House Souse.

I would strongly suggest no travel for Americans, or anyone else, for that matter, to the UAE for quite some time into the future.

Mar 08 10:33

Haim Saban: Donald Trump is ‘Dangerous’ to Israel

Hollywood’s Haim Saban, the Egyptian-born, Israeli-raised billionaire entertainment mogul and Hillary Clinton donor, warned an Israeli television channel Saturday that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is “dangerous” for Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another plus for Donald Trump!

Mar 08 10:28


The first batch of mercenaries from the private US military firm DynCorp has arrived in the Yemeni city of Aden to replace paid militants from another American company.

Under a USD-3-billion contract between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and DynCorp, mercenaries from the company are to be deployed to Yemen, where UAE forces are fighting against the Yemeni army and Popular Committees on Saudi orders, Khabar News Agency quoted an official with Yemeni Defense Ministry as saying.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the first group of the mercenaries recently arrived in the port city of Aden to replace those of Blackwater, a notorious American group now renamed Academi.

He added that the new militants included special naval forces, who entered the port of Ras Omran southwest of Aden.

DynCorp is a rival of Blackwater, which hires mercenaries and sends them to fight in foreign countries on paid missions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the US is enabling both the Saudi military as its proxy army, and hiring private mercs to do the same in Yemen, is unsettling in the extreme.

This is all because the Yemenite people had the gall to overthrown the Western puppet government, and install one more to its liking.

And I have a pop quiz for you: when Al-Hadi was elected president of Yemen, how many names were on the ballot?!?

Only one: that of Al Hadi.

Hey, if that is not democracy for you you, I don't know what is!!

But getting back to the almost one year anniversary this month of the Saudi attack against the Houthi rebels in Yemen; the massive war crimes offences they have committed should be enough to make a sitting US President cringe.

But apparently, President Obama has absolutely no qualms about the Saudi extrajudicial assassinations of non-combatant women, children, and the medically fragile elderly. The Saudis have hit hospitals, schools, and residences with equal ferocity.

You see, President Obama believes that because US troops are not fighting directly against the Yemenite people and rebels, he has no moral responsibility whatsoever for what the Saudi troops are doing.

I would politely remind the President that because the US government has supplied the weapons and intelligence for this carnage in Yemen, he is no less morally responsible for the crimes committed here then are the troops actually doing the bombing, and his hands are just as soaked in Yemenite blood as are the hands which did the killing.

As a Christian pacifist activist, I shudder to think what is being done around the world, with our tax dollars and in our name.

Mar 08 10:15

Monopoly Board Game Goes Cashless: Barcodes Introduced to Track Players and Transactions

By Kevin Samson

When events that were formally considered conspiracy theories become the foundation of popular culture, you know an entirely new reality is being created. The 5th bestselling board game in the world is now embracing the onset of the cashless society...

Mar 08 10:11


Without public notification of any kind, the US Navy has secretly been conducting electromagnetic warfare testing and training on public roads in western Washington State for more than five years.

An email thread between the Navy and the US Forest Service between 2010 and 2012, recently obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Oregon-based author and activist Carol Van Strum in November 2014, revealed that the Navy has likely been driving mobile electromagnetic warfare emitters and conducting electromagnetic warfare training in the Olympic National Forest and on public roads on Washington's Olympic Peninsula since 2010.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"OK, so we severely sicken and kill some people along the way with this technology; what difference does it make?!?" - Official Pentagon Souse.

Mar 08 10:10

Supreme Court reverses Alabama court that denied lesbian woman's adoption

The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously reversed an Alabama court's refusal to recognize a same-sex adoption.

The justices upheld a challenge brought by an Alabama woman after her state's highest court refused to recognize the adoption she and her former lesbian partner were granted in Georgia.

Mar 08 10:05


According to the Associated Press, the FDA finally confirmed that chickens given the drug do indeed test positive for inorganic arsenic.

After years of sweeping the issue under the rug, the FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that’s fatal in high doses. But the real story is where this arsenic comes from: It’s added to the chicken feed on purpose! As far back as 2006, the IATP’s report Playing Chicken: Avoiding Arsenic in your meat estimated that more than 70 percent of all U.S. chickens raised for meat are fed arsenic. It is added to induce faster weight gain on less feed, and creating the perceived appearance of a healthy color in meat from chickens, turkeys and hogs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, I know it is going to cost more; but if you are going to protect yourself from products which can ultimately kill you, start having a conversation with the meat manager at your store; ask them if arsenic is added to the chicken food of the chicken they carry, and show them this article.

IF they squirm, and stammer, and evade, now might be the time to go to your most trusted organic store, and start trading there. And let the meat manager of your regular store know that you are doing this, and why.

Every single executive for any of these large poultry companies who signed off on putting this carcinogen in their chicken feed should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and do hard time in jail for reckless public endangering.

Mar 08 10:02

Find Out the Truth

Mar 08 09:58


Irritated that Goldman wouldn’t support his move to Los Angeles to be with his famous wife Kimora Lee, irritated that the firm wouldn’t let him give an internship to the son of a shadowy, as-yet-unnamed go-between in a deal to finance a controlling stake in an Indonesian copper mine, and especially irritated that the bank seemed to be looking a lot harder at the deals he was working on in Southeast Asia in the wake of the 1MDB scandal.

And why shouldn't he be frustrated? After all, Leissner built Goldman’s SE Asia operation. Who is the executive committee to tell him he can’t pass out internships as bribes on the way to financing Indonesian copper mines? And as far as 1MDB goes, Leissner didn’t recall anyone in New York complaining when the bank raked in hundreds of millions in underwriting fees for the deals that helped finance Najib’s slush fund (for more on the origins of the 1MDB scandal you can read here, here, and here).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look for this gentleman to get very, very, very ..."depressed".

Mar 08 09:58


If you DON’T support the BDS Movement, then THIS is what you DO support …

Mar 08 09:56


On this day we celebrate International Women's Day.
Below you can read of the situation and plight of women
in Occupied Palestine.

Mar 08 09:52


Cleveland is seeking to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear, including riot-control suits and collapsible batons, as apart of the city’s move to prepare for the July Republican National Convention.

According to a report from Cleveland.com, the city seeks to obtain the “Elite Defender” riot-control suit manufactured by HWI Gear and a 26-inch baton manufactured by Monadnock, along with 2,000 bags to carry them.

Cleveland received $50 million as part of a federal appropriations bill back in December to off set the cost of security for the convention.

The city is also seeking to buy three miles of interlocking steel barriers, each 3.5 feet high, and buy another 3,250 feet of interlocking barriers that each would be 6.5 feet tall for the RNC, according to Cleveland.com.

The RNC has been designated as a National Special Security Event, therefore its hosts can receive federal funding. Cleveland will plan the event security under the direction of the secret service.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look for peaceful protestors - and reporters covering both conventions - to be maced, tasered, clubbed, beaten, gassed, and quickly incarcerated if they DARE to emerge from alleged "free speech zones", far from the convention floors.

And as these peaceful protestors and reporters are maced, tasered, clubbed, beaten, and gassed, please remember; the First Amendment to the Constitution is experiencing that precise, same kind of violence against it as well.

Mar 08 09:47

Voting Fraud Rampant in US Primaries? Michael Rivero

Mar 08 09:47

Michael Bloomberg Indicates He Wants Clinton As President

On March 7th, Michael Bloomberg, NYC’s richest person and former Mayor, announced that he would not run for President and that he hopes Hillary Clinton will become the next President but that her recent rhetoric copying that of the anti-Wall-Street Senator Bernie Sanders is causing him some concern:

“The leading Democratic candidates have attacked policies that spurred growth and opportunity under President Bill Clinton — support for trade, charter schools, deficit reduction and the financial sector. Meanwhile, the leading Republican candidates have attacked policies that spurred growth and opportunity under President Ronald Reagan.”

Mar 08 09:46

Hillary Clinton Laughing Greatest Hits CD

Mar 08 09:37

Hubble's planetary portrait captures changes in Jupiter's Great Red Spot

The new images confirm that the huge storm, which has raged on Jupiter's surface for at least three hundred years, continues to shrink, but that it may not go out without a fight. The storm, known as the Great Red Spot, is seen here swirling at the centre of the image of the planet. It has been decreasing in size at a noticeably faster rate from year to year for some time. But now, the rate of shrinkage seems to be slowing again, even though the spot is still about 240 kilometres smaller than it was in 2014.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Clearly, there is a localized source of energy driving that system.

Mar 08 09:35

Woman who acted as human shield between armed cop and her dog Buddy is acquitted of obstructing justice 

A woman who stood between an armed police officer and her dog has been acquitted of obstructing justice.

Tiffanie Hupp, 23, was arrested on May 9 last year after she stopped West Virginia state trooper Seth Cook from shooting her dog Buddy, who was chained to a wall at their home in Parkersburg.

During a jury trial which was concluded on February 29, Cook said he had been trained to shoot dogs, whether or not they are chained.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trained to shoot dogs even if they are chained?!?

Mar 08 09:34

Washington’s Objective is to “Split up Syria”: U.S. Establishes Air Force Base in Northern Syria In Violation of International Law

Judging from what the Kurdish Agency BasNews and Reuters are reporting (below are the reports), de facto the United States, in violation of international law governing relations among nations, under the excuse of fighting Daesh (their creation) have occupied part of the territory of a sovereign state , Syria, without any mandate by Damascus, offering coverage even for some survivor factions of the so called ‘Free Syrian Army’, a jihadi gang undercover and allied under the table with al-Nusra Front.

Mar 08 09:27

More Supplements Face the Axe – Goodbye Frankincense?


…At the next meeting of the FDA’s Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee. If recent history is any indication, the outlook is not good—unless we push back. Action Alert!...

Mar 08 09:17

Bank pledge adds to fears that EU referendum will cause market turmoil

The Bank of England has heightened fears that Britain’s referendum on EU membership will destabilise already fragile financial markets, pledging to provide extra funds to banks and building societies before and after the 23 June vote.

Mar 08 09:12

Leaked police report reveals a spike in migrant crime in Germany... and warns that sex attacks, violence and radicalisation will rise even further

A leaked confidential police report in Germany warns of spiking refugee crime – including drug and sex offences – and a rise in radicalisation against the state.

The report says 'immigration will lead to more crime and increased police usage' to combat it.

The number of crimes – of violence, sexual, property theft and narcotic offences – will rise, says the paper of the North Rhine-Westphalian department of the interior whose 'Immigration' project involves both individual states and central government.

The document, entitled 'Challenges To And Impact On The Police', was leaked to news magazine Spiegel.

Mar 08 08:59

Mystery Of The Civil War’s Camp Casey

As much as Virginia loves its Civil War history chronicling and commemorating almost every detail Camp Casey isn't one of the places that gets glorified or even remembered. Located somewhere in what's now Arlington County, just miles from the White House and U.S. Capitol, Camp Casey was where regiments of African-American troops were trained to fight the Confederacy to end slavery.

Mar 08 08:57

Former chair of UN climate panel charged with stalking and sexually harassing female colleague

The UN climate panel’s former chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, was charged Tuesday with stalking and sexually harassing a woman who worked at the New Delhi environmental think-tank he’s headed for more than three decades.

Police filed the case in a Delhi court after investigating a complaint by one of Pachauri’s colleagues at The Energy Research Institute, Press Trust of India said.

Mar 08 08:53

GOOGLE: Put Palestine On Your Maps!

The country of Palestine does not appear on Google maps. Why not? Israel, established on Palestinian land, is clearly designated. But there is no mention of Palestine. According to Google, Palestine does not exist.

The omission of Palestine is a grievous insult to the people of Palestine and undermines the efforts of the millions of people who are involved in the campaign to secure Palestinian independence and freedom from Israeli occupation and oppression.

This is an important issue, as Google Maps are now regarded as definitive by people around the world, including journalists, students and others carrying out research into the Israel-Palestine situation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 08 08:52


The Supreme Court in Spain has ruled that during a six year period a Warner Bros. themed park failed to compensate artists and rightsholders. The Court found that between 2002 and 2008 Warner Park (Parque Warner) used unlicensed music in a "intense and continuous" manner and must now pay compensation of $354,000.

Mar 08 08:51


Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, currently US Representative representing MY district ) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts.

Mar 08 08:47

Syria would be fully under ISIS control if not for Russia – Serbian president

Serbia’s president has praised Russian efforts in fighting terrorists in Syria, saying that if Moscow hadn’t intervened, the Middle Eastern country would have ceased to exist as a sovereign state. The statement comes in stark contrast to NATO’s assessment of the situation.

Mar 08 08:45

What is really at stake in the oddest American election season of a lifetime

As for Hillary being elected, nothing in my view could be a greater disaster. She has a murderous record, and I doubt she has told the truth twice in her entire life.

There is simply no question about her tendency to brutal violence. She pushed husband Bill on the needless war in Serbia. She advocated inside the administration for what became the Waco horror. She voted for the illegal invasion of Iraq. She ran at least part of what went on in Libya, a black operation to gather weapons and men to send to Turkey for terrorizing Syria. And we have her brutal idea of humor, complete with sneering laughter, about Gadhafi, a man who on the whole did a decent job of governing in a difficult part of the world: “We came, we saw, he died.” She supports Israel’s worst bloody excesses with a smile and regularly takes money from some of the people who work strenuously to keep them going.

Mar 08 08:44

14 injured as commuter train derails in California

At least 14 people have been injured, four of them seriously, after a commuter train traveling from Silicon Valley to Stockton derailed and two of its cars crashed into a local creek in California.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, governing is choosing. Governing is prioritizing. If we are going to spend your tax dollars to prop up Wall Street and Israel, and murder people in other countries until they see things our way, then you all are just going to have to get used to little things like getting in train wrecks and drinking toxic sludge from the faucets! " -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 08 08:42

Turkish Cihan news agency ‘seized’ by government

Despite criticism from European officials over its crackdown on opposition media, the Turkish government has reportedly taken control of another news agency. It comes days after the seizure of the popular opposition newspaper Zaman.

The news agency Cihan is believed to be close to US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, a foe of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On Monday it posted a statement on its website which said an Istanbul court would appoint an administrator to run it. The ruling was made on a request from prosecutors investigating Gulen, who is suspected by the Turkish government of plotting a coup.

Mar 08 08:40

Netanyahu irked by Obama's push to revive peace talks: Analyst

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cancellation of a meeting with US President Barack Obama underlines the growing differences between the two leaders, says a political commentator in Los Angeles.

Netanyahu has declined an offer to meet Obama at the White House later this month and canceled his trip to Washington, the White House said on Monday.

Mar 08 08:39

Graham: We should have kicked Trump out of the party

Republicans should have expelled Donald Trump from the Republican Party, Lindsey Graham said Monday.

The former presidential candidate told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the New York billionaire’s rhetoric toward immigrants has exacerbated the problem the GOP had with Hispanics in 2012.

“He took our problems in 2012 with Hispanics and made them far worse by espousing forced deportation,” Graham said. “Looking back, we should have basically kicked him out of the party.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe if we stopped letting non-citizens vote, the "Hispanic vote" wouldn't be such an important factor! At this point, I would support Trump kicking the entire GOP "leadership" out of politics entirely!

Mar 08 08:38

Legal marijuana causes Mexican drug cartel revenues to plummet

Marijuana legalization may have accomplished what the War on Drugs has failed to do — put the squeeze on Mexican drug cartel activity.

Mar 08 08:37

Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

The progressive media watchdog FAIR counted as the Washington Post reached what the group is saying “has to be some kind of record” by posting an onslaught of articles attacking the Vermont senator.

Mar 08 08:32

Suzanne Lynch: Europe is looking at Ireland and does not like what it sees

Ireland has become the latest bailout country to reject the incumbent government in a search for a political alternative

Mar 08 08:32

The Danger Of Media Blackout

Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a press conference with about 150 journalists from around the world, including representatives of the western media.

Mister Lavrov was brief and concise; however, the question period lasted for some two hours. A breadth of topics was discussed, including the re-convening of the Syrian peace talks in Geneva, diplomatic relations in Georgia and, tellingly, the increasingly fragile relations with the US. This has not been reported on in Western media.

This followed close on the heels of reports (again, not to be found in Western media) that the US has quadrupled its budget for the re-armament of NATO in Europe (from $750 million to $3 billion), most of which is to be applied along the Russian border. The decision was explained as being necessary “to combat and prevent Russian aggression.”

Mar 08 08:30

Bernie Sanders says he's 'very proud of being Jewish'

The Democratic presidential candidate, who has been fairly hesitant to discuss his religious background during the campaign, expressed pride in his roots during a debate with rival Hillary Clinton on Sunday in Flint, Michigan.

Mar 08 08:27

Hero woman shoots her stalker in the throat after desperate chase through mall that began when he started following her in food court 

Ganobick slammed her head into an unknown object, told her to 'give me all your money', and showed her a knife, the arrest report said.

During violent struggle the woman, who was being held at knife-point, reached into her purse and pulled out a gun.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for her!

Mar 08 08:08

War is a Total Lie!

Mar 08 08:07



A full-page color ad calling on Oscar nominees to #SkipTheTrip being offered by the Israeli government in swag bags was published in the Calendars section of today’s Los Angeles Times. The ad, which is sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, urges nominees not to endorse Israeli apartheid by participating in a government-sponsored junket. The same ad made waves this week after Variety declined to publish it at the last-minute, despite previously publishing a politically-charged ad criticizing the Obama administration for its Israel policies.

Mar 08 08:05

Paula Jones: The Truth About Bill’s Women Would ‘Destroy’ Hillary’s Political Career

Think about if you were in my shoes and this happened to you. And the governor or whoever it was had a wife and then they’re running for public office but all that time when that was going on, the scandal and all of these women that were coming out and all of the stuff that my lawyers, investigators had dug up with other women that said the same thing. Plus, him actually doing it actually in the White House while he was the sitting president with Monica Lewinsky.

Why would Hillary not want to say, ‘I’m going to get to the bottom of this and these women deserve to be heard. And I’m gonna listen to every one of these women. And I’m gonna make a decision after I hear everything that they have to say. And at that point in time I will make a decision.’

Mar 08 08:01

Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

One thing that would tip the scales heavily in favor of the collectivists would be a victory in the War on Cash. Their goal is to eliminate the use of hand-to-hand currency, so that governments can document, control and tax everything. It also helps them impose negative interest rates.

Mar 08 07:59

A former French diplomat suggests the US could be at the origin of the Ukraine crisis

He sees the hand of Washington in the episodic breakdown of the cease-fire in the Donbass. This was notably the case two weeks ago, as the European Union in the wake of the ceasefire breakdown decided to extend sanctions against Russia until January, 2016.

Mar 08 07:58

Anti-immigrant AfD comes in third in German local elections, mainstream parties ‘terrified’

The anti-immigrant right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD) scored huge gains in local elections in the German central state of Hessen over the weekend, becoming the third strongest political force in the region amid the ongoing refugee crisis.

Mar 08 07:57

As long as we are going to get our knickers in a twist about the Nazi salute ...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about all these Catholics in Nazi Germany?

Mar 08 07:52

BMW admits ‘regret’ over using Nazi slave labor during WWII

German car giant BMW admitted Monday to feeling “profound regret” for the “enormous suffering” it caused by using Nazi slave labor to fuel Adolf Hitler’s killing machine during World War II.
Note: I smell reparations in the making.

Mar 08 07:37

Pay another day: German town pulls ‘Mossad agents’ car’ out of mud, wants Israel to reimburse

A small town in northern Germany has reportedly sent an unusual bill to the Israeli government – it is demanding €1,263, claiming its residents and firefighters pulled out of the mud a car with two people inside who are believed by locals to be Israeli spies.

The bill comes from the town of Quarnbek, NDR television reports. The incident itself reportedly took place in December last year, but was only revealed last weekend.

According to NDR, two armed Israelis were traveling in an old Ford Focus on the banks of Germany’s Kiel Canal. It is one of the busiest maritime routes linking the North and Baltic seas, and a forbidden area for trespassers.

Mar 08 07:36

Al-Nusra militants in Syria shell Turkey to prompt return fire – Russian military

Jihadists in Syria have been shelling the Turkish area in an apparent attempt to provoke a response that could lead to Ankara sending troops into the neighboring country, according to Russia’s truce center in Syria.

Mar 08 07:34

Fresh recession will cause eurozone collapse, warns Swiss bank 

A recession in Europe could lead to the collapse of the eurozone, as the single currency would buckle under the political turmoil unleashed by a fresh downturn, a leading investment bank has warned.

In a research note titled "Close to the edge", economists at Swiss bank Credit Suisse warned the fate of monetary union hangs in the balance if Europe's policymakers are unable to ward off another global slump and quell anti-euro populism.

"The viability of the euro is contingent on the current recovery," said Peter Foley at Credit Suisse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So, you gotta take more money away from the people and give it to the banks!" -- International Mother F###ers

Mar 08 07:32


You can admit to drinking goat’s blood, dropping LSD and having rape fantasies, but defend a neo-Nazi and it’s No Canada For You.

Augustus Invictus, the Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate from Florida, said in a press release this weekend he had been denied entry to The Great White North on his way to a Vancouver speaking engagement.

The 32-year-old made headlines when he told the Associated Press he was a pagan who once killed and drank a goat’s blood. He also released his “LSD Journals,” in which he described a fantasy a fantasy of raping a woman he saw in an Orlando bar.

He’s also a working lawyer licensed to practice in four states and federal court. Invictus is running for the seat being vacated by Republican Marco Rubio, seeking the GOP nomination for president in the 2016 election.

Mar 08 07:30

Neocons Panic That Trump Presidency Would Mark End to Their New World Order

As eccentric billionaire Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues to rack up primary victories, the party's establishment is beginning to wonder whether the political outsider can be stopped. Alarmed, neoconservative pundit Anne Applebaum goes so far as to suggest that a Trump presidency would mark "the end of the West as we know it."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

She says that like it's a bad thing, but in truth the "West as we know it" is an ugly, voracious, imperial war machine that slaughters innocents with robots, tortures Iraqis to death to find nuclear weapons that do not exist, and has impoverished its own people to fund these war crimes. Many people, and I count myself included, would not mourn the passing of this cold-war relic long past its sell-by date!