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October 11, 2017

Oct 11 09:44

Failed Beagle 2 lander is finally found on the Isidis region of Mars after being 'excruciatingly close' to succeeding 14 years ago

It made it all the way to Mars before cutting out just before Christmas Day in 2003.

Now, 14 years after its demise, scientists believe they have finally pinpointed the resting place of the Beagle 2 Mars lander.

Not only did the lander make it, but it successfully deployed at least three of its solar panels before communication cut out - getting 'excruciatingly close' to succeeding.

Oct 11 09:35

Ex-Canadian diplomat was JAILED for nine months for making child abuse images, Foreign Office reveals

An ex-Canadian diplomat was jailed for nine months for making child abuse images, it emerged today.

Jason Moore, a former attache at the Canadian High Commission, pleaded guilty last year of three counts of making indecent or pseudo photographs of a child between December 2010 and April 2015.

He also admitted one count of possessing a prohibited image of a child and one count of possessing an extreme pornographic image.

Oct 11 09:32

Malicious iOS apps can easily create fake login pop-ups that look exactly like the ones used by Apple: Here's how to protect yourself

You can protect yourself from the fake pop-up scam by never inputting passwords into an Apple pop-up.

Instead, you should go into your iPhone's settings menu and enter it there to confirm it's a real request from Apple.

You can also click the home button whenever a pop-up is shown.

This will close the app if it is a phishing scam, but the pop-up will remain if it is a legitimate Apple ID request.

Oct 11 09:26

Trump’s Nuclear Ambitions Angered Tillerson and Worried Military Leaders

Apparently, after a slide show briefing showing the decline of U.S. nuclear stockpiles from the 1960s to now, Trump reportedly commented that he wanted to increase those numbers, by nearly tenfold.

That wasn’t the point of the slideshow, but he missed it.

According to the officials present, Trump’s advisers, among them the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, were surprised. Officials briefly explained the legal and practical impediments to a nuclear buildup and how the current military posture is stronger than it was at the height of the build-up. In interviews, they told NBC News that no such expansion is planned.

The July 20 meeting was described as a lengthy and sometimes tense review of worldwide U.S. forces and operations. It was soon after the meeting broke up that officials who remained behind heard Tillerson say that Trump is a “moron.”

So it wasn’t actually about the Boy Scout Jamboree speech.

Seriously… how many nuclear weapons do you need to get the job done?>>>

Oct 11 08:59

US Navy Crew Monitoring North Korea Says Ship Is A ‘Floating Prison’

There is a serious morale problem on one of the US Navy’s missile cruisers charged with keeping North Korea at bay, according to a new report.

Oct 11 08:59

Model Outs Dolphins Coach Snorting Coke As Revenge Over Anthem Protests

This past Sunday, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross abruptly changed his tune on the NFL player protests. Ross, who'd previously supported players kneeling to raise awareness of police violence and racial inequality, told the Miami Herald's resident Kaepernick-basher, Armando Salguero, that since President Donald Trump had made the protests "about patriotism," he now disagreed with the move. Coach Adam Gase then forced three of his players to stay in the tunnel during the National Anthem rather than protest on the field at Hard Rock Stadium.

Oct 11 08:56

Video: Bombed & Looted: Civilians In Raqqa Lost Everything In Anti-ISIS Op, Live In Rubble

US-backed fighters in Syria now say they’re just a week away from liberating Islamic State’s one-time de facto capital, Raqqa.

Oct 11 08:53

Turkey's President Erdogan escalates feud with US by claiming arrested American consulate staffer is a spy and threatens to eliminate the 'internal threat'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday branded a U.S. consulate staffer who was arrested by Turkish authorities as a spy.

The Turkish leader added it was within his nation's rights to take steps against 'an internal threat,' in the latest swipe in an escalating feud with the United States.

Oct 11 08:45

'Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein': Seth MacFarlane's joke about the 'sex abuser' movie mogul at a pre-Oscars TV show in 2013

Family Guy creator and comedian Seth MacFarlane joked about Harvey Weinstein and his relationship with Hollywood actresses at an Oscars nomination show in 2013.

Speaking alongside co-host Emma Stone, MacFarlane was reading out the names of the five women nominated for best supporting actress.

'Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein,' joked MacFarlane.

Oct 11 08:44

'I had to laugh so I wouldn't cry': Hilarie Burton claims Weinstein protegé Ben Affleck groped her breast on TRL in 2003 'when she was just a kid'

Hilarie Burton claims she was groped by Ben Affleck during his appearance on TRL in 2003.

The former host of the show made the allegations on Tuesday night, just hours after Affleck made a statement condemning Harvey Weinstein's alleged abusive actions in his sexual assault and harassment scandal.

In it he said he was 'saddened and angry' over the 'sickening' claims.

Affleck's statement was quickly slammed by a number of people - including Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan who called Affleck a liar.

When a fan tweeted that Affleck might as well have 'kept quiet,' another Twitter user wrote: 'He also grabbed Hilarie Burton's breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though.'

Oct 11 08:30

He threw a man onto subway tracks — then tried to keep others from rescuing him, police say

Ben Benedict, 46, had been waiting for a train on a subway platform in downtown Chicago, headed home from a Cubs game, when a man ran at him and shoved him with both hands onto the tracks, according to the Chicago Tribune. Benedict sprained his wrist as he fell, and he almost landed directly on the track’s potentially deadly, electrified third rail, the Tribune reports.

Oct 11 08:30

North Korea Might Have One Weapon That America Won't Be Able to Stop

North Korea Might Have One Weapon That America Won't Be Able to Stop
Biological weapons combined with chemical and nuclear weapons attached to long-range missiles would give Kim Jong-un the devastating military tools needed to kill millions of people—and hit the U.S. homeland. Food for thought every time the world’s attention turns to the Korean peninsula.

Oct 11 08:23

BEX! Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached

In 2015, Israeli government hackers saw something suspicious in the computers of a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm: hacking tools that could only have come from the National Security Agency.

Israel notified the NSA, where alarmed officials immediately began a hunt for the breach, according to people familiar with the matter, who said >~.

Oct 11 08:21

Google’s Home Mini needed a software patch to stop some of them from recording everything

Categorize this under “one of the worst possible PR nightmares for a Google smart speaker.” According to Artem Russakovskii at Android Police, the Google Home Mini he was reviewing was randomly and near-constantly recording sounds in his home and transmitting them to Google. The company acknowledged the problem and is issuing a software update to resolve the issue, which appears to boil down to a failure of the touch sensor on the top.

Oct 11 08:20

Pornhub hack: Millions of people using adult video site could have been spied on

Pornhub was hit by a hack that means anyone who used it could have contracted a virus.

A secret, malicious advert has been running on the free pornography site for more than a year. And it works by infiltrating people's computer and then having their machine taken over, all without a users' knowledge.

The problem was shut down almost as soon as it was discovered. But it has been running quietly for more than a year – and the damage could have spread across the entire internet.

Oct 11 08:18

OnePlus is collecting your private data without permission

OnePlus is mainly known as the little upstart that took on the big guns with the help of its solid, yet affordable, handsets. But, its in-house version of Android, dubbed OxygenOS, is once again threatening to dent its hard-fought for credibility. The problem lies with the company's approach to data-sharing, which is problematic (to say the least). As security researcher Chris Moore has repeatedly pointed out, the manufacturer's OxygenOS-based devices not only gather a ton of user data, but they also tie this info to individual devices, and user accounts in particular.

Some of the data-gathering is pretty standard fare, including how often you unlock your phone, the apps you open and use, and the Wi-Fi networks you connect to. The problem lies with the lack of anonymity. It turns out, OnePlus is transferring this info along with your phone's serial number, meaning that your activity is personally identifiable.

Oct 11 08:15

Tucker Carlson DOJ Should Investigate 'Hollywood's Culture of Systematic Sexual Abuse'

Oct 11 08:14

The Equifax breach happened because today’s executives know they’ve got nothing to fear

Individual executives, and especially top corporate management, have only rarely ended up with serious fines or jail time.

To date, a couple of Equifax honchos have “retired,” and can now enjoy lounging poolside at the country club because they will retain their benefits. Erstwhile Equifax CEO Richard Smith, who breezed out the door with a $90 million exit package, could buy his own private island. After his little moment of embarrassment on the Congressional hot seat, in which he blamed a single tech employee for his company’s mammoth screw-up, he can relax in the knowledge that Equifax is a business that operates with little government regulation and lax enforcement of laws.

Oct 11 08:12

Equifax: About those 400,000 UK records we lost? It's now 15.2M. Yes, M for MEELLLION

Last month, US credit score agency Equifax admitted the personal data for just under 400,000 UK accounts was slurped by hackers raiding its database. On Tuesday this week, it upped that number ever-so-slightly to 15.2 million.

In true buck-passing fashion, at the time of writing, Equifax hadn't even released a public statement on the matter. Instead it fell to Blighty's National Cyber Security Centre to reveal the bad news that a blundering American firm had put them at risk of phishing attacks.

Oct 11 08:09

Catalan Independence: Out of Madrid’s Frying Pan, Into the NATO Fire?

Media on all sides surrounding the recent Catalan referendum for independence from Spain focused on Madrid’s security crackdown on voters. However, what is not being mentioned about Catalonia’s ongoing bid to achieve independence, who is leading it, and what their plans are for the region should they succeed, is just as important.

Oct 11 08:09

Outlook, Office 2007 slowly taken behind the shed, shots heard

A decade after their release, Microsoft Office 2007 and Outlook 2007 today fell out of extended support. Gaze teary-eyed at your installation discs. The software has entered the Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.

Oct 11 08:09

Kremlin Issues Stern Warning to Washington Over US Help for Terrorists in Syria

While our generals were saying that the Russians didn’t really mean it, Kiselyov put the whole picture on the screen: an ultimatum to Washington to back off or be prepared for war.

Oct 11 08:08

French Police Start Arresting People at Protest Against Macron's Economic Reform

Tensions have mounted yet again just hours after thousands of people took to the streets of the French capital to vent their anger over President Macron's planned labor reform.

Oct 11 08:07

Nobel Laureate in Physics; "Global Warming is Pseudoscience"

Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prizewinner for Physics trashes the global warming/climate change/extreme weather pseudoscientific clap-trap and tells Obama he is "Dead Wrong".

Oct 11 08:05

Shinmoedake volcano starts erupting after 6 years of quiescence, Japan

Following increased seismic activity detected since September 23, 2017, Shinmoedake volcano (Kirishimayama) in Kyushu, Japan started erupting at 20:34 UTC on October 10, 2017, coating nearby cities and towns in a thin layer of ash. The last eruption of this volcano occurred on September 7, 2011.

Oct 11 08:05

Apocalyptic images from the deadly fires in Northern California

Fifteen wildfires ravaged thousands of acres in Northern California this week, killing at least 11 people and destroying over 1,500 commercial and residential buildings. The blaze started on Sun., Oct. 8, and quickly spread through wine country and residential areas. Schools and hospitals were evacuated, and flames threatened the wine operations in Sonoma and Napa counties.

Officials say around 20,000 people had been evacuated from their homes as the fires spread across 73,000 acres, fanned by high temperatures and dry conditions. California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in the affected counties.

Oct 11 07:57

Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake

Paul Craig Roberts:

It looks like readers are not going to let me let go of the Las Vegas shooting. Some tell me that it is my fault for having alerted them in previous articles to anomalies in other shootings and terrorist events, so now they are more skeptical and pay more attention

Oct 11 07:47

Woman was raped, whipped and decapitated in front of a cheering crowd

before rebels drank her blood because she served fighters 'forbidden' fish

Oct 11 07:27

A man dressed as a shark has been fined under new anti-burqa laws in Austria. The shark was advertising the opening of a new electronics store called McShark

Austrian police issued a fine to a man dressed as a shark under new anti-burqa laws, Austrian media reported on Monday.
The mascot was standing outside a new outlet of the McShark electronics store in Vienna when he was asked by police to remove his shark head. When he refused, he was issued with a fine, which can be up to €150 ($176).

Owl 3
Oct 11 07:26

Deputies: Pinellas Park man Googled 'how to rob a bank' then robbed a bank

Sheriff's deputies on Monday arrested a man accused of robbing a bank near Largo last week, then using the money on utilities, rent and a drug binge.
According to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, William Joe Johnson, 26, on Thursdaystole an undisclosed amount of money from Achieva Credit Union at 10125 Ulmerton Road. Deputies arrested him Monday night on a robbery charge at the Express Inn at 11333 U.S. 19 N in Pinellas Park.

Oct 11 07:25

We Must Regulate Hate Speech, Without Forbidding Unpopular Speech – Media Analysts

The principle should be that what is already illegal offline should be illegal online, but you’ve got to define it very tightly as nobody accepts full freedom of speech, journalist Martin Summers told RT. It is all about balance, added Paul Viollis, who joined the debate.

Oct 11 07:25

US Army Chief Of Staff: 'No Risk-Free Options' On North Korea

US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley has warned that there are “no risk-free options” in solving the challenge of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

Oct 11 06:49

We are all being played...

Oct 11 06:34

LEAKED: Worst Data Hack in US History Gets Worse

But without telling consumers, Equifax went around and told its customers – mainly banks and credit card companies – that the tally of driver’s license data that had also been stolen, previously minimized with the phrase “in some instances,” amounted to driver’s licences of 10.9 million consumers.

This wasn’t an announcement disclosed by the company in a vapid and robotically apologetic press release, but was leaked by “people familiar with the matter,” and reported today by the Wall Street Journal.

The fact that consumers whose DL data had been stolen and who’d become more vulnerable to some fraud didn’t need to be informed about it fortifies the simple fact that, for Equifax, consumers are just the lowly product – and dealing with that product is just an expense.

Oct 11 06:24

Opioid prescription drug deaths dwarf shooting deaths, yet there’s no call to ban Big Pharma

Americans continue to mourn the dozens of people who were killed and hundreds wounded by a crazed lunatic in Las Vegas on Sunday, and as is usually the case when guns are involved in a mass murder incident, the usual suspects are once more calling for gun bans.

Oct 11 06:15

EDGY AF: Eminem Defends Hillary, Attacks 'Orange' Trump At BET Awards

This is literally the edgiest and bravest thing any artist has ever done in the history of the world.

Eminem delivered an epic, pre-recorded, thoroughly rehearsed "freestyle" Tuesday at the BET awards attacking "orange" Donald Drumpf as a "racist 94-year-old grandpa."

He also praised Obama, attacked Trump for "slandering" Hillary, slammed America's "deplorable" past, called for "gun reforms" in the wake of Nevada, and told any of his fans who support Trump, "F**k You."

Oct 11 06:14

Polanski 2.0: Harvey Weinstein 'Flying To Europe For Sex Addiction Rehab'

Harvey Weinstein appears to have fled the country for Europe "Polanski-style" on Tuesday night.

Oct 11 06:14

5 Days Later, Obamas Say They're 'Disgusted' By Harvey Weinstein Allegations

The Obamas issued a statement late Tuesday after it became abundantly clear Hollywood producer and top Democrat fundraiser Harvey Weinstein's alleged sex crimes could no longer be covered up.

Oct 11 05:59

Georgia mom upset about sexual 'identity definitions' quiz at school

The middle school’s health teacher assigned a quiz that defined 10 “sexual identity” terms, such as gay, lesbian, and transgender. The quiz required the sixth graders to identify and differentiate between various sexual orientations and identities, FOX 5 Atlanta reported.

Oct 11 05:46

Vegas shooter used hotel freight elevator, his Reno home was broken into

More than a week after Stephen Paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in US history, Las Vegas Police and the FBI still have few clues about what motivated the millionaire semi-retired professional gambler to murder 59 people, and – perhaps more disturbing – no idea why he ended his reign of terror after just 11 minutes.

On Monday, police “updated the narrative” for the shooting, admitting that a Mandalay Bay security guard who had been shot in the leg by Paddock was shot before – not after – Paddock carried out the deadly assault. Previously, authorities had maintained that the guard, Jesus Campos, had been responsible for stopping the attack. Now, they’re saying Paddock shot Campos through his door after detecting him on cameras he had set up in the hall – a full six minutes before Paddock started raining bullets on the crowd below.

Oct 11 05:45

Two videos that prove the FBI is lying about the Las Vegas Massacre

After Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo dramatically altered the shooting timeline Monday, indicating a security guard was shot by alleged gunman Stephen Paddock before his assault on country music concertgoers, the entire narrative has been thrown into question.

Oct 11 04:56

Imports at Top US Container Ports Set a 2nd Record High

"When imports break records two months in a row, it’s hard to see that as anything other than a good sign about what retailers expect in consumer demand. Consumers are buying more, and everybody from dockworkers to truck drivers is trying to keep up"

(*And that manufacturing is UP everywhere else on earth , and doing well , thanks to allegedly robust US Consumer Spending !)

Oct 11 04:09

Worried About Trump’s Mental Stability? The Worst Is Yet to Come

Ask his fellow Republicans.

During the GOP primaries, Marco Rubio suggested he was a “lunatic,” Rand Paul dubbed him a “delusional narcissist,” and Ted Cruz denounced him as “utterly amoral” and “a narcissist at a level I don’t think this country’s ever seen.” Mitt Romney opined, “His is not the temperament of a stable, thoughtful leader,” and Jeb Bush declared, “He needs therapy.”
Ask the ghostwriter of his best-selling book, “The Art of the Deal.”>>>

(*But if you Call His Bluff , in a press conference , and suggest "IQ Test The Son Of A [EXPLICIT]" you'll be advised to develop a Sense Of Humor .
It's a good thing this administration is in Washington , running the asylum, and not at one of the T.V. networks writing sit-coms !)

Oct 11 03:01

Trump is Pulling a Libya on Iran

Muammar Qaddafi learned the hard way how the U.S. reneges on deals.

Word is out that President Trump this week will “decertify” the nuclear deal with Iran, also known as JCPOA, for Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. This is the deal struck with Tehran not only by the United States but also by France, Germany, Russia, China, the UK, and the European Union. It’s a nifty word, “decertify.” It hides the real meaning of Trump’s planned action.>>>

Oct 11 02:50

Trump to Unveil 'Overall Iran Strategy' This Week

According to White House officials, President Trump will unveil his “overall” Iran strategy later this week. They offered no details on what that might include, though indications have been that it would be generally hostile toward Iran>>>

October 10, 2017

Oct 10 19:21

Amazon Workers Force Company To Rehire Unjustly Fired Worker After IAWV Exposure

A single mother of two who was fired by Amazon when she was unable to work forced overtime was rehired after workers at the Pittsburgh plant united against the firing and reported it to the International Amazon Workers Voice.

Oct 10 18:04

Restored Prisoner’s Letter Uncovers Horrific Details of Life at Auschwitz Death Camp

“Our work was to receive them first, most of them did not know the reason...the people I saw when their destiny was sealed, I told the truth, and after they were all naked, they went further into the death chamber, where the Germans had laid pipes on the ceiling to make them think they were preparing the bath, with whips in their hands, the Germans forced them to move closer and closer together, so that as many as possible could fit in, a true Sardinian death, then the doors were hermetically sealed,” wrote Nadjari. “After half an hour, we opened the doors [of the gas chamber], and our work began. We carried the corpses of these innocent women and children to the elevator, which brought them into the room with the ovens, and they put them in there the furnaces, where they were burnt without the use of fuel, because of the fat they have.”
Note: Are weekly dose of holocau$t lies. There were no homicidal gas chambers if there were theis liar would be dead from touching the bodies.

Oct 10 17:55

Major blow to GM lobby as it's revealed pest resistance to 'frankencrops' has increased five-fold

A major study into crops genetically modified to repel pests has found that insects are rapidly developing resistance.

They found that bugs had developed resistance that substantially reduced the efficacy of the GM crops in 16 cases as of 2016 - compared to just 3 cases in 2005.

It took just five years for the bugs to be able to shrug off the poisons produced by the GM crops in the 16 areas where bugs developed resistance.

Oct 10 17:55

Daily Show Creator Slams Obama And Clinton For Silence On Weinstein

Appearing on MSNBC, the staunchly liberal co-creator of the Daily Show described the silence of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as regards the Harvey Weinstein scandal as ‘disappointing’ and said it makes their previous ‘outrage’ against President Trump ‘ring hollow’.

Oct 10 17:53

House-sized asteroid will come 'damn close' to Earth this week as it skims past Earth at one-eighth the distance of the moon

An asteroid estimated to be up to 100 feet wide is set for a close shave with Earth this week, when it will soar past at a distance of just 27,000 miles above the surface – or, as some scientists have put it, 'damn close.'

The space rock, dubbed asteroid 2012 TC4, is about 30-100 feet (10-30 metres) in size, and will fly by at just one-eighth of the distance between Earth and the moon on October 12.

It first flitted past our planet in October 2012 at about double the distance of its next expected pass, before disappearing.

But, after tracking it down last month, scientists now assure it will make a safe pass.

Oct 10 17:39

Joan Collins 'lost' the Cleopatra lead because she wouldn't have sex with the studio head, Judy Garland was groped and Shirley Temple flashed at: Harvey Weinsten allegations are just the latest in Hollywood's long ugly history with sexual harassment

  • Hollywood was first hit with a sex scandal in 1921, when comedian Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle was was accused of raping and killing actress Virginia Rappe
  • Shirley Temple claimed that an MGM producer unzipped his trousers and exposed himself to her during their first meeting in 1940 when she was 12
  • Joan Collins said she lost out on the lead role in 'Cleopatra' because she wouldn't sleep with the studio's head
  • Former MGM studiohead Louis B. Mayer, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Casey Affleck have all been accused of sexual harassment
  • Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Charlize Theron were all allegedly sexually harassed by studio chiefs and filmmakers
  • Oct 10 17:33

    'He said he would give me a three movie deal but I had to watch him masturbate': New Harvey Weinstein accuser says he attacked her at Sundance Film Festival in 2008

    The latest in an avalanche of accusations against the producer came from actress and screenwriter Louisette Geiss who appeared at a press conference with high-profile attorney Gloria Allred to air her claims.

    She told how in 2008, a then newlywed Weinstein invited her to his office for a meeting during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to discuss a movie she had written a script for.

    Geiss said that he insisted on listening to her pitch in his hot tub after emerging from the bathroom 30 minutes in to the meeting naked in an unfastened robe.

    She claims that he asked her to watch him masturbate and that when she told him she was leaving, he grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom.

    Oct 10 17:29

    University of Hawaii sends email to students and staff with the subject line: 'In the event of a nuclear attack'

    Students at the University of Hawaii received an ominous email on Monday, titled 'In the event of a nuclear attack'.

    The email gave students at the school, which has its main campus in Manoa on the big island, details about what to do if there was a nuclear strike on the island.

    'In light of concerns about North Korea missile tests, state and federal agencies are providing information about nuclear threats and what to do in the unlikely event of a nuclear attack and radiation emergency,' the UH email said.

    Manoa and UH's main campus are here on Oahu.

    Oct 10 17:11

    Politicians ‘Spawned Fallacies’ About War To Justify Military Austerity – British Army Chief

    The head of the British Army has accused British politicians of creating an illusion of war and misleading the public with unrealistic ideals, accusing them of having “spawned a number of fallacies.”

    Oct 10 16:37

    Vegas Shooter Framed? Method to the Madness

    How do intelligence agencies coerce people who do not fit the profile to do their criminal activities? They use drugs like scopolamine and captigon to totally eliminate their free will. This video demonstration is as important for Syrians as it is for Americans, as ISIS was largely founded upon the use of such drugs. Critical to consider during any false-flag and terrorist attack; assailants should be tested for traces of these drugs.

    Oct 10 15:31

    Dragged Kicking & Screaming, Clinton Finally Condemns Weinstein

    After five days of loud silence, Hillary Clinton issued an extremely short statement Tuesday condemning accused sexual predator and top Democratic fundraiser Harvey Weinstein.

    Oct 10 15:20

    Schooling Was For The Industrial Era, Unschooling Is For The Future

    We’ve entered a new era, the Imagination Age, so why are we still schooling kids like we did in the 19th Century?

    Oct 10 15:16

    Extremes Are Everywhere

    "The complete disregard for 'risk' has never worked out well for investors in the past and is unlikely to be different this time either..."

    Oct 10 15:15

    Second Mom In A Week Faces Possibility Of Jail For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Child

    Only days after Judge Karen McDonald sentenced Rebecca Bredow to jail for choosing not to vaccinate her son, another mother is facing the same potential fate.

    Oct 10 15:04

    ‘Directed by FBI’ Victim of ISIS inspired attack sues FBI

    ‘Directed by FBI’: Victim of ISIS-inspired attack sues FBI for damages; The lawsuit alleges that the Bureau may have been complicit in the terrorist incident; 58% charged with links to ISIS have contact with either an under cover agent or an informant. You can bet the numbers have been much higher in the middle east where many more people have been recruited.

    Oct 10 14:51

    High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government

    A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves den to expose the deep state and the shadow government which he calls two entirely separate entities.

    Oct 10 14:45


    Oct 10 14:44

    Russia-Gate Jumps The Shark

    A key distinction between propaganda and journalism is that manipulative propaganda relies on exaggeration and deceit while honest journalism provides context and perspective. But what happens when the major news outlets of the world’s superpower become simply conveyor belts for warmongering propaganda?

    Oct 10 14:42

    Video: Pain In Spain: Catalan Society & Politicians Split Over Region’s Independence Bid

    A pro-independence march in the Spanish city of Valencia descended into violence as it faced off against a counter-demonstration for Spanish unity.

    Oct 10 14:36

    Tom Fitton speaking about the Awan brothers scandal at Capitol Hil

    Judicial Watch 10 -10-17

    #AwanBrothers #DNC I.T. Scandal. This is must-watchVIDEO!

    Oct 10 14:34

    RAW VIDEO | Raiders Player Confronts Fans in Parking Lot

    NFL public relations is not having a good week.


    Oct 10 14:09

    Brexit Means… NAFTA? UK Could Leave EU Trade Alliance & Join North American One Instead

    According to reports in the Daily Telegraph, government ministers are looking to join the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if the UK and the EU fail to reach an agreement on the UK’s withdrawal from the bloc by March 2019.

    If Britain joins the alliance, it would be able to broker trade deals with three of the world’s major powerhouses, which together have a gross domestic product (GDP) of £17.2 trillion ($22.7 trillion). The EU’s GDP stands at £15.7 trillion.

    Oct 10 14:00

    Trump Proposes IQ Test With Tillerson To Find Out Who Is The Real Moron

    President Donald Trump could sit down for lunch with a reanimated Albert Einstein and – if challenged – would still boast about being the smartest person in the room.

    Trump reaffirmed in an interview with Forbes that he believes reports that Tillerson once privately called him a “fucking moron” aren’t true. But in any event – just in case – a quick IQ test should be enough to repudiate any lingering doubts about the president’s superior intellect.

    Oct 10 13:59

    US Tested Carcinogenic Chemicals On Unknowing Canadian Civilians

    A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves den to expose the deep state and the shadow government which he calls two entirely separate entities.

    “The shadow government controls the deep state and manipulates our elected government behind the scenes,” Shipp warned in a recent talk at a Geoengineeringwatch.org conference.

    Oct 10 13:26

    Al Jazeera Admits to Planting Undercover Reporter in U.S. pro-Israel Organizations

    A new documentary will 'reveal how the Israel lobby in America works,' says Al Jazeera's director of investigative reporting

    Oct 10 13:17

    Shock Audio: Harvey Weinstein Admits to Assaulting Italian Model Ambra Gutierrez

    The New Yorker released a bombshell undercover audio recording Tuesday of top Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein admitting to sexually assaulting Italian model Ambra Gutierrez.

    Oct 10 13:15

    PHOTOS AND VIDEO | Wildfire Aerial Images Show Utter Devastation Of California

    Photos and short clips from the historic California wildfires. The devastation is almost too great to comprehend.


    Oct 10 13:07

    US Army To ‘Increase’ Missions After Losses In Niger, Top General Says

    The United States Army’s top officer says it is likely to “increase” its train, advise and assist (TAA) missions after the death of four soldiers in Niger by developing a new unit, he describes as “similar to special forces,” that are “not special Forces.”

    Oct 10 13:06

    The US War In Afghanistan Is Now 16 Years Old. Trump Has No Plans To End It.

    On October 7, 2001, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan. The war is now 16 years old — and that’s not even counting the decade of U.S. intervention in the country during the Cold War.

    Donald Trump once advocated the “speedy withdrawal” of U.S. troops from that country. As president, however, he’s gone in the opposite direction, demanding the U.S. must now “fight to win.”

    Oct 10 13:04

    Is The U.S. Headed For Great Recession 2.0?

    When World War One officially came to a close on November 11, 1918, it was dubbed “the war to end all wars” because of the unimaginable and unprecedented destruction and carnage. Yet just over 20 years later, World War Two erupted.

    Oct 10 12:41

    Undercover Vid: NYT Editor Brags About Being In Antifa And "Punching Nazis"

    James O'Keefe's undercover agents caught a New York Times editor bragging about being a former antifa member who "punched neo-Nazis."

    Oct 10 12:41

    Tablet Mag: Weinstein Perviness 'Specifically Jewy,' 'Playing Out His Revenge Fantasies On The Goyim'

    The Jewish magazine Tablet ran an article Monday titled, "The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein."

    Oct 10 12:21

    SECRET AUDIO | Harvey Weinstein Busted In Sting Operation Pressuring Actress To Watch Him Shower

    Here's the audio. What a disgusting pig of a human being.


    Oct 10 12:18


    Full details including the undercover sting video. Just published a few hours ago.


    Oct 10 12:06

    California Sheriffs Want Congress to Stop Their ‘Sanctuary State’

    Who knows better the detriment illegal immigration has on crime in their communities – law enforcement officials or politicians?

    In the wake of far-left liberals in California turning their state into a ‘sanctuary,’ a group representing the best interests of sheriffs is calling on Congress to stop them.

    Oct 10 12:05

    Sears Canada throws in the towel, seeks total liquidation

    If approved, liquidation sales would begin on Oct. 19 and continue for 10 to 14 weeks

    Oct 10 12:03

    The Biggest Crisis In Our Lifetime?

    Marc Faber, popularly known as Dr. Doom has predicted that the US stock markets could correct by as much as 30-40%. In an interview to CNBC last week, Marc Faber said, “ You don’t see it. I don’t see it and nobody sees it. That’s why people continue buying stocks. Yet something will happen one day.” Explaining what may cause the plummeting of stocks he said, “It may come from a credit event, or a disclosure of a major fraud or it may come because interest rates start to go up, although central banks remain on the dovish side. There are many small events that can trigger the decline.”The Biggest Crisis In Our Lifetime?

    Oct 10 11:41

    Rivero challenges the NSA

    The US Government insists their demand for a ban on strong encryption or back doors into all of our electronic devices is to stop crime and terror.

    But over the course of a year, as documented on this page, What Really Happened issued six encryption challenges based on systems of encryption created and programmed here on an air-gapped computer.

    Now, I am not an encryption expert, and only a moderately decent programmer. The NSA would have a strong motive to break my codes to discourage others from creating their own systems of encryption.

    None were ever solved.

    If I can beat the NSA, it means real criminals and terrorists can defeat the NSA and keep their communications private.

    Hence, the real agenda of the government is not to stop crime and terror but to monitor the American people to make sure they are not thinking those double-plus ungood thoughts about how this nation is being run!

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    I know I reposted this a few days ago, but this morning FOX News had another story about how DC wants to force Silicon Valley to further weaken encryption on digital devices, I assume so that the government and their buddies the cyber-criminals have less trouble stealing our secrets. But as this article demonstrates, real criminals and real terrorists can devise code systems which for all practical purposes are unbreakable by the NSA. Hence this push to weaken encryption is nothing more than a blatant attack on the Fourth Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

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    Oct 10 11:36


    Harvey Weinstein Begs Model to Enter His Hotel Room, Admits Groping Her Shocking audio,