Beware Gordon Duff! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Beware Gordon Duff!

Yesterday Friday the 25th of September I was listening to Mike's interview with Gordon Duff. Mr. Duff floored me in the last minute or so of the show when he said he would like to throw out our Constitution and Bill of Rights and replace them and our Constitutional Republic with a parliamentary democracy like they have in merry old England. Just like the NWO boys want to do!
At the beginning of the interview Mr. Duff started to promulgate the no plane hit the Pentagon theory and Mike brought him up short on that. Mike didn't have time to dispute Mr. Duff on the outrageous statement he made at the end of the interview as he snuck it in just as the show was ending.
I would like to see Mr. Duff back on to explain how as one who has taken the oath to preserve,protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic at least twice, how he could make such an outrageous statement. I would like to see Mike jump on this guy like white on rice and I would call up Rivero's Rangers as well as my Green Mountain Boys to call in and rake this guy over the coals for that statement cause it is treasonous!