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Protests in Nicaragua -CIA is worried

We are having a revolution in Nicaragua. It does not make the mainstream news because the elite do not want to show the people reclaiming their power to choose their governments and their leaders.

??Recently there has been an article circulating in the alternative media called “Violence In Nicaragua - US-Orchestrated Coup Attempt?”

?The author has no ties to Nicaragua.  He did no research and he defends a man who has murdered 200 people while criticizing a country that en mass is trying to remove a dictator via peaceful protest.  More than 20% of the country came out to protest Daniel Ortega, an obvious tipping point.  Seems like the alphabet agencies are running scared of a new government that they did not create and have no control over, so they have created this hit piece on the student protests, blaming the US.  

The article serves no purpose other than to disparage the 200 plus people who have been killed by the police and the 2,000 plus who have been beaten, shot, tortured and disappeared.  We have true crisis in Nicaragua, but it isn’t because of the CIA.

Over the weekend the police and paramilitary forces tried to commander a private home to set up a sniper spot. The family said no, so the police aimed their guns at the house while paramilitaries set it on fire, burning the family alive. Two of the victims were children - a baby and a small child. The neighbors live streamed the video of the police surrounding the neighborhood, walking toward the house and standing back as it burned. You can hear the screams of the family. The fire department did not respond, so the neighborhood put the fire out with a bucket brigade before the struck got there. It can be found on to Facebook and 100% Noticias Nicaragua. ?

Ortega says it ws protestors who killed the family, despite the video evidence showing i t was the police.

Ortega has told hospitals not treat protestors and he has commandeered a few dozen ambulances in which they hide the paramilitary forces before they go attack the neighborhoods. Ortega is at war with his people. ?
This is the email exchange I had with the author, as well as my request that Jeff Rense remove the article.

??I think Stephen Lendman gets a check from the alphabet agencies. There would be no other reason to write an article like this since he has no ties to Nicaragua and did zero research before sending his lies to the world.
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From: Kelly Ann Thomas
Subject: Re: Violence In Nicaragua - US-Orchestrated Coup Attempt?
Date: June 19, 2018 at 12:47:25 PM CST

Dear Jeff,

This is the email exchange I had with Stephen Lensman, who wrote the propaganda piece, “Violence in Nicaragua - US Orchestrate dCoup Attempt?

I live in Nicaragua.  The author has no ties and has done no research to support his claims.  I am asking that you remove the link because it makes false claims based solely upon the history of US involvement in foreign affairs, not reality.  It does a huge disservice to Nicaraguans.

One reason that Nicaragua is not in the news is because the elite do not want anyone to see how a small group of people can change their country.  They do not want to admit that citizens can overpower tyranny.  This piece might as well have been written by an alphabet agency to discredit the protestors as a bunch of right-wing students when nothing could be further from the truth.  This piece isn’t simply a different opinion: it is lies that are easily exposed by anyone who understands Spanish and can hit the play button on a video.  


Kelly Ann Thomas

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From: Stephen Lendman
Subject: Re: Nicaragua
Date: June 19, 2018 at 12:23:05 PM CST
To: Kelly Ann Thomas
Reply-To: Stephen Lendman

The pattern is familiar. We've seen it many times before, only in sovereign independent states,
not valued US allies no matter how despotic.

On Tuesday, June 19, 2018 1:14 PM, Kelly Ann Thomas wrote:

Dear Stephen,

As someone who has lived in Nicaragua for the past 13 years, I take issue with your recent article that the US is behind the recent events in Nicaragua.

I moved to Nicaragua in protest of the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush.  I did not want live in or pay taxes to a country that supports the ruthless slaughter of the Iraqi people on behalf of international oil companies.  My ex-husband was an oil trader, the only one in his office who had ever served in the military.  His coworkers would high five each other while watching the bombs dropping all over Iraq via CNN and Fox.  When John “I think we should bomb Iran, too” Kerry got the Democratic nomination, we knew that there was no hope to end the war, so we plotted our exit strategy.

I owned an iconic bookstore and coffeehouse in San Juan del Sur for 12 years.  I had the largest selection of English titles in a non-English speaking country in the world.  It was an environmentally friendly (no to go cups unless they were recycled glass jars), socially responsible (paid high wages and took staff on a 3 night all-inclusive holiday every year) business that was the heart of the town.  I even had a 64 page menu, much of it an FAQ broken into chapters on every subject like the horrors of MSG and fluoride, the ingredients of a chicken McNugget, ayahuasca, tantra, the evils of credit cards, why Bill Gates is the anti-Christ, good words for Scrabble…  I knew the inventory in my head.  I had no computer list and my sales were kept in a notebook and cash held in an old metal box.  Some of my staff had been with me for 11 years when we closed due to a greedy landlord who was just slapped across the face  with some karma.  I have never met you, but I know that you would have loved it.

Throughout this time, I met the who is who of Nicaragua, from politicians to the weather girls.  My staff seemed more impressed with the weather girls and news anchors, while I was like, “Hey, isn’t that so and so from the Revolution?“ or “Isn’t that Montelegre who ran for President?”  When Violetta Chamorro came in, the staff was oblivious because at the same time there was a Mexican telenovela actress taking selfies in front of the bookcases.  I sent my days engrossed in conversations.  At one point, I had the largest book collection of Nicaraguan history in the world, with 250 titles in English and Spanish.  Many journalists and travel writers got their info from me.  I could go to Managua and strangers would recognize me as the owner of El Gato Negro.  Writing about it is making miss it so much.

Right now I am in purgatory, having 263 acres jungle and lakeside beach in Cardenas, whee I am creating a bilingual ecological education center devoted to homesteading, permaculture and sustainability.  This revolution has put that on hold for a while.

The news about Nicaragua is almost non-existent outside of Central America and what news exists has a severe bias.  The BBC writes “Violent Protests kill 200” rather than “200 peaceful protestors were murdered by a dictator”.  Ortega owns 4 television channels and controls most of the news.  The government owns Telesur, a propaganda piece to support the lies of the government.  It appears that you are getting your information from what we call the horse’s ass instead of 100% Noticias, owned by a former Sandinista who left because of Ortega’s policies. 

100% Noticias supplements almost every story with live video of the events.  For instance, the house that burned down, killing its occupants.  This is what really happened.  You can watch the videos yourself, hearing the cries of the family inside until their voices are gone.

The first videos show the police in uniform accompanied by plain clothes paramilitary.  There have to be at least 50 of them, maybe more, all armed, surrounding the block.  The paramilitary wear bandanas to hide their faces.  Three families locked inside their houses have supporting videos showing the police surrounding the street.

Then the police go to the house on the corner, demanding that the occupants let them in so they can use the upstairs balcony as a sniper point.  The family said no.  The outside of the house is surrounded by police as evidenced in the video, which was streamed live on Facebook.  There is gunfire in the background.

The paramilitary then burned the building down.  The neighbors to the right filmed the smoke and flames engorging the second floor. You can hear the screams of the baby and the child over the adults.  They burned to death.

The locals had a bucket brigade of water pails to try to put out the fire because the municipality did not respond.  There are videos and photos of the police watching the building burn, with their guns aimed at the building.  The videos do not lie.  Everything was live streamed.  We are all on the internet 24/7 now.  I saw this happen fifteen minutes after the fire ended and the bodies removed.  There is no such thing as p photographic censorship here.  The images of the dead will haunt me for a long time.  They burned a little baby alive!

And then they have the gall to use taxpayer funds to write a propaganda pice to hide their crimes against humanity.  Ortega should be at the ICC and instead he is defended because he is allegedly a leftist.

Nicaraguan politics are not about left or right and these protests have nothing to do with political sides. 

It started when the IMF demanded a major overhaul of the INSS social security.  Ortega decided on a 5% reduction instead of the 10% reduction in pensions proposed by the IMF. 

The INNS tax is about 25% of an employee’s salary.  The business owner pays about 20-22%.  At 3% ROI, compound interest adjusted for inflation, assuming no layout until 60 and a lifespan of 75, the government will have a 33%-50% surplus at the time of the recipients death.  It was funded.

The IMF pushed more businesses to be involved with INSS so Nicaragua had more money to repay loans.

The IMF created this crisis, but so did Ortega because now it is revealed the emperor has no clothes.  There is no money left in a  system that should be solvent because Ortega and his political friends have stolen all of the money.  Ortega served time in jail for robbing a Bank of America brach, so it should not come as any surprise that he raided the treasury.

The graft is incredible.  The man who orchestrated Ortega’s win, Roberto Rivas, had his assets seized in the US in January.  He has a plane, jet and two houses in the US, plus cash and investments.  He is banned from Costa Rica after trying to get diplomatic status for his role as election chief (which pays $60k a year and he only has to work for four months once every five years).  In Costa Rica he has 3 $100k cars and a $1 million mansion.  He also owns $15 million mansion Spain.  He demands a huge security detail for himself and his family.  In San Juan del Sur, he bought up several million dollars worth of property and built a huge vacation compound on the hill overlooking the bay.  The taxpayers foot his electric bills.  Oh, and his brother and his children happen to have US passports!

If the US did not want Ortega, they could have stopped Roberto Rivas a long time ago.  Rivas masterminded the pack with Aleman, who sits on $2 billion, roaming free in Nicaragua.

Rumor has it that Daniel gets kickbacks from the DEA, too.

Now that there is no money left and Ortega has drained the treasury, he just had a new law passed that allows him to deplete the foreign reserves weekly instead of every two weeks.

Ortega created the violence because he could not save face.  He is a thief, among other things, like a child rapist.  He raped his step-daughter for two years, starting when she was 13.  her mother preferred political power, so the daughter lives in exile in Costa Rica.  Rosario is even worse than Daniel, a true psychopath who brags about how big the belly is of a 12 year old girl pregnant with her father’s child because abortion or incest or to save the life of the mother is prohibited thanks to Daniel’s alliance with Catholic church to get his 38% of the vote the first time he was elected.  And don’t believe that he got 70% of the vote last time.  The man with the jet and the plane and the mansions made sure Daniel would win.

Sorry, I digress, but it clear that you are unaware of the reality, framing your argument as a left-right conflict.  This is a dictatorship.  This is a revolution of the people, not a CIA funded overthrow.

When Ortega used force against the protestors (who were pensioners, farmers and students), the country erupted overnight.  There were spontaneous protests in most cities.  I ahve friends whose fathers were majors and generals in et ‘80s who are in the street protesting Ortega.  he is hated by 70% of the country.  There were no leaders when this happened.  Now Ortega has tried to kill the emerging leaders the student protestors. One was kidnapped, tortured and shot in the head.  He was in a coma.  I have not checked to see if he has survived since there is already so much carnage in the news.  Another potential candidate must remaining et US because Ortega’s police drew up honey charges and issued an arrest warrant. 

Of the protestors arrested, 90% show signs of torture.  2,000 people have been severely injured, shot and disappeared. 

The police can see seen in photos and videos blocking people in their own cities.  They can be seen defending the JS thugs, the street kids who serve as the Sandinista youth.  You can see the police defending the JS as one sets fire the municipal building in Granada.  Every time Ortega has blamed protestors, there is video showing the police and his thugs standing by, watching it happen.  Even the videos of the lootings shows the police carting off TVs, mattresses, electronics, alcohol, etc.  What no one outside of Nicaragua has seen are the videos of the protestors hunting down looted goods and returning them to the stores, sometimes ripping it out of the hands of looters as they try to flee.  It is all there, 100% verifiable on 100% Noticias and La Prensa.

350 police and paramilitary have laid down arms and resigned.  they do not want to be part of this regime.  All of the real progressive Sandinistas left a long time ago and all are speaking out against his abuses.

These students wrote their names and telephone nu,bars on their arms before protesting  They ca out their names if they have been hit or shot.

As perspective, the US has 58 times the population of Nicaragua.  Imagine if the US tried to cut Social Security and 25 million people took the streets.  Imagine the President ordering Homeland Security to fire on protestors, killing 1,200 Americans peacefully protesting over two months, and injuring another 100,000 people at the same time, 90,000 of those victims of torture.  This is what happened in Nicaragua.

I am upset because I saw your article on this morning.  We have so little coverage and your article does a huge disservice to the Nicaraguan people.  You validate the murderer’s lies because Ortega is supposedly left and the student protestors are right wing (as if!).  I don’t doubt that the CIA had something to do with Chavez’s death, but they have no  access to this revolution.  This is home grown.  We need the world to see how corrupt Ortega is so he cannot access the billions he has squirreled away in other countries. We cannot let his children continue to have any credibility.  His sons are just like his dad.  We must get the UN to investigate.  We need outside help, but obviously nothing from the US given their history of intervention.

I am asking you to remove the article, or amend it.  It will only be used as propaganda by Ortega to trick his supporters.  Everyone else knows the truth.  I am well connected and I know very few people who support Ortega, only party loyalists.  The strength and urgency of my words is not an attack against you, merely the pressure of living here, watching my friends lose their jobs, homes, and businesses as the country falls apart.  There was national strike last week and 90% of the country shut down.  The banks even turned off the ATMs,  We want Ortega out.  We don’t want the IMF, either.  No one wants to be President, but no one wants Ortega in power.


Kelly Ann Thomas

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