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A "conspiracy" over "American Conspiracies?"

I was in disbelief today as I set out to use my Barnes and Noble Christmas gift card to buy Ventura's new book. Part of my motivation (and I encourage others) is to help get the thing to #1, so there will be an unignorable interest about it manifest in the public eye. What I found was not a single major bookstore having it in stock, from Port Saint Lucie, FL south through Ft. Lauderdale.

Having worked at a bookstore in the past, when a book is #4, and/or expected to rank highly, PLENTY of them are ordered, as overstock can be shipped back for minimal fees... but particularly in the first week of a release, nobody wants to run out of a bestseller - that is MAD AMOUNTS of lost profits -so what could be more important than profit?

What gave me further chills is that when I inquired about the book, and was told it was not in stock and I'd have to order it if I wanted it (hello FBI list!) in TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS (I went to 4 locations, the rest were contacted by the other stores, or a computer-check on stock was done) the person behind the counter reccomended "Voodoo Histories" by Aaronovich.

To those aware, "voodoo..." takes the 180-degree opposite of Ventura's book, and I wonder if they were ignorantly pitching it since it was on the same subject, or if it was a directive from management to do so.... to keep any sales they could, and spread more "preferable" ideas.

Aaronovich was recently on Colbert Report (which made me lose a good deal of respect for Steven) where he stated that one of the telling things about these "conspiracies" is that no high-profile insiders come forward. I guess he is unaware of the former president of Italy - who happens to be one of the architects of Operation Gladio - stating the obvious... but I digress...

I find it utterly mind-boggling that a book with such a high demand is "out of stock" at every major bookstore in three counties. EVERY ONE.

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this little bit of inconvienence when trying to secure the title, or if it has been as easy as finding Rove's book (Which was overstocked at every location might I add.)

Take care, and good luck everyone!