Boycott NFL: DirecTV refund; companies that sponsor NFL | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Boycott NFL: DirecTV refund; companies that sponsor NFL

Are you a former NFL fan angry about the players’ disrespect of the National Anthem?

Hit the NFL where it hurts.

In addition to not buying the expensive tickets to watch NFL teams play, this is what you can do:

(1) Get a refund from DirecTV >>>

(*that article goes on to demonize other companies that sponsor The NFL the keen eye will immediately notice the absence of Dodge , Ford , and GMC Trucks and if they dont advertise American brand pick up trucks on football , they don't advertise anything.
But history tells us DircTV has been a target in the past >>>)

The Senator from Comcast?: Arlen Specter and SpyGate
Long before Spygate, dating to 1983 according to aides, Specter has railed against the antitrust exemption held by the NFL. He has, his supporters say, objected to the way they can blithely move teams and take public funds to build stadiums. Yet in recent years, the object of Specter's NFL ire has been the NFL Network and its exclusive relationship with DirecTV. The Philadelphia-based Comcast cable company is in a war with the NFL over whether they can charge their customers for the NFL Network, unlike DirecTV.

Here is where we start to get filthy. Specter was described to me by an opponent as "the Senator from the great state of Comcast." Is this fair?

Comcast is the No. 2 source of campaign funds for the Senator>>>

(*Funny how DirecTV is a key component in both government scandals )


Same Thing Twice !


(*Specter morphs into Trump>>>)


He has, his supporters say, objected to the way they can blithely move teams and take public funds to build stadiums
(*which brings me to>>>)

Donald Trump and Eminent Domain - National Review

The city would become a partner with Trump Connecticut Inc. and obtain the land through its powers of condemnation. Trump would in turn buy the land from the city.”

Here’s how the story concluded: “The entire development would cost the city nothing, Trump said, and no private homeowners would be affected because there are no dwellings on the land. Trump would own everything.”

That brings us to the story of the aforementioned elderly widow in Atlantic City, which starts at about the same time>>
Perhaps the only upside to this story is that in neither case did Trump succeed. The Bridgeport plan fizzled. Coking fought in court, and — in part because these were the days before Kelo was decided, no doubt — she was lucky enough to win. In 1998, a judge threw out the case.

In 2005, however, Trump was delighted to find that the Supreme Court had okayed the brand of government-abetted theft that he’d twice attempted. “I happen to agree with it 100 percent,” he told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto of the Kelo decision..

(*and that's why one can not ignor Trump's Attorney General trying to pass Civil Asset Forfeiture into law
(*But hey there's a player on the field taking a knee with his mouth shut . Together We Can Drown The Silence while they exploit your Patriotism for whatever corporate gains they can rewrite into law while we stay busy upending The Constitution , and somehow That's What True Patriots Do )