Jul 05 07:25

Not a single war in recent years has started without powerful press ‘artillery’ – RT editor-in-chief

There has not been a war in recent times that began without “a powerful press artillery” and “precision bombing” by media, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said, speaking in front of President Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Simonyan expressed her concern over the media’s growing, and often boundless, influence and the way it changes the world around us, during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Moscow.

“We live in unique times, when media – the so-called fourth estate – in many countries is trying to become, and sometimes becomes, the first: sets the rules of the game, controls public opinion, doesn’t just change people’s attitude towards a leader or a state, but alters the values of entire societies,” RT’s editor-in-chief said.

Jul 05 07:18

CNN's Cuomo Asks If CNN Should Dox Reddit User Because He Holds 'Bigoted' Views

Should CNN dox private citizens for making fun of them on the internet?

CNN's Chris Cuomo wants to know.

Jul 05 07:16

Trump Tweets Media Will Be 'Forced' To Cover Strong Economy, Media Takes It As A Threat

Leftist media figures questioned whether or not President Trump was threatening them after he tweeted on Monday that "at some point" the news "will be forced to discuss our great job numbers" and "strong economy."

Jul 04 21:25

#CNNBlackmail Becomes #1 Trend on Twitter After CNN Threatens to Dox Man Behind Trump WWE Meme

In an article published Tuesday night, CNN threatened to publicly dox the private citizen who created the viral WWE-CNN meme because they disagree with him politically.

Jul 04 16:03

Fake News: Audit Finds 17 Million CNN Followers Are... Fake

As if we needed further proof that Fake News outlet CNN is just that, Fake News, new findings from the site reveal that nearly half of the network's Twitter followers are fake.

Yes, more than 17 million followers of CNN's Twitter account are spurious.

Jul 04 15:46

CNN’s Acosta: Trump Tweet ‘Is Going To Lead To A Journalist Being Hurt’ – ‘He’s Trying To Silence Us

Sunday on CNN, White House Correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta said President Donald Trump’s tweet of a video that shows him wrestling a CNN logo was “going to lead to a journalist being hurt.”

Jul 04 14:32

Censored by Amazon

When I sent my review of the powerful new book by Phillip Nelson, Ronald Kukal, Ernest Gallo, and Phillip Tourney, Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas, to this past Monday morning, I went the extra mile to make sure that it would be displayed so people could read it. I have noticed that Amazon first displays only the reviews of customers who are “verified purchasers” of the book from Amazon. Although the review I had written and had already put on my web site was based upon a review copy that Nelson had sent me a few weeks before the actual publication date, I went to the trouble and expense of buying a copy from Amazon as a gift for a relative. Indeed, when I access the Amazon page for the book from my computer, I have this little reminder at the top of the page, “You purchased this item on June 10, 2017.”

Jul 04 14:29


CNN’s (aka #FraudNewsNetwork) TV viewership numbers are tanking. CNN incurred a significant decrease in TV viewers in June as the month progressed thanks in large part to President Trump pointing out their media bias and false reporting.

Jul 04 12:11

Trey Parker Says South Park Will Ignore Trump Because He Just 'Doesn't Care' Anymore and so the Show Doesn't Become 'Like CNN' - despite the 'Crazy Ratings'

South Park star Trey Parker seems to be over creating jokes around the President of the United States, despite the 'crazy ratings'.

Parker, who voices four of South Park's main characters, said he and longtime collaborator Matt Stone, are fed up with the Donald Trump jokes.

Jul 04 11:42

Twitter Looking At Ways To Detect ‘Fake News’ (Hint: It's Not Going To Be CNN)

Twitter is exploring adding a feature that would let users flag tweets that contain misleading, false or harmful information, according to two people familiar with the company’s projects.

Jul 04 09:52

'A national embarrassment' Owen Jones SAVAGED for anti-Trump movement

LEFTIE commentator Owen Jones was slammed after he claimed he had Donald Trump “on the run” while discussing the US President’s potential visit to the United Kingdom.

Jul 04 09:51

New York Times Condemns Trump’s CNN-WWE Tweet — But Sponsored Play Depicting His ‘Assassination’

The New York Times is reporting on “criticism, disbelief and dumbfoundedness” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s tweet on Sunday in which the president is depicted wrestling and punching a figure whose head has been replaced with the logo for CNN.

Times’ personalities condemned the tweet as, among other things, a “call for violence against the media,” and “unseemly that the president would attack journalists for doing their jobs, and encourage such anger at the media.”

Unmentioned by the newspaper is that The Times stood by its decision to back the controversial production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park in which Caesar was glaringly depicted as a Trump-like figure being brutally assassinated by Roman senators.

Jul 04 06:52

Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN For Claiming Trump's Media Trolling is 'Dangerous'

Tucker Carlson had a good laugh on Monday over CNN's Brian Stelter and others claiming Trump's hilarious WWE-CNN tweet was "dangerous."

Jul 04 04:02



Jul 03 15:05

NYT Admits The 17-Intelligence Agencies Russian Hacking Narrative Was FAKE!!!

Of course the retraction takes place quietly before the 4th of July holiday.

Jul 03 14:40

Media isn't reporting truth about ‘war on terror’ deaths


At the end of May, the Washington D.C.-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) released a study concluding that the death toll from the American-led “War on Terror” could be as high as two million just since the years following the 9/11 attacks.

Jul 03 14:07

The Media Blackout Of Seymour Hersh’s Exposé On US Missile Strike Against Syria

A full week has passed since the publication by a major German newspaper of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s thoroughgoing debunking of the false claim of a Syrian government chemical weapons attack on April 4. The supposed atrocity by the regime of Bashar al-Assad was used to justify the April 6 US cruise missile strike on the al-Shayat air base. At least nine civilians, including four children, died when 59 Tomahawk missiles rained down on the base in western Syria.

Jul 03 13:35

Major Networks Censor Tragic Case of Charlie Gard

The major broadcast networks have no excuse. The case of Charlie Gard has sparked a social media outcry, stories by multiple outlets, a statement by Pope Francis and, now, a tweet from President Trump. But ABC, CBS and NBC have yet to mention the maddening tragedy.

Jul 03 13:18

Trump's CNN smackdown video doesn't violate Twitter rules

Twitter has said Donald Trump's tweet of a wrestling video does not violate its rules.

Mr Trump tweeted a video of himself during a 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) appearance during which he play-fights a man in a suit, only in the video the man's face is replaced by a CNN logo.

Jul 03 13:12

Scott Adams: My Exciting Periscope Playlist

My viewer traffic on Periscope (streaming video) exploded this week. I experimented with performance-humor in a few cases and those videos went viral. You might want to check out a few of them on your holiday road trips. Here are the topics of interest:

Jul 03 12:42

President Trump tweets video of him bodyslamming CNN

Jul 03 11:08

J-TV Documentary on the ‘Antisemitic’ Goyim (must watch)

3. In the video, Jewish academics claim to be racially oppressed (as ‘Semites’) by the Labour party. In fact, Semitism is not a racial category but a linguistic one. Still, this claim raises crucial questions:

a. Are Jews really a race? If so, what makes them believe that they are ‘Semites’?

b. If Jews aren’t a race, how can they be abused or discriminated against as a race?

Jul 03 09:42


Hypocrisy from Mika Brzezinksi shouldn’t be a shock at this point, but White House counselor Kellyanne Conway had no problem calling out the “Morning Joe” host on her backwards reporting.

Jul 03 09:11

US Media Sells Disorder in Eastern Syria: US "progress" in eastern Syria is a prelude to protracted conflict, not peace and prosperity.

The Washington Post in a piece penned by David Ignatius, attempts to showcase US progress in eastern Syria where it admittedly and intentionally created the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) and where it now claims it is fighting and defeating it with proxies on the ground as well as an expanding US air and ground presence.

Titled, “As the Islamic State falls in Syria, one city offers a preview of the country’s future,” the piece attempts to portray efforts by the US to fill the vacuum left in the wake of a shrinking ISIS as being filled by stability brought by US proxies – primarily Kurdish militias.

Jul 03 06:22

Assange Compiles Media Figures, Establishment Democrats Calling For His Death

Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange tweeted extensively overnight regarding what he labeled tolerant liberals who have called for his assassination and torture. Assange called such media figures “blue-ticks.”

Jul 02 21:35

The End of CNN?

Jul 02 19:27

BernieGate: Another Mysteriously Missing Server (Video)

The scandal unfolding with Bernie’s wife and Burlington College is shaping up to have everything we've come to expect of modern Democrats:

-- Delusional visions of glorious benefits to be realized by the masses;

-- If we follow their screwball ideas;

-- Shady real estate deal;

-- Phony and fraudulent claims used as the basis for getting other people to part with their money;

-- Alleged pressure from a powerful Democratic politician;

And… of course, no modern Democratic scandal is complete without a computer server potentially figuring in – in this case, a stolen one. In the following video, Right Wing News breaks down just how massive this scandal could be...

Jul 02 19:01

Trump Calls Out States Stonewalling ‘Voter Fraud’ Investigation (Video)

Since the election, many have speculated that the only reason that Trump lost the popular vote was due to voter fraud. Thanks to non-partisan groups like and there is credible information showing that voter fraud did likely occur, hence why it should be investigated, and Trump created a voter fraud panel in May to do such a thing. But now, states are stonewalling the panel.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the various responses given to the panel by the states. Citing public records laws, many states are outright refusing to provide voter information to the panel, or only providing partial information. What is the balance here between investigating potential voter fraud and privacy concerns?

Jul 02 17:57

Thanks to fake news from CNN, NYT and WashPost, journalism is now officially DEAD across the establishment media

Nearly all the big names in mainstream news have been publishing fake story after fake story alleging ties between the Trump administration and Russia that simply don’t exist. And in almost every instance, their “evidence” of this has been some cryptic, anonymous source that can’t be verified.

“CNN is hardly alone when it comes to embarrassing retractions regarding Russia,” adds Greenwald. “Over and over, major U.S. media outlets have published claims about the Russia Threat that turned out to be completely false – always in the direction of exaggerating the threat and/or inventing incriminating links between Moscow and the Trump circle.

“In virtually all cases, these stories involved evidence-free assertions from anonymous sources that these media outlets uncritically treated as fact, only for it to be revealed that they were entirely false.”

Jul 02 16:22

Maxine Waters on War Path, Wants Trump Exiled! (Video)

It is almost sad yet thoroughly laughable to witness the mental meltdown of Maxine Waters in real time. She has become increasingly unhinged ever since the election, and has each attack against Trump has been discredited, her grip on reality is slowly slipping away. Already she has been called out by even leftist news outlets for contradicting her own public statements. But as her Twitter account shows, her mental state may have degraded even further.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at Waters’ recent Twitter statuses, where she calls for the exile of Donald Trump. Let that sink in for a moment, she is actually calling for a sitting president to be exiled, forgetting that we are not living in the Roman Empire. What is more sad is that such a deluded woman is still able to hold office.

Jul 02 13:28

VIDEO: Scott Adams Tells You How President Trump's Tweets Killed His Cat

Thirty percent of you might need a humor-translator for this.

Jul 02 10:58

The End of CNN?

Jul 02 09:12

More bad news for CNN as Jake Tapper airs FAKE National Enquirer cover during his segment covering claims that Trump tried to blackmail Joe Scarborough

Just five days after CNN laid off three journalists amid a 'fake news' scandal, the channel reportedly made another slip-up on Jake Tapper's show.

On Friday Tapper reported on claims that the White House had told MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski to apologize for his negative coverage or suffer a National Enquirer 'expose' on their lives.

Unfortunately, the National Enquirer cover that was picked to illustrate the magazine's often salacious content was completely fake, Page Six reported.

Jul 02 08:28

NYT Retracts Claim That ’17 US Intelligence Agencies’ Verified Russian DNC Email Hack

The New York Times has retracted its claim that all 17 US intelligence agencies agreed that Russia was behind the hack of Democratic emails in an effort to influence the 2016 election in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So has Associated Press.

Jul 01 22:12

In America, a “National Pension Crisis” Cometh Very Soon! (Video)

America’s pension system is woefully underfunded. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the various news reports can already see that some pension funds, especially in states like Illinois, are already in big trouble. A report by the Fed estimates that private and public pensions are 27% underfunded as at the end of 2016. Others estimate that public pensions alone are in a $6 trillion hole.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the ticking time bomb that is our pension system. The key problem is that pension funds are relying on unrealistic returns, from 6% to 7.5% a year, when their actual rate of return is under 2%. It’s only a matter of time before the pensions have to make drastic benefit cuts to the largest generation in our history, and then the "bailouts" begin, and who do you think that falls on? HINT: Don't get TOO excited about President Trump's tax plan promises!

Jul 01 14:17

Hackers Breached a US Nuclear Power Plant's Network! (Video)

As America’s infrastructure becomes more and more digital, the potential consequences of a successful cyberattack grow ever higher. There is no doubt that both state and non-state actors are constantly probing our cyber defenses in search of vulnerabilities. And in some disturbing news, some hackers managed to breach the network of one of our nuclear power plants.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the details and implications of said attack. While the attack was categorized as ‘not serious’ and only affected the business and not the operational side of the plant, that doesn’t mean that the consequences would be minor.

Cybersecurity experts interviewed have pinpointed the fact that attackers may use information gleaned from the business side to coordinate phishing campaigns or even further attacks. What will happen if hackers breach the operational side of a nuclear power plant one day? Here is what is known:

Jul 01 11:33

Amendment Approved Revoking Trump's Authority To Wage War Against Al-Qaeda (Video)

Since the 9/11 attacks, America has been in a state of perpetual warfare. These pointless wars have only served the interests of the Deep State at the expense of not only American citizens, but of humanity in general. Our last two presidents were firmly in the pocket of the Deep State, and used their presidential authority to maintain this state of constant warfare. Their legal weapon is a law known as the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force. Now, it may just be revoked!

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the amendment that may repeal the AUMF and examines it implications, and its timing. Under the amendment, Congress has 240 days to pass the AUMF again, or it will be repealed. Will the repeal of the AUMF help or hurt America? And why is the motion to repeal the AUMF only being introduced when Trump is in office? Exactly!

Jun 30 17:23

MSM Distorts OPCW Non-confirmed Report that Assad Used Sarin in Chemical Attack

By Brandon Turbeville

CNN and other corporate media outlets are once again alight with “proof” that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians in Khan Sheikhoun. So what, exactly, is their proof? Well, they don’t have any. That shouldn’t be surprising in and of itself but it is at least entertaining the lengths to which corporate media outlets and Western governments will go to blame their own crimes against humanity on the Syrian government in order to justify new Western crimes against humanity...

Jun 30 16:01


A comprehensive new study by the Media Research Center has revealed that more than half of all coverage related to President Trump on nightly broadcast news has been related to the Russia investigation.

Jun 30 14:31

NYT Finally Retracts Russia-Gate Canard

A founding Russia-gate myth is that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that Russia hacked into and distributed Democratic emails, a falsehood that The New York Times has belatedly retracted, reports Robert Parry.

Jun 30 12:55

Trump-diculous and Hill/Hell-arious: tragic-comic ‘leadership’ killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions. Will ‘We the People’ demand .01% arrests for Wars of Aggression/Crimes Against Humanity, or enable WW3 on Syria, Iran, Russia?

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Among themes I present for public consideration, this is central:

We the People endure ongoing and obvious crime du jours that have an endgame: citizens, government officials, and military will either demand .01% arrests, OR the US will devolve into Roman Empire tragic-comedy that will only get worse from annually killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions.

With more of this history here, contemporary to Julius Caesar, the Roman historian and government insider Sallust blasted the decline of virtue in government:

Jun 30 10:17

Why is there no appeal from being blocked from posting? No customer support? Nothing.

I have been blocked for spamming people - I NEVER do - someone clicked to report me (presumably because they disagreed with me) and no I can't post for 60 days! Can't even post on my WIFE'S wall. This is ludicrous, and there is no one you can write to and ask for the decision to be reviewed. Anyone got any ideas, besides giving up on bloody Facebook altogether, I mean?

Jun 30 10:05

How long am I in facebook jail?

I was suddenly placed on ban and I don't even know why. I have not broken any of Facebook's terms of service. I have not spammed, I have not harassed or bullied, Most of the things I post are innocent as what a Nun would post compared to what I see on Facebook, unless I was hacked - I did not post any phishing links, I do not send a significant amount of friend requests... My account is set to private so I don't get a lot of friend requests... The only thing I can imagine that happened was, on a news site I stated my opinion on the topic, someone didn't like it, so instead of making an intellectual reply as to why they disagree, or simply ignoring it... they reported it as spam and Facebook took it at face value and just banned me without the benefit of the doubt. Facebook needs to protect people from false reports rather than banning them without even looking to see if the case is valid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This has happened to me. Both my Facebook pages are "jailed." Not that I use them that much any more, but I agree that Facebook ought not to take a complaint at face value, given that such complaints are often politically motivated.

Jun 30 09:57

Kelly McParland: Nothing less than hard power will remove a brutal dictator like Bashar Assad

The UN Security Council will never do anything to remove Bashar Assad. It takes muscle, and a willingness to use it, to displace a tyrant as oblivious to suffering as him

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, Kelly, if you really feel that strongly about it..

Here's your rifle

Here's your parachute.

We ran out of the desert camo, but here is a bright day-glo orange jumpsuit left over from Gitmo.

Watch your head climbing into that transport plane.

And we'll call whoever it is you are telling us needs to be invaded this week and tell them you are on your way to kick their butts all by yourself.

But given the very long history of the United States government and the corporate media lying and tricking us into wars, you will forgive We The People if we sit this one out and keep our children safe at home.

Jun 30 09:17

Remember When a Dead Intern Was Found in Joe Scarborough's Office?

Back in 2010, Markos Moulitsas, better known as the founder of the Daily Kos blog, was a regular guest on MSNBC. The pairing of a liberal blogger and a liberal network was a natural one, so Moulitsas was used to going on TV and swapping insults about Republicans with Keith Olbermann or whoever.

That state of affairs came to a screeching halt in July of 2010, when Moulitsas found himself summarily blacklisted from MSNBC. His offense? Mentioning, on Twitter, the strange, sad story of Lori Klausutis, the intern who was found dead in Joe Scarborough’s office when the “Morning Joe” host was still a Republican congressman.

Jun 30 09:11

New York Times newsroom walks out as editors, reporters decry direction of paper

Editors and reporters in the New York Times Co. newsroom have broken their silence concerning growing frustrations regarding the direction of the paper.

Staffers at the New York Times staged a newsroom walk out on Thursday as a demonstration of solidarity as management threatens job cuts. The protest followed a pair of letters sent earlier in the week to Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Managing Editor Joseph Kahn by Times reporters and copy editors

In the copy editors’ letter to Baquet and Kahn, they say they feel betrayed and disrespected in the newsroom, and ask that management reconsider staffing cuts that are expected as the paper plans to restructure.

Jun 30 09:10

MOCKINGBIRD REDUX? CNN’s Role in Peddling Fake ‘Nothing Burger’ Russia-Gate News Revealed

CNN has reportedly refused to punish one of its senior producers John Bonifield, after a recent Project Veritas video sting operation exposed the network’s role in peddling a fake Russia-gate narrative just for ratings. As if that wasn’t enough of a network crisis, CNN’s Van Jones was also caught in a new Veritas video sting release stating that the mainstream media’s long-running ‘Russian collusion’ story is a “big nothing burger.”

This latest twin exposé comes after three prominent writers from CNN were ‘urged to resign’ (fired) after the network was threatened with an estimated $100 million dollar lawsuit (something which 21WIRE predicted) earlier this week following a bogus story (since retracted) that falsely linked political figure and financier Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment fund currently under a congressional probe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

MOCKINGBIRD never went away!

Jun 30 09:09

Comey Friend Unveils "Smoking Gun" Story

So what was the "bombshell" story? It seems to have come in the form of a rather bizarre, and thoroughly difficult to follow, Wall Street Journal article entitled "GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, Implied a Connection to Flynn."

To summarize the 'bombshell', the story is about a long-time Republican opposition researcher, 81-year-old Peter W. Smith, who apparently set out on a mission to find Hillary's 30,000 emails which the FBI confirmed had gone missing. In his efforts to find those emails, he scoured hacking chat rooms looking for clues and/or hackers that might be able to help him. The WSJ alleges that Smith may or may not have been working with Michael Flynn but, in the end, they found absolutely nothing. To summarize even further, a guy tried to find Hillary's missing emails and failed...HALT THE PRESSES!

Jun 30 09:08

Media Meltdown: Palin Slaps New York Times With Defamation Lawsuit

This was a bad week for the lying mainstream, Democrat media. CNN took the brunt of the punishment, with a one-two punch that included their botched story about a Trump associate and his supposed link to the Russia scandal followed by a damning James O’Keefe undercover video that showed a CNN producer admitting that the entire Russia story was “likely bulls**t.” But while CNN was licking its wounds and trying to find a way out of this self-created mess, The New York Times was confronted with the legal consequences of an editorial they ran in the aftermath of the Steve Scalise shooting.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin filed a lawsuit against the Times on Tuesday, accusing them of defamation in relation to the editorial, which recklessly repeated a partisan urban legend that fact-checkers put to bed years ago.

Jun 30 08:16

1/2 of media time goes to reporting this ONE story ...

More than half of all evening television news coverage of the Donald Trump presidency has been dedicated to discussion of the Russia investigation since the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller on May 17, according to a new study.

Jun 30 07:50

The Truth About CNN

Jun 30 06:25

Another False Flag Gas Attack To Be Blamed On Syrian Government (Video)

Syria has been out of the news cycle for a while as the mainstream media continues to beat the dead horse that is the discredited Trump-Russia conspiracy narrative. And while Syria might be in the back of the American public consciousness at the moment, you can be sure that the masterminds at the Deep State have not forgotten. And evidence shows that they are gearing up to set the superpowers at play into a deeper conflict.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at recent antagonistic statements from the White House against the Syrian government, Russia, and Iran. Not only are they accusing the Syrian government of preparing for another chemical attack, they have also warned that any further attacks will be blamed on them, together with Russia and Iran. This completely ignores the many factual gaps that exist in proving that the Syrian government was even responsible for the last attack! The whole situation is a tinderbox; will it soon explode?

Jun 29 20:40

CNN's Shady Drones to Be Grounded Because of "Fake News?" (Video)

The mainstream media is already invasive enough, with uncaring journalists shoving cameras into the faces of crying victims after a tragedy, all to boost ratings. So it may be only a matter of time before drone technology comes into widespread use by them, enabling them to invade the privacy of yet more people. And the first network likely to do so? CNN, of course.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the fact that CNN is the only news network to be granted an FAA exemption to use drones in their newsgathering operations. The waiver was of course granted during the Obama administration and is couched in the language of ‘research and development’.

Will the mainstream media soon have drones buzzing around at every single event? Furthermore, if they do, CNN certainly should NOT be permitted to. How can CNN possibly be trusted with cameras in the sky after all we've recently learned about their blatant dishonesty.

Jun 29 16:06

Trump Rips ‘AmazonWashingtonPost’ As Fake News

President Trump on Wednesday attacked The Washington Post and its owner, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, for its coverage of him and his administration. 

“The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!” the president tweeted Wednesday morning.

Jun 29 15:55

CNN’s Entire Russia Narrative Exposed As Fake News For Ratings

By Aaron Kesel

CNN isn’t having a good week. First, three of their top reporters were fired for poor journalism covering a story where a Trump ally, Anthony Scaramucci, was accused of being under congressional investigation which was retracted. Then, Project Veritas leaked two conversations proving CNN’s accusations of President Donald Trump colluding with Russia were baseless and for ratings.

With this one-two punch on CNN’s admitted Russian hoax they are almost certainly feeling the blowback from this latest scandal; and, according to James O’Keefe, it’s just the start of more to come. Which could include more tapes from CNN or other networks/newspapers like the New York Times...

Jun 29 15:00

Mika Brzezinski: “Our Job” to “Control Exactly What People Think”

Jun 29 14:57

CNN's Death Spiral

It's been a catastrophic month for the Fake News Network (CNN) as scandals, retractions, resignations, apologies and lawsuits catapult the cable news network into a death spiral.

Jun 29 14:29

Greta Van Susteren out at MSNBC after 6 months

MSNBC has parted ways with veteran broadcaster and host of "For the Record" Greta Van Susteren after just six months on the job, network president Phil Griffin said in a memo to employees Thursday.

"Greta is a well-regard television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they've hosted shows at all three major cable news networks," Griffin wrote in the memo, which MSNBC's PR account tweeted. "We are grateful to her and wish her the best."

Jun 29 13:27

Trump Calls CNN ‘Fake News’ During Energy Speech

President Donald Trump took a break from talking about energy Thursday to blast CNN as “fake news.”

Trump was talking about leaving the Paris Accord, arguing that it was a myth that pulling out of the agreement would harm the environment.

He used the point to pivot to the topic of fake news.

Jun 29 13:27

BREAKING: Editors at the Failing NYT gather before a staged walkout

BREAKING: Copy editors at the Failing NYT gather before a staged walkout to protest all the job cuts/firings going on there!

Jun 29 11:37

1,000,000 million+ views --- #1 on trending

Van Jones caught on hidden cam, says #CNN Russia story

" a big #NothingBurger."

Jun 29 11:20

Slate: Women Won’t Be Equal Until They Murder and Rape More People, LGBT Conservatives are ‘Villains’

Slate’s Christina Cauterucci claimed women won’t be equal until they murder more people before branding LGBT conservatives “queer villains” in an article Wednesday.

“These men are more than just bad actors on the national stage: They seek influence and use it for evil means, then show no remorse,” wrote Cauterucci about gay conservatives in her article, Queer Villains Remind Us That Gay Does Not Always Equal Good. “They are comic book–level villains. And they also happen to be two of the most visible gay men in America.”

Cauterucci then claimed in her article that women won’t be equal until they start murdering and raping more people.

Jun 29 11:20

Wolf Blitzer: ‘Potentially Very Dangerous’ for Trump to Call the Media an Enemy of the People

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” host Wolf Blitzer asked White House Correspondents’ Association president Jeff Mason if he has discussed the “potentially very dangerous” issue of President Donald Trump calling the media “enemies” of the American people with the White House communications team.

Jun 29 10:39

Facebook Censorship Removing 66,000 Posts Per Week (Video)

How do you censor free speech in America? Simple, just rebrand it as hate speech! This is a tactic the left has been using with great success recently, from college campuses to YouTube. Anyone who questions this will be met with the same old refrain “hate speech is not protected speech” and “the First Amendment only covers government censorship”. And now Facebook has just upped its censorship game.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at a report that Facebook has been deleting about 66,000 posts a week. Of course, Facebook notes that while “it can feel like censorship”, they are only cracking down on hate speech. Sound familiar? Wonder how much of the ‘hate speech’ that Facebook is deleting is simply factual stuff that ‘triggers’ sensitive snowflakes.

Jun 29 10:08

Ray McGovern on the latest Trump-Russia hoax in the Washington Post

Ray McGovern, former chief of the CIA’s Soviet analysts division, explains why he is far from impressed by CIA/Washington Post‘s latest claims about the Trump-Russia election interference/collusion story.

Jun 29 09:01

White House slams anonymous leak as “false”

The Pentagon’s chief spokesperson said Tuesday that leaks from anonymous officials alleging that it did not know in advance of a White House statement about Syria are “false.”

Jun 29 08:16


Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the things I detest about the "Common Core" curriculum is the suppression of critical thinking, allegedly, for the "common good" (i.e., the " good" of the corporations, or the government, which want to "sell" us solutions for non-existent problems).

At that point, when critical thinking no longer exists, mass opinion can be manipulated in any geopolitical direction, such as the Bush-Era mantra that "Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction", as the excuse/lie to create war.

Please be very intellectually aware, in the next couple of weeks, because, looking at all the evidence, it appears that the Trump Administration is going to attempt to "sell" the American people on a ground war against Syria.

The Russian government has warned, in no uncertain terms, that an escalation of US meddling in the sovereign state of Syria will have ...consequences.
Russia warns US its fighter jets are now potential target in Syria

Unfortunately, just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing this government can do, is absolutely no guarantee that it won't do it.

Don't "duck and cover" during this period of time; please plan and prepare.

Jun 29 07:07

FBI Agent Indicted for Lying About the Lavoy Finicum Murder (Video)

There is zero question that law enforcement in this country is out of control. Day by day, America becomes ever more of a police and surveillance state, and the worst part is that many Americans are perfectly okay with this. And in the latest controversy, the FBI agent who was involved in the killing of Robert ‘Lavoy’ Finicum has been indicted on allegations of making false statements with the intent of obstructing justice.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the details surrounding Finicum’s death. The official law enforcement story was that Finicum was reaching for a gun, and while he never presented the handgun, video shows he was reaching for his left side where the gun was holstered. But a new theory has emerged; Finicum was reaching for his left side because he had been shot there. This blows further holes in the official law enforcement story. Will Finicum finally get justice when the truth emerges?

Jun 29 06:45

Murdoch's £11.7bn Sky takeover referred to competition regulator

The proposed £11.7bn takeover of Sky by Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox has been referred to the Competition and Markets Authority regulator today.

Culture secretary Karen Bradley announced the decision after considering an investigation into the takeover by the media watchdog Ofcom, which found the deal might influence the "overall news agenda" and the entity's ability to "influence the political process".

Bradley said that on the basis of Ofcom’s assessment she was minded to refer the deal to a six-month investigation by the CMA on the grounds of media plurality.

Jun 28 23:51

Lee Camp: How to Write Propaganda for the NY Times – As Demonstrated in an Article About Me

This past Thursday the New York Times vomited up a hit piece on little ol’ me – a guy who has been doing stand-up comedy for nearly 20 years and thought maybe that comedy could be used to inform and inspire audiences, rather than just make fun of the differences between men and women. At first when you’re the center of a smear job, you’re annoyed and frustrated. But as I read further through the piece, I realized it was a master class in how to write propaganda for one of the most “respected” news outlets in our country. I’m actually grateful it was written about me because now I can see with my own eyes exactly how the glorious chicanery is done. I count no less than 15 lies, manipulations, and false implications in this short article, a score that even our fearless prevaricator-in-chief Donald Trump would envy. So here now is a “How To” for writing propaganda for the New York Times – using the smear piece against me as an example

Jun 28 18:06

Johnny Depp’s Disrespect For White House Runs Deep (Video)

Most of Hollywood is nothing but out of touch liberal elitists, who look down their noses at the struggling working classes of America from their mansions as they self-righteously preach what is best for the nation. They are a bunch of massive hypocrites, but few of them are as bad as Johnny Depp. At last week’s Glastonbury music festival he made the controversial comment “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” Really? From a man who beat his wife?

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the general state of deluded debauchery that is Hollywood, and delves deeper into Depp’s history of disrespect against the White House. His disrespectful actions date all the way back to 1988, clowning around in front of the Reagan's at a ceremony for the fight against AIDS.

Jun 28 17:25

Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas & Great Lakes, Media Ignores

Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas & Great Lakes with dozens of cold records set and temperatures at least 10-15F below normal temperatures and the media remains silent.