Dec 03 12:53

The 7 censorship tactics ‘Big Tech’ uses to control the flow of information

Big Tech publishers, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, use seven major censorship tactics to control the flow of information through their products. Under the beneficent guise of “content moderation” most censorship by Big Tech publishers was traditionally directed at vices such as obscenity, violence, drugs, and gambling, often in direct response to advertisers who don’t want their ads to appear adjacent to such content. But increasingly, these publishers are applying censorship tactics to more slippery categories such as disinformation, bullying, and hate speech, where definitions are elusive and judgments are subjective and prone to bias. As the public increasingly relies on these publishers for news and information, it is vital to understand these censorship tactics and the potential risks they pose to free speech. Here are the 7 D’s of Big Tech censorship:

Dec 03 12:52

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell rush to vote through Defense bill in face of Donald Trump's threat to veto it unless it also ends internet giants' Section 230 protection

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are preparing to move a crucial defense bill to a vote in their respective chambers without President Donald Trump's demand for a provision to repeal legal protections enjoyed by tech companies.

It will also contain a bipartisan provision - disliked by the president - that will allow military bases named for Confederate heroes to be renamed.

The move would essentially dare Trump to veto the billion dollar legislation that includes funding for the troops and a pay raise for service members.

Dec 03 12:42

Watch: CNN's Zucker Caught Ordering News Division To Help Biden, Harm Trump

CNN has reported Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe to police over his latest undercover investigation in which he quietly taped network president Jeff Zucker's morning conference calls 'for months.'

O'Keefe, 36, on Tuesday, stated he was publishing audio recordings of several network meetings which he insists will 'expose' Zucker and other CNN executives declaring their 'political biases'.

Dec 03 12:39

Breitbart goes after Lin Wood, labels him 'MAGA poseur'

Dec 03 12:03

Former CNN Anchor Speaks Out On Media Censorship

Sharyl Attkisson is an award-winning investigative journalist with uncompromising integrity. Her latest book, “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism,” is scheduled for release right around Thanksgiving, November 24, 2020.

In this, her third book, she addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time: media bias and the deterioration of objective journalism — a topic on which she has first-hand experience.

Dec 03 11:55

CBS Caught Admitting "We Make it Up As We Go Along"

Dec 03 11:10

Winding Up Americans

For the last four years, Americans have become increasingly polarised – divided between Democrat crusaders who are determined to save America from becoming a racist, sexist Nazi dictatorship under Donald Trump, versus Republican crusaders who are determined to save America from becoming a liberal Marxist state under a Democratic reign.

This fervour has become so extreme that families can no longer meet for the holidays without a conversational blow-up. No longer are people “entitled to their opinions.” This has become a crusade between Good and Evil. (“I’m good. You’re evil.”)

The absurd nature of this dichotomy has reached the point that even Dr. Phil is increasing his viewership by featuring disputes between siblings who are on opposite sides of the political divide and are no longer speaking to each other.

Dec 03 11:06

LA County Mayor Says Not Wearing A Mask Is "Act Of Domestic Terrorism"

A Los Angeles County public official was quoted by the Los Angeles Daily News as saying those who defy the public health order to wear a mask in public in response to the virus pandemic are guilty of an "act of domestic terrorism."

"If it were up to me, anybody not wearing a mask when they are out in public would be arrested … That's an act of domestic terrorism and should be treated like one," Lancaster, California, Mayor Rex Parris, recently said.

Parris' comment comes as his small town of 156,000, located in northern Los Angeles County, is in a county where cases on Monday recorded the worst day thus far of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dec 03 09:50


Johns Hopkins is caught with its censorship pants down when it summarily spiked a story covering research by its own Professor of Economics, Dr. Genevieve Briand. The author, Yanni Gu, was coerced into a rebuttal but is now not backing down from her original article.

The original story published on Technocracy News: Johns Hopkins: U.S. Death Rate Remains Normal Despite COVID-19.

Briand is fully qualified in economic theory to make statistical analysis of data on deaths in America. In fact, birth and death rates are foundational elements to economic forecasting. The medical establishment at Johns Hopkins simply did not like her obvious conclusions, and so they gaslighted the public by saying it was all a mistake but they certainly were not practicing censorship.

? TN Editor

Dec 03 09:27

Fake News Media Are Your ‘Mortal Enemies’ Says Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich says that left-wing, partisan Democrat news media outlets are “your mortal enemies”

The Former House Speaker told Breitbart News on Monday that media outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post are enemies of conservatism that seek power and control.

Breitbart reports: “They’re your mortal enemies,” Gingrich said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “That’s what you need to know. The New York Times is the mortal enemy of conservatism. The Washington Post is the mortal enemy of conservatism. When it’s to their advantage, they’re for it. When it’s to their disadvantage, they’re against it. They couldn’t care less about the truth. They care about power, about controlling your life, and about dictating to you.”

Gingrich identified both formal and informal coordination between news media outlets, governmental apparatuses, technology companies, and billionaire financiers towards advancing left-wing, partisan Democrat politics.

Dec 03 09:25

Former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton volunteer to get coronavirus vaccine publicly to prove it's safe

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are volunteering to get their Covid-19 vaccines on camera to promote public confidence in the vaccine's safety once the US Food and Drug Administration authorizes one.

Dec 03 08:38

The Great Suppression

“Like in any oppressive system, you have to be careful about what you say and how you say it,” Tom Fitton remarked.

Today’s social media censorship is an era of “great suppression,” Fitton stated in the Weekly Update. With social media platforms allegedly cracking down on conservative pages across the network, Fitton and Judicial Watch have been prime targets. “It’s unfortunate that I can’t say what I really believe in on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube,” Fitton remarked. “Maybe we’ll have to leave Twitter and Facebook, and Youtube. They’re destroying their business models to appease the totalitarian left.” Fitton continued in stating:

“Is congress going to the change the law to protect the rights of Americans in this regard, or make it clear that the fraud that they’re [social media giants] are engaged in [content moderation] doesn’t protect them from being held to account for it?”

Dec 03 08:17

How Israel Deployed an Intelligence Deception to Justify Killing Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

The Israeli assassination of Iranian defense official Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is being treated as a triumph of Israeli intelligence, with ubiquitous references in the New York Times and other major media outlets to the killing of “Iran’s top nuclear scientist”. In fact, Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency eliminated Fakhrizadeh, a defense official, despite the fact that its public depiction of him as the key architect of an Iranian nuclear weapons program was a deception.

For years, US media outlets have portrayed Fakhrizadeh as Iran’s equivalent to J. Robert Oppenheimer, marketing him to the public as the mastermind behind an Iranian version of the Manhattan Project. This image was developed primarily through a carefully constructed Israeli disinformation operation based on documents that displayed signs of fabrication.

Dec 03 08:15

How US media manipulates Iran’s nuclear program into a sinister myth

Experts, media elites, and other Iran observers lit into New York Times national security reporter David Sanger this week for his sloppy — and perhaps “Judith Miller-level bad” — reporting on Iran’s nuclear program following the assassination of one of the country’s top nuclear scientists last week.

The offense in question involved the opening line of Sanger’s “News Analysis” which asserted that the scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, had “led Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon for the past two decades.”

Of course, as has been repeatedly documented by the U.S. intelligence community and the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran ended its military nuclear program sometime in 2003, and has not been ongoing over the past two decades, a point that journalist and former NBC News anchor Ann Curry made to Sanger on Twitter.

Dec 03 07:37

Barr Fails to Salvage DOJ’s Reputation With Statements on Election Fraud

Attorney General William Barr signaled on Tuesday that he has washed his hands of the president. He told the media that the Department of Justice has found no evidence of fraud that would change the election results in favor of Donald Trump.

U.S. officials I spoke with do not understand Barr’s motivation for speaking to a press corps typically hostile to him as well as Trump. “There’s no evidence that the DOJ spoke with any of the numerous witnesses with first-hand knowledge of election fraud,” said one senior official. “And many people reached out directly to the FBI and got no response back.”

The effect of Barr’s statement is to derail the Trump campaign’s efforts to reverse the vote in battleground states contested by the president’s legal team. It is difficult to imagine state legislatures or courts taking up the campaign’s cause when the headlines show that Trump’s own attorney general says nothing is wrong.

Dec 03 07:27

#CNNTapes: Jeff Zucker Labels Donald Trump A Bigger Threat To National Security Than Voter Fraud

Dec 03 07:27

#CNNTapes: CNN Execs SPIKE COVERAGE Of New York Post Hunter Biden Laptop Bombshell

Dec 03 06:59

Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it’s re-labeling on a grand scale

Months ago, I told you this, in a number of articles: The overwhelming percentage of people who are “dying from the virus” are actually dying from traditional diseases.

These people have been relabeled and repackaged as “COVID-19.”

It has nothing to do with “the virus.”

A new analysis from Johns Hopkins confirms this in spades.

Dec 03 06:47

NewsGuard: A Neoconservative Contrivance Which Promotes an Establishment View

There’s a new thought policeman in town. He calls himself NewsGuard and he promises to restore “Trust and Accountability” to what one reads online. His website elaborates that “NewsGuard uses journalism to fight false news, misinformation, and disinformation. Our trained analysts, who are experienced journalists, research online news brands to help readers and viewers know which ones are trying to do legitimate journalism—and which are not… Our Green-Red ratings signal if a website is trying to get it right or instead has a hidden agenda or knowingly publishes falsehoods or propaganda.”

Dec 02 21:14

Carl Herman’s overview of Earth from civic activism since 1977: 1) PAST: US/Global Evil Empire, 2) PRESENT: American/Global Revolution 2.0, 3) FUTURE: Building ‘Heaven on Earth’

I respectfully offer summary paragraphs, followed by more detailed bullet points to communicate planet Earth’s status as best I see after 43 years of civic activism. Links provide complete documentation. I’ve chosen three easy and essential sections:

* History of Evil Empire up to the present
* Current American Revolution 2.0
* Emerging greatness beyond words

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer and I discuss for ~2 hours on Tuesday December 8 on The Fetz Presents, with video to be added.


Dec 02 16:26

The New Resistance Is Rising

In the wake of a decades-long culture war, four years of bile and lies from the left and the mainstream media, nine months of coronavirus lockdowns, and now an election possibly rife with fraud, more and more Americans are opening their eyes to the debased state of their political system and the abusive machinations of their governments. -- More and more of them are spitting mad and are not going to take it anymore.

Dec 02 15:22

According to This Government, All Americans Are Terrorists, and Will be Treated as Such!

According to the state, you are all terrorists now, and a risk to everyone you meet. You are being told that you are a danger to everyone, and everyone is a danger to you. By accepting this lie, the populace at large becomes incapable of mounting any legitimate defense against the evil and murderous state, and its plans for global domination. Those in charge know this intimately, and are using this knowledge to cause society to destroy itself voluntarily from within.

Dec 02 15:09

Gun Prohibitionists Exploiting Suicide to Advance Disarmament Agenda

A common factor among suicides is the belief that no other choice is available. Politically restricting choices for everyone is not the answer and ignoring what the Founders deemed “necessary to the security of a free State” is nothing short of cultural suicide.

Dec 02 13:55

Zuckerberg Says Facebook Ready to Work With Biden to “Push” COVID-19 Vaccine

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly said the platform is trying to work with Joe Biden on a joint Facebook-Biden administration push for Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

During a livestream interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Facebook founder mentioned a “push around authoritative information on vaccines,” though he did not elaborate on what that would entail.

“You and the rest of the government have an important job ahead,” Zuckerberg told Fauci during the interview.

“I know our team at Facebook has already reached out to the incoming administration to help with the COVID response in any way that we can,” continued Zuckerberg. “I’m sure there will be a few important things that we can do together.”

Dec 02 10:40

Mainstream media have betrayed us. Find Truth at LifeSiteNews

Dec 02 10:29

James O’Keefe: We Taped Two Months of CNN Editorial Calls with Jeff Zucker

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released the first of its apparent audio recordings of CNN editorial calls with network president Jeff Zucker on Tuesday evening, promising more releases of what O’Keefe says is two months’ worth of CNN internal dialogues.

Earlier Tuesday, O’Keefe live-streamed what he identified as CNN’s morning call, as well as the reaction of the participants after he unmuted himself and revealed that he was listening.

Dec 02 10:16

DOJ Not Done Investigating Election Fraud, Spokesperson Says

The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a statement on Tuesday in response to the backlash from an article by The Associated Press which quoted Attorney General William Barr saying that “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

“Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the DOJ has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated,” a DOJ spokesperson said, according to CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge.

Dec 02 10:14

Project Veritas Infiltrates CNN 'Rundown' Calls; Execs Trash Trump, Call Tucker Carlson 'White Supremacy Hour'

Project Veritas has done it again - this time having surreptitiously recorded CNN's 9 a.m. morning 'rundown' calls for months, during which they recorded CNN president Jeff Zucker and other executives telling their fake news foot soldiers how to spin the news.

The first batch of several upcoming dumps has dropped with the hashtag #CNNTapes, featuring Zucker and other executives suggesting they need to 'not normalize' Trump's behavior, target Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and that Fox News host Tucker Carlson's show is "white supremacy hour."

Highlights via Project Veritas (emphasis ours):

CNN President Jeff Zucker: “This is a president who knows he's losing, who knows he's in trouble, is sick, maybe is on the aftereffects of steroids or not. I don't know. But he is acting erratically and desperately, and we need to not normalize that.”

Dec 02 08:06

Washington Post reporter moves from covering Israel to working for it

Ruth Eglash has moved from The Washington Post to working for Gilad Erdan, Israel’s new ambassador to the UN and incoming ambassador to the US. (via Facebook)

The Pentagon to Lockheed Martin pipeline occasionally receives public scrutiny as an example of the Washington swamp.

Less in the media spotlight are the career moves of members of the Fourth Estate.

One such recent move should have journalists grappling with their ethics: Washington Post Jerusalem correspondent to chief communications officer and adviser to Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations and incoming ambassador to the United States, Gilad Erdan.

That’s the move Ruth Eglash has made. She wrote for The Washington Post as recently as October.

Dec 02 07:50

CNN PR Issues Legal Threat to James O’Keefe For Recording Private Meetings, Calls Him Out for Misidentifying Network Executive (UPDATED)

CNN’s public communications department replied to James O’Keefe on Twitter, warning him that his secret recording and planned release of some of the network’s internal editorial calls could have broken the law — and that the company has notified law enforcement.

On Tuesday morning, O’Keefe posted a Tweet that previewed an upcoming release of a recording of an editorial call between CNN President Jeff Zucker and his network’s senior leadership.

More than seven hours later, in that Tweet’s replies, the CNN PR account responded: “Legal experts say this may be a felony. We’ve referred it to law enforcement.”

Dec 02 07:42

CNN demands apology from Tucker Carlson for allegedly misreporting Project Veritas leaks – but the facts tell a different story

CNN has been accused of confusing its facts after dragging Fox News host Tucker Carlson into its feud with conservative outlet Project Veritas, following the release of leaked audio of internal discussions at the network.

The media fracas began after Project Veritas published audio recordings which appear to show CNN staff, including president Jeff Zucker, discussing editorial matters during daily morning briefings. In one verbal exchange, a man Project Veritas identified as CNN’s digital vice president of global programming, Marcus Mabry, railed against the “naked racism of Tucker Carlson.” The CNN executive went on to denounce Carlson’s program as “sort of the white supremacy hour they have on Fox News every night.”

Dec 02 07:39


We previously discussed the unrelenting drumbeat of censorship on the Internet from Democratic leaders, including President-elect Joe Biden. Those calls are growing as anti-free speech advocates see an opportunity in the Biden Administration to crackdown on opposing views. One vocal advocate of censorship and speech controls has been CNN media analyst Oliver Darcy who just ratcheted up his call for de-platforming opposing views.

Like many anti-free speech advocates, Darcy simply labels those with opposing views as spreading “disinformation” and demands that they be labeled or barred from social media. In a recent newsletter, Darcy calls for every tweet by Trump to be labeled as disinformation while asking “and why stop there?” Precisely. Once you cross the Rubicon of speech regulation, there is little reason or inclination to stop. Just look at Europe.

Darcy wrote:

Dec 02 07:39

What’s there to FACT CHECK? USA Today covers for Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki wearing a hammer-and-sickle hat

Anyone wondering how protective the legacy media will be of Joe Biden's incoming administration got a good indication on Tuesday, when USA Today fact-checked a photo of his Press Secretary Jen Psaki wearing a Soviet souvenir.

There was no allegation that the photo, posted on Twitter by Donald Trump campaign spokesman Matt Wolking, was altered or fraudulent. There was no assertion made by Wolking that might be considered false or misleading. His tweet merely described the picture, showing Psaki wearing the pink ushanka hat while posing with her then-boss, US Secretary of State John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and her Moscow counterpart Maria Zakharova.

Dec 02 07:38

New Iron Curtain: EU’s proposed sanctions on Russian/Chinese ‘disinformation’ seek to strangle democratic debate, not protect it

Years of Russiagate hysteria stoked by the Atlantic establishment have reached their logical endpoint, with unelected bureaucrats in Brussels now reportedly seeking to sanction ‘disinformation’ in the name of protecting democracy.

According to something called the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP), the EU “needs to use more systematically the full range of tools in its toolbox for countering foreign interference and influence operations, and further develop them, including by imposing costs on the perpetrators.”

“Possible ways of doing so range from publicly identifying commonly used techniques (so as to render them operationally unusable) to imposing sanctions following repeated offenses,” according to a draft document leaked to, oh irony of ironies, the US government-funded propaganda outlet, RFE/RL.

Dec 02 07:32

Trump behaved no worse than JFK or Clinton – all these ‘Orange Man Bad’ cries only hurt the media

Donald Trump may have some character flaws, but no more than some other presidents in US history. Yet, the media would have us believe the populist is an irredeemable sociopath driving the nation to ruin. Facts suggest otherwise.
There is a little game I like to play whenever I check my emails. Before logging into my account, I scroll down the Yahoo News aggregate with the goal of finding a single news article that shows Donald Trump in a positive light. It’s no easy trivial pursuit; in fact, in all the months of playing I have yet to score a single point.

Dec 02 07:15

Facebook Says It Will Provide The "Authoritative Information" On COVID Vaccines

No sooner did we just get finishing penning a piece about how the British Army is being used to fight "anti-vaccine" protests and vaccine "disinformation" - including by "work[ing] closely with social media companies" - than Mark Zuckerberg has also thrown his hat into the fray.

The Facebook CEO has said he wants to provide platform users with "authoritative information about Covid-19 vaccines," according to CNBC. The company has "already reached out to the Biden administration," Zuckerberg has said. We don't know about you, but we already feel safer and more informed...

Meanwhile, "authoritative" is a great word choice.

On a livestream with Dr. Anthony Fauci this week, Zuckerberg said: “There’ll be a few important things that we can do together. We’re already planning a push around authoritative information about the vaccines.”

Dec 02 07:09

WATCH: CNN’s Zucker Busted By Project Veritas Saying President Trump Not Conceding is Like 9/11

Project Veritas released tapes on Tuesday of CNN’s 9 a.m. rundown calls that they have secretly been recording for months.

These tapes expose CNN president Jeff Zucker and several other CNN executives expressing their extreme political biases against the president.

“This is yet another investigation Project Veritas has conducted into CNN, and once again they’ve demonstrated their partisan political agenda and total disconnect with journalistic ethics,” said Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe.

Dec 02 07:06

BREAKING: Project Veritas: CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel Details How Channel Should Cover Up Trump’s Contested Election Claims (VIDEO) #CNNTapes

James O’Keefe on Tuesday morning dialed in to CNN’s conference call with senior leadership and told president Jeff Zucker that he has been recording insider calls for two months.

A very nervous Zucker skirted around the question and hung up on James O’Keefe.

CNN got triggered and called the cops on James O’Keefe. Recall that hypocritical CNN published the Melania Trump audio, which was secretly recorded.

Dec 01 15:14

Election Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test – Biden Magically Outperformed

The apparent and evident fraud is astounding. The reports, stories, interviews, information, videos are out there – despite Big Tech and MSM suppression. I have been devouring all that I can. Most do not know it, but I believe there is an incredible battle going on behind the scenes, right now, within the government deep state and within the military itself. If in any way accurate, the potential ramifications of what I’m absorbing may be shocking if they come to light. We’re likely looking at massive treason, and China, Russia, and Iran may also be involved.

Dec 01 15:01

Strange “Coincidences” That Should Deeply Bother All Of Us As We Try To Put The Puzzle Pieces Together

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or someone that doesn’t identify with either major party, you should care deeply about the integrity of our elections. Because if we don’t have elections that are free and fair, our system of government simply will not work. If we come out of the 2020 elections with about half the country believing that the race for president was rigged, that is a major problem. Once faith in our elections is gone, it will be nearly impossible to restore, and that is why it is absolutely imperative that we try to figure out how this election went so haywire.

Dec 01 14:56

Yet another cybersecurity expert confirms in sworn declaration that Dominion voting machines are fraudulent

It is definitely worth your time to read through the entirety of Dr. Keshavarz-Nia’s sworn declaration, as it contains many other bombshells about the election that you are unlikely to ever hear about from the mainstream media.

Dec 01 14:52

Populist Press is down

Just when we were learning about the Department of Justice flying into Georgia, ostensibly to pick up a Dominion server; that China was an investor in Dominion, both stories found on Populist Press, the site went down. (DoS attack)? We'll see.

Dec 01 11:35

Trump’s election defeat: A near miss with despotic selfishness

Lawrence Davidson elaborates on the argument that the bigoted, reactionary and racist sentiment underlying American support for Donald Trump is a permanent condition “rooted in the fabric of America, and fears that US democracy may not be up to the task of tackling that sentiment.>>

Dec 01 09:30

The media's double standard| Sharyl Attkisson

Dec 01 09:29

Hannity: We don't need lectures from the 'depraved' media mob

Hannity tells media to 'save us your phony BS lectures' over election results

Dec 01 09:05

Dominion server removed from Fulton County while lawyers sought restraining order

Attorney Sidney Powell said on Monday that someone had removed a Dominion Voting Systems server from a recount center in Fulton County, Georgia.

“Someone went down to the Fulton center where the votes and Dominion machines were, claimed there was a software glitch and they had to replace the software, and it seems that they removed the server,” Powell told “Lou Dobbs Tonight” in an interview aired on Nov. 30.

Powell added that her team does not know where the server is.

Dec 01 09:04

EU covers up for Israel after Iran scientist’s slaying

The brazen slaying of senior Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh near Tehran on Friday is a crucial test of whether the European Union can stand up to the extremist forces of chaos and war in Israel and the United States and rescue the 2015 nuclear deal.

So far, the EU is failing.

Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif quickly pointed to “serious indications of [an] Israeli role” in Fakhrizadeh’s slaying.

“Iran calls on [the] international community – and especially [the] EU – to end their shameful double standards and condemn this act of state terror,” Zarif tweeted on Friday.

Dec 01 08:31

Unkown object once thought to be asteroid will pass Earth’s orbit today

An object that astronomers once thought to be an asteroid is set to zoom past Earth’s orbit on Tuesday raising suspicion of what the object actually might be.

Although it’s uncertain what the object dubbed 2020 SO actually is NASA admits that the object is likely not an asteroid but what is it? Some have said that it’s space junk but without photographic evidence, there is no way of knowing for sure.

Dec 01 07:20

What's Wrong With The 1619 Project?

In August of 2019, the New York Times published The 1619 Project. Its goal is to redefine the American experiment as rooted not in liberty but in slavery. In this video, Wilfred Reilly, Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University, responds to The 1619 Project’s major claims.

Dec 01 07:20

Pushing Propaganda on Kids in New Jersey

Dec 01 07:19

United Nations Recruits a 110K ‘Man-Army’ & Just Unleashed Them To ‘Control The Narrative’

Dec 01 07:14

Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it’s re-labeling on a grand scale

Don’t blink. Johns Hopkins may delete or retract their analysis at any moment. Their author’s study is devastating. Too hot to handle.

UPDATE: Yes, I wrote that opener a few hours before Johns Hopkins stepped in and DID retract the article. Boom. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Hopkins claims the article has been used to spread misinformation about the pandemic, and contains factual errors. CDC is cited as one correct source of facts. Hmm.

Regardless, here is my article, finished before the Johns Hopkins retraction. Since then, I’ve only polished it a bit in several places, for clarity:

Months ago, I told you this, in a number of articles: The overwhelming percentage of people who are “dying from the virus” are actually dying from traditional diseases.

These people have been relabeled and repackaged as “COVID-19.”

Dec 01 06:37

UK refuses to hold public inquiry into murder of celebrated Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane

Belfast-based Finucane – who represented high-profile Irish Republicans – was assassinated in cold blood in front of his family at their home in February 1989.

Finucane’s killers belonged to a unit of the Loyalist terrorist group, the Ulster Defense Association (UDA), which is widely believed to have been acting in collusion with British security agencies operating in Northern Ireland.

The government had been forced into taking a decision on a public inquiry by a UK Supreme Court ruling in February 2019 that there had never been an “adequate investigation” into Finucane’s murder.

Dec 01 06:36

GALLOWAY: Weeks after dying, Robert Fisk is savaged by liberal war propagandists. Why? Because he was a brave anti-imperialist

For almost 50 years, British journalist Robert Fisk single-handedly exposed the truth of the West’s wars. It’s only now he’s gone that shameful, kow-towing cowards have come out to try to smear a man who can no longer fight back.

I first fell in love with Robert Fisk's journalism almost 40 years ago when he wore the unlikely guise of foreign correspondent for the London Times, nowadays – as it had been for centuries – the house journal of war and imperial adventure, but then playing host to that rarest of writers: unbribed, untwisted, and unguided by the missile projectors.

I had been in Beirut in 1982, with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, when the news came through from London that the Israeli Ambassador Shlomo Argov had been shot by the renegade terrorist Abu Nidal, who was based in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. We both knew what would happen next. And while scarpering was the easy option for me, no such possibility existed for Arafat.

Dec 01 06:33

The British government calling for a ‘health warning’ on Netflix's ‘The Crown’ to protect the royal family’s image is pathetic

Streaming giant Netflix’s smash hit ‘The Crown’ has stoked controversy over its portrayal of the Queen and her blue-blood family, sparking a briefing campaign in a bid to control the narrative and minds of the public.

Some people can’t handle looking in the mirror and not liking what they see.

Someone’s truth depends on perspective, and individuals interpret situations differently, but image is a powerful tool that engenders respect and control. This is the British government’s reason for igniting a foolhardy battle with TV show ‘The Crown’.

Dec 01 06:31

Things That We Have (Not) Missed About Jen Psaki

Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden has now declared victory in the November vote, despite Donald Trump’s insistence that the election was rigged. On Sunday, Biden named Obama-era staffer Jen Psaki as a potential candidate for White House Press Secretary.

What some have feared has become reality – Jen Psaki is returning to the White House, of course, if Joe Biden is confirmed as the new US president by the Electoral College in December.

Before assuming the role of White House communications director under President Barack Obama back in 2015, Psaki had already made history with some of her most controversial, and often simply faulty, statements while working as the State Department's spokesperson, a position she was tapped for in 2013.

Nov 30 20:46


CTV News edits clip to hide the real death count numbers. Recently CTV News aired a clip that correctly pointed out the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19(84) in long term care facilities, in Canada there has been 10,947 Covid related deaths with an astonishing 10,781 of those deaths coming from old age homes which means only 166 deaths in all of Canada occurred outside of an old age home (with many of those people dying “with” Covid as opposed to “of” Covid. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes CTV for covering up their Freudian slip as the truth was accidentally revealed in one of their segments than promptly deleted following a PFT expose!

Nov 30 13:49

5 Times Studies Proved Wikipedia’s Left-Wing Bias

Multiple academic studies and critical analyses of Wikipedia have pointed towards the site’s left-wing bias. The findings include its content being more left-leaning than Encyclopedia Britannica and left-leaning editors being more active and partisan than right-leaning editors. Left-wing outlets have been found to be the top-cited sources and represent most citations on articles about American politicians, and right-leaning editors have at the same time been found to be six times more likely to face sanctions.

Such studies and analyses validate criticism from the site’s co-founder, Larry Sanger, who earlier this year declared Wikipedia’s neutrality policy “dead” due to left-wing bias on the site. Following are five studies and analyses demonstrating Wikipedia bias:

More biased than Encyclopedia Britannica

Nov 30 13:44

Bombshell study reveals that mainstream media suppression of eight key issues led to Biden victories in key battleground states

Most readers know that the so-called ‘mainstream’ corporate media is little more than a propaganda arm for the far-left Democrat Party, and has been for decades.

But now we can officially add “election meddling” to their wall of shame.

A new bombshell study has found that the media directly contributed to the election of Joe Biden (if it stands) by refusing to do its job: Informing Americans of the issues of the day.

While these disgusting hacks spent the past four years repeating every single lie the deep state told them about President Donald Trump and his administration — starting with the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax — the media purposefully ignored eight issues that likely led to a Biden victory.

Nov 30 11:43

List of Conservatives Censored by Silicon Valley companies Facebook, Google, Twitter

This is our rapidly growing list of conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters, illegal immigration fighters, and non-socialist media, groups, pundits and activists who are being censored and abused by powerful global American-based companies in Silicon Valley.

Many Americans now believe that the political bias of these companies and their practice of only employing Democrats, socialists, and immigrant workers shows an intention to take control of US elections, laws, and policies through totalitarian censorship, banning, and shadowbans.

Nov 30 08:31

UK Government Running 'Orwellian' Unit To Block Release Of "Sensitive" Information

The British government has been accused of running an ‘Orwellian’ unit in Michael Gove’s office that instructs Whitehall departments on how to respond to Freedom of Information requests and shares personal information about journalists, openDemocracy can reveal today.

Experts warn that the practice could be breaking the law – and openDemocracy is now working with the law firm Leigh Day on a legal bid to force Gove’s Cabinet Office to reveal full details of how its secretive ‘Clearing House’ unit operates.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests are supposed to be ‘applicant-blind’: meaning who makes the request should not matter. But it now emerges that government departments and non-departmental public bodies have been referring ‘sensitive’ FOI requests from journalists and researchers to the Clearing House in Gove’s department in a move described by a shadow cabinet minister as “blacklisting”.

Nov 30 08:31

Johns Hopkins Study Mysteriously Disappears After It Revealed, in Spite of COVID, No More Deaths in 2020 Than in Prior Years

Johns Hopkins University keeps a tracker of covid cases around the world and the US. This site is used to scare people into staying in their homes and shut off from the real world. So when a study from Johns Hopkins comes out, showing no increase in deaths in 2020 related to prior years, the study has to be taken down.

The Gateway Pundit reported back in August that according to the CDC only 6% of all deaths labeled as COVID deaths are solely related to the virus. The remaining deaths have on average at least 2 – 3 comorbidities present.

Nov 30 08:05

British Army spies wage ‘information war’ against anti-vaxx content online – report

With a significant number of Britons skeptical of a Covid vaccine, the army has reportedly deployed an “information warfare” unit to stamp out anti-vaxx propaganda online. Offline, citizens still protest lockdowns in the streets.

The British government is expected to greenlight a coronavirus vaccine and begin its distribution next month. In addition to the logistical challenge of getting millions of doses to the public, the government also faces the hurdle of convincing them to take it. According to a recent poll by the British Academy and the Royal Society, more than a third of people in Britain say they’re either uncertain or very unlikely to take the vaccine.

Nov 30 07:56

Edward Snowden on the Dangers of Silicon Valley Censorship - System Update with Glenn Greenwald

Nov 30 07:38

What is Staple Street, Owner of Dominion Voting and Six Flags, Hiding?

When the international investigations of election fraud during (and before) the 2020 US presidential election went viral on the internet, involving Dominion Voting Systems and others, the owner of Dominion Voting Systems, Staple Street, removed most of the pages from its company website.

Originally, Staple Street’s website had the following 6 pages in its navigation menu: About, Investment Criteria, Team, Executive Board, Portfolio and Contact.

Nov 30 07:38

“Mainstream” Is a Misnomer, What You’re Reading Is Regime Media

Here’s a mental exercise for you. Think of any issue of grave importance to the Washington establishment. Then ask yourself if the US mainstream media was state-run…would its coverage of it be any different from what it is now?

Think about it, on the domestic front the big hitters continue to say that the economy is doing fine and the post-2008 recovery was great, even as real people flock to protest candidates Trump and Sanders in record numbers.

On the foreign policy side, the media is more or less sweeping the Saudi war in Yemen under the rug by offering only very occasional and subdued critique — which happens to mimic the reservations White House holds about this greatest humanitarian disaster of the present in private.

Nov 30 07:36

‘Apologize to the Afghan people’: China scoffs after Canberra demands Beijing retract poster about Aussie war-crime report

Beijing has rejected calls for an apology after a Chinese official shared a doctored poster of an Australian soldier attacking an Afghan girl, urging Canberra to instead seek forgiveness for its alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison demanded an official apology from Beijing after Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a tweet calling for justice over a recent war-crimes report released in Australia – with an illustration of an Aussie soldier holding a knife to a child’s throat.

Nov 30 07:20

‘Russian disinformation’ is Western focus, but Carole Cadwalladr libel case exposes how real problem is ‘British disinformation’

Russian Disinformation. Russian Disinformation. Russian Disinformation. How many times have you heard that over the past four years? But what about British disinformation? This phenomenon seems to completely escape scrutiny.

Much of the current Russia paranoia began with claims that Donald Trump was recruited by Russian intelligence years ago as a sleeper agent, and then given a leg-up into the presidency of the United States with the help of the GRU. The claims of ‘collusion’ were repeated over and over, and yet at the end of the day none of them could be substantiated. And where did it all start? In the now-notorious dossier assembled by former British spook Christopher Steele.

Nov 30 06:53

CIA Partners with Google, Amazon and IBM in Latest Big Tech Procurement Drive

The vaunted “17 intelligence agencies” that comprise the U.S. intel community will be sharing a network of private-sector cloud computing service providers which includes Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of a 15-year contract said to be worth tens of billions of dollars.

AWS currently holds the sole contract to provide cloud computing services to a number of intelligence agencies, including the FBI and the NSA. That contract is set to expire in 2023 and this new award – managed by the CIA – will further weaken Amazon’s once privileged position in the federal money sweepstakes, which had already taken a hard hit when Microsoft was unexpectedly chosen over Bezos’ company for the Department of Defense’s own cloud services contract for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) program.

Nov 30 06:53

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it

Four German holidaymakers who were illegally quarantined in Portugal after one was judged to be positive for Covid-19 have won their case, in a verdict that condemns the widely-used PCR test as being up to 97-percent unreliable.
Earlier this month, Portuguese judges upheld a decision from a lower court that found the forced quarantine of four holidaymakers to be unlawful. The case centred on the reliability (or lack thereof) of Covid-19 PCR tests.

Nov 30 06:47

His True Support Base: Frail Biden Breaks His Leg, Media Knew But Took 27 Hours To Report It

President Donald Trump wished Biden on Sunday night to 'get well soon' after the president-elect fractured his ankle while playing with his German Shepherd Major.

Biden got the injury on Saturday and went to an orthopaedist at Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, Delaware, to get medical assistance Sunday afternoon.

Nov 29 10:52

Does founder Matt Drudge even work at The Drudge Report anymore?

“People have noticed that Drudge has basically become a liberal site over the past two years,” a senior figure in conservative media told me that week.

“Liberal” might be a stretch, but it’s hard to argue with the claim that The Drudge Report has changed over the past few years. At the very least, it became an anti-Trump site. “YOU’RE FIRED!,” the top story on Drudge read on Nov. 7 when Joe Biden’s Electoral College win was first projected, appearing above a full page of links celebrating the former vice president’s victory — Drudge screenshotted the headline in a rare tweet that same day. During the campaign, the site had touted any and all bad news for Drudge’s once-preferred candidate and sometimes-host at the White House — a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by the Media Critic-in-Chief.

“Our people have all left Drudge,” the president tweeted on Sept. 14. “He is a confused mess.”

Nov 29 10:29

Assassination of Iranian Scientist brings US-Israel Closer to War with Iran

By Brian Berletic

Reports on the death of senior Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh signals another dangerous turn in Washington’s systematic attempts to undermine and overthrow the current government of Iran...

The New York Times assumes that Biden genuinely wanted to return to the 2015 nuclear agreement – officially known as the The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – and insists that it is up to Iran whether or not that possibility still remains...

It's worth returning to the 2009 document "Which Path to Persia?" to see how this is unfolding...

Nov 29 09:17

Holocaust Museum Head Explains How The Complete Lack of Physical Evidence Of The Holocaust Is Proof It Happened

Here we have an interview with Ephraim Kaye, a director at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel — using classic Orwellian double-think — in which he attempts to explain how the complete lack of physical evidence to support the official Holocaust narrative is actually proof that the Holocaust happened.

In essence, he’s admitting that Holocaust denial is completely rational — this complete lack of physical evidence requires a extraordinary leap of faith to believe it happened — and yet they have thrown many people in jail — and continue to do so — for not going along with Kaye’s implausible explanation as to why there is no evidence to support this event — which Kaye himself describes as “unbelievable“.

Nov 29 08:53

Mark Levin: The Media Keeps Ignoring Biden's Senility

Nov 29 08:51


A Pennsylvania state senator whose Twitte account was suspended says he’s being censored. Twitter suspended the personal account of State Sen. Doug Mastriano, a Republican, on Wednesday after lawmakers held a hearing on election issues per his request. Twitter, based in California, left Mastriano’s official Senate account alone. Speaking about the matter for the first time, Mastriano on Friday said: "This censorship is unacceptable in America. A nation that I served for most of my adult life…" "The point of Twitter suspending this personal account is to prevent me from posting to my Senate account--to silence our voice," he added in a tweet. Mastriano is a retired military colonel and combat veteran. He retired from the U.S. Army in 2018 after 30 years of active duty.

Nov 29 08:28

Sharyl Attkisson Explains How Traditional Media Abandoned Fact-Based Reporting

The traditional media has sacrificed fact-based reporting in favor of promoting its own social and political agenda, says Sharyl Attkisson, author of the new book “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism.”

Attkisson, host of the TV show “Full Measure” and a five-time Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, joins the podcast to explain how the deterioration of fact-based journalism began. From reporting on Black Lives Matter to the 2020 election, media outlets have become consumed with promoting a specific narrative, even if it means censoring the truth.

Nov 29 08:24

UPDATED: Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has 'Relatively No Effect on Deaths' in U.S. Spiked After Publication

Conventional wisdom is that COVID-19 has caused thousands of deaths in the United States and nearly 1.5 million worldwide. This perception has been directly challenged by a study published by Johns Hopkins University on November 22.

Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University, critically analyzed the impact that COVID-19 had on U.S. deaths. According to Briand, the impact of COVID-19 on deaths in the United States can be fully understood by comparing it to the number of total deaths in the country.

According to the study, “in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.”

Wait, what? Really?

Nov 29 07:48

Report: A ‘Young, Queer Asian-American Businesswoman’ Will Control Free Speech on Twitter

Tech news site Protocol published a profile recently of Christine Su, the senior product manager for conversational safety at Twitter. Su’s approach to the platform’s censorship will focus on “transformative and procedural justice.”

Tech news site Protocol recently published an article titled “How a Young, Queer Asian-American Businesswoman is Rethinking User Safety at Twitter,” which profiles Christine Su, Twitter’s senior product manager for conversational safety. Su describes herself as an “activist-entrepreneur” who spent six-year running a startup called PastureMap that aimed to help ranchers plan climate-friendly grazing practices.

Nov 29 07:45

Facebook Censorship Algos Go Haywire, Blocking Ads From Struggling Legitimate Businesses As "Hate Speech"

In what is definitely some type of Karmic payback for social media companies now appending some type of label to what seems like every other post nowadays, Facebook just found out that its super-duper censoring algorithm also banned advertisements from some struggling businesses, mistaking them as hate speech.

We love it when a plan comes together.

One woman, Ruth Harrigan, who advertises on Facebook to sell her honey and beeswax-based products, told Bloomberg she thought she missed out on an estimated $5,000 in revenue after Facebook mistakenly banned her ads right before black Friday.

She said: “I was getting a little anxious thinking, ‘Oh my God, Black Friday is around the corner, most of my sales for the year happen in November and December and that’s it,'. I said, ‘If I’m shut down any longer than this, it’ll cripple me.’”

Nov 28 08:35

ABC’s Paul Barry deliberately airs ‘deceptively edited’ video

Nov 28 07:44

Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has 'Relatively No Effect on Deaths' in U.S. Deleted After Publication

Conventional wisdom is that COVID-19 has caused thousands of deaths in the United States and nearly 1.5 million worldwide. This perception has been directly challenged by a study published by Johns Hopkins University on November 22.

Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University, critically analyzed the impact that COVID-19 had on U.S. deaths. According to Briand, the impact of COVID-19 on deaths in the United States can be fully understood by comparing it to the number of total deaths in the country.

According to the study, “in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.”

Wait, what? Really?

That’s what it says. And, it should come as no surprise that the study was deleted within days.

Nov 28 07:32

Pennsylvania appeals court tosses Trump lawsuit, stage set for Supreme Court showdown

federal appeals court has tossed an attempt by the Trump campaign to revive a lawsuit seeking to undo Pennsylvania’s certification of Joe Biden’s irregularity-plagued victory in the state.

The Friday decision potentially sets the stage for a US Supreme Court showdown, in which the 6-3 (arguably) conservative majority could overturn the results of the election.

That said, according to Bloomberg – citing ‘experts’ – it’s unlikely that the high court will take up a case if the evidence is lacking, and which won’t affect the outcome of the election – given that Biden would still win the White House without Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

Nov 28 05:24

Coronavirus updates: Los Angeles County issues stay-at-home order; US hits 13 million cases; Ohio State coach tests positive

A national surge in COVID-19 cases continues as the United States recorded its 13 millionth case on Black Friday, a day typically marked by crowds of bargain hunters. This year, however, many shoppers across the country turned to online deals, keeping crowds thin.

Today's numbers: The U.S. has reported more than 13 million cases and over 264,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. This week, five states set death records and 23 states had higher case counts than last week. The global totals: more than 61 million cases and 1.4 million deaths.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's crunch the numbers, shall we?!? And folks, I am asking you to do this at home, because if my numbers from my cell phone's calculator are any indication, we are all in for more than a bit of a surprise.

If you divide the 264,000 deaths allegedly from Covid 19, by 13 million allegedly diagnosed cases of the disease, the following is the number one gets: 0.02030679.

When gathered honestly, numbers do not lie.

So in my world, that means we are looking at a 2-and-change percent mortality rate here; so would someone please advise me, as to why this is being touted as a slate-wiper, and why the fear-mongering here is so high, and hyped, when the numbers are, in reality, more typical of a seasonal flu?!?

Let me tell you why; it's about money, and more draconian, dystopian control over Americans', and citizens of other countries' lives.

When was the last time you heard an "alleged reporter" ask the people pushing for a vaccine, how much they would profit, personally, from their investment in a company, or a multitude of companies, like Bill Gates, producing a theoretically viable vaccine that doesn't kill a lot of people in its first iteration?!? Do Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci EVER get asked this question?!?

You do not hear that question being asked at all; and that little bit of "forensic accounting" would explain a great deal about why a vaccine "resolution" to this bug is being so thoroughly hyped.

Yes, I know this may seem cynical to some; but there are days when I honestly cannot keep up with the magnitude of insanity being heaped upon the American people right now.

And all I can think about right now, is Rahm Emanuel's famous statement "Never let a good crisis go to waste!!", which very much appears to be the case here.

Nov 27 20:01

Christchurch mosques terror attack evidence suppressed by Royal Commission for 30 years

Evidence given by ministers and public sector bosses to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch terrorist attack will be suppressed for 30 years.

And an interview with the Australian-born terrorist will never be released out of concern it could inspire and assist further attacks.

The inquiry's report was provided to Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti yesterday and will be publicly released on December 8, after first being shared with victims' families and political party leaders.

It will detail any failings by police, spies, and other government agencies in the leadup and aftermath to the mosque shootings on March 15, 2019, in which 51 people were killed.

*Can you say cover up? Funny how HRC, Podesta & Obama were all here in NZ just before & just after the shooting. Conicidence? Me thinks not..*

Nov 27 17:37

The Frightening Ease Of Government Overreach

The point is that the science, time and again, does not seem to support the extreme reactions by those in power.  The thing that bothers me is how quickly and easily our mayors and governors have used the pandemic as an excuse to flex their dictatorial muscles, and what frightens and angers me is how quickly and easily they've wiped their collective bottoms with the Constitution, with the requisite flush of our rights once their business is completed.

Nov 27 17:17

New York Times admitted in 2018 that Dominion voting machines are hackable

Why, then, is the Times, along with the rest of its media cohort, now pretending as though these machines are foolproof? Why is the entire far-left establishment insisting that Americans accept election results that clearly came about due to the very same type of fraud that Halderman warned about from his own experiment?